After Sport Careers

After Sport Careers

Old school BMX'ers and their careers in other sports.

One of the interesting things of our sport is that several top BMX'ers switched to other professional top sports and did or still do very well in that specific discipline. Here ad random a collection of old school BMX'ers who made a career in a different sport.

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BEVER de Bas (Holland)
BIGNELL Jeffrey (Holland)
CARBO Juan Carlos (Colombia)
DORLAND Corine (Holland)
KARSMAKERS Boyd (Holland)
LYNCH Tom (England)
NIJS Sven (Belgium)
PEETERS Theo (Holland)
REDOIS Xavier (France)
REVELL Anthony (UK)
ROMAN Franck (France)
RUFFELL Andy (England)
VAN HEESWIJK Max (Holland)
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