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History of BMX (1985)

General developments in 1985.

An application letter (recognition of BMX as Olympic sport) was sent to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) in Switzerland September 1984. Here an article in BMX Plus on that and an update on the present situation within I.BMX.F. by General Secretary Gerrit Does.


In Holland, the board of the Royal Dutch Cycling Federation (K.N.W.U.) had appointed a new BMX Committee. Its members were: Mr. B. Leurs (chairman) - Mr. L. Vrijdag (secretary) - Mr. R. Bloemendaal, Mr. G. Rooijakkers and Mr. F. Verspaandonk as members.

Furthermore Holland did have eight (8) districts at the time and each district did have a coordinator called “AFL”. The were: Mr. A. Steenbergen (district I) - Mr. H. Nunes Vas (district II) -  Mr. R. van ter Beek (district III) - Mr. H. Van Wiltenburg (district IV) - Mr. H. Schuiling (district V) - Mr. B. de Weijer (district VI) - Mr. Th. Slaats (district VII) and Mr. F. van Leeuwen (district VIII).

Also a Dutch National officials team was appointed: Mr. R. Grondhuis (trackmanager) - Mr. Th. Overmars (Jury-coordinator) - Mr. Th. Slaats (general manager) - Mr. W. Verstraten (Jury-coordinator) - Mr. A. de Win (trackmanager) and acting as Coordinator for this National Team acted Mr. F. Verspaandonk, member of the KNWU - BMX Committee (the linking pin).

In this year BMX started officially in Argentina in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Neuquen.

It was in this year that Gerrit Does started to "organize" 2 factory teams: Team MOTOBECANE with riders: Ludy v.d. Werff, Freddy v. Tongeren, Dorus Trum, Marcel Mandigers, Anita v.d. Mortel and Peter Stiphout. Team MONGOOSE with riders: Peter Ploemen, Lammert Moerman, Mark v.d. Kort, Nico Does, Anne van Happen and Pieter Does. All riders were National Champions in their class and were international top riders. These teams were directly sponsored through Motobecane France and Mongoose USA. Contact with Mongoose through, John George and Russ Okawa in name of Skip Hess. Besides the Mongoose England team, Gerrit Does was the first to use a Mercedes Benz transporter to carry riders and equipment.

In the Philippines BMX was developing too (check info received on January 20th. of this year as well). Through Tony Hoar ( I.BMX.F. chairman at the time) I received information from Jorge de Jesus on the BML - Bicycle Motocross League Philippines. Jorge even did sent me a "life-time membership card BML". Here some picture of a track at Don Antonio Heights, located in an open space of their community area. The BML constructed/did built this track. Regular racing was going on every Sunday.


Through BMX pioneer in
South Africa, Mr. Lance Blom, I received these two pictures of a BMX track in South Africa, which had sprinklers layed down in the track inself. When the weather was very dry and the track dusty, it was possible to drain the complete track with water within about 3 till 5 minutes. Sprinkers were underground and the track coloured dark when the water was allowed in the system. At the time a unique system for sure.


January 4th. The ORV - Osterreichischer Radsport-Verband, did sent in its I.BMX.F. membership application.

The BMX representative Mr. Herbert Piringer and the ORV President, Mr. Stefan Mikschl did sign this Austrian application.

January 11th. Letter received from Mr. Steven Leong, Vanda Road, Singapore as a representative of all Singapore BMX'ers, asking for an I.BMX.F. membership.

Mr. Leong stated that there was no racing at the time, but BMX was getting more and more popular.

January 12 -13th., the 1st. National Indoor at Leeuwarden - Holland took place.

Arround 800 riders registered for this indoor event organized by the KNWU. The event took place in the famous Friesland Hallen in Leeuwarden.

Results in Amature class.
1. Leon Walravens- Eindhoven
2. Ludy v.d. Werff - Waalre
3. Pierre van Zuylen - Bergharen

Results in Powder Puff 16 and over,
1. Anita v.d. Mortel - Eindhoven
2. Karin Lengers - Baarn
3. Geertje Wagenaars

January 20th. Mr. Glenn S. Escape of the International Center University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City in the Philippines,

did sent a letter to the I.BMX.F office asking for info on a membership and General Rule book. He obtained the I.BMX.F. office address through an article in BMX Plus January '85 issue. I understood some time later they opened a BMX track in a stadium (a velodrome), the Kabataang Barangay Stadium BMX track. They built the track on the inside of the velodrome. This concenred a government organized program, geared for the wellfare of youth activities. BMX is now one of the sports programs of that organization and Jorge de Jesus was acting as a consultant BMX sport.



February, the Spanish Cycling Federation and the FIAC announce the start of "bicycle trials".

1985 Trial-sin_rules___1808093583_n


February 2 - 3rd. National BMX Indoor at the "EXPO Center" in Eindhoven - Holland.

This National Indoor BMX event with International participation did have riders from Belgium, Germany and the USA. BMX club Lion ´d Or Valkenswaard was the organizer of this event. USA pro´s Mike Miranda and Scott Clark were the colour men of this event. Both riders stayed with Addie v.d. Ven during their periode in Holland and had a great time.

Mike Miranda seen here working on the track in Eindhoven and "giving" a preview on the International Indoor Grand Prix Ahoy - Rotterdam in 2 weeks time.

1985 _indoor_Endhoven_scannen0008eindhoven85

Results Amature class,
1. Leon Walravens
2. Phil Hoogendoorn
3. Ludy v.d. Werff

Results in Celebrity race.
1. Mike Miranda- USA
2. Leon Walravens - NED
3. Scott Clark - USA

Results Powder Puffs,
1. Anita v.d. Mortel - NED
2. Silvie Elvée- NED
3. Petra van Doorne - NED

February 9-10th. The International Indoor "Rijnhal Fietscross Trophy - III" took place in the Rijnhal in Arnhem - Holland.

One of the biggest Dutch TV stations, called AVRO - TV did broadcast this event on national TV. 9 countries were represented by their national riders and among them USA Pro´s Mike Miranda, Scott Clark and Kevin Hull. As entertainment AVRO TV had hired a famous Dutch singer, André Hazes.

Results in Amature class,
1. Kevin Hull- USA
2. Peter Vanden Voort - Belgium
3. Luc Koehler - France

Results in Amature Cruiser class,
1. Kevin Hull- USA
2. Erik Dukino - Holland
3. Xavier Redois - France

Results Celebrity race,
1. Scott Clark- USA
2. Leon Walravens - Holland
3. Xavier Redois - France

Results Powder Puffs,
1. Monique Franssen
2. Yvonne van Pinksteren
3. Anita v.d. Mortel

February 15 - 17th., 1st. International BMX event, Grand Prix "Sportpaleis AHOY" in Rotterdam - Holland.

1985 AHOY_Indoor__scannen0040ahoy85

This BMX event took place in the Sportpalace AHOY for the 2nd. time (first in 1984) now. Normaly indoor velodrome bicycle racetrack racing takes place in the AHOY Sportpalace. The organisation did built a simple BMX track but with a hard dirt surface. Around 1000 riders registered for this event and over 3000 spectators were present and watching the racing. This event became a great success, thanks to the co-operation of the AHOY management, sponsors, bmx clubs FCC Rotterdam and FCC Rijswijk (2 regional BMX clubs) and the National officials Team of the KNWU - Royal Dutch Cycling Federation.

1985 the_BMX_track_at_the_Grand_Prix_indoor_Ahoy_scannen00591985 Grand_Prix_indoor_Ahoy_scannen00561985 _Ahoy_jpg__AHOY_1985

Entertainment was organized as well, Mr. Lou Prince, a well know singer, performed during intervals. Again at this event, USA Pro Mike Miranda was present and he entertained the crowd as well with his jokes and action on the track. Also present again Kevin Hull - USA.

1985 AHOY_Rotterddam_scannen0037

BMX TRICKX Magazine by Hans de Jong, frontcover 1985.

An exiting event was the side/hack class.

Results Amature class,
1. Kevin Hull - USA
2. Pierre van Zuylen - Holland
3. Addie v.d. Ven - Holland

1. Phil Hoogendoorn- Holland
2. Mike Miranda - USA
3. Leon Walravens - Holland

Results Powder Puff,
1. Monique Franssen- France
2. Silvie Elvée- Holland
3. Anita v.d. Mortel - Holland

Results Side/hacks,
1. André Verdoold / Hemy Sprengelmeyer
2. Ton en Patrick Droog
3. Wilco Hermus / Wim Bunnik

Here the results in all other classes, top 3:

1985 uitslagen_AHOY_scannen0056

1985 AHOY_Indoor__scannen00381985 AHOY_indoor_Dorus_TRum__scannen00391985 AHOY_Indoor_Marcel_Mandigers_scannen0041

1985 Ahoy_Rotterdam
1985 Indoor_AHOY_Rdam___3722683_o

March 1st. The Federation BMX Schweiz has been transferred into a new organization after about 1 year of separation.

Mr. Bernhard Rutz informed me (the general secretary I.BMX.F.) about the new situation in Switzerland. The original pioneer/founder of F.BMX.S. Mr. Franz Hattan also was involved in this organization. The newly formed organization was called BMX SUISSE. During the founding meeting on March 1st. in Zürich, a board of directors was elected.

President of BMX SUISSE - Mr. Hans Eisenring
Vice-president - Mr. Neri
Treasurer - Mr. Gudel
Board members - Mr. Berner, Mr. Hattan, Mrs. Hayek, Mr. Rampini and Mrs. Woodtli.

15 official BMX clubs, a mix from German and French speaking BMX clubs in Switzerland, were affiliated to the newly formed BMX SUISSE and together they did hold 8 official tracks.

March 1 - 3rd. I.BMX.F. sanctioned International Indoor in Malmö - Sweden.

Gerrit Does went with 5 Dutch Superclass riders to Malmö to take part in a BMX demo indoor event during a bicycle exhibition called, Cykel Forum 1985. The Swedish BMX Forbundet invited this group. The riders were: Ludy v.d. Werf, Addie v.d. Ven, Pierre van Zuylen, Phil Hoogendoorn, Leon Walravens.

1985 Sweden_indoor_team_arriving_v._Zuijlen_Hoogendoorn_v1985 Sweden_Gotenborg_indoor_Pierre_van_Zuijlen_Peter_Ploem1985 Sweden_indoor_Dutch_heros_Ludy_v.d._Werff_Phil_Hoogen

March 11th. As we know, FIAC adopted BMX and started their own BMX Committee in this year and time.

This was the start of a long process which finally resulted in the merger of I.BMX.F and UCI (former FIAC): this took about 10 very long years with too much attention on politics and too less attention on developing BMX as a sport within I.BMX.F. as well as within UCI. The (at the time) FIAC chairman of the BMX committee Mr. Gallee (Belgium National Cycling Organization) invited Gerrit Does (I.BMX.F.) for a meeting at the Brussels (Belgium) office of Mr. Gallee. The chairman of the Dutch Cycle Federation, Mr. Piet v.d. Molen was the initiator of this meeting. Not much came out of this meeting.

In general one can say that the FIAC's attitude was very arrogant: you (I.BMX.F.) need us; we don't need you ..... and: we (FIAC, later to become UCI) are the world governing body for bicycle sport, so you have to join us!  At the time no real intention of FIAC to compromise in order to find a quick way of working together. At the time FIAC did have only 6 national organizations affiliated with BMX departments.  I.BMX.F. did have 26 independend national BMX organizations affiliated.

March 19th. The N.Z. BMX. Ass. of New Zealand applied for a full I.BMX.F. membership since they had 4000 riders at the time.

Mr. Dave Pocock, director of the N.Z.BMX.Ass. did write this application letter.

...... letter (to be placed)

March 30-31st. The Memphis International BMX Classic Indoor - Tennessee, USA.

I took my youngest son Pieter Does to the USA to race in Memphis. At 10 years old at the time, this was Pieter's first trip to the USA. The Memphis International BMX Classic Indoor was sponsored by GT-BMX and Holiday Inn. Being in Memphis we had to visit the Elvis Presley's estate ofcourse. We stayed at the house of the organizer of the event and we were spoiled by this family.


Through Mongoose (Skip Hess) a bike was provided to race on. This being Pieter's first vitist to the US, he was overwelmed with new impressions and racing came at the 2nd. spot at that moment. It was great to see that Gary de Backer, riding in the same age class as Pieter, still wore his I.BMX.F. World-Champion race jersey, which he won during the Worlds in Slagharen - Holland in 1983. This was the first time I ever saw a rider race in that Worlds jersey.


May 25th, 26th and 27th, National trianing days for BMX at Ponypark Slagharen - Holland.

Organized by Gerrit Does in co-operation with the management of PONYPARK SLAGHAREN - Holland, due to the success of a strong development and growth of the sport of BMX, a National training camp was organized at Ponypark Slagharen. Dutch Top riders gave clinics, teaching kids starting, jumping, cormering and so on. Over 65 riders, boys and girls were taking part and most of them, with their families, stayed in the cottages close to the European Challenge BMX track on the grounds of Ponypark Slagharen, where this training camp took place.This has been a very successful training camp indeed.

1985 Slagharen__scannen0005

June 6th. A letter was sent to the boards of FIAC and I.BMX.F. by the President of the KNWU (Royal Dutch Cycling Federation) Mr. Piet v.d. Molen,

in order to motivate both parties to try to get on speaking terms in getting BMX organized in one world wide governing body. Due to this letter a meeting took place later on that year in Italy, between I.BMX.F. representatives and the FIAC board of directors. Report on this meeting later this year.

June 15-16th. The "I.BMX.F. European Challenge Cup II" took place at Ponypark - Slagharen.


This event was televised by the TROS organization, one of the now 5 leading TV companies in Holland. The European Competition Committee did meet also during this event. Representative present from Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, France, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden.

Specially the I.BMX.F. - FIAC situation was discussed. A European standpoint of view had to be determined for the I.BMX.F. annual Congress in Canada, this year. At a meeting during an international event in Spain, the Euro countries stated the following: "We have to start to negotiate now unless waiting for proposals and to negotiate so that we, as I.BMX.F., can manage BMX within FIAC as an independent group".

BMX Freestyle demo´s.

On special invitation BMX freestyle specialist Eddy Viola - USA, was present at the E.C.C. II, together with Dave Breed. Both riders were on the GT World Tour. They gave several freestyle demo´s in the so called Slagharen Dome. Also some European freestylers were performing at the same location. They were, Marcel Knaap, Hessel Waalewijn and Marco van Ormondt, all from Holland and called the Dutch Freestyle Squad.



BMX Racing E.C.C.

In total there were 1486 entries. Participating countries were ..... Belgium, France, Spain, Norway, England, Sweden, Germany and ofcourse riders from Holland. On Saturday 594 moto´s were run, starting at 9.00 hours. At 19.00 hours, racing on this day was done.

Sunday racing started at 9.00 hours sharp and the main event was run at around 17.30 hours.

There were 4500 paying spectators on Saturday, mostly 2 day tickets or better so-called Passe Partous.

Racing was interesting too with some USA riders in the highest performance classPresent were Nelson Channady, Byron Friday and Mike Miranda (USA Pro´s). Also present were Jason Johnson and Steve Veltman (both USA), racing expert class and cruiser class. Here some pictures to get an idea / impression of the event ánd the final results of the European Challenge Cup II, Slagharen - Holland.




Another rememorable event was over and everybody went home happy.

July 13-14th. International BMX-Rennen, Flugplatz Sitterdorf in Switzerland.

At this internationel event a Freestyle show by the SKYWAY Trackteam was held and in the "Open BMX class", the USA Pro's Mike Miranda and Nelson Chanady were announced to race there.

July 19th. through 21st. Final European Championships in Spain, Palau de Plegamans.

Organizer was Spanish BMX pioneer Mr. Joan Ventura. The event was held at the BMX track of "Can Cortes". In general the organization was of low quality, many problems occurred and even the policy had to go out on the track to restore law and order. Many National representatives protested afterwards at the I.BMX.F office.



July 31st. The National BMX Association of South Africa confirmed sending 2 correspondents to the upcoming Canadian I.BMX.F. Congress.

Introduced were Mr. Peter Neuhoff and Mr. Herbie Vermeulen. Mr. Lance Blom, president of the N.BMX.A of S.A. stated the following on the resignation of Gerrit Does as General Secretary of I.BMX.F:  "I also wish Gerrit Does everything of the best in the future and thank him for all the fantastic help and advice he has given us - BMX throughout the World will miss a fantastic "father."

Among other things a same kind of letter came in from Australia, written by Mr. Ross Fisher, National President of the A.BMX.Ass:
"I learned that you are going to resign as General Secretary and that was most disappointed. I do hope that your successor will be as capable as you have been and can continue your excellent work."

August 8th. Mr. Giorgio Ceruti did inform the I.BMX.F. office by letter that the Associazione Italiana BMX changed its offices from Mr. Aldo Gandolfo in Alassio to Pozzaglio.

The general assembly of the A.I.B. will decide ending 1985 on a new president and revision of some article of the Statutes. Ending 1985 indeed a new constitution has been received. The newly formed A.I.B. Italian Association of BMX has been established by: Claudio Brusi, Giorgio Ceruti, Angiolino Gafforni, Fausto Gennari, Liliana Raimondi, Franco Gandolfi and Attilio Generali.

August 9 - 11th., the 4th. I.BMX.F. World Championships in Whistler - Canada took place.


Facts and results:

First ever downhill track at a World Championship. Riders from all over the world arriving in Whistler-Canada and checking in at their hotels and lodges. Number of nations represented 14 and which riders took part in 28 classes.
Total number of entries at the I.BMX.F. Whistler Worlds was 896 (680 riders).


The Whistler downhill BMX track


Australia 93 entries
Canada 293 entries
Chile 40 entries
Great Britain 56 entries
France 29 entries
Japan 10 entries
Mexico 14 entries
Holland 107 entries
New Zealand 27 entries
Venezuela 29 entries
U.S.A. 177 entries
West-Germany 11 entries
Sweden 6 entries
Switzerland 4 entries
In total 896 entries




Superclass 20 inch
1. Craig Schofield - Great Britain
2. Xavier Redois - France
3. Phil Hoogendoorn - Holland
4. Leon Walravens - Holland
5. Luc Koehler - France
6. Nicolas Preece - Great Britain
7. Carlos Carrizosa - Mexico
8. Claude Vuillemot - France

Superclass 24 inch
Phil Hoogendoorn - Holland
2. Luc Koehler - France
3. Xavier Redois - France
4. Erik Dukino - Holland
5. Ludy van de Werff - Holland
6. Claude Vuillemot - France
7. John Vile - Great Britain
8. Mike Hogerheijde - Holland


Pro-class 20 inch
Gary Ellis - USA
2. Brian Patterson - USA
3. Harry Leary- USA
4. Eric Rupe - USA
5. Ritchie Anderson - USA
6. Scott Clark- USA
7. Mike Poulson - USA
8. Richard Fleming - USA

Pro-class 24 inch
Greg Hill - USA
2. Ron House -USA
3. Scott Clark - USA
4. Jamie Vince - Great Britain
5. Brian Petterson - USA
6. Eric Rupe - USA
7. Ritchie Anderson- USA
8. Rod Beckering - USA


Experts 6 & Over
1. Geoff Ng - Canada
2. Robbie Morris - Canada
3. Tony Elers - New Zealand
4. Christopher Darbyson - Canada
5. Daniel Cambell - Canada
6. Jackie Schmidt- Canada
7. Ryan Johnson- Canada
8. Seth Richardson - Canada

Experts 7
1. Richard Houseman - USA
2. Patrick Foster - USA
3. Chris Hyde - Great Britain
4. Cory Banks- Canada
5. Bruning Rangel- Venezuela
6. Jason Stewart- Australia
7. David Cline - USA
8. Frank Gregory - USA

Experts 8
1. David Maw - Great Britain
2. Thorsten Amelung - Holland
3. Jason Walter - USA
4. Joaquin Ramolfo - Chile
5. Sheldon German - Canada
6. Lucas Fisher - Australia
7. Tama Canning - Australia
8. Robert Thomas - USA

Experts 9
1. Jason Donnell - USA
2. Alex van Diesen - Holland
3. Ryan Crupi - USA
4. Corky Gainsford - USA
5. Tomy Veselic - Canada
6. Travis Younger - USA
7. Jamie Kornell - Canada
8. Chris Smith - USA

Expert 10
1. Mitch Watkins - USA
2. Luis Oviedo - Chile
3. Michael Urannie - Holland
4. Ralph Blewanus - Holland
5. Andrew Robertson - Australia
6. Drew Ginn - Australia
7. John de Lang - Holland
8. Ryan Daniliewicz - Canada


Expert 11
1. Shelby James - USA
2. Saul Marval - Venezuela
3. Justin Greene - USA
4. Damien Beddoes - New Zealand
5. Wade Bootes - Australia
6. Jeroen van Nuil - Holland
7. George Seevers - USA
8. Danny Nelson - USA

Expert 12
1. Brent Romero - USA
2. Robert Zahnow - USA
3. Paul Bergman - Canada
4. Paul Mitchell - Australia
5. James Labelle - USA
6. Navarro Charters - Canada
7. Jean-Pierre van Hoof - Holland
8. Brenton Cooper - Australia

Expert 13
1. Dannis Dayrit - USA
2. Brian Lopes - USA
3. Robert Swick - USA
4. Sam Arellano - USA
5. Jilles Kramer - Holland
6. Kazuya Kamimura - Japan
7. Jason Statton - Canada
8. Alfred Ross - USA

Expert 14
1. Chris Backus - USA
2. Mike Gutton - Canada
3. Robert McPherson - USA
4. Franck Chevreton - France
5. Frederic Cassan - France
6. Drean Iddiols - Great Britain
7. Xavier Robleda - France
8. Marty van Beers - Holland

Expert 15
1. Eric Carter - USA
2. Uwe Sturm - West Germany
3. David Bentley - USA
4. Patrick Roman - France
5. Matt Hadan - USA
6. Martijn v.d. Boogaard - Holland
7. Sean Riblet - USA
8. David Kastler - France

Expert 16
1. Jameson Hendler - USA
2. Darwin Griffin - USA
3. Carl Butler - USA
4. Bill Griggs - USA
5. Mike King - USA
5. Mark Watkins - Great Britain
6. Marco Meijers - Holland
7. Marcel Mandigers - Holland

Expert 17 & over
1. Travis Chipres - USA
2. Bas de Bever - Holland
3. Jan Hekman - Holland
4. Jon Anderson - USA
5. Leonarda Leiva - Venezuela
6. Robin Langlands - Canada
7. Sean Speed - USA
8. Rick Palmer - USA


Powder Puffs 7 & under
1. Cindy Ainsworth - USA
2. Renee McKean - Australia
3. Wendy Wallaart - New Zealand
4. Jaclyn Wilson - Australia
5. Madonna Scott - Australia
6. Lindsay Freeman - Canada
7. Jennifer Walter - USA
8. Melissa Lapshinof - Canada

Powder Puffs 8-9
1. Colleen Gomez - USA
2. Tennille Ellement - Australia
3. Natasha Langfeldt - Australia
4. Vivian Russo - Holland
5. Tennille Beddoes - New Zealand
6. Echo Dawn Laberge - Canada
7. Wendy van Spierenburg - Holland
8. Julie Mills - Australia

Powder Puffs 12-13
1. Corine Dorland - Holland
2. Sherrie Nilles - USA
3. Wendy Sue Winter - USA
4. Melanie van Deene - Holland
5. Belinda Gall - Australia
6. Joyce Dean - Canada
7. Shakira Mols - Holland
8. Christy Anderson - USA

Powder Puffs 14 -15
1. Cheri Elloit - USA
2. Karen Murphy - Great Britain
3. Fiona Langfeldt - Australia
4. Linda Scheepers - Holland
5. Lisa Hoare - Australia
6. Marsha Blanker - Holland
7. Dianna Edwards - USA
8. Keely Mulkerrins - Gresat Britain

Powder Puffs 16 & over
1. Jacqueline Hawke - Australia
2. Yvonne Pinxsteren - Holland
3. Kathy Milos - Australia
4. Ruth Demmery - Australia
5. Pauline Williams - Australia
6. Monique Franssen - Holland
7. Anita van de Mortel - Holland
8. Sandra Bonbled - Canada 8.


Cruisers 13 & under
1. Andrew Figliomeni - Australia
2. Brian Lopes - USA
3. Chris Taylor - Great Britain
4. Jonathan Maw - Great Britain
5. Jerym Brunton - New Zealand
6. Andres Salinas - Chile
7.Jack Dent - Australia

Cruiser 14 – 15
1. Dean Laberge - USA
2. Matt Hadan - USA
3. Dave Bently - USA
4. David Kastler - France
5. Sean Callihan - USA
6. Danny Millwee - USA
7. Damien Bernal - USA
8. Brad Birdwell - USA

Cruiser 16 - 17
1. Darwin Griffin - USA
2. Steve Veltman - USA
3. Rusty Cable - USA
4. Tim Print - Great Britain
5. Mike Cruikshank - Canada
6. Sean Speed - USA
7. Darrin Stock - Great Britain
8. Casey de Shong - USA

Cruiser 18 – 24
1. Jon Anderson - USA
2. Kevin Hull - USA
3. Rick Palmer - USA
4. Stephen Figliomeni - Australia
5. Tim Ward - Australia
6. Rudy Buma - Holland
7. Michael Figliomeni - Australia
8. Jarret Justice - USA

Cruiser 25 - 39
1. Peter Stiphout - Holland
2. Jan Willemsen - Holland
3. Jos Vincent - Holland
4. Ken Miller - Canada
5. George Antil - USA
6. Peter Dymott - Great Britain
7. Klaas Katuin - Holland
8. Ad van den Bosch - Holland

Cruiser 40 & over
1. Errol Nelson - New Zealand
2. Doug McDonald - Canada
3. Ruben Garcilaso - Venezuela
4. Jim Hendler - USA
5. Parfait Robleda - France
6. Don Girling - Canada
7. Karl Ebenstreit - Canada
8. Peter Palmer - Canada


Medal count:
                            Gold   Silver   Bronze 
1. U.S.A.                18        11        13
2. Holland                3          5          5
3. Australia              2          3          4
4. Canada                2          3          1
5. Great Britain        2          1          2
6. New Zealand       1          -           1
7. France                 -           2          1
8. Venezuela           -           1          1
9. Chile                    -           1           -
West-Germany        -           1           -

Total nr. of cl.:         28        28        28

The rest of the 14 countries present did not win any medal:
- Japan
- Mexico
- Sweden


Gerrit Does announces his withdrawal as General Secretary of I.BMX.F.  He stated:  Five years of "pulling the wagon" has been enough. It has been agreed however that GD would be in office till December 31st 1985. GD arranged that Abe Schneider (AUS) announced here for the 1st time. We all remember the "Kkkkkkkuwahara corner" don't we?During the 1985 Congress a new I.BMX.F. President was elected:  Mr. Tony Hoar from Canada. Also Vincenzo Casino did not represent Chile anymore and a new board members had to be elected for him as well. Elected was:  Mr. Ruy Barbosa of Chile.


Elected Board of Director members I.BMX.F.:

Tony Hoar, President - Canada
Rosie Banks, Vice-president - USA
Norman Darbyshire, Treasurer - England
Tadashi Inoue, Member - Japan
René Nicolas, Member - France
Ross Fisher, Member - Australia
Ruy Barbosa, Member- Chile

General secretary of I.BMX.F. - Gerrit Does Holland. (Initiative founder)

Applications received and accepted for Associate memberships: Switzerland, Austria, Colombia (new organization applied), Italy and Mexico. New Zealand became a Full member. Totals: Full members - 12, Associate members - 14, and in progress another 7 affiliations.

Also discussed during this meeting to have world titles only for riders 13 year and over riders. Most delegates were against age restriction at the time. At present 28 World titles could be won. It was here in Whistler were I did meet for the last time with Bob Hadley and Russ Okawa (Mongoose). Registered riders of Australia (presented at the congress): Qld.- 1795; N.S.W.- 1807; VIC.- 1900; A.C.T.- 715; TAS.- 581; W.A.- 938; N.T.- 736; makes in total 8.472 riders.

In total there were 680 riders competing in this World Championship from 16 countries. Overall 223 trophies were to be won. The trophy count was as follows:
1th place USA with 83 trophies,
2nd Holland - 36,
3rd Australia - 30,
4th Canada - 30,
5th England - 15,
6th France - 13,
7th New Zealand - 6,
8th Venezuela - 4,
9th Chile - 3,
ex-equo on
10th Japan, Germany and Mexico each with 1 trophy.

First official competition at international level for Factory Teams.

picture gallery I.BMX.F. Worlds Whistler - Canada 1985








August 27 - September 1st., the World Championships Road Cycling (UCI-FICP-FIAC) took place at Bassano Del Grappa - Montello Veneto in Italy, close to Venice.


I.BMX.F. was invited by F.I.A.C. through the KNWU to have a meeting with the F.I.A.C. committee at the Hotel Belvedere s.p.a. in Bassano del Grappa to talk about a possible integration of I.BMX.F into F.I.A.C., during these world-championships. I.BMX.F. president at the time, Mr. Tony Hoar and general secretary Gerrit Does went over there and discussed integration with the F.I.A.C. board and that meeting was under chairmanship of Mr. Valery Syssoev of Russia.

1985 FIAC_WK__scannen00981985 FIAC__WK_scannen00961985 FIAC_WK_scannen0097

Discussions were difficult due to the fact that Mr. Syssoev did not speak any foreign language. Everything had to be translated by an interpreter. It did not come to a constructive meeting on August 30th 1985 and the results were as such. F.I.A.C. did organize their own BMX World Championships this same day in Jesolo - Pineta, close to Bassano del Grappa. A remark made by Mrs.Giuliani:  "Mr. Does, BMX is not a sport, it's a game/play for children!" This was the way FIAC responsible officials did think about the sport of BMX at the time. No more need to be said then.

Seen here to names of members of the UCI, F.I.C.P and F.I.A.C. as well as the names of people active in the UCI's Technical Committee ánd Medical Controle.

1984 UCI_FIAC_FICP_scannen00021984 FICP_AND_FIAC_scannen0004

August 26-28th.,the 1st. FIAC World Championship of BMX took place in Pineta di Jesolo - Italy.

1985 Jesolo_FIAC_Worls_1_scannen0034


Around 350 boy and girl riders took part in this 2-day event and had overall 400 moto's/races. The classification per country was: 1st. Italy, 2nd. Spain, 3rd. France, 4th. Belgium, 5th. Great Britain. A FIAC international congress for BMX was scheduled on August 28th. The organization of this Worlds was of low quality and it was not clear whether this was a World Cup or a World Championship. Promotional materials did show World Cup in Italian laguage and World Championship when translated in English.

The FIAC BMX World Champion in the highest performance class at the time (Experts 17 & Over) was, Juan Manuel Montero from Spain. Seen here 2 pictures of Juan Manuel Montero, taken in 2013, so 28 years after this event took place.

Juanma Montero_FIAC_World_Champion_1985Juanma Montero_FIAC_World_Champion_1985_Trophy

Later on that year FIAC decided to officialy start organising BMX within their ranks. A BMX Committee was formed and the next official FIAC World Championship would take place in 1986 in Italy again, so was written in the minutes of this new committee (C.I.B.T.). For more details see notes December 18th. 1985.


August 31st. - September 1st., Grand Prix BMX at Geldrop - Holland.

FCC Geldrop organized this international I.BMX.F. sanctioned event. In total there were 887 entries and among them ..... 93 Belgium riders, 34 German riders, 40 France riders and 1 rider from Danmark. At the nearby campingsite 320 caravans were installed.

On Satuday 125 races were run. On Sunday during the day, the starting gate broke down and it was decided to start menualy from then on. Overall it was a succesful event.

Results Amature class, B final,
1. Patrick de Wael - Belgium
2. Rus Jacobs
3. Christiaans Mertens

Results Amature class, A final,
1. Ludy v.d. Werff - Holland
2. Danny Hartig - Holland
3. Mike Hogerheyde - Holland

Results Amature Trophy class,
1. Leon Walravens
2. Phil Hoogendoorn
3. Pierre van Zuylen

Results Powder Puffs,
1. Monique Franssen
2. Sylvie Gerard
3. Anita v.d. Mortel

September 20th. a letter came in at the I.BMX.F. office written by Mrs. Carla Giuliani, the FIAC general secretary.

It was a report on the meeting between representatives of the I.BMX.F and the FIAC Committee of Management. One of the first point that were outlined was:

  • A joint activity between FIAC and the I.BMX.F. can only take place in conformity with the principles of the FIAC Technical Rules.
    Can one understand this? They had NO experience in the field of BMX and I.BMX.F. had to go by their Technical Rules? It shows their way of thinking. In this letter it also was pointed out, that riders from FIAC affiliated organizations were not allowed to compete in I.BMX.F. events, till an agreement on joint activities were a fact.  Mrs. Giuliani expected a joint activity to be realized within 1 (one) year!  It did not happen.

October 7th. On this date a contract was signed by 2 French BMX organizations to start a working together relationship.

The organizations and their representatives were: La Federation Francaise de Cyclisme - President, Mr. G. Simon (FIAC affilated) and L'Association Francaise de Bi-crossing - President, Mr. M. Imbert (I.BMX.F. affiliated). The AFB would keep its name and its autonomy, which was very important for the sport of BMX.

October 10th., a letter came in at the I.BMX.F office from Mr. Jette Panse (Denmark),

on behalf of Mr. Carl Madsen of the BMX department of the DMU (Denmark's Motor Union). Jette Panse had been appointed acting chairman of the BMX commission, succeeding Lissie Laursen. There have been some "starting" problems in getting BMX organized in Denmark, but it seems all is o.k. at this moment. BMX only exists in Denmark since 1984.

October 23rd. Letter from the A.F.B. by Mr. René Nicolas informing me that their 1985 racing season has ended on August 31st and

that their present license count holts at a total of 10.368 licenses! (929 Experts, 335 Girls, 6007 Juniors, 206 Cruisers, 330 Free-stylers, 14 Superclass, 38 VTT / Trialsin, 583 officials and 1926 regional licenses).

October issue of SUPER BMX Magazine (USA) published an article with title: "Twelve men who pioneerd" BMX by Mr. Mike Collins, Editorial Director.

*** kopie van artikel plaatsen.

Mentioned were, Ernie Alexander, George Esser, Merl Mennenga, Skip Hess, Linn Kastan, Chuck Robinson, Elaine Holt, Gary Turner, Scot Breithaupt, David Clinton, Stu Thomsen and .......... only outside American person, Gerrit Does! Quote: "Gerrit Does has taken BMX out of the States and spread it throughout the world through his I.BMX.F. " end of quote. Text: "......lastly we have to talk about this man. Gerrit isn't a racer or manufacturer or even promoter. He is an organizer who traveled all over the world to make BMX an international sport. Today we have the I.BMX.F. thanks to the efforts of Gerrit; the organization that coordinates BMX on a worldwide basis".
Mr. Does figured it was time in 1981 to gather racers together from all over the world in order to determine international champions. The result of that dream is the I.BMX.F. World Championships, which celebrated its fourth edition last summer in Canada. Under Gerrit's direction the I.BMX.F. has grown to include nearly thirty member nations and BMX is present on all continents. While BMX is a truly American activity, Gerrit Does, of The Netherlands (Holland), has taken it out of the States and transported it throughout the world.

November,  published at a European level, an article on BMX in "Het Beste" from Reader's Digest.

During this periode BMX did get a lot of publicity. A new, modern sport and journalist wanted to tell about it for sure. As General Scretary I.BMX.F. I was interviewed and the enclosed articles were written in this monthly magazine. Seen here a selection of copies of "Het Beste" from Readers Digest, Sweden, Germany, France, Danmark and Italy. Great PR / publicity for BMX.








November. During the November presentation of awards of the KNWU National and International Champions in cycling including BMX,

GD was presented with a KNWU award for his pioneer work in starting and developing BMX in Holland. The award was called the "Silver Wheel".

*** foto Piet v.d. Molen, President of the KNWU, present Gerrit Does with the "Silver Wheel".

November 24th. The Bercy II indoor race in Paris - France took place at the Palais des Omnisport.

Twelve countries were represented and all together there were about 170 invited riders. 38 riders from England, 32 from Holland, 32 from Germany, 31 from Belgium, 13 from Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway and from Sweden 6 riders. Special invitations for the following USA Pro's that were all present: Eric Rupe, Pete Loncarevitch, Tommy Brackens, Stu Thomsen, Eddie King, Mike Miranda, Toby Henderson, Brian Patterson and Scott Clark. Further more the The BMX freestyle riders Ron Wilkerson and Rich Sigur (team Haro) were present.


A serie of pictures from the Bercy track:

1985 _Bercy_Indoor_Paris__949439_o1985 BERCY_PARIS___2370343_o1985 BERCY_PARIS___4993730_o

Besides the 6 USA Pro´s, from Europe 45 semi-Pro´s were present at this prestigeous event. 21 French, 10 Dutch, 1 Belgium, 6 Spanish, 5 English and 2 Danish riders. Around 9000 spectators were gathered in the grand stands. Here the final results,

Final Pro Money                  Final Supertrophy NRJ
1. Tommy Brackens USA     1. Brian Patterson USA
2. Edward King USA            2.Shawn Texas USA
3. Brian Patterson USA        3. Tommy Brackens USA
4. Greg Hill USA                   4. Scott Clark USA
5. Shawn Texas USA           5. Luc Koehler France
6. Toby Henderson USA      6. Andy Patterson USA
7. Scott Clark USA               7. Christophe Vico France
8. Jamie Vince GBR             8. Edward King USA

Final Superclass 20 inch    Final Superclas 24 inch
1. Xavier Redois France       1. Phil Hoogendoorn NED
2. Claude Vuillemot France   2. Xavier Redois France
3. Pierre van Zuijlen NED     3. Patrick De Wael BEL
4. Patrick De Wael BEL        4. Claude Vuillemot France
5. Mike Riviére GBR             5. Laurent Vicat France
6.Luc Koehler France           6. Luc Koehler France
7. Chris Jacobs BEL             7. Ludy van der Werff NED
8. Phil Hoogendoorn NED    8. DickDe Meuleneir BEL

Seen here a picture taken during the BERCY Indoor event of the BMX Freestyle demo. On top of the quarter pipe Duke Dana is standing, better know as the Duke of Oakley at the time.

1986 Bercy_the_Duke_of_Oakley_scannen0001

November 30th/December 1st., a European Committee Meeting in Frankfurt am Main - Germany, took place.

This was the last meeting Gerrit Does attended and where he acted as chairman. Present at this meeting were: Walter Hupel, Wolfgang Renner and Heribert Blau (B.D.R. - Germany), K. Nadler (Austria), Louis Vrijdag and Tom Leurs (KNWU - Holland), Sue Jarvis and Norman Darbyshire (UK.BMX.A - England), Mrs. Hayek (BMX Suisse), Bert Dekkers and Ben Schenkelaars (BCB - Belgium), Juan Ventura and a translator (A.E.B - Spain), René Nicolas and Mrs. Christine Deconclois (A.F.B. - France). Delegates from Sweden and Norway were excused (had meetings at National level in thier own countries).

A long discussion took place concerning the FIAC situation. A working group was established to talk about a policy to follow on this matter. The committee was composed of the following persons:  Mr. Sue Jarvis, Mr. Louis Vrijdag, Mr. Wolfgang Renner and Mr. René Nicolas.

Then and there the European structure was discussed within the I.BMX.F. As continent and group, the European countries must be strong and arrange their own affairs within Europe. We can't help the USA, nor Australia etc. We have to do things ourselves. To give positions to the European Committee we had to elect a Board of Directors.

A Board of Directors was elected for one year:
Louis Vrijdag - Chairman
Christine Deconclois- Secretary
Walter Hupel - Treasurer

Also a 7 round series for Superclass was put together and called the STARTRACK series 1986.  Cavaillon-France; Lowestoft - England; ECC - Slagharen, Holland; Hout-Halen - Belgium; to be determined - Switzerland; Sandness - Norway and one during the IFMA in Cologne - Germany.

December 1st. Maybe co-incidental or not, but this is the year and the time that Gerrit Does stopped his activities as I.BMX.F secretary and President of the KNWU BMX committee:

Ending 1985 the conclusion was: numbers license holders going down!!!! In Holland. Gerrit Does putting in a lot of effort in promoting and marketing the sport by way of giving demo's, information meetings etc. found new officers within the KNWU giving all attention to the organization of the sport, sports technical and policy. One started to forget the marketing side of things and that slowed down the development of the sport, numberwise!


December 11th. Mr. Lars Forus, the Norwegian pioneer of BMX, did sent a personal letter of thank to Gerrit Does,

to thank him for his help and support developing BMX in Norway. This due to the fact that Gerrit stopped acting as General Secretary of I.BMX.F. Gerrit did go to Norway in the early days to help develop BMX. The results are now visible: BMX now an official sport within the Norges Cykleforbund, 10 clubs registered and at this moment 160 license holders and another 200 club riders. In total about 25.000 BMX bikes were sold in Norway this year (realizing the fact that about 50.000 children are being born in Norway every year, this number 25.000 BMX bikes is good!).

The interest for the sport of BMX in Norway is this year Nation wide. 2 TV programs highlighted BMX and newspapers covered the TV action as well. With only 4 million people in such a large country, it is difficult to start any new sport. Already in this letter, Mr. Lars Forus stated that, in order to have BMX recognized as a "real" sport, the I.BMX.F. should consider having International Championship events with riders from 14 years and older for titles. At last, Mr. Forus suggested to start organizing BMX clinics for Norwegian, Swedish and riders from Denmark at the Ponypark Slagharen BMX track next year, in 1986!  So that did happen indeed.

December 18th. Early this month, as general secretary I.BMX.F., I got in possession of the minutes for the constitution of the FIAC BMX and Trialsin Committee.

Despite the fact that talks/negotiations were in progress between I.BMX.F. and FIAC, they decided to go on organizing this sport within FIAC themselves. The FIAC had organized a survey among its affiliated members of which the following countries did sent back this survey:  Brasil, Holland, Canada, D.D.R., West-Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Tchechoslovakia, Uruguay, Portugal, Isreal and Great Brittain ((14 countries).

The final result and decision of this survey was, that FIAC decided to start organising BMX. An International BMX Committee was formed. Underneath the details on this FIAC BMX / Trialsin Comittee (Bicycle trials was included in this committee too).

The FIAC - BMX / Trialsin Committee (CIBT - Commission International de BMX et Trialsin) consisted of the following persons:

President: Mr. Hector Gallee (Belgium)
Vice-president: Mr. Marc Lemay (Canada)
Mr. Pedro: PI (Spain)
Members: Mr. Jean Pitallier (France)
Mr. Augosto Rosati (Italy)
Mr. Fritz Ramseier (Germany)
Open position
Open position

None of those mentioned did have any experience within or about the sport of BMX. (Our I.BMX.F expertise comes back from 1974 !)

A special Committee to compose Rules and Regulations (Commission Technique) within this committee was formed:
President: Mr. Augusto Rosati (Italy)
Secretary: Mr. Armand Blondiau (former I.BMX.F. member F.BMX.B - Belgium)
Members: Mr. Pierre Thibault (Canada)
Mr. Michel Lalande (from A.F.B. - France, an I.BMX.F affiliate)
Mr. Javier Olave (Spain)
Mr. Reinhart Wolfgang (German)

It was also decided during this meeting that the next official FIAC World Championship (the 2nd. one) would take place in Italy again, in 1986. (Remark GD added in 2013: this is kind of confusing since there is discussion on the year the 1st FIAC BMX Worlds took place. According to the FCI program,the 1985 Cycling Worlds in Jesolo - Italy last August 1985, had it's 1st. FIAC World Championship).


Their first official meeting of the C.I.B.T. (Commission Internationale de BMX et Trialsin - FIAC ánd Commission Technique), was schedule for January 24th. 1986 in Brussels - Belgium. FIAC was very busy "inventing the wheel" all over again!  At the time the I.BMX.F had about 6 year of experience in organizing events at an international level, had a good set of rules and regulations and within I.BMX.F. there were members like the NBL - USA, that had even more then 11 years of experience. What a waist of time and energy by the FIAC getting BMX started within their ranks.

They had some different ideas about how to run races. The qualifiers (1/18 - 1/4 - 1/2) and Finals, all in 3 moto's. Image having 2000 entries, one would be busy for at least 4 days (and more). There was a good system in place with I.BMX.F, why not follow that? At the time I.BMX.F. also had 33 countries affiliated were FIAC had only 14 countries interested in starting BMX.

December.  Developments in the sport of BMX.

England:  Received this message from Andy Ruffell.  It's an historic document so I ad to post it her in the History of BMX section 1985.

Andy: Just uploaded the full highlights video from the Screen Sport TV Pro BMX Series 1985. Commentary by the legendary David Duffield, the shows were broadcast all over Europe. It's 90 Minutes of UK Pro racing with Tim March, Geth Shooter, Pete Middleton, Nelson Chanady, Jamie Vince, Trevor Robinson, Tony Slater, Melanie Vauvelle-Don, Mark Salsbury, Anthony Sewell, Rachel Holmes, Frankie Romaine, John Lee, Alan Woods and all the UK Pro's in action. A real time machine, I don't think many people have seen this stuff.. (Theres some awesome crashes towards the end of the video at Pontins LOL)


Holland:  For the first time the number of licenses issued, declined. Now there were 7.432 licenses issued in Holland (4400 competition licenses and the rest were club cards).

Switzerland:  The Federation BMX Schweiz did have 356 license holders at the end of this season.

USA magazine Super BMX:  In the winter issue of SUPER BMX, a BMX monthly magazine from California USA run by David House, held an article called "Our International Ambassador" and handled about Gerrit Does, retiring from the I.BMX.F.

Article mentioned,shown above in report in the Worlds in Whistler / Canada.