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  • The History of BMX

    It all started around 1956 in the city of St. Antonis, Holland. Within no-time there were 50+ bicycle cross riders.
  • A sport with no history has no future

    The History of BMX tells you how and when BMX started at several places in the world.
  • Shoot for the moon

    Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars. The worse thing you can do is: Not trying. Info about how to start in BMX, how to train and so on.
  • The present can't exist without the past

    Get into BMX - The perfect family sport! About how to start in BMX and all that comes with it...

Latest updates

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18 September 2023
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14 September 2023
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History of BMX (2021-2022)

29 August 2023
  History of BMX, year 2021 Dear followe...

A sport with no history has no future!

University of BMX

When I did read this slogan, I thought there is a truth in that and something must be done about it when it concerns BMX, because there is no such thing as a recorded general European or even world wide history available to BMX'ers.

Since a couple of years I also had the idea of writing another book about the history of BMX in general and more specific about the history of European BMX.