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Get into BMX!

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, You will land among the stars"

With this section of the University of BMX site, I want to inform potential new BMX racers about how to start in BMX and all that comes with it. Think about what bike must I buy, what protective gear do I need, how about rules and regulations and so on, were are the races being held and how do I get there. General info on BMX through your National BMX organization (clubs, tracks, licensing etc.) and how to contact them.

When young riders want to start in BMX, parents must realize themselves they are committed to help their youngsters to go to and from events.

BMX is a family sport when it concerns the younger riders amongst us (up and till about 16 years). The basics of BMX can be found in the next story.

BMX - The perfect family sport

Although every sport has its avid followers, bicycle motocross (BMX) has some unique qualities that make it a real family sport.

In a time when activities of every sport act to pull family members in many different directions, BMX offers an opportunity to bring them together. Consider the following aspects of BMX to see if it sounds like something you'd like to get involved with.

  • BMX is a very safe sport. Safety precautions and equipment help make BMX have fewer serious injuries than any other major sport.
  • BMX allows for all ages and all levels of ability and experience and both sexes, to compete.
  • BMX is an individual sport, which eliminates mom and dad being tied down to a daily practice routine. Family vacations don't threaten eligibility. In fact, you can find tracks anywhere you might travel.
  • BMX offers, by far, the most outstanding awards program of any sport. What's more, the rewards are immediate which is very gratifying you both riders and parents alike.
  • BMX teaches important values to young people. Through competition, the ideals of fairness and trying one's best are constantly reinforced. Also, BMX teaches riders responsibility, as the cleaning and care of their bike has a direct bearing on their performance.
  • BMX offers the opportunity for youngsters to meet new friends Nationally and abroad. The informal atmosphere that pervades any race day encourages riders and their parents to relax and talk.

It's this peripheral aspect of BMX that many of us feel makes it the "perfect family sport." Between school, homework, computer and TV, for the young people and all the things that occupy adults' time, it is very easy to have any really meaningful interaction.

A day of weekend BMX racing offers a change for both parents and kids to get away from the distractions of TV and home chores. It provides a common, exciting experience, which eliminates the "generation gap." In fact. Just talking about and planning for the next "big" race, brings the family closer together, as they share in the preparations.

Your National BMX organization or we at the University of BMX would be glad to answer any questions you might have that you can't find on this site, about getting started in BMX.

BMX Heroes - Any sport is as popular as its heroes are!

For the experienced riders (expert level and up) of 14 years and older I will have some serious advises on how to prepare for top BMX racing and even become a champion.
Pro athletes in BMX might find some good tips in this section. Also mental training is a very important criteria to become a better sportsmen/ women. I will deliberate on that more later on.

This section will be continually updated.