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History of BMX (1982)

This is the year BMX in Switzerland (German speaking part of the country) got organized as a competition sport by Mr. Franz Hattan. Franz owned a bicycle store in Malters (Lucerne). He discovered BMX about 4 years earlier in Great Britain. He "imported" BMX in Switzerland and started to promote BMX during markets and such. The unofficial organization did holt around 40 license holders in its starting year 1982.

South American BMX developments and specially in the leading country Chile, was very strong. The existing C.B.X. was transformed into the F.CBX. - Federacion Chilena de Bicicross and this organization was officialy recognized by the Chilian government in 1983. The Executive President at the time was the excellent Mr. Ruy Barbosa, one of the first directors of the sport in Chile (at present-2001, president of the UCI-BMX Committee). Later this year, Chilian riders did win four world-championship titles during the first I.BMX.F. World Championship at Dayton - Ohio in August 1982. These titles helped a lot promoting the sport in Chile. Getting organized in Chile is very hard, due to the fact this country is stretched out along a 4000 km long coastline.

During 1982, the New Zealand Government allowed CroMo tubing into the country and Pantha (factory) put out a truly NZ designed and made CroMO frames.

January 6th. 1982, the official issue date of the (German) BDR magazine called, RADSPORT MAGAZINE.

informed their members about BMX being a part of their organization from now on. The article was called "BMX is like a fever". The BDR would start with 2 Test-tracks as they called it, one at Bremen and one at Magstadt. Four more tracks were scheduled to be built in 1982.

January 13th. letter received from Mrs. Denise Downs Barter - Director of Marketing at IHC (Premier helmets-USA).

I helped them finding a contact (David Trigg in Holland) to import their helmets and they would help out promoting international BMX and Europe with their USA riders.

January 22nd. Trip to Norway meeting Mr. Erik Green and Mr. Lars Forus as well as many Norwegian riders and parents.

Goal of this trip, promoting BMX, giving information on bikes, clothing and training (+5 degrees). Arriving at Sola airport near Stavanger. Planning: Visit bicycle factory Jonas Oglaend (DBS) and the Sandnes BMX Track; Meeting with BMX kids; Work at product development department Jonas Oglaend; Meeting with parents of BMX kids; Sightseeing on the last day. Return to Holland January 24th. 1982 in the evening. This trip was a great success!

*** foto's bezoek 1982 BMX in Norway

January 25th., letter from REDLINE Engineering, Inc., Mr. B. Linn Kastan, thanking GD for information on the European BMX scene.

March, the issue of a Dutch National Bicyce Industry Magazine called TWEEWIELER,

did mentioned Mr. Renny Roker being a former CEO of Schwinn Bicycles. As we all know, Renny was also known for his JAG BMX RACE Team and as organiser of the JAG BMX World Championships.

xx 1982 mrt rr tweewieler scannen0015

March 6 and 7th., the Columbia Winternational - Massachusetts, USA took place santioned by the WWBA.

In March 6 & 7th. the Columbia Winternational in Massachusetts - USA took place at an Indoor Dirt BMX Track in Columbia. This event was sanctioned by the WWBA - World Wide BMX Assiciation, located in Butler N.J. This was about the only time we heared of the WWBA. Don't know who were behind this sanction exactly.

1982 the_WWBA_scannen0025

March 8th., letter received from Steve Johnson of TORKER, Inc.

Asked for a meeting to talk about the European situation and developments. I agreed to met him in Orlando during an event in April to come.

March 10th, list of present members, applicants and contacts of I.BMX.F.:

Canada, Columbia, England, Holland, Japan, Panama, USA, Venezuela, Australia, Belgium, Chili, France, Germany, Spain, Trinidad, Rep.Dominicana, Norway, Denmark as members.

South-Africa, Saudi-Arabia, Austria as applicants and Hong Kong, Italy and Greece as contacts. Later this year (August) confirmed contacts (through the I.BMX.F. office) with Puerto Rico, Brasil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Switzerland, New Zealand, Finland and the Philippines.

April 21st., an official invitation came in at the office of the K.N.W.U. (Royal Dutch Cycle Federation)

Alltough dated April 1981, this invitation was sent to the KNWU (were I was President at the time of the BMX department) and received on April 21st. 1982 ! Letter speaks for itself. It concerned the 1st ever I.BMX.F. World Championship that would take place in Dayton - Ohio, USA.

1982 april 21 uitn. 1e wk ibmxf dayton scannen0023

April 1st.  a letter came in from the Murray Ohio Manufacturing Co., written by Mr. Rodney L. Freeman, Director of Marketing.

1982 april scannen0025

April 11th. Gerrit Does meets US Pro's at Coral Springs - Fl. USA.

Acting as general secretary of I.BMX.F. Gerrit Does held a meeting with almost all the US Pro's present during the NBL Coral Springs - Florida, races and informed and invited them to come to the OPEN EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP on July 17th & 18th 1982 scheduled at the town of Beek & Donk in Holland - Europe.

During this period, Gerrit Does and wife stayed at Don Hutelin's house. Don, working for MCS at the time, also was involved in the NBL organization. Don's house looked like a hotel during events in Florida with guys staying at his house like Scot Breithaupt, Stu Tompsen, Greg Hill and many others. Don also acted as a NBL contact to make arrangements with Gerrit for riders that wanted to come over to race in Europe. A special THANKS for the Hutelin family taking care of me and my family several times when I was over in the USA. I wasn't the only one taken care of, just check this picture and the lines under it.


Here the report written by Gerrit Does concerning the meeting with US Pro's at Coral Springs. It concerned the first Open I.BMX.F. European BMX Championship in Beek & Donk, Holland later on in 1982.


April 21st., received letter from Mr. John DeBoard - President of IHC, International Helmet Corporation (PREMIER Helmets).

We did spent time together during my visit early April (10/11th) at the War of the Stars race in Florida. John offered his help in getting international BMX going, for which many thanks.

April 22nd., letter received from RACE INC, Mr. Willian J. Batian - President.

Asked for detailed info on rules that probably would be in the future I.BMX.F. rule book for international racing.

April 24th.: Startrack I

German BMX Magazine "BMX SPECIAL" saw the day of light. Its "redakteur" was Mr. Aris Donzelli (working for a German TV company).

May 2nd. First International BMX race at Palau de Plegamans - Spain. Organization by Amics del Bici Cross with president Mr. Juan Ventura.


1982 spanish_mag_2_scannen0002

Seen here a picture taken in 2011 during a reunion in Spain, of Mr. Joan Ventura, "father" of Spanish BMX. On the left Mr. Didac Redondo a close associate of Joan in the early days of BMX in Spain. The year before, Joan visited Gerrit Does in Waalre to gether information about race rules and how to organise BMX events in general. Later on the Spanish organisation would become part of the I.BMX.F. and got involved in organising a leg of the European Championship.

2011 Spanish_pioneers_IMGP2967.JPG_joan_Venture_and_Didac_Redondo

May 5th. letter from Mr. Mark Baumann of VECTOR BMX USA.

Mark promoting his product, his bike being used in free-style by Bob Haro. He was looking for a European distributor. Mark asked me to pass on this information and so I did. The result was that he did find a distributor in Holland for his products. Some time later Bas de Bever (NED) would ride a Vector bike for some time.

May 27th., a letter came in at the I.BMX.F. office from Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor & Zafman - a partnership of law corporations on the subject of misappropriation of mark "World Championship".

The firm represented Roker Enterprises d/b/a JAG BMX in trademark, unfair competition and related matters. They advised I.BMX.F. of their client's exclusive rights to use the name and mark " WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP " in connection with bicycle motocross and bicycles and that the I.BMX.F. cease and desist from any use of " WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP " or anything confusingly similar thereto. Whoooo! A simple letter got all the above out of the way! Its impossible to claim, as a trade mark "WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP" in general and specially when it says " I.BMX.F. - World Championship " its clear to everybody what this title did mean. Case closed. Never heared from them again.

May 28th. Application for a membership I.BMX.F. received from Mr. Ernest W.S. Law, Hon.Secretary, HKCA (Hong Kong Cycling Association).

In the past 6 month the HKCA organized 7 BMX meetings and the are planning more events to promote BMX.

May 30th. International BMX event at Hannuit - Belgium.

Just to give you an impression of international racing at the time. Riders from England, Spain, France, Holland and Belgium ofcourse took part in this event. In total 210 entries. Each foreign country did have around 15 riders present. Only France did have 2 or 3 riders present.

June 12th. till August 28th., recording the AVRO TV BMX Series.

AVRO TV BMX Series (on National TV). Events and recording took place on June 12th. July 3rd., August 6th. and August 28th. 1982. Nation wide broadcasted, 50 minutes program each time. Only invited riders were able to compete. Location: BMX Stadion SLAGHAREN at Slagharen in Holland. Picture 1 does show you one of the teams competing in this event when they were actif at the Waalre track. All teams were given different names like The Red Devils, The Blue Angels etc. On picture 2, the official intro was filmed at the Ponypark Slagharen BMX track called BMX Stadium Slagharen. Seen here Jan "Helicopter" van den Dungen, jumping through a paper wall.


June this year, 2 riders from Switzerland called Olivier Roulet and Vincent Claessens,

both from the French speaking part of the country and more specific the town of Echichens/Morges, took part in the Motobecane Trophy in Beaune - France. Crazy thing about the Swiss situation was, the both riders mentioned did not know that there was already organized BMX in Switzerland!  Olivier and Vincent started to race in France were BMX was booming. The raced in France till the end of 1983.

June 19th., the I.BMX.F. General-secretary informed the President of the F.BMX.B. Mr. Armand Blondiau,

that his organization was the official affiliated BMX organization in Belgium within the I.BMX.F. from July 1982 on. The up till then affiliated B.C.B of Mr. Albert Dekker, had the opportunity to prove itself till July 1982. They did not meet the criteria and expectations and were dropped in favor of the F.BMX.B., they were now given the change to prove themselves. Seen here the second issue of the F.BMX.B magazine for members.

1982 F.bmx.B_mag._scannen0001

July 7th. BMX Action's, Darlene Leer - Promotion manager informed me about the fact that,

R.L. Osborn, Mike Buff and Scot Breithaupt were coming to Europe to give BMX free-style demo's. Arrival on August 13th at Schiphol - Airport, Amsterdam - Holland. The three of them stayed at my house for a periode of time. 

July 11th. The 2nd. Anglo - American Cup Redditch - England took place.

The Halfords sponsored event was well attended. Several US Pro's were invited and raced at this event.


Charly Litsky was racing as well as announcing that day. This kind of down-hill track was better layed out then a year before and the weather was just fine. In the pictures underneath Greg Esser jumping, Andy Patterson going for an ice-cream and Charlie Litsky coming down the hill on his cruiser.


Here some more pictures to give you an impression on the event in Redditch. We went from Holland to England by car, crossed the Canal by boat. Nico and Pieter Does with Jan van den Dungen almost ready to arrive in England. Greg Esser, Charlie Litsky and Kathy Schackel yelling, supporting their countrymen. Nice picture of a gate with USA Pro's. This is what BMX in England looked like in the early '80 s.

1982 Halfords_GBR_Nico_Pieter_Jan_scannen00291982 Redditch_scannen00381982 Redditch_start_of_things__scannen0020

Harry Leary handing out his signature to a fan. Tedesco (son of NBL's Bob Tedesco) and David Argyl at their Van. Harry and Greg charging down the hill at the Reddich track.

1982 REdditch_Halfords_scannen00581982 Redditch_scannen00251982 Redditch_scannen0027

July 12th. A very pleasant consultation took place between Mr. Jekiel, the general secretary of the U.C.I.

The world governing body for road cycling (under which FIAC - amateur division and FICP - professional division, resulted) and representatives from the I.BMX.F., the specialists in BMX or better Bicycle Moto-cross did meet and discussed developments in BMX at an international level. Afterwards, the FIAC started an inquiry to investigate the possibility to organize the sport of BMX under the UCI-flag, also because some of the UCI organizations had already started organizing the sport of BMX. (continue: see November 1983). Mr. Jekiel, general secretary of the UCI was happy with the specific information on BMX in general and on the I.BMX.F. in particular.

July 17th. and 18th., the 1st I.BMX.F "Open European Championships of BMX" at Beek & Donk - Holland.

Picture thanks to "BMX Action England" and Gerrit Does.


Under leadership of its club chairman Jan Leenders the organization was of high standard. Over 5.000 visitors/spectators in 2 days that was just great and unprecedented. Also riders from the USA took part: Charlie Litsky, Andy Patterson, Kathy Schachel and her brother John Schachel, Mike Salido and others.National TV was present, bicycle trial demo's by Spanish specialist Andreu Codina, and all kinds of other activities were organized. Number of entries: 750 and number of countries present: 6.  AVRO TV, one of the leading public TV stations at the time, broadcasted the event on TV on August 23rd. 1982 (national TV).


Results 1st. I.BMX.F. Open European Championship at Beek & Donk, Holland:

Experts 7                         Experts 8
1. Rogier Renders            1. Maurice Reurich
2. William van der Steen  2. Mike van de Wiel
3. Pieter Does                  3. Maurice Hamsink
4. Gert Jan Korsten          4. Han Kuijpers
5. Johnny van Hoof          5. William Lammers
all riders from Holland

Experts 9                         Experts 10
1. Pascal Slaats               1. Jacky Schrijvers
2. Frank van Dijk              2. Jan Willem Gottenbos
3. Paul Govers                 3. Ardjan Kuijpers
4. Ivo Cissen                    4. Rolf Trip
5. Roy van Dijk                 5. Andy Oldham (GBR)
all riders from Holland


Experts 11                        Experts 12
1. Johnny Reijbroek          1. Marco van Ormondt
2. Fabrice Perez(F)           2. Martin van der Helm
3. Nico Does                     3. Patrick Schellekens
4. Jeroen Scheepers         4. Jan de Boer
5. Dennis van Kouwen      5. Bart de Jong

Experts 13                       Experts 14
1. Rudy Fransman            1. Pierre van Zuylen
2. Jason Mabny (GBR)     2. Scot Stout (GBR)
3. Hans ter Weeme           3. Jan Hekman
4. Arno Kranenburg          4. Zonto Dingen
5. Gert Verhoeven            5. Danny Neys

Experts 15
1. Mike Salido (USA) Open Europen Champ
2. Andy Ruffel (GBR)
3. Hendri de Haan (NED)
4. Jan van den Dungen (NED)
5. Erik Dukino (NED)

Experts 16
1. Andy Patterson (USA) Open European Champ
2. Leon Walravens (NED)
3. Addy van de Ven (NED)
4. William Schelhaas (NED)
5. Ludy van de Werff (NED)


Superclass 20 inch
1. Andy Patterson (USA),     Open European Champ
2. Ronny Croes (NED)
3. Ludy van der Werff (NED)
4. René de Groot (NED)
5. Coen van Schayk (NED)


Open class7 y. and under
1. Jeroen van Nuil
2. Pieter Does
3. Ralp Blewanus
4. Geert Jan Korsten
5. William van der Steen
all riders from Holland

Open class 8 - 10
1. Jacky Schrijvers
2. Andy Oldham (GBR)
3. Marcel Fleur
4. Maurits de Klijn
5. Olivier Imbert(F)

Open class 11 - 13
1. Rudy Fransman
2. Bas de Bever
3. Hans ter Weeme
4. David van Doorn
5. Hennie Lemmens
all riders from Holland

Open class 14 and over
1. Rony Slater(GBR)
2. Danny Neys
3. Ludy van der Werff
4. Wim van der Heijden
5. Wouter Schoneveld


Girls class 7 and under
1. Daniëlle Ermers
2. Peggy Hurkmans
3. Ursula Adams
4. Annette Rijkers
5. Stephany Imbert ( F)

Girls class 11-13
1. Martine v.d. Lievenogen
2. Anne van Happen
3. Sandra Dumaine
4. Heidi Kelders
5. Valerie Huber (F)

Girls class 14 and over
1. Kathy Schachel (USA)
2. Marjan van Meurs
3. Ans Verreijken
4. Karin Lengers
5. Anita v.d. Mortel

Juniors 5-6
1.Ralf Blewanus
2. Pieter Kinds
3. Russel Swift
4. Remco van Laarhoven
5. Roy v.d. Waardenburg
all riders from Holland

Juniors 7
1. Jeroen van Nuil
2. Jason Scott Webb (GBR)
3. Dennis Hilverink
4. Marc Luijten
5. Peter van Brummelen

Juniors 8
1. Stefan Welter
2. Udo Delgrom(GER)
3. Benny Verbeek
4. Pascal Hermsen
5. Damion Jackson(GBR)

Juniors 9
1. Ben Swift
2. Willem Strijker
3. Peter v.d. Heuvel
4. Bas de Bie
5. Wietse Hoogeveen

Juniors 10
1. Jeffrey Bignell
2. Maurits de Klijn
3. Darren Pagé(F)
4. Bart v.d. Linden
5. Remco v.d. Kleij

Juniors 11
1. Peter van Hooft
2. Arian Wolf
3. David Tournairre(F)
4. Martijn v.d. Boogaard
5. Arthur v.d. Hoogen

Juniors 12
1. Etienne Kleinen
2. Geert-Jan Lucassen
3. Harold van Oss
4. Gezinus de Lange
5. Arno van Lieshout

Juniors 13
1. Ronny v.d. Elzen
2. Ruud v.d. Laar
3. Peter Barenmans
4. Anton van Dijk
5. Mark van Zuijl

Juniors 14
1. Chris Jacobs (B)
2. Freddie van Breemen
3. André Baltissen
4. Dean Scott Webb (GBR)
5. Nico Jacobs

Juniors 15
1. Ivo Schuurmans
2. Peter v.d. Abeele (B)
3. Freddy van Tongeren
4. Maarten Fransman
5. Roland Koks

Juniors 16
1. Jean Luc Ferré(F)
2. Paul Driessen
3. Patrick Stoop
4. Richard Aerdts
5. Frank Smets (B)


These 1982 I.BMX.F. Open European Championships were a great success, thanks to all the volunteers of the FCC Beek & Donk. Also so far the best organized European Championship in the short history of the sport in Europe.

July 22nd. Gerrit Does (personal title) received an invitation to take part as committee member of the to be formed Steering committee called I.B.C. International BMX Committee.

The objectives for the I.B.C were in broad terms: to protect, promote and unify the sport of BMX. This steering committee, which has established the initial skeleton structure of the I.B.C., consists of members of the manufacturing, distributing, publishing, sanctioning areas of the BMX sport and industry. The Steering committee members were: John Deboard, Mike Bodrick, Bob Osborn and Gerrit Does. As commissioners were elected during the Las Vegas bicycle-show on September 25th. 1982: Sandy Finkleman (Diamond Back, Wheels N' Things), Steve Johnson (Torker), Bob Tedesco (NBL), Dan Van Vickle (Murray Ohio) and Bob Osborn (BMX Action).

July 23rd. through 25th.: 1st official I.BMX.F. World Championship in Dayton - Ohio, USA Sponsored by HUFFY.

1982_Dayton_scannen0003 1982_Dayton_Ohio__scannen0025

The KNWU National BMX selection left from Schiphol Airport for the USA. Members of this group were: Anne van Happen, Linda Scheepers, Leandra van Eck, Johny Reybroek, Wilco Groenendaal, Ludy v.d. Werff, Mark van der Kort, Mike van de Wiel, Aart Verstraeten and Danny Neijs. Also two German riders travelled with us, Uli Heidkamp and Andreas Tittman. Included in this group, officiials Louis Vrijdag and Gerrit Does and as supporters we had Jan v.d. Wiel, Mr. and Mrs van Happen, Peter Smulders (Fietscross Magazine), Mr. Slaats, Mr. Groenendaal, Mieke Does and Wim Verstraeten join our group. We all stayed in the Marriott Hotel, close to the BMX track.


Some info from the I.BMX.F. congress: an I.BMX.F. update.

The I.BMX.F. meeting at Dayton produced a tentative I.BMX.F. schedule for next year (1983). A single World Championship event will be held again next year, in Slagharen-Holland, on July 30-31. This will be the first out of USA BMX Worlds. Beginning next year each I.BMX.F. member nation will be responsible for developing a qualification system for riders eligible to ride the championship event. The meeting also determined the number of riders each nation will be allowed to send to the World Championships. The U.S. received the highest allotment, 16 riders per class. Holland has the second largest quota – eight riders. The maximum is three riders for some nations. The NBL has already finalized the American qualification system for next year. All riders making the mains here in Dayton, will automatically be eligible. The remaining riders will be determined by the 1982 national rankings. Details have not yet been finalized. The NBL is already talking to an outside bicycle industry sponsor about supporting the travel costs to Holland for the top five (5) Americans in each age class.

The I.BMX.F. meeting accepted the application of China as a member nation (note by GD: this in fact concerned an application from the Hong Kong Cycling Federation). The Republic of South Africa was turned down (for at the time obvious reasons: Apartheid).

End of quote.

1982 IBMXF_Worlds_DAYTON_-_Ohio_scannen0032

The turnout for this first I.BMX.F. World Champions was for American standards “not spectacular”.
Total entries: 1.107
Number of moto's: 157
Foreign riders: 109 (highest number since 1978 at a Worlds)

Canada 59 riders
France 17 riders
Holland 9 riders
Chile 9 riders
Puerto Rico 9 riders
Japan 6 riders
Venezuela 3 riders
England 2 riders
Belgium 2 riders
West Germany 2 riders

Price money in Pro class: $ 10,000 (A Pro $ 5,000 / b Pro $ 3,000 and Cruiser $ 2,000)

BMX Action asked a few racers to comment about the I.BMX.F. World Championship concept. Greg Hill: In fact I'm concerned, I haven't raced just a one event world championship ever. There's no way for a guy to win one race and become the world champion. Greg Esser: This is better than Indy because it's dirt, but it's still not the world championships. There has to be a series. I think eventually it's going to get that way when all the other countries get involved. Richard Zagars: It's just another National, JAG Worlds or Dayton (I.BMX.F.) I don't think any of them are world championships. One race doesn't make you world champion. General remark by Mr. Bob Osborn: The I.BMX.F. seems to be heading towards an eventual world championship series that will determine a true champion, but it would seem they still have a ways to go.



A Pro 20”
  1. Greg Hill
  2. Anthony Sewell
  3. Clint Miller
  4. John Piant
  5. Byron Friday
    (all USA riders)
Pro Trophy 20”
  1. Greg Hill
  2. Stu Thomsen
  3. Bobby Woods
  4. Scott Clark
  5. John Schachel
    (all USA riders)

Powder Puffs 8/9

  1. Lisa Terry - USA
  2. Wendy Sue Winter - USA
  3. Julie Green - USA
  4. Leandra van Eck - Holland
  5. Kerri Ilhardt - USA

Powder Puff 10/11

  1. Robyn des Jardins - USA
  2. Deanna Edwards - USA
  3. Valerie Huber - France
  4. Bonnie Hutelin - USA
  5. Darcy Ainsworth - USA

Powder Puffs 12/13

  1. Angie Scott - USA
  2. Andrea Cargle - USA
  3. Anne van Happen - Holland
  4. Jeannie Robertson - USA
  5. Lisa Vonderahe - USA

Powder Puffs 14 & Over

  1. Kim Johnson - USA
  2. Kathy Schachel - USA
  3. Wendy Edman - USA
  4. Margo Carroll - USA
  5. Genia Adair - USA

Experts 10

  1. Monty Gray - USA
  2. Sam Arellano - USA
  3. Jason Jenson - USA
  4. Kel Rosecrans - USA
  5. Greg Beem - USA

Experts 11

  1. Tony Luke - USA
  2. Specila K. Collins - USA
  3. Johnny Reijbroek - Holland
  4. Fabrice Perez - France
  5. Martini Roman - France

Experts 12

  1. Steve Veltman - USA
  2. Peter Casano - USA
  3. Paul Scamardi - USA
  4. James Pahud - USA
  5. Brian Esser - USA

Experts 13

  1. Freddie Hooper - USA
  2. Brian Gass - USA
  3. Jerry Pardue - USA
  4. Eddie Robinson - USA
  5. Jeff Bowles - USA

Experts 14

  1. Richie Anderson - USA
  2. Ron House - USA
  3. Kelly Mc Dougal - USA
  4. Jon Anderson - USA
  5. Jay Richardson - USA

Experts 15

  1. Darrell Young - USA
  2. Charlie Williams - USA
  3. Pete Loncarevich - USA
  4. John Copeland - USA
  5. Gary Ellis - USA

Experts 16

  1. Richard Zagers - USA
  2. Ronald Jessup - USA
  3. David Marietta - USA
  4. Craig Marchbank - USA
  5. Billy Mc Connell - USA

Experts 17 & Over

  1. Nelson Chanady - USA
  2. Tracer Finn - USA
  3. Don Johle - USA
  4. Eddie King - USA
  5. Shannon Williams - USA

First ever Pro World Champion I.BMX.F. in 1982 was Greg Hill.


Dutch riders arriving:
Arriving in Dayton, we all went to have a look at the track. We were kind of disappointed at first, no completed track yet. Only just one day before the actual racing, the track was finished with the help of several Pro BMX riders. Pictures show you the track being built the day before racing! That for sure wouldn't be our way of organizing a Worlds. But .... it's the 1st ever I.BMX.F WC, experience will make things better for sure.

1982_prepairing_the_Dayton_Worlds_track 1982_Dayton_scannen0004 1982_Dayton_scannen0086


1982 dayton wk scannen0062

Here a series of pictures from the KNWU National BMX team present at this 1st. ever I.BMX.F. World Championship in Dayton - Ohio, USA in July 1982.

1982 dayton_de_KNWU_seelctie__scannen00331982 dayton_scannen00321982 Dayton_Wilco_en_Aart_scannen0107

1982 dayton_deel_van_de_Hollandse_hoek__scannen00561982 Dayton_wk_scannen01061982 Dayton_WK_scannen0102

July 24th., during the 1st.  I.BMX.F annual congress held during the World Championship in Dayton - Ohio, the following reports came through.

BMX in Hong Kong was developing seriously. Around this time, the Hong Kong Bicycle Association represented by Mr. Ernest Law, did have around 400 official license holders. Most popular class, 15 till 17 years old. Also South-Africa applied for an affiliation, but due to the Apartheid regime at the time, the policy of UCI affiliated BMX organizations was NOT to except the South African BMX Association within its I.BMX.F. ranks. I.BMX.F. followed that policy at the time as well.

Also the 1983 World Championship was a hot item at the Congress. England had been allocated this world championship for 1983, but due to internal problems it seemed they were not able to organize the event. There was no representative from England at the congress and Gerrit Does had to call Mr. Geoff Wiles on the phone to find out what was going on. It seemed that Mr. Arthur Woods had been appointed chairman of UK.BMX.A and Geoff Wiles would run the office from now on. Due to uncertainty the Congress decided NOT to have the worlds in England in 1983.  At the time, the only 2 countries able to organize such an event on this short notice were Holland and the USA. The Congress finally agreed to allocate the 1983 WC to Holland.

It was also decided to start a European series called "Startrack series 1". The series consisted of 6 events throughout Europe. It was also decided NOT to have an OPEN European Championship anymore in 1983. Only European riders could race.

During the I.BMX.F. Congress the following policy was excepted, proposed by Mr. Vincenzo Cascino of Chile:
Remark Gerrit Does: Up till this day (2001), I still am 100% behind a policy like this.

The I.BMX.F. rule-book had to be put together and printed (first issue December 1982). Big job to do so for the General secretary I.BMX.F., Gerrit Does.


A Technical Committee had to be composed. For 1983 Mr. Bob Tedesco was appointed by the Congress to act as I.BMX.F. official during the 1983 Worlds in Holland.

I.BMX.F. membership fees:
Full-member ................... $ 500,=
Associate-member .......... $ 250,=
Open wheels/cruiser classes were added to the present I.BMX.F. classes. (18 till 25 and 25 years and over class).

Besides HONG KONG, also a small colony called MACHAO has started getting organized in BMX, that is what Mr. Ernest Law told us. In the future also MACHAO wants to apply for a membership.

July 25th., I received a letter from the co-director Mr. Ronald Wilcox of the Abqaiq and Dhahran BMX Association in Saudi, asking for more info on an I.BMX.F. scheduled race at Eindhoven - Holland.

Information has been sent. No response there after from the Dhahran BMX Ass.

July 26th. the Hong Kong Cycling Association in person of Mr. Ernest W.S. Law,

informed us about their situation. Although BMX is very young in Hong Kong a tremendous number of youngsters were riding BMX bikes. In 1982 around 10 BMX meetings were organized and in each one about 120 riders took part in 8 age-groups. Their rules were still a little primitive but Mr. Law did travel to the USA to learn the "state of the art" as he said himself.

July 30th. through August 4th. a small group of Dutch riders left Dayton Ohio were the I.BMX.F. Worlds has been and went to Vincennes (TN) and Olney (IT) to race.

Here a short story and some pictures of that particular trip to the NBL BMX events at Vincennes (Indiana) and Olney after the Dayton Worlds. With two renthal cars and a car provided to us by friends, we did start our journey.

1982 on_our_way_to_Vincennes_after_dayton_scannen00181982 on_our_way_to_Vincennes_scannen01081982 Wim_in_dayton_Vicennes_Indiana__scannen0030

1982 Vincennes_Pros_scannen01971982 Mikes_hobby_scannen01101982 Olney_after_dayton_scannen0023

1982 Olney_Greg_en_Eric__scannen00311982 Olney_scannen01931982 Vincennes_scannen0109

August 13th., arrival in Holland of the BMX Action Free-style team.

R.L. Osborn, Mike Buff and speaker Scot Breithaupt first went to Saudi Arabia for demo's (August 3rd thr. 13th. 1982) and on their way back to the USA stopped by in Holland and later on in England. ARMACO co. (Oil Company) were sponsoring this whole trip. R.L., Mike and Scot stayed at my house for some time. Kyle Fleming, The Duke of Oakley (Duka Dana) and 2 more BMX'ers were involved in a car/train accident. Kyle was killed and "the Duke" was in hospital and in a coma. Specially R.L. called "the Duke" often and spoke to him on the phone, conversation being taped and by headphone played off to "the Duke". This was the way these three men tried to motivate "the Duke" to get out of his coma. Finally he did and he is doing very well to this day (update July 2017).


R.L. and friends also visited my brother in law Pierre Karsmakers, former 500cc moto-cross champ of the USA. Tacos prepared by Scot/ R.L. at my house. Long conversation on BMX specially with Scot B. till very late at night. They also did meet with the members of the Waalre BMX club and participated in an organized training session at the track.

Dutch BMX free-style specialist Ronnie Croes had a new trick, that he showed R.L. for the first time at the parking lot of the Karsmakers truck factory. Ronnie called it "the front wheel hop".

Demo's planned:
August 14th: demo plus a BMX clinic in Odiliapeel in Holland.
August 15th: during an international BMX race in Belgium called the Grand Prix of Belgium in BALEN-Hulsen (check poster below).
August 21st: demo during the official opening of a new BMX track in the city of EMMEN in Holland.
August 22nd: left for England.


August 22th. On this date the F.I.A.C. Congress in Leicester - England took place during the World Championship Cycling, where I was invited to introduced BMX.


As Chairman of the Dutch National BMX Committee of the KNWU, I was invited to speak at this congress and introduce the sport of BMX to the F.I.A.C. representatives attending this meeting. During a special session of this congress, besides a 20 minute speech, I also showed a film and slides of our sport, to promote BMX. This was the time and moment where F.I.A.C. (the amature leg of the UCI at the time) got very interested in BMX and made plans later to start their own BMX department.

Here the names of the present members of the "Committee of Directors FIAC" during my speech and presentation on Bicycle Moto-cross.


To give you all an idea, here the concept text from which I helt my speech. From here BMX developed into what it became in 2008, an Olympic sport.


August 31st. Official and registered start of the "Federacion Chilena de Bicicross - F.CBX.".

Founder and initiator of BMX in Chile: Mr. Vincenzo M. Cascino. Initiators/promoters Mr. Guido Cirano and Mr. Jose Manuel Donoso. Three clubs formed the F.CBX in the beginning; Rama de Bicicross del Club Deportivo Universidad Catolica with its president Mr. Ruy Barbosa (later to become member of the I.BMX.F. board, the UCI - BMX committee and since 1999 President of the UCI - BMX committee), Rama de Bicicross del Estadio Las Condes and Rama de Bicicross del Valparaiso Sporting Club. Another 14 clubs were registered with the F.CBX. and another 16 clubs were in the process of being formed.

September, several BMX events took place at the Vikingship hill track, close to the DBS (bicycle) factory in Sandness- Norway.


September 16th. Through a telephone conversation with Geoff Wiles and on the same day with Arthur Woods, the English BMX scene was highlighted.

Plenty problems. Geoff Wiles had become the UK.BMX.A. National BMX coordinator and the new chairman was Arthur Woods. Due to all kinds of problems people even considered starting a new National BMX organization in England. Arthur Woods would try to get things organized during the winter time within UK.BMX.A. Even promoters like the people from Halfords were worried and wanted to talk to me about their problems in England and wanted to know what good be done about it.

September 30th., through René Nicolas of the A.F.B. - France, info on the BMX scene in Italy has been received.

Mr. Aldo Gandolfo, a journalist for motorbike magazines had started an organization in Italy and would like to join I.BMX.F.  His organization, located in Alassio - Italy, is supported by Piaggio-Fiat.


October, Franz Hattan did organize the first unofficial BMX Championships of Switzerland.

October 6th., the I.BMX.F. office received an application from the Finlands Motorforbund r.y. Mr. Eino Louhio,

explained to me there were moto-cross clubs, that had organized BMX activities for the past few years. These activities were very closely related to their youth moto-cross activities. Their organization is a member of the F.I.M. (International Moto-cross Federation) and the Finnish Central Sports Federation.

October 26th., letter from the Australian BMX Association of Kingston- Queensland, Australia by secretary Mr. Gary Coppock,

stating they had approximately 26.000 riders at the time and approximately 240 clubs (they were in the process of doing an exact count).

October 27th. Letter from MOTOBECANE France, Mr. J. Gourault with whom I met during the 1st. I.BMX.F. World Championshipin Dayton - Ohio, USA.

He explained the situation in France to me: at the moment there were about 50 clubs and 700 license holders. He also explained that there were 2 company teams in 1983, one MOTOBECANE and one MONGOOSE factory team. They were going to import Mongoose. Mr. Gourault confirmed that he wanted Dutch top-rider Ludy v.d. Werff on Mongoose and Skip Hess would take care of equipment for Ludy which would be delivered to Ludy by Mr. Sylvain Billon now working for Motobecane.

October 15th. I received a letter from DSD (Don Smith Developments),

Don Smith, explained to me in this letter, that since UK.BMX started its activities, it has been a "mess". He explained that there have been some excellent areas, but until everybody "pulls together" (suggestions enclosed) the "mess" will continue. Don asked for my comments and I did sent out 110 of the proposals to all tracks/clubs/press/ trade and so on. I also received a signed copy of a book about BMX that Don Smith did write. This is one of the many books about BMX that have been written over time now.


October 29th thr. 31st. Grand Prix of the United States, Magic Mountain - Cal., USA.

A Mongoose sponsored BMX event took place at the Six Flags amusement park called Magic Mountain, santioned by the NBL in conjunction with the International BMX Federation - I.BMX.F.

scannen00311982 Magic_Mountain_NBL_-_I.BMX.F._scannen0002

November, seen here BICI CROSS news, a Spanish BMX magazine issued by Amics del Bici Cross.

1982 november_spanish_mag_1_scannen00011982 spanish_mag_3_scannen0003 

November; articles on Pierre Karsmakers, Gerrit Does, R.L. Osborn, Mike Buff and Scot Breithaupt in the November BMX Action issue.

The text speaks for itself. Also info on the word wide travel of the Trick Team 



November 1st., the office received a letter from Bob Haro USA concerning Haro plates,

allowing use a picture in the I.BMX.F. rule book of the series of plates Haro was selling now.These numberplates did meet the criteria (colours for the different classes) according to the I.BMX.F. rule-book. Contacts have been with Mr. Jim Ford, Vice- President of Haro Designs, Inc.

November 3rd. First official contact with an organization called: Sports & Cultural Exchange, Inc. of Richland, Michigan - USA.

Mr. Roderick Smithson - Vice President. The NBL (George Esser) adviced S.C.E. to contact Gerrit Does among others as temporary secretary of I.BMX.F. Request for guesthouses to host BMX teams from the USA and possibilities to have those teams compete in Holland and other European countries.

November 22nd., letter received from Mr. Stevens explaining about the Australian BMX scene.

Australia did have about 3 till 4 "national" organizations and Mr. Stevens wanted to make clear which one should be allowed an affiliation with the I.BMX.F. The NBL (Australia) at that point and time was not able to organize races of any kind, let alone National championship events, stated Mr. Stevens. The Australian Bicycle Moto X Association had around 13.000 registered riders in all Australian states. Stevens stated, that as a factory team they had not heard of any NBL races anywhere in Australia. The NBA of Australia operated from Melbourne and did have events on Victoria and New South Wales. The NBA was a small splinter organization, and had about 1200 license holders of which over 95% also were registered with the A.BMX.A.

The last Australian Championships had 1200 riders. This meeting was run by the A.BMX.A. (he compares this event with the NBL Grands in Pittsburg USA with 1921 riders/entries). Stevens also pointed out the population of the USA (1982) is 250.000.000 and Australia only 15.000.000 (just for the ratio count). Stevens advised to except the A.BMX.A as a member of the I.BMX.F.  Result: A.BMX.A has been excepted among other things, because of this report, October 26th. 1982.

December 1982, 1st. issue of the official General Rule-book I.BMX.F., 250 copies printed in Holland and sent to I.BMX.F. affiliated organisations and bicycle manufacturers.


The official I.BMX.F. logo, globe and rider, was designed by Brian Esser (USA). Rider logo was a copy of USA Pro Greg Esser, borther of Brian. Both men are sons of NBL founder and I.BMX.F  President Mr. George E. Esser.

December 8th. Also the Australian BMX situation was kind of unclear.

About 3 different organizations tried to affiliate to I.BMX.F. and finally after receiving enough background information, it was decided to except the Australian BMX Association of Kingston - Queensland, run by Mr. Gary Coppock.

Around this time also some informal contacts with Mr. Jekiel of the F.I.A.C. on a possible working together relationship. At the time the UCI did have 2 legs: 1 professional department called F.I.C.P. and 1 amateur department called F.I.A.C.  I.BMX.F. could become part of F.I.A.C. in the future.

December 14th., letter received from a company called WINTILL from Taipei - Taiwan.

Asked for rules and regulations on BMX. Interested in developing BMX. WINTILL was the sole agent of Montesa motorcycles and bicycles in Taiwan, said Mr. Peter Sa, its vice-president.

December 22nd., letter to Mr. Michal Jekiel General secretary of UCI. Working together relationship with UCI and I.BMX.F. was discussed.

December 27 – 29th., 1982 COCA-COLA / JAG BMX World Championship V of Bicycle Motocross, Las Vegas, Nevada – USA.


Co-sponsored by: Seven-Eleven, Jox JAG, Network Video Games, Malibu Grand Prix, Bell Helmets. Televised by ESPN, a ROKER Ventures Exclusive Promotion.

Organizer/promoter: Renny Roker( Roker Ventures)
Location: The luxurious Tropicana Sports Pavilion.
Entries:2.700 +
Pro purse: € 10,000

1982 JAG_BMX_V_scannen0001

Among others, the English BMX Magazine, "BMX ACTION BIKE" was present and reported about the event.
10 UK riders were present: Tim March, Alan Woods, Malcolm Stapleton, they all races 17 Expert and 15 & Over Open. Further more ;
Antony Meleady, broke wrist, dnq and bike stolen!
Tony Slater, 16 Experts, qualified and then bike stolen!
James Black, 15-25 Cruisers, d.n.q.
Mark White, 16 Novice, 3rd in main event.
Nikki Matthews, 15 Experts, final eights.
Ian Dixon, 17 Novice, d.n.q., bike stolen!

Results JAG BMX Worlds 1982:

AA Pro class:                 Pro Cruiser class:
1. Greg Hill                     1. Anthony Sewell
2. Eric Rupe                    2. Tinker Juarez
3. Scott Clark                  3. Roland Veight
4. Brent Patterson          4. John Crews
5. Stu Thompsen            5. Eric Rupe
6. Tommy Brackens        6. Rob Fehd
7. Anthony Sewell           7. Mickey Lundy
8. Steve Shobert             8. Brian Barlow

A Pro class:                     Pro Open class:
1. Andy Patterson            1. Brent Patterson
2. Pete Loncarevich         2. Fred Hightower
3. Scott Fifield                  3. Ron Anderson

15 & Over Trophy Dash:
1. Richie Anderson

* No foreign riders racing in the above classes.

6 & under Expert:             7 Expert:
1. Willie Huebner              1. Brit Audeode
2. Chris Schoonover         2. Jason Foxe
3. Cabe Ellis                     3. Eric Schofield

8 Expert:                           9 Expert:
1. Tory Bailey                    1. Geoff Schofield
2. Danny Nelson               2. Eric Filley
3. Greg Grieshaber           3. Andrew Soule

10 Novice: 1. Danny Blecher

10 Expert:                          11 Expert:
1. Todd Burdick                  1. Monty Gray
2. Brent Romero                 2. Eddie Sigmund
3. Deric Garcia                   3. Jeff Moten

12 Expert:                          13 Expert:
1. Jasin Griggs                   1. Steve Veltman
2. Tony Luke                       2. Peter Casano
3. Chad Gregory                3. Denny Fritzpatrick

14 Expert:                          15 Expert:

1. Robert Eisenberg           1. Richie Anderson
2. Billy Harris                      2. Jon Anderson
3. Scott Parker                   3. Mike Salido

16 Expert:                          17 Expert:
1. Rich Farside                  1. Nelson Channady
2. Gary Ellis                       2. Don Johie
3. David Koch                    3. D.D. Leone

6 & under Powder Puffs:   7 - 8 Powder Puffs:
1. Tenille Schwartz            1. Roxanne Marianito
2. Jennifer Tawa                2. Felicia Lopez
3. Michelle Gibson             3. Heather Siordia

9 - 10 Powder Puffs:          11 - 12 Powder Puffs:
1. Lisa Terry                       1. Cheri Elliot
2. Nkerge Butler                 2. Julee Lindsay
3. Krischelle Gill                 3. Peg O'Parka

13 - 14 Powder Puffs:        15 & Over Powder Puffs:
1. Yolanda Williams           1. Margaret Christopher
2. Debbie Kalsow               2. Kathy Schachel
3. Sue Gingrich                  3. Margo Carroll

12 & Under Cruiser:           13 - 14 Cruiser:
1. Chris Callahan               1. Robert Eisenberg
2. Sean Roberts                 2. Billy Griggs
3. Ronnie Rioux                 3. Tracy Labrie

15 -25 Cruiser:                   26 & Over Cruiser:
1. Darrell Young                 1. John Hoffard
2. Paul Gossrau                 2. Weldon Nomura
3. D.D. Leone                     3. Jeff Keagle

6 & Under Open:                7 - 8 Open:
1. Willie Huebner               1. Tory Bailey
2. Chris Schoonover          2. Danny Nelson
3. Andy Warfield                3. Ryan Fien

9 - 10 Open:                      11 - 12 Open:
1. Geoff Schofield              1. Jason Griggs
2. Deric Garcia                   2. Damian Bernal
3. Rubbern Turner              3. Larson Manuelito

13 - 14 Open:                    15 & Over Open:
1. Rusty Cabel                   1. Mike Poulson
2. Shawn Hughes              2. Dwight Lowell
3. Greg Belier                    3. Richie Anderson

* No foreign riders within the top 3 in any class!

December 1982, evaluation of this year:

Situation in Holland: 2959 license-holders. One rider in particular became a star in our world of BMX nationally and at European level: Addie van de Ven. He became triple Dutch Champion in the oldest age group (1980 - 1981 and 1982).


Publisher "De Alk" produces a first book on BMX, titled "Alles over Fietscross" (All about BMX) written by Gerrit Does and Louis Vrijdag.


Just in Holland alone: 121 events organized in 5 districts of which 4 events counting for Dutch National Championship. Official registered with the KNWU, 65 clubs.

Results of the course "Organizer BMX events": 57 clubs were invited to sent a selection of maximum 11 of their officials to take part in this training course. Total invited officials ...627: finally present at courses ...384 persons. 61% did attend.

During BMX events in the south of our country, were BMX started (its 1 out of 5 districts called "district South 1") an average of approx. 450 entries per event were a fact at the time. Nowadays (year 2000) a National events just holds around 500 entries!

The KNWU BMX departments budget was Dutch florins 202.563,= at the time. Dutch National Champions (15) 1982 received H.fl. 750,= per rider, in this way being financial supported to get to the Worlds. (Budget roadcycling at the time Dutch florins 1.428.000,=).

Germany. The B.D.R. finalized its first year with 330 BMX licenses. 9 National events were organized. 5 of these events were qualification rounds for the Open European Championship in Beek & Donk - Holland. 14 riders were selected and formed the B.D.R. - German representation. Important marketing tool was the Cologne Motorcycle and Cycle show, called the IFMA, one of the biggest show in Europe. BMX demonstrations were part of that show and did draw a lot of attention and got good media coverage.

France: number of license holders at the end of this year: 650.

End of year 1982.

Picture gallery:

scannen0064scannen00701982 okt_Tweewieler_scannen0026

1982 mrt_RR_Tweewieler_scannen00151982 JAG_BMX_scannen00051982 GT__scannen0006

Seen here pictures of frontpages of BMX rulebooks. One of the Belgium BCB organization and one of the NBL - USA 1982.

1982 BCB_rule_book_scannen00291982 NBL_rule_book_scannen0045

In 1982 the first I.BMX.F. Open European Championship took place in Beek & Donk in Holland. Later this year a 1983 SPECIAL CALENDER was issued with pictures of this Open EC 1982. Seen here a series of pictures on this calender.

1983 front_of_calender__scannen00271983 febr_scannen00281983 mrt_scannen0029

1983 april_scannen00301983 mei_scannen00311983 juli_scannen0033

1983 sept_scannen00341983 dec_scannen0035