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History of BMX (2013 - 2014)

Year 2013.

January, here the 2013 UCI BMX Calendar.    

To give you readers an idea of how many international events are organized (sanctioned) now-a-days within the world governing body for BMX, the UCI, here a complete calender of all International Competitions 2013. A very important reason to have an extensive International calender with events world wide is for holding/keeping our Olympic status.


4.1.13 C1 UCI Event Nerang, Gold Coast, Queensland AUS C1
5.1.13 C1 UCI Event Nerang, Gold Coast, Queensland AUS C1
26.1.13 C1 UCI Event Westside, Perth WA AUS C1
27.1.13 C1 UCI Event Westside, Perth WA AUS C1
23.2.13 Indoor de Caen Caen FRA C1
24.2.13 Indoor de Caen Caen FRA C1
1.3.13 C1 UCI Event Canberra, ACT AUS C1
8.3.13 Continental Championships Oldsmar, FL USA CC
9.3.13 Gator Nationals Oldsmar, FL USA C1
10.3.13 Gator Nationals Oldsmar, FL USA C1
23.3.13 British BMX SX Open Manchester GBR C1
6.4.13 UEC BMX Championships 2013 - Round 1 Messigny Vantoux FRA C1
7.4.13 UEC BMX Championships 2013- Round 2 Messigny Vantoux FRA C1
19 - 20.4.13 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup1 Manchester GBR CDM
27.4.13 UEC BMX Championships 2013 -Round 3 Pardubice CZE C1
27.4.13 Crown-Haitai International BMX Racing Competition Seoul KOR C1
28.4.13 UEC BMX Championships 2013- Round 4 Pardubice CZE C1
2.5.13 Oceanian BMX Championships - Continental Championships Brisbane, Queensland AUS CC
10 - 11.5.13 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup2 Santiago del Estero ARG CDM
13.5.13 Panamerican Championships 2013 - Continental Championships Santiago del Estero ARG CC
14.5.13 Suramerican Championships 2013 Santiago del Estero ARG C1
18.5.13 UEC BMX Championship 2013 -Round 5 Weiterstadt GER C1
19.5.13 UEC BMX Championship 2013- Round 6 Weiterstadt GER C1
19.5. Asian BMX Championships - Continental Championships Singapore SIN CC
26.5.13 Topcompetition Valkenswaard NED C1
31.5.13 USA BMX Music City Nationals Nashville,TN USA C1
1.6.13 UEC BMX Championships 2013 - Round 7 Ängelholm SWE C1
1.6.13 USA BMX Music City Nationals Nashville, Tennessee USA C1
2.6.13 UEC BMX Championships 2013 -Round 8 Ängelholm SWE C1
2.6.13 USA BMX Music City Nationals Nashville, Tennessee USA C1
8.6.13 UEC BMX Championship 2013 -Round 9 Riga LAT C1
9.6.13 UEC BMX Championship 2013 - Round 10 Riga LAT C1
15 - 16.6.13 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup3 Papendal NED CDM
23.6.13 Belgian-Dutch-German Cup 2013 - Round 1 Luijksgestel NED C1
6.7.13 USA BMX Stars N Stripes Nationals Pittsburg, Pennsylvania USA C1
7.7.13 USA BMX Stars N Stripes Nationals Pittsburg, Pennsylvania USA C1
13.7.13 Canada Cup BMX Series Quebec CAN C1
13.7.13 UEC BMX Championships 2013 - Round 11 Dessel BEL CC
14.7.13 UEC BMX Championships 2013 - Round 12 Dessel BEL C1
24 - 28.7.13 UCI BMX World Championships Auckland NZL CM
18.8.13 Interland 20" Cup Weimar-Ahnatal GER C1
24.8.13 UEC BMX Summer Games Lille FRA C1
25.8.13 UEC BMX Summer Games Lille FRA C1
30.8.13 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Louisville, Kentucky USA C1
31.8.13 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Louisville, Kentucky USA C1
31.8 - 1.9.13 Canada Cup BMX Series Abbotsford, British Columbia CAN C1
1.9.13 USA BMX Bluegrass Nationals Louisville, Kentucky USA C1
6 - 7.9.13 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Abbotsford CAN CDM
14.9.13 UEC BMX Summer Games Zolder BEL C1
15.9.13 UEC BMX Summer Games Zolder BEL C1
27 - 28.9.13 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Chula Vista USA CDM
11 - 12.10.13 Southamerican Championships Lima PER C1
13.10.13 Latinamerican Championships Lima PER C1
20.10.13 Topcompetition Zoetermeer NED C1
17.11.13 IZU BMX International Izu City, Shizuoka JPN C1
8.12.13 Trophée des Nations St-Etienne FRA C1
9.12.13 Indoor de St-Etienne St-Etienne FRA C1


March 19th., the official Kick-Off by BMX Holland B.V. of the preperations 2014 UCI BMX World Championship - AHOY indoor Sportpalace, Rotterdam - Holland,  took place.

info WC_2014_scannen0004

BMX Holland B.V., among others the organizer of the UCI BMX Super Cross events in Papendal-Arnhem Holland, invited here staff and main players organizing this Worlds, for the official KICK-OFF of this event. We all came together inside the AHOY Indoor Sportpalace in Rotterdam, on the infield were the BMX track will be built. Around 40/45 specialists in the different sections of the organization did meet: racing technical specialists, track building specialists, ticketing & accreditation specialists, communication / PR specialists, Media group, Accomodation and transportation coordinator and side events specialists, just to mention a few.

2014 kick_off_location_AHOY_DSC009292014 kick_off_wk_Ahoy_indoor_DSC009442014 kick_off_wk_staff_DSC00934

The introduction of this meting was done by Mr. Eric Kersten of BMX Holland B.V. The headlines of the organization were highlighted by Jacqueline Hoeks of BMX Holland and she also went through the "organization schedule". Jacqueline also presented the official 2014 Worlds mascot. Last but not least,  PR & markeing specialist Mr. Niels Cannegieter talked about among others, the communication aspects and use from now on of social media.

2014 19_mrt_kick_off_wk_ERIC_DSC009362014 kick_off_wk_mascotte_DSC00941 2014 kick_off_wk_cannegieter_PR___DSC00952

After this informative part we all took a tour through the AHOY Indoor Sportpalace, Eric Kersten showed us the facilities. The facilities available are realy fantastic. As project-manager side events REUNION of BMX WORLD CHAMPS 2014 ánd EURO BMX MUSEUM, I was happily  surprised by the fantastic location allocated to these two side events. This official Worlds organization Kick-Off meeting took around 4 hours, I went home at around 20.00 hours. We all were very enthousiastic and realy looking forward organizing "the best ever and most friendly UCI BMX World Championship 2014" (vision statement).

2014 kick_off_wk_tour_DSC009472014 kick_off_wk_tour_DSC009502014 kick_off___DSC00962

As time progresses, we will update this article from time to time, specific on the side events. I (Gerit Does) will be responsable for, the REUNION of BMX WORLD CHAMPS 2014 ánd the EURO BMX MUSEUM.


2014 kick_off_wk_communication_social_media_DSC00954

March 28th., details on the present situation concerning the REUNION OF BMX WORLD CHAMPS 2014.

Reunion BMX_World_Champions_nr_2__LOW

As pre-info here a resume of all World Champions (in numbers), ranking of countries holding World titles in the highest performance classes. Still missing her the results of the 1985 and 1986 FIAC Worlds in Jesolo and Ricione, Italy. Working on that through relations in Italy at this moment and possible results will be added in this resume later on.  These statistic include results up and till 2013 concerning the UCI BMX Worlds.  

Details updated November 15th.
Please find here detailed info on all World Championships and the names of the World Champions invited for the REUNION of WORLD CHAMPS 2014:


1. I.BMX.F.__WC__scannen0002

2. I.BMX.F_-_FIAC__WC__scannen0002

3. I.BMX.F._-_FIAC_-_UCI___WC__scannen0005

4. _UCI___WC___scannen0006

5. _UCI___WC___scannen0007 

6. _JAG__BMX___WC__scannen0008


7. _USBA__WC__scannen0009  

F.I.A.C. (UCI):

8. _FIAC_cie_WC__scannen0007 

ABA - American Bicycle Association.

9. ABA__WC__scannen0012  

Here a REVIEW on all of the above:

10. overview_all_sanctions_wc__scannen0004 

Here a SPECIFICATION of the above REVIEW on World Champions with multiple word titles:

11. Overview_dubbel_titles__WC___scannen0015

12. Overview_double_titles_WC 

As special quests: our Olympic Champions 2008-2012:

13. Olympic_title_holders__2008-2014__scannen0013

End of review.

Hotelaccomodations. One of the several "world champion" hotels in Rotterdam is a very special and unique one. I'ts a ship, a steamliner that went back and forward from Rotterdam to New York in the early days. This totale restored, renewed and modernized ship is an official hotel now. The ship is called the SS ROTTERDAM.  Reunists will be staying in this hotel. The distance from the SS Rotterdam to the AHOY Indoor Sportpalace is less the 4,5 km. For your orientation here a picture of the ship.

Info WC_2014_SS_ROTTERDAM_9info WC_2014_scannen0002 

Attention:  For an update on World Champs present at the UCI BMX Wolds in Rotterdam, go to July 7th. and find the complete list updated till that date.


April 6 -7th., the UEC  European Championship inMessigny Vantoux - France, round 1 and 2.

April 19-20th.  UCI  BMX  Supercross Manchester - England, round 1.

297931 10201139561876113_759222711_n_Manchester

2013 Elite_men_SX__Mancheser_n

Results FINAL Elite Men:

2013 Elite_men_n.jpg_SX_Manchester


Elite Women:

2013 Mancheser_SX__1553147993_n

Results FINAL Elite Women:

2013 Elite_men_n.jpg_SX_Manchester

April 27th. the Crown-Haitia International BMX Competition took place in Seoul - South Korea.

On this date an international event took place in Seoul, more precise in Cuijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. To give you an impression, here some picture of among others foreign riders (among them riders from Holland) helping out to shape the track. This was a new track and some of the obstacles weren't layed down 100% correct.

x 2013 south korea 754762049 nx 2013 euijeongbu gyeonggi do south korea 2122429510 nx 2013 south korea 284120944 n

x 2013 korea 4 394488966 nx 2013 korea 1573891413 nx 2013 korea 3 1576040968 n

x 2013 korea 5 99583692 o 

April 27-28th., the UEC BMX European Championship in Pardubice - CZE, round 3 and 4.

May 10-11th., the UCI BMX World Cup/Super Cross in Santiago de Estero -  Brasil, round 2.

May 13th.  Wilco Groenendaal and Christian van de Groenendaal finaly receive their Euro BMX Hall of Fame award.

October 2009 an international Reunion took place at Attractiepark Slagharen, the former PONYPARK Slagharen, were in 1983 the I.BMX.F. World Championships took place. Wilco Groenendaal and Christian van de Groenendaal (both from Holland), should have received their award there and then. However, due to circumstances both men had to cancel their participation. Finaly now the appointment was made to present these University of BMX, European BMX Hall of Fame awards last Monday, May 13th.

2013 Christian_en_Wilco_Waalre_13-5-__DSC010872013 Christian_GD_and_Wilco_Waalre_13-5.__DSC01092

You can read here the motivation for the induction of both BMX pioneers.

2013 Christian_HoF_award___DSC052042013 Wilco_HoF_award__DSC05193

Congratulation Christian and Wilco !

May 18th. - 19th., the UEC BMX European Championship 2013 in Weiterstadt - Germany, round 5 and 6.

2013 EK_Weiterstadt_1113672680_n

Results Round 5, Saturday May 18th.:

2013 EK_5_en_6__scannen0008

Results Round 6, Sunday May 19th.:

2013 _EK__5_en_6__scannen0012

June 1st. - 2nd., the UEC BMX European Championship in Ängelholm - Sweden, round 7 and 8.

Juni 8th. - 9th, the UEC BMX European Championship in Riga - Latvia, final rounds 9 and 10.

2013 EK_Latvia_2090205465_n2013 EK_Riga_Letland__LETLAND


June 13th., BMX Holland B.V.  organized a "Rotterdam Tour" for team-managers present in Papendal for the UCI BMX SX.

BMX Holland B.V. organized a "Rotterdam Tour" for those team managers already present at Papendal for the UCI BMX Super Cross event the upcoming weekend. Besides the team managers also press was invited to check out the official UCI BMX Worlds hotel and other hotels in Rotterdam. Ofcourse also the AHOY Sportpalace was part of this tour as well as the famous Euro Mast. To give you an impression on this orientation tour for teammanagers and press, here some pictures.

2013 Rotterdam_Tour_IMG_4695x _2013_Rdam_Ahoy_floor_IMG_4694x _2013_Rdam_Tour_restaurant_area_Ahoy_IMG_4697
  Ahoy entrance        track location          catering area

x _2013_Ahoy_paddock_10.000_square_mtrs_IMG_4698x _2013_BMX_Museum_and_Movie_theater_IMG_4703x _the_bus_Rotterdam_Tour_IMG_4717
  Riders park              location Museum and Cinema   

x _2013_Rdam_Euromast__IMG_4707x _2013_Rdam_seen_from_the_Euromast__IMG_4711x __2013_Rdam_SS_Rdam_and_Ahoy_above_it_IMG_4708
  Sightseeing in Rotterdam

x _2013_metro_station_in_front_of_off_hotel_on_right_IMG_4718x _2013_nice_from_from_1_of_the_off_hotels_IMG_4713x _2013_Novotel__WK__IMG_4719
  Checking hotel accomodations               

x ___2013__u_SX__Wade_Boots___7845_nx _2013_taken_from_the_bus_Ahoy_IMG_4705
  An end of the tour drink and back to Papaendal.

June 14th.-16th., "Bike event" at Papendal was organized in connection with the UCI BMX SX event this weekend.

1a _Papendal__2013__DSC01145

In orde the generate more "outside" BMX people into the Grand Stands during the June 15th. and 16th. UCI BMX Supercross at Papendal, Arnhem - Holland, the organizer BMX Holland B.V. scheduled several bicycle events on the grounds surrounding the BMX facility. The National Offroad days consisted of BMX activities for local schools, bicycle tours in the area (60, 90, 120 and 160 km), Kids ATB/MTB races, Bicycle trail demo's and even a National Championship MTB/ATB Team Relay event as well as the Giant Offroad Battle.

x __2013_Papendal_ATB_test_IMG_4726x _2013_Demos_at_Papendal_IMG_4727

x __2013_Papendal___IMG_4728

x __2013_Papendal_bike_event_ATB_IMG_4723x ___2013_Papendal_mobile_BMX_track_and_Zahur_Fraai__IMG_4725x _2013_u_SX__bike_event_MIKA__IMG_4822

2013 Papendal_bike_event__IMG_47212013 Rdam_bike_event_and_hall__IMG_4722

Did this plan work? Check out the report/evaluation on the UCI BMX World Cup / SuperCross event below.

June 15th. - 16th., the UCI BMX World Cup / Super Cross at Papendal - Arnhem, Holland took place. Round 3.

1a _Papendal__2013__DSC011451b Papendal_2013__DSC01147

It's for the 3rd. time, a UCI BMX World Cup/Supercross has been organized at the Olympic Training Center at Papendal, Arnhem - Holland. Some small adjustments has been made to the track and one can say that this track meets the UCI standards perfect now, an incredible difference with the first ever lay-out of the track in 2011 when this event took place for the first time at Papendal. It's absolutely a lot safer then its first design.

4 __za_Papendal____IMG_47845 _za_Papendal___IMG_4786

So, not many remarks to make here. The organizers, the NOC/NSF and BMX Holland B.V. learned a lot about BMX and its caracter as well as BMX traditions, which is a good thing. One thing that was very noticeble for me was the fact that there were more empty seats in the grand stands on Sunday, the main day, then last year. In order to get more "outside" BMX spectators watching this event, the organization scheduled several side events on the fields surrounding the BMX SX track, concerning bicycles like on Friday, Saturday ánd Sunday the so-called National Offroad days. On Friday they also organized all kind of BMX activities for local schools. On Saturday they organized a bicycle tour for those interested. One could choose between a 60 km, 90 km, 120 km or 160 km bicycle tour in the area. A kids race on the ATB/MTB trail was organized. On Sunday the Dutch National Championship MTB/ATB team relay race went on as well as bike trial demo's. All of these extra activities were intended, to draw more spectators to the time trials Supercross on Saturday as well as more spectators on Sunday during the actual UCI BMX SX. Despite all these effords, there was no increase of spectators during the time trial serie on Saturday and even less spectators in the grand stands on Sunday then last year. My conclusion is that this is not the way to get more "outside" spectarors into the BMX Stadion.

3 _papendal_2013_u_SX__IMG_47942 _SX_vendors_Papendal__za__IMG_47572 _SX_vendors_Papendal_za_IMG_4756

Normaly an Olympic medal won in a sport, draws a lot of new spectators to come and watch the Olympic medalists. In BMX our Laura Smulders (Elite women) is very popular now inside BMX, since she won the bronze medal at the Olympics in England last year in Elite women class. However, publicity and getting more spectators at BMX events were she races is still very limited. Must be said on the otherhand, that license numbers have increased in Holland the past year. The Olympic bronze medal gave a boost for sure. Another positif development is that more and more journalists now know what BMX is all about, thanks to that bronze medal of Laura.

Saturday June 15th. SX practise and time trials at Papendal.

1d _Papendal_2013__scannen0003

Statistic on number of riders present, from which countries and how many National Selections (NOC's) were present.

1e _Papendal_2013__scannen0001

Some background pictures taken during practise time on Saturday. Again, time trials, I think, are a waist of time, not interesting enough for spectators to watch and for those not qualified (ony 64 qualify) very disappointing: they can go home after 1 lap, even when they come over from far away like Australia or Japan. This year the organization (GSX) added a special race for those who did not qualify, that's at least something. But almost no spectators or press, watching these races. My advice remains: change time-trials in a "normal" competition for those riders who entered the SX events.

7 _za_practise_Papendal__IMG_474610 _za_SX_practise__IMG_47307 __practise_Papenal_za____IMG_4744

8 old_friends_meeting_Chris_Wouters_en_GD____IMG_47507 ___za___2013_u__SX_practise__IMG_47389 _za__SX_Papendal__practise__IMG_4741

11 za_sx_practise__IMG_473712 __za_Papendal__sIMG_474015 _za__SX_Papendal_practise___IMG_4733

13 practise_za__SX_Franch_TEam_Carmin_Falco__IMG_475914 za_SX_practise__IMG_4745

Then after practise, Time Trials started. During the Time Trail session, around 50 till 100 people were watching this. Again a formality that isn't very interesting to watch!

16 _SX_time_trails__IMG_478017 za_time_trials_Ppaendal__IMG_477218 _SX_time_trail_time_NO_public_IMG_4777 

Sunday June 16th. Raceday: the 3rd. Papendal UCI BMX World Cup/SuperCross in Arnhem - Holland get's underway.

1c _Papendal_2013__scannen0004

When arriving at the BMX accomodation at Papendal around 9.30 hours, it was already busy in the "vendor's area". Spectators were allowed in the grand stand from 10 o'çlock on. Around 13.00 hours when the actual racing started, the grand stands were not completely filled. Comparing pictures of the first year and the second year, one can see the number of spectators was down again. In 2011 the grand stand were almost filled completely, 2012 there were around 500 sets emty and this year that number at least dubbled. Looking at the overall set up and expenses of the event, my conclusion is, the organizers lost money. Even with the extra Bike Event on the side on Sunday, less spectators then the year before and therfore less income. Will an event like this, loosing money, be organized in the future, will there be a UCI BMX SuperCross event at Papendal after the UCI BMX Worlds in 2014? We have to wait and see.

19 _zo__papendal_2013__IMG_479220 _zo__SX_autopraph_session_LEATT__IMG_479121 __zo_Papendal__Mieke_meeting_Mieke__IMG_4793

22 _zo__Papendal____IMG_481123 _zo___SX_sundays_crowd__IMG_481024 _zo_VIPs__SX_track_IMG_4765

Even an Olympic medal, Bronze by Laura Smulders, did not help getting more spectators on the grand stands.

25 __zo__warming_up__team_Latvia__IMG_475226 __zo__ready_to_go_SX_IMG_484332 zo__SX__VIPs__IMG_4836

27 zo__racing_started_SX__IMG_488628 _zo_SX_Papendal__IMG_488729 zo_SX___IMG_4888

Pictures and story, meaning update in progress ........

June 17th. an ATB/MTB leisure ride with Eddy King (former USA Pro BMX rider/legend) and Dutch BMX pioneers Nico Does, Bart de Jong and Gerrit Does.

Just around a week before the UCI BMX SX Papendal - Holland, Eddy King wrote me an e.mail and aksed me if it was possible to do some ATB (All Terrain Bicycle riding) on typical Dutch ATB trials. Well, that ofcourse was no problem. I was able to lent Pieter's (my youngest son) GT FORCE atb/mtb for Eddy. We arranged to do this ride on Monday, after the UCI BMX SX which took place in the weekend. We were with 4 riders, Eddy King, Nico Does (my oldest son), Bart de Jong (FATBMX) and myself, GD.

I picked Eddy up from the Eindhoven railway station at around 9.45 hours. From there we first went straight to TWIN AIR in Veghel, a 20 minute ride by car, were Pieter Does showed Eddy around. TWIN AIR is the leading producer of foam airfilters for moto-cross and others. At around 12.00 hours we were back in Waalre, were we had lunch.

Eddy 2013_Train__IMG_4895Eddy at_Twin__IMG_4898Eddy 2013_Twin_Air_Pieter_Does__IMG_4901

Eddy 2013_and_Pieter_at_Twin_Air__IMG_4906Eddy 2013_office_Pieter__IMG_4902Eddy at_Twin_Air_Pieter_explaining__IMG_4903

Eddy 2013 and Eddy in front of the TWIN AIR offices and factory.

We had scheduled to leave my house for this ATB ride at around 13.00 hours. Nico was leading the way and on farehand I asked him to take "the old man" (being myself) into consideration, so lets ride at an easy pace. Well, not much came out of that request. After one hour, when we reached the so caled "Hut van Mie Peels", a café/restaurant in the woods,  I was waisted. So I told the guys, you all go on, I will rest here outside on the terras of the restaurant. After another hour, Nico, Bart and Eddy returned to the "Hut van Mie Peels".  Nico still had a smill on his face, but Bart and Eddy ...... well, they weren't realy fresh anymore too. We all rested there for about 15 minutes, had a drink and the 4 of us started the last part of the around 2 1/2 hours ride.

Eddy 2013_relaxing_for_the_ATB_ride_Waalre__IMG_4909Eddy 2013_Nico_leading_Bart_and_Eddy__IMG_4910Eddy 2013__Bart_followed_by_Eddy__IMG_4911

Eddy 2013_riding_Pieters_GT_Force__IMG_4912Eddy 2013_arriving_at_our_stop_after_2_hours__IMG_4914Eddy 2013_GD_was_waiting_here_for_1_hour___IMG_4917

Eddy 2013__relaxing_for_10_minutes_IMG_4919Eddy 2013_onoly_still_smiling_is_Nico__IMG_4918

Nico and Bart went ahead and Eddy stayed with me for that last part of our ride. In total they rode around 40 / 45 km (I did 28 km). Well I think Nico showed Eddy the typical Dutch flat land trails in de woods surrounding Waalre. I think he will remember this ride very well. Lot of single tracks, enduro style trails. We all had a great ride.

Eddy 2013__Nico_and_Bart_followed_by_Eddy__IMG_4921Eddy 2013_at_the_Waalre_trails_IMG_4927Eddy 2013_Waalre_trails__IMG_4925

At around 16.00 hours we arrived at my brother in law's Pierre Karsmakers workshop, which Eddy would call, "Pierre's men cave". We checked out Pierre's new Husaberg off road motorcycle, drank Karsmakers Coffee, talked among others history MX and BMX and then went across the street of Pierre's men cave to my house to have diner, spagetti (thanks Mieke!). To all nice things comes an end and after diner I did bring Eddy back to the railway station in 's Hertogenbosch, where he took the train to Utrecht and then to Woerden, to spent his last evening in Holland with his friends Arno and Franny Pacheco - Ouwehand. Early in the morning the next day, Eddy did leave for the USA were he arrived safe and sound after a long flight. We all loved having you here Eddy, hope you enjoyed yourself and had fun too. Till next time!

Eddy 2013_Pierre_Bart_at_PKs_man_cave__IMG_4930Eddy 2013_PK_and_EK_in_PK_soffice__IMG_4936Eddy 2013__fltr_GD__PK__EK_and_ND__IMG_4932

Eddy 2013_drinking_coffee__PK__EK_BdJ_ND_and_GD__IMG_4934

Relaxing after our ride, drink coffee with (fltr.) Pierre Karsmakers, Eddy King, Bart de Jong and Nico Does. Picture by GD.

End of a nice day in and around Waalre.

July 11th. through 14th., the UEC BMX European Championship FINAL rounds took place in Dessel - Belgium.

2013 logo_EK_Dessel_België_scannen0011 

The FINAL ROUNDS of the UCI  European BMX Championship took place at the famous JOEL SMETS BMX CIRCUIT at sportparc Brasel in the city of Dessel. This event did have 1903 entries in total and the grand stands were filled with spectaters during all three race days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

2013 Dessel_EK__1121990396_n2013 Dessel_EK__DSC011512013 Dessel_met_Mieke_en_Lucas__DSC01150

Overall organization of the events was very good and of absolute international standard. Racing was fierce and exiting. The chairman of the JOEL SMETS BMX CIRCUIT, Mr. Frank Smets, has been a BMX racer himself. Most important European international BMX event during any year from 1983 through 1993, was the E.C.C. - European Challenge Cup at Ponypark Slagharen in Holland. Frank Smets competed there as young man too. Years later, after he stopped racing BMX bikes, he had one goal: in the near future I want to be an organizer too and copy the E.C.C. events in all its aspects.

2013 EK_Dessel___IMG_50072013 EK_DESSEL___IMG_50082013 EK_DESSEL___IMG_5009

I believe in 1999 Frank Smets started to get organized in Dessel, a track was built, riders recruted and now, after around 14 years, this was the result of a lot of hard work for the sport of BMX. Frank Smets and ofcourse his whole crew from Dessel, realized the dream Frank once had: This European Championship event was just as good organized as the former E.C.C. at Ponypark Slagharen ánd I believe even better. For sure Frank Smets had to deal with many more riders then we had at Slagharen and even more riders then any European Championship organizer had in the past 9 years. Well done Chairman and Crew of the JOEL SMETS BMX CIRCUIT in Dessel.

2013 Affriche_EK_Dessel__IMG_50502013 EK_Dessel__Frank_GD_Luc_Wouters___563602202_n

Before the semi finals Junior and Elite, Gerrit Does announced that the Joel Smets Circuit organization under leadership of Frank Smets with help of his crew, will be nominated for best organization European BMX Hall of Fame 2013.

Just to give you all an idea, here the entries per year during the Final rounds of the European BMX Championships:
- 2006  Cheddar - GBR,    1565 entries
- 2007  Romain - F,    1815 entries
- 2008  Weiterstadt - GER,    1861 entries  
- 2009  Frederica - DEN,     1261 entries
- 2010  Sandness - NOR,     1419 entries
- 2011  Haaksbergen - NED,     1355 entries
- 2012  Orleans - F,     1668 entries
- 2013  DESSEL - B,     1903 entries

Here some pictures on specifics at the Dessel - Belgium BMX accomodation.




Final and Overall results
European Championship 2013 under the UEC.  Twelve rounds run, 2 in each country: France - Czech republic - Germany - Sweden - Riga and Belgium.   
    Name                       Country        Points
1. SAILER Sarah         Germany      225   Champion
2. DOUDOUX Mathilde        France      184
3. GRUN Melanie         France      170
4. SUVOROVA Natalia        Russia      164
5. THIBAUT Sandie        France     150
6. ANCELOT Roude        France      127
7. KAPITANOVA Tatiana        Russia      124
8. VAN HEES Viviana        Nederland      111
9. LYSENKO Elisaveta        Russia      96
10. RENOU Sophie       France      58
11. USOVA Anastasia       Russia      36
12. HOSSAY Marie      Belgium      28
Name                              Country       Points

1. VALENTINO Manon        France        272   Champion
2. RIMSAITE Vilma        Lithuania       221
3. VANHOOF Elke       Belgium      191
4. HLADIKOVA Aneta       Czech Rep.     175
5. PRIES Nadja        Germany      135
6. SPRENGERS Dana         Nederland      125
7. CHRISTENSEN Simone        Denmark      123
8. LABOUNKOVA Romana        Czech Rep     123
9.  CORLOBE Pauline        France      118
10. MIKKELSEN Live Andrea       Norway      101
11. ALEKSEJEVA Sandra        Latvia       94
12. MAIRE Camille        France      74

2013 podium_Elite_women_946780897_n

Name                     Country       Points  
1. MIR Amidou          France         336   Champion
2. NAVRESTAD Tore         Norway      281
3. KIMMANN Niek        Nederland       276
4. KRIGERS Kristens         Latvia       249
5. CHRISTENSEN Chris        Denmark       248
6. MARQUART Simon         Switzerland      200
7. STEVENS Lauren        Belgium       199
8. BENSINK Niels        Nederland       198
9.  GONZALEZ BERNARD Xavier        France     184
10. ROCHER Emile        France      180
11. KATYSHEV Alexander         Russia      149
12. PONOMAREV Boris         Russia      141
13. BLUEMLEIN Louis         Germany      136
14. MARTINS Evan          France     122
15. VAN DEN HUDDING Bram        Nederland     114
16. USKAURS Ansis         Latvia     112

2013 EK_Dessel__1633140040_n

    Name                                 Country        Points
1. STROMBERGS Maris       Latvia           351    Champion
2. TREIMANIS Edzus       Latvia           311
3. CALEYRON Quentin        France          291
4. VEIDE Rihards        Latvia          275
5. ANDRE Sylvain        France         262
6. MANKUS Toms        Latvia           230
7. PELLUARD Vincent       France          223
8. BRETHAUER Luis       Germany         186
9.  VAN DE WETERING Glenn      Ned.       170
10. LAPRAZ Yvan       Switzerland       147
11. RICCARDI Rémi       France       141
12. GOUX Lilian       France       131
13. VAN DER BURG Dave       Nederland      130
14. MAYET Romain        France      127
15. KLESCHENKO Evgeny       Russia       126
16. VAN DER HEIJDEN Jordy       Ned.      122
17. MARTINEZ Lorin         France      121
18. LEJINS Kristers        Latvia      111
19. SCHERPEN Martijn         Nederland      101
20. BAIER Maik        Germany      94
21. BLANC Renaud        Switzerland       93
22. MOROZS Viesturs        Latvia       92
23. WOCK-TAI Rémy        France       80
24. CRISTOFOLI Roberto       Italy       79

Bad luck struck Edzus Treimanus, hurt his speel pritty much, stayed in hospital for a week and then went back to Latvia.

x _2013_Dessel_EK_Edzus____943109740_n

Father and son Dorus Brink (picture, courtesy of BMX GreenHoppers) and Jaymio Brink, both won the European title.

2013 EK_actie_Dessel__853162279_n2013 EK_Dessel_BRink_1ste__1770273057_n

Some more picture taken during the EC in Dessel of celebrities in the world of BMX.


2013 EK_DESSEL__Albert_Bensink_l_and_Arno_Kanis_r__IMG_50392013 EK_DESSEL_lEVEQUE_PRESENT__IMG_50382013 MARCO_DELLISOLA__ROCKSTAR__IMG_5042

2013 EK_Dessel_Lucas__DSC01154

This 2 round European Championship was won in Elite Men class on Saturday by Edzus Treimanus. Bad luck struck on Sunday. Edzus was run of the track and ruptured his spleen. Luckely no operation was needed but Edzus had to stay in hospital for 2 weeks, then he could stay elswhere, close to the hospital and after another 2 weeks he was able to fly to Latvia.

x _2013_EK_Dessel_za.__1141536130_nX _2013_lATVIAN_BOX__IMG_5031x _2013_Nicolas_Leveque_and_Does__IMG_5013

A nice way to announce the FINALS are on and another look at the crowd that surrounded the track 3 days long.

x _2013_EK_DESSEL___496884019_nx _2013_EK_Dessel__1427506300_n.jpg_arnaud_Dubois_EK

Once again, this was a very good weekend at the Joël Smets BMX Circuit, well organized and under good weather conditions. BMX racing as it should be. On to the UCI BMX Worlds in Auckland - New Zealand.

Final results in the Challenge classes, top 3:
Masters class:                                                Men 25/29:
1. Emeric Le Corguille        France                 1. Toon Jacobs         Belgium
2. Dorus Brink        Holland                             2. Niels Tepper         Holland
3. Harm van Brussel         Holland                  3. Thony Genet         France

Men 17/24:                                                       Women 17+:
1. Thomas Grassin        France                       1. Tessa Meerholz         Holland
2. Valentin Revet Perchet        France             2. Tamar Vedder            Holland
3. Jimmi N. Therkelsen        Denmark             3. Soraya Van Hees       Holland

Boys 14:                                                          Girls 14:
1. Axel Webster         Germany                       1. Bethany Shriever        England
2. Loris Moret         France                              2. Wietske Bloemhof      Holland
3. Vladimirs Boltiks        Latvia                        3. Vineta Petersone        Latvia

Boys 13:
1. Mathias Naerland        Norway
2. Emanuele Biscaldi        Italy
3. Marc Feldt        Denmark

Boys 12:                                                          Girls 12:
1. Thibault Daprela        France                       1. Sam van Oss                  Holland
2. Edvards Glazers        Latvia                         2. Femke Gerritse              Holland
3. Hugo Duchene        France                          3. Griselda Artigas Mateu  Spain

Boys 11:                                                           Boys 11:
1. Ronalds Ritins         Latvia                           1. Nieke Coppens            Belgium
2. Thomas Jamar         Belgium                       2. Marthe Goossens        Belgium
3. Tatyan Lui Hin Tsan        France                   3. Michaela Hajkova       Czech Rep.

Boys 10:                                                           Girls 10:
1. Mathis Louet        France                             1. Mia Christensen         Denmark
2. Marco Radaelli       Italy                               2. Mariane Beltrando        France
3. Louison Rousseau        France                    3. Michaela Wantulokova        Czech Rep.

Boys 9:                                                             Girls 9:
1. Jaymio Brink       Holland                             1. Kjelle Poets        Belgium
2. Miquel Hernandez G.       Spain                   2. Yvette de Waard         Holland
3. Solal Pieri        France                                  3. Léa Brindjonc         France

Boys 8:                                                             Boys 7: 
1. Jan Kraus         Holland                                1. Michal Hrazdira         Czech Rep.
2. Guus van den Eijnden        Holland              2. Felix Twitchett         England
3. Hjalte Feldt        Denmark                             3. Neo Tielens         Belgium 

Cruiser 17/24                                                   Cruiser 25/29
1. Maik Aerts        Holland                                1. Noud Verstegen        Holland
2. Jérèmy Teaotea        France                         2. Kieron McAvoy        England
3. Guillaume Morin        France                        3. Adrien Kerkhof         France

Cruiser 30/39                                                   Cruiser 40/44
1. Dorus Brink         Holland                             1. Richard van Zomeren        Holland
2. Harm van Brussel        Holland                     2. Alan Hill        England
3. Michaèl Deldycke        France                      3. Swann Delmas        France

Cruiser 45 plus                                                 Cruiser 15/16
1. Gilles Faivre         France                              1. Diego Verducci         Italy
2. Alain Deschagt        Belgium                         2. Maxime Fache        France
3. Vincent Claessens         Switzerland             3. Alexandre Curron        France

Cruiser 13/14                                                    Cruiser Women 30 plus
1. Louis Bodrero        France                            1. Kerstin Meyer        Germany
2. Max van Eijndhoven        Holland                 2. Morgane Delescluse        France
3. Florian Chauvier       France                         3. Anita Bakkenes/Kok       Holland

Cruiser Women 17/29                                      Cruiser Women 13/16
1. Tessa Meerholz        Holland                        1. Wietske Bloemhof        Holland
2. Annermarijne Mohlmann       Holland           2. Sandra Pavokovic       Germany
3. Tessa Geerling       Holland                          3. Mathilde Hugot        France 


July 15th, preperations started to built the BMX World track in Auckland at the VECTOR Arena.

Seen here an empty hall, the first sections put down and some detailed picture of a double jump.

2013 WK_locatie_Auckland__1863836490_n2013 track_built_Auckland_WK__508354904_n2013 track_building_Auckland_

A sneek preview on the UCI BMX Worlds trophies and a lay out of the worlds BMX track.

2013 WK_Auckland_trophies__537843413_n2013 WK_Auckland__291986246_n

Very interesting stuff here, the building of the starting hill with double gate, 9 and 5 meters in one hill.

2013 WK_AUCKL___A___788718663_n2013 WK_AUCKL___1009630586_n2013 WK_AUCKL___138976025_n

A few pictures of the rest of the worlds track being built.

2013 WK_AUCKL___2131448212_n2013 WK_AUCKL___1962748527_n2013 WK_AUCKL___1130628807_n

Some more pictures on track building and some hard working men already checking out the official program of this Worlds.

2013 WK_AUCKL__1145937830_n2013 WK_Auckland__1691793251_n2013 WK_AUCKL___135470143_n

2013 WK_AUCKL____792585004_n

Pictures courtesy of    2013 

July 21st, the 8th. EVERTS & FRIENDS CHARITY event (moto-cross) took place in Genk - Belgium.

affiche2013 2

This unique moto-cross event took place for the 8th time. It all started on the MX track of Neeroeteren, home track of Stefan Everts (Belgium). Later on the event moved to the Genk MX track in Belgium.

For promotional purposes I was asked to interview the at this event present Legends of Moto-cross such as Sylvain Geboers, Harry Everts, Jean Jac Bruno and Herbert Schmitz, among others. A promotional video is being produced for a unique event some time next year, concerning moto-cross. More details will be announced ending September, early October 2013.

DSC06268DSC06317.jpg __sylvain_gebiers_en_GDDSC06363

Special quest at the Everts and Friends Charity event was Kimi Raikkonen, the fomer F-1 World Champion. He also competed in the moto-cross events during this day.

DSC06354.jpg Everts_and_Rhaikonen 


July 25 - 28th 2013, UCI World Championships, Auckland (New-Zealand)


Report and pictures on the 2013 UCI BMX World Challenge ánd Championship helt in the Vector Arena, Auckland - New Zeland.

After several days of hard work by Clark and Kent Constructors and other associates, the track was ready. With the facility and means at hand, this was the best Kent & Clark could do. The track looked nice but in fact the length of the track was around 280 meters, where normaly an outdoor track would be around 400 meters. More on indoor World Championship tracks later on in this report. 

2013 WK__1711616735_n2013 _UCIworldsNZ__BMX_MANIA2013 WK_NZ___890286860_n

Pictures courtesy of BMX Mania's - Jerry Landrum

This BMX Worlds is the 32nd. Worlds since the I.BMX.F. organized its 1st. Worlds in Dayton- Ohio in 1982. There have been 14 I.BMX.F and later on I.BMX.F-FIAC Worlds and up till now 18 UCI  BMX  World Championships. In the World Challenge classes, 32 countries were represented by 1808 entries. In the World Championship classes there were 175 entries in total of 29 nations present. Elite Men had 68 entries, Elite women 29, Junior Men had 62 entries and Junior Women 16.

2013 bmx_worlds__Challenge__numbers__scannen00182013 bmx_worlds_championships__scannen0024

Interesting to see that in the World Challenge classes with 1808 entries, 74,6% of the entries came from New Zeland (511) and Australia (838). Only 25,4% of the entries came from the rest of the world.

Here a couple of pictures taken during the official opening of these World Championships, just to give you an impression. Pictures courtesy of BMX Mania's Jerry Lendrum.

a ___2013__NZ_opening_wk_2013Abe6348cropOpeningCeremonies6361-400

Here the final result in the world championship classes.
Final results Elite Men:                           Final rsults Elite Women:
1. Liam Phillips        GBR                        1. Caroline Buchanan        AUS
2. Marc Willers        NZL                          2. Lauren Reynolds        AUS
3. Jeremy Rencurel        FRA                  3. Manon Valentino       FRA
4. Martijn Jaspers       NED                     4. Ariele Martin       USA
5. Tony Nyhaug       CAN                         5. Alise Post       USA
6. Joshua Callan        AUS                      6. Mariana Pajon       COL
7. Yoshitaku Nagasako       JPN              7. Stefany Hernandez       VEN
8. Barry Nobles       USA                         8. Gabriela Maria Diaz       ARG

Final results Junior Men:                        Final results Junior Women:
1. Sean Gaian       USA                           1. Felicia Stancil        USA
2. Gonzalo Molina        ARG                    2. Shayona Glynn       USA
3. Jeremy Rencurel         FRA                 3. Hannah Sarten       NZL
4. Roman Mahieu        FRA                     4. Domenica M. Azuero Gonzalez       ECU
5. Maliek Blyndloss        USA                  5. Viviana van Hees        NED
6. Max Cairns        AUS                           6. Yerlin Castillo       VEN
7. Trityn Kronk        AUS                          7. Natalia Suvorova        RUS
8. Amidou Mir       FRA                            8. Sarah Sailer       GER

2013 Liam_Phillips_732989536_n

2013 Caroline_Buchanan_-8-1-13B2013 NZ_Junior__podium___16839_n 


August 5th.  the ABA - USA introduced the Class of 2013, Hall of Fame

Because of the fact that my dear friend George E.Esser was an inductee ABA Hall of Fame - USA this year, I place the complete press-release on the "Introduction of the Class of 2013" on my website. George Esser was the man who learned me all about BMX and als was a co-founder together with Tadashi Inoue (Japan) and myself of the International BMX Federation - I.BMX.F. which organization merged with the UCI in 1996.
Please read all about the ABA Hall of Fame and this years induction if its 2013 members.

2013 hof scannen0010

Introducing the Class of 2013

In November of 1985, the ABA inducted its first three members in to the BMX Hall of Fame. Now, 29 years and 109 members later, the National BMX Hall of Fame is proud to announce the "Class of 2013" - five more legends from the sport of Bicycle Motocross. It's a long and arduous process to narrow down the field to just one inductee for each category. This year, there were a record number of nominations, which were slimmed down by the Hall of Fame committee to the final five nominees in each category. Final selection was then voted on by nearly 500 members - including former Hall of Fame inductees and the BMX industry.

Inductees for 2013 are:


Rob Fehd first raced BMX in the early 70's, but put racing on hold for a few years to pursue baseball. By 1980, he returned to BMX racing - and with the introduction of 24" cruisers to the scene, excelled on the big-wheelers and quickly hooked up a factory ride with GT Bicycles. After coming close to capturing ABA's No.1 Cruiser title in 1982, Rob turned Pro the following year. Probably best known for his super strength, Rob was one of the first "body building" pros of the 80's - seriously training for his sport. Representing America at many international BMX races, he went on to win the IBMXF World Championships in Australia. Forced to retire after multiple knee injuries, Rob evolved into GT's first in-house Team Manager and competed in some of the first Masters (Vet Pro) races in the 90's.

RACER: Billy Griggs

Known best as "Mr.Bill", Billy Griggs was one of the most stylish racers of the 80's. As a top ranked amateur and pro racer during the 90's, Billy rode for CW, Mongoose, Schwinn and Redline. Known for his style as well as speed, Griggs held an average ranking of 12.7 with three top-3 National rankings, and 140 AA-pro mains. Following his retirement from racing, Mr.Bill worked at GT Bicycles in the R&D shop - and was responsible for developing the Box Series frame design, alongside Gary Turner, and has welded up plenty of custom frames for top Pros - including the GT frames ridden by Mike Day and Jill Kintner in the 2008 Olympics. Currently, Griggs works for Razor in product development.

INDUSTRY: George Esser

In the early 70's, a motorcyle race promoter named George Esser was running the NML - the National Motorcycle League, when his eldest son Greg asked him about racing their bikes on the track. Almost instantly, BMX was born in the Sunshine state. By 1974, the National Bicycle League (NBL) was formed. As founder and president of the NBL, George gave the sport of BMX the major boost it needed on the East Coast.
In 1981, Esser teamed up with the Godfather of European BMX - Mr. Gerrit Does, to found the first International Governing body for BMX Racing; called the IBMXF. Esser, at one time, was also part owner of MCS - and would later own and operate Fab-Weld of Pompano Beach, FL, manufacturing frames and product for many big BMX brands. Sadly, Alzheimer's disease took George Esser away from us in August of 2006 - but
along with his five sons and his ever lasting legacy in the sport BMX, George Esser's legend will always live on.

FREESTYLER: Ron Wilkerson

In 1984, when Wizard publications introduced a new magazine called FREESTYLIN', there on it's very first cover, was a hyper mop-headed Ron Wilkerson doing his thing in Golden Gate park. This moment not only kicked off the sport and paved the way for where it is today. Soon after hooking up a factory ride with Haro Bikes, Wilkerson went on to invent numerous tricks - such as fakies, abubaca, and nothings. For over
ten years, Wilkerson toured the World, helping spread the freestyle gospel to all who would listen - and as team manager, picking up some of the most talented riders along the way. Ron was never one to be pigeon-holed in to one specific type of riding - he did it all. Proof of this is Wilkerson's 1985 AFA Flatland, Ramp, and Overall Champion. Ron continued to push the limits of himself and the sport. Thus, when that sport needed a boost, Ron turned into an event promoter and created the 2-Hip contests, King of Vert halfpipe series and Meet the Street contests. Starting up his own brand in 1989 - originally called Wilkerson Airlines, it became one of the first rider-owned freestyle brands - and still survives today as 2-Hip Bikes.

WOMAN: Leigh Donovan

From the moment that Leigh learned to bunny hop a curb on her boyfriend's bike, at age 11, she was hooked on bikes. After convincing her dad to get her an Elf BMX bike and an ABA membership, Leigh began racing at the World famous Orange "Y" track and hasn't stopped going fast on two wheels since. Leigh's speed and smoothness stood out amongst her peers - and in 1988, she dominated the entire season and brought
home the very first National No.1 Girls Cruiser title. After a successful career in BMX, Leigh turned her sites on the MTB scene and became one of the most winning female racers in mountain biking. It's safe to say that the skill level of today's women pros and Olympic athletes are all a part of the racing evolution that dates back to Leigh Donovan.


For 2013, the Induction Ceremony for the BMX Hall of Fame moves back to it's regular time - in September. This year's Ceremony is tied in nicely to the first-ever USA BMX HALL of FAME Nationals,
at Chula Vista (held on the Chula Vista Am track). In addition, the 3nd Annual HOF Golf Tournament will be held on September 28th beginning at 8:00 am. The ceremony will again take place at the upper pavilion at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista - on the evening of Saturday, September 28th. Tickets will go on sale on June 14th - thru EventBrite - with an Early-Bird price savings when you book early.


USA BMX and the National BMX Hall of Fame committee would like to congratulate Illinois racer TYLER WHITFIELD on becoming the recipient of the first-ever BMX Hall of Fame scholarship. Tyler Whitfield will be attending Marian University and will be a member of the university's cycling team. His future goals are to become a pediatrician, get a NAG No.1 title in his class this year, earn a national title at some time and race
in the 2016 Olympics. Tyler commented that, "without family behind you supporting and pushing you, it is almost impossible to get to the spot where you want to be. "The National BMX Hall of Fame scholarship has been accumulated over the past four years, since the Induction Ceremony moved to San Diego. Funds for the scholarship are brought in through the annual Silent Auction at each year's ceremony.


Established by the ABA in 1985, the BMX Hall of Fame's mission is to recognize, honor and salute the pioneers, makers and shakers in the sport of Bicycle Motocross. Each year, USA BMX (The American Bicycle Association) inducts 5 new members to the BMX Hall of Fame. They are: two legendary racers, one legendary freestyle rider, one influential Industry person, and one influential BMX woman. Special Recognition
inductees may also be included. LOCATION: The official home of the National BMX Hall of Fame is currently located at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. - at 2800 Olympic Parkway, Chula
Vista, CA 91915. For hours of operation, check with the U.S. Olympic Training Center @ (619) 656-1500.

End of press-release. Hope to have given you all an impression on what the ABA BMX Hall of Fame (USA) is all about. For more pictures on the induction and diner ceremony, check on this page September 28th.

August 13th., Opinion on the organization of a BMX World Championship at indoor facilities in general.

Waalre, August 20th. 2013.

Keeping and creating tradition in our sport

Concerns: opinion on outdoor and / or indoor BMX World Championships in general.

To: Open letter to the UCI BMX committee, the UEC - section BMX, dear friends in BMX,

It's about 4 weeks now, since the UCI BMX World Championship took place in the Vector Arena in Auckland – New Zealand. Following reactions on facebook and others, as well as watching Junior and Elite racing life on the internet myself, I do have the urge again to give you all my personal opinion on BMX World Championship Indoors, in general.

I do have a problem with a BMX World Championship indoor on a track of around 20/22 seconds laptime. This is not the character of BMX. I do have lots of respect for the riders that won a World title in New Zealand, they had to adjust to a very short track, so respect for them all.

I also have respect for Clark and Kent Constructors building this BMX track within their possibilities in the Vector Arena. Here my motivation for writing my opinion on this topic, BMX Wolds Indoor or Outdoor?

I am involved in BMX since 1974, have seen BMX develop from simple tracks like the 1976 Irvine BMX track, the Van Nuys BMX track, the JAG BMX indoor Worlds towards, the Redditch '80 s BMX track, the Beaune 1 BMX track, the Worlds and ECC Slagharen BMX tracks towards the World Cup/Supercross BMX tracks of Chula Vista, Papendal etc. and the Beijing and London Olympic tracks . In Junior and Elite class at a Worlds and in Elite class during World Cup/Supercross events, the 8 meter high starting hill is a remarcable improvement. It has a spectacular look from the outside. After about 40 years of development, BMX racing can be considered a full grown topsport now. For me personaly the London Olympic BMX racing track was the best of all so far and an example for the years to come.

Prepairing for the 2012 Olympics, a copy of the Olympic BMX track was built at the Papendal Olympic facility in Arnhem in 2010. The Papendal design was "one bridge too far". The promotor and trackbuilder of the Papendal track wnet too far in making BMX extremer. The result was too many (bad) accidents (2011) and after evoluation of the event, things changed for the better, specialy concerning safety. UCI layed down strict rules building a trick. Again, an absolute great example how a Junior and Elite World Cup/Supercross track should look like has been the 2012 Olympic track in London.

BMX – Bicycle Moto Cross, a historic background.
I believe it is very important to watch over the character of our sport, plus keeping and creating tradition in our sport. When international BMX racing started within the I.BMX.F., I did compose and write the first ever IBMX.F. Racing rules and Regulations. I also took care of the second issue of these Rules and Regulations as General Secretary I.BMX.F. at the time.

The principal was executing BMX outdoors as copied from motorcycle moto-cross. Minimum standards were set for outdoor BMX tracks: length of a top class BMX track should be between 400 and 440 meters or around 40 seconds a lap for a Pro to cover the track.

Motivation writing these criteria in the 80's was, athletes had to have a certain physical fitness and ofcourse riding technique as well as mental attitude, to race at top speed during around 40 seconds in, at the time Pro or Superclass. Stamina, power, endurance to be compaired with an Olympic athlete in 400 meter distance running was essential. Making this comparison to sportsjournalists gives them a better impression of what BMX'ers had to do prepairing and training for racing.

Just the last couple of years, the UCI has updated their criteria building outdoor tracks concerning a layout of an AA type track (WorldCup/SuperCross – Continental, World and Olympic tracks).  Specialy after the 2011 Supercross in Papendal, criteria became more specific and clear such as width of a track, type of obstacles, pro-section and its messurements, the starting hill which in this case is 8 meters high etc.  The same situation with the A type tracks, exactly the same as above only with a 5 meter starting hill and without a so-called pro-section. These tracks have to be around 380 till preferable 400 meters and a lap should take at least 38 seconds till around 40 seconds in Elite Men class. This all concerns international BMX racing worldwide.

For the Press/Media the comparison sporttechnicaly with 400 meter running in athletics, appeals to them. Like right now (Aug.'2013), at the World Championship Athletics in Moscow, the 400 mtr. running World Champion, covers the 400 meter in around 42/43 seconds. In BMX riding a bicycle on a track with obstacles at a 400 meter track is done in around 38/39 seconds.

This also says something about how to train and prepaire for such an event. A 1500 meter run in athletics is done in around 3 minutes 40 seconds, however the first 400 meters are done in around 1 minute, insteed of 43 seconds in wich 400 meter specialists run their 400 meter.The way of training and prepairing is absolutely different in both cases.

Why do I tell you all of this, well that has to do with outdoor BMX World Championships on at least 400 meter tracks in around 38/40 seconds OR indoor BMX World Championships of around mostly 250 / 280 meters on which a lap will be done in around 20 till 24 seconds in Elite Men class.  THERE IS AN ABSOLUTE DIFFERENCE NEEDED IN TRAINING AND PREPAIRING as in athletics, to be top in either of them.

Just to keep our feet on the ground, Mr. Bolt, 100 meter sprint, runs at top speed at 44,7 km per hour. Average speed over 100 meter is 9,77 seconds or 35,1 km per hour. Top speed in BMX (with help of 8 meter high gate) at the bottum of the starting hill is around 60 km per hour and average speed on the bike over 400 meters is around 38/39 km per hour. This also tells specialists something how to train and prepair for BMX. 

INDOOR Worlds, why?
During the early days of International BMX in the 80's and 90's there was discussion on outdoor BMX Worlds having them indoor to be sure it was a dry and warm or an airconditioned event. Good for the riders ánd spectators. Tracks at the time were made out of dirt such as sand, clay or whatever. When the weather was bad, half the track could wash away, berms could wash away etc. Examples were the I.BMX.F. Worlds in Japan 1984 on practise day, Brasil 1986 and Holland 1992. So it was decided to try to organize World Championships Indoor when a possible weather risk occured in a certain country. So, several Worlds were scheduled indoor later on.  The problem then was, less space in a hall mostly, to built an original 400 meter BMX track.

We have had BMX Worlds Indoor over time in among others, Melbourne 1998, Louisville 2001, Paris 2004, Birmingham 2012. In Melbourne the track had to be run twice, a loop was built in that track, which created many problems. This indoor facility was much too small (former Olympic swimming pool!!). All of them had too small a track, not up to outdoor standards.  Modern International BMX racing is done now-a-days on BMX tracks with very hard surfaces and weather restistant tracks one can say, on so called ALL WHEATHER tracks. So in fact there is no absolute need to go indoor anymore. This is what makes BICYCLE MOTO-CROSS special, it's originaly an outdoor sport and we should go back to outdoor racing as standard and with high exception go indoor.

The first ever all wheather BMX track by the way, was built at Ponypark Slagharen. In 1983 the I.BMX.F. Worlds took place there. On Friday, part of that day it rained cats and dogs, but racing good go on, except for one or two short brakes. O.K. Spectators and riders got wet, so what, thats BMX. The Saturday and Sunday were just fine, with just some short showers, no problem, the track could to be ridden on at all times. Spectators came in anyway.

My opinion and advice:
Since we have ALL WHEATHER tracks now-a-days at UCI AA tracks and A tracks, why not go outdoor at all times and race on BMX 400 meter tracks. That would be up to standard for a BMX World Championship.

Financial consequences organizing INDOOR Worlds.
Organizing a World Championship Indoor has become very expensive. Budgets of around 2 million euro's is just normal at present. A large part of this amount goes into building an AA or an A BMX track. Most of the time the square meters needed to built a 400 meter track are not available, so a too small and too short a track has to be built.  In itself that isn't all that bad if it is just an international event, not a Worlds. BUT, after such an event is over and done with, the track will be taken down, the starting hill(s) is taken apart and an investment (100.000 euro's? at least) is just gone up in the air. No benefits left for the actual sport in the sence of a top quality track on which riders can practise and race afterwards for years.

My opinion and advice:
If nessecary (if no club with qualified track is available), have a new AA and A track built OUTDOOR, which facility can remain there after the World Championship and benefit the National Organization concerns. It can be used for World Cup/Supercross competition afterwords as well. This is a good investment and NOT throwing away money building a track indoor for just 1 week.

Overall conclusion on World Championships indoor or outdoor?
If it seems impossible to built a BMX track Indoor according to UCI rules concerning length of a track, go outdoor. At least a 400 mtrs / 38-40 sec lap should be in place for a Worlds.  And again, better invest in building an all weather outdoor track, then building an indoor track just for a week. For me. London again is the example. They rebuilt the Olympic track somewhat and this track is still used now, not destroyed.

Alternatif idea on BMX Worlds Indoor / Outdoor.
To give indoor facilities a change to organize a World Championship, why not have 2 types of Worlds Championships as in many other sports:
1. World Championships outdoor on 400 mtr. tracks of 40 – 38 seconds a laps (endurance).
2. World Championships indoor on 270 / 300 mtr. tracks of 22 – 25 seconds a lap (sprint).

So, 2 seperate World Championship titles to be won here.  Outdoor Worlds in the summer (July/August), Indoor Worlds in the winter periode (December). Riders who prefer outdoor 40 second tracks can train specific for these outdoor Worlds and those prefering short 20/25 sec. tracks can train and practise those intensities.

Besides my main purpose writing this letter, BMX Worlds Indoor or Outdoor, I also want to mention the following.
Track Layout.
Why always 180 degree turns now-a-days, 3 turns in a track. Why not have a 90 degree turn as 1st corner, then a straight, 2nd corner 90 degrees, a straight again and then a 3rd corner 180 degrees and 4th and last corner also 180 degrees, straight toward the finish,. With such a design, less crashes in the first 2 corners and for sure closer racing. The mix of 2 x 90 degrees turns and 2 x 180 degrees turns looks more appealing to the riders too, I believe.

Time Trials.
Publicity wise there is no sence in having Time Trials and a World Champion Time Trials. Sportjournalists don't think highly of those time trials in BMX, compairing it with road cycling. They don't write about it and it's not shown specific on the sportsnews on TV.

For spectators (most of the time inside BMX people!!) Time Trails are boring and for the organization a waist of time. Time Trials aren't typicaly BMX like. It would be better to have a special price (cash money, like in motorcycle moto-cross) for those riders in Junior and Elite m/w class for those having a HOLE-SHOT in the main events. First from the gate up dan till around the first corner. Hole Shot only counts when NO crashes occur up and till the line put on the ground through the first corner.

Also a National Team competition would be much more attractive for outside BMX spectators. I have mentioned this many times before, would be good to realy serious look into this suggestion!  A National BMX Team World Championship title will publicity wise bring the sport much more then a World Champion Time Trials BMX. Check most other Olympic sports on this subject. 

BMX a World wide sport.
We think BMX is BIG!!! My quess is there are around 250.000 registered license holders all over the world, affiliated to the UCI, coming from around 45-50 countries.  Around 200 / 250 top athletes from those countries and numbers do race at World Cup/ Supercross events in Junior and Elite classes (m/v), the show-case class of our sport.

At the 2013 BMX World Championship there were around 2000 entries from 32 countries. Out of New Zealand and Australia together came 75 % of these entries and from the other 30 countries came the rest of the entries, 25%.  The World Championships Atheletics had 2000 atletes present from 206 countries. One can see we still have a long way to go, 38 countries or 206 countries. 

BMX in England.
Last thing I want to say is the following. I have been involved and following the development of BMX in England since the 80´s. Going over there racing BMX I always found that the development of tracks stayed behind, looking at the rest of Europe.  I remember the so/called `Center of Excellance` in Brighton, the track were we had our first try/out UCI BMX World Cup in 1995. The track was of poor quality.  It is absolutely incredible what happened in England after the Olympics in London in 2012. I was, and I am still very surprised about the immense big step that has been made in England concerning building new tracks, top quality, an example for all European and worldwide BMX nations. Important part in this fantastic development is I think, CLARK and KENT Constructors, they do a fantastic job. About every other couple of weeks a new track has been built by them, somewhere in England. This is absolutely amazing.

So this is what Olympic Games can do for a sport like BMX. Training facilities are just great now, look at the indoor training facility in Manchester. Communities, clubs, regions, councils many of them are behind the sport of BMX 100%.  Well, and the results are there as well, England has its fourth (4th) world champion in Elite class in 2013 ….... LIAM PHILLIPS (Dale Holmes, Jamie Staff and Shanaze Read are the other WC's in Elite classes). I am absolutely confinced more titles will follow in the future, won by Brits.

Time to stop writing down my opinion here. All of the above is just a thought of one person. Still I hope people involved in the political side of organizing BMX world wide, will take this letter serious and hopefully some of it can be of use in our sport of BMX, sometime.  Wishing you all the best, warm regards,

Gerrit Does

August 17th. the RED BULL REVOLUTION event took place for the 2nd. time in Berlin-Germany.

This was NOT a UCI sanctioned event, allthough UCI license holders were racing there !? RED BULL wants to take BMX to the NEXT LEVEL, they say. It means another new form of BMX Racing is promoted and shown here. Let's call it BMX STUNT RACING. It is in a way, a pitty to see that we are getting away from traditional BMX Racing as we know it. The UCI BMX World Cup/Super Cross events are thé top events in traditional BMX racing and RED BULL is making BMX racing more like an extreme sport for only a small group of riders. Wonder were these developments will lead to and what the position of the UCI will be in this development.

213 RED_BULL_event__1172990327_n2013 RED_BULL_event__-r


Here a reaction on FACEBOOK about this event:

Gerrit Does
14 augustus 2013 ·
Indeed, questions are raised: "will this be the future of BMX?" Well, personaly I think this looks great, spectacular, wild, crazy, but ONLY for BMX FREESTYLE RACING and absolute for Pro's/experts only. I don't believe this is thé promotion for the original sport of UCI BMX racing like we know it TODAY! Parents of young children watching this, will NOT stimulate their children to start racing BMX bikes. As a SHOW, once a year, executed by Pro's, this is nice and fun to watch. Hope nobody gets hurt badly here! Just an opinion.

Red Bull R.Evolution Trackanimation:,AAABTw4lHzE~,sr1E9bdX6d4wCdvdlD8QKdNij3uKs2K9&bctid=2601273327001

Some opinions:
- Christophe Gentizon I spoke about it with some riders who were riding there last year. They had great fun. A show like this is "in my opinion" better for BMX than what we saw at Manchester or Auckland. Less rider falling. But I agree, this is more a RAD "Hell track" II than a race track.

- Chris Jacobs I do agree with you Gerrit Does , this must stay only for special occasions !

UPDATE: it's August 2018 now and so far we never heared and saw anything about this event anymore.

August 23rd.-24th., the French Old School of BMX Reunion took place at Cavaillon - France.


Early this year I already received an invitation to be present at the Old School Reunion Cavaillon - France, which event would take place on August 23rd.-24th. 2013. I accepted the invitation and on Thursday August 22nd. I got on my motorcycle, a Yamaha Bulldog 1100 to leave for Beaune, that is around 670 from Waalre. This was my first "leg" to Cavaillon and while in Beaune, my dear friends Christine Deconclois and René Nicolas, the father of French BMX, invited me to have diner with them in the evening. We had a great time, a fantastic French diner and talked ofcourse politics and developments in BMX in general. 

IMG 4143 

The next day, René and myself would ride our motorcycles (René on his Harley) to Cavaillon, another 440 km. We decided to take the Route National and not the motorway. Well, that trip took us 8 hours, it was incredebily busy on the RN towards Cavaillon. We had lunch at around 13.00 hours and then went on with our ride. We left Beaune at 8.30 and arrived at the Cavaillon track at around 17.00 hours.

IMG 4206IMG 4148

 2013 René_lunch_near_Cavaillon_1321582013 Gerrit_lunch_near_Cavaillon_132217

On arrival we ran right into the arms of the event organizer, Christophe Vico and some time later we met his assistants co-organizers Seb Ronjon and Franck Belliot. Present were also from the USA, Eddie ViolaDave Nourie, Bob Haro and Toby Henderson. It was nice meeting everbody again after many years and hear their story of their lives.

Friday was used for practise, because besides the actual Reunion of OS French BMX riders, they also had an Old School BMX race planned, with most of the former top riders competing. When it got dark in the evening, at about 20.30 hours their was a presentation of old school offiicials, celebreties present and former top riders. A podium was built with a screne on top, were later on that evening the movie RAD was shown for everybody present. At first René Nicolas, the father of French BMX and Gerrit Does, father of Dutch BMX, one of the original founders of the I.BMX.F. and co-ordinator of international BMX in Europe in the early days were instructed to ride their motorcycles in front of the podium, so they did. Both men were interviewed by "Amadeus" and introduced to the public.

a __2013_Cavaillon_introductie_334676452_nb _2013_presentatie_René_and_GD__1137318152_n

c __2013_interv_GD__301406805_od ___2013_interv_GD_887176386_o

Then in a classic Ford Mustang, French BMX legend Christophe Leveque was brought to the podium and interviewed. Next were the USA Pro's to be introduced and they were in a very old, open Porsche: Bob Haro, Eddie Viola and Dave Nourie. Toby Henderson had a business appointed that evening and could not make it in time for this presentation. Then a classic truck came in with the Motobecane BMX Freestyle team, "the Mad Dogs". Last but not least Xavier Redois and Claude Vuillemot were delivered to the podium and interviewed by "Amadeus". All of this was great fun and spectators enjoyed this presentation very much indeed. Then the movie RAD was shown, we did eat and drink some and then left for our hotel at around 22.00 hours.

e __2013_Leveque_arriving_1018050537_nf _2013_presentation_Friday_evening_DSC07581g __2013_Rene_Christ_and_GD__1661102049_n

i _2013_Haro_arriving_DSC07575h __2013_Viola_Haro_and_Nourie_arriving__768198129_n

 k _2013_Haro_Nourie_Fiola_Amadeus__DSC07602j _2013_Bob_presenting_his_book_1817865312_nl __2013_trick_on_podium_by_Nourie_1751596350_n

m __2013_Mad_Dogs_Claude_and_Xavier_arriving_854891009_nn _2013_Cavaillon_1995286418_no __2013_FS_team_Mad_Dogs__2082759400_n

p __2013_presentation_DSC07613r _2013_Presentation_1880827262_nq __2013_presentation_Cavaillon_682960771_n 

The next day racing started at 10.00 hours. Besides the Old School riders, also their children and others were racing. It was a fun day. During the day I did meet many old friends like former teammember GT EURO team, Dennis Cassamata, Christophe Boul, Valerie Huber etc. The Americans did a signature session and Bob Haro was signing his recently released book on the history of HARO. Ofcourse there was a BMX MUSEUM with some very nice old school bikes. Among others Christophe Detandt from Belgium was present with a series of bikes.

2013 GD_and_1733936324_n2013 Christophe_Boul__1752437485_n2013 Cluide_Vuillemot_wife_and_GD__519809646_n

2013 Hutch_collector_Corsica__IMG_41572013 Old_School_Village_IMG_41552013 OS_Village_DSC08273

2013 Cassan_and_Fettoretti_IMG_41822013 Toby_Henderson_eo__522846424_n

2013 Bob_and_Valerie_1065356786_n2013 Eddie_and_GHP_Swiss__982077038_n

2013 signature_session_Cavaillon_IMG_41622013 _IMG_41662013 _IMG_4168

Ofcourse racing took place that day too. Besides Old School riders, also young BMX racers competed, some of them on old school BMX bikes, which was fun to see. Even a side-hack class with around 8 teams were racing. Some very stylish action of old school riders, what everybody enjoyed very much indeed.

2013 Mongoose_Cordier_ready_for_the_OS_race__DSC078682013 sidehacks_racing__DSC078932013 Caudilerie_Redois____Vico_Seb_Mickael_and_Claude__DSC07786

In the afternoon a BMX Freestyle demo took place and ofcourse Dave Nourie and Eddy Viola were actif there as well as members of the famous MBK sponsored "MAD DAGS" Freestyle team and many others. Check out the pictures taken there.

Z __2013__IMG_4192Z ___2013__IMG_4181 Z ___2013__IMG_4185

 Z ___2013_FS_demo_with_2__DSC08033-meZ ___2013_Haro_and_Franck__DSC08188-meZ ___2013_Nourie_going_crazy__DSC08121

Z __2013_Eddie_Cordier__DSC08102-meZ __2013_FS_demo_Viola_on_r__DSC08067Z __2013_Eddie_Viola_still_going_strong_792529333_n

Z ___2013_Bob_watching_FS__104590240_nZ ___2013_Bob_and_Seb_831452078_nZ __2013_the_Master_watching_473763738_n

At about 19.00 hours I went back to the hotel, because the next day I had to return to Holland. I understood that the racing went on till early Sunday morning around 0.30 hours. That would have been a bit too late for me. However, everybody had fun, enjoyed the Reunion very much and so did I. Glad that I came over and did meet many old friends again. See you all next time  during the UCI Worlds in the AHOY Sportpalace in Rotterdam - Holland, July 23 - 27th.  2014.


2013 film_RAD__358820874_n2013 Film_RAD_with_crew__842844608_n2013 _end_of_film_RAD__176995024_o

2013 _IMG_41692013 _IMG_4171

2013 _IMG_41642013 Cavaillon_2118155354_n2013 Christine_Sylvain_Billon_René_Xavier_GD_and_Armand_Bonis_453167046_n

2013 IMG_41632013 Claude_Vuillemot_1419599422_n2013 Xavier_Claude_GD_1733646672_n

 2013 Eddie_Viola_and_fan_IMG_41582013 Toby_Henderson_IMG_41592013 Eddy_and_Eduard_1887453571_n

2013 Vico_and_Redois_193841115_n

Thanks Christophe VICO -on left-  for a great weekend, compliments!

Pictures shown, courtesy of several French photographers present, among others Joyce Vuillemot and Marielle Ronjon.

August 30th.-31st., Professor Brian Frehner from the Olkahoma State University visited Gerrit Does. 

More then a year ago, I was contacted by Mr. Brian Frehner, a Professor at the Oklahoma State University. Brian Frehner is a historian at the Oklahoma State University and already had several publications see the day of light, like: Finding Oil: The Nature of Petroleum Geology, 1859-1920

As an historian, Brian Frehner also was very interested in the history of BMX and more specific in the start, growth, decline and rise of International BMX. He wanted to write and publish a book about this topic. Mr. Frehner has been a BMX racer himself from 1976 till around 1982. Through the internet Brian did read my personal website  and more specific he did read the History of BMX as I know , on that website. As founder member of the I.BMX.F. - International BMX Federation, I started writing down the History of BMX in the year 2000. Documents from around 1976 up and till today were the basics for that history.

Professor Brian Frehner started his historical survey in the USA, speaking to founders of the main organizations, editors of BMX magazines, pioneer riders and now also foreign experts in BMX, like Gerrit Does. Historians always want proof of what has been said or published and that is what Brian Frehner came to do, when being in Holland, checking what has been said on the internet through the University of BMX, if that is all true and can be verified with documents, facts to prove it. 

Well, Brian interviewed Gerrit on Friday evening for about 3 hours and on Saturday both men worked hard from around 10 till 22.00 hours to go through documents, letters, publications to prove the facts mentioned were correct. All of this was very interesting for GD as well. Just now he realizes himself how valuable documents can be, saving them for over 40 years. Professor Frehner will continue his investigation the coming years and hopes to issue a book on the History of BMX, seen in a historical perseption, sometime 2016. Very anxious to see the result of all of this.

This is what Professor Brian Frehner had to say after he left the Does' residency and went back to the USA:
" It was absolute joy to meet you and your wife. The information you provided was great and it will take time for me to read through it and to think about it in order for it to make sense. The archive you've assembled is amazing! I greatly appreciate the hospitality that you and your wife showed me. I thank you very much and please extend my gratitude to your wife. I'll try to stay in touch as much as possible. I greatly admire all the work that you have put into organizing the sport of BMX and to preserving its history. Thank you Gerrit and I'll see you down the road.  Best regards, Brian".

2013 __Professor_Brian_Frehner_IMG_4224 

September 24th. - October 3rd.,  Gerrit Does went to the USA BMX Hall of Fame diner and induction ceremony San Diego - USA.  

It was very early in the morning of September 24th., when I took the train from Eindhoven to Schiphol Airport-Amsterdam. My travelplan was to go to Florida first, stay with the Esser family in Pompano Beach. Greg picked me up from the Ft.Lauderdale Airport that evening.

2013 _coast_USA__IMG_42602013 arriving_in_the_USA_Phily__IMG_4264

Wednesday 25th.  Around noon this day, old friend John Hutelin came over to the Esser's and pickted me to go to his house, meet his son and later on picked up his wife from school (she is a teacher). From Ft. Lauderdale we went back to Pompano to visit with another old friend, Jeff Devido of Custom Cycle Supply / MCS. Both John and Jeff stayed at my house in Waalre-Holland for some time, during the 80's. Also did meet with Brian Fell, working for Jeff at Custom Cycle Supply. Ofcourse I had to write down my name on their "Wall of Fame", signed it with "teammanager MCS Euro BMX team, World Champion manufacturer Teams 1990 - I.BMX.F. Worlds in France". John left us and Jeff and I went out to have diner that evening. Afterwards Jeff did bring me back to the Esser's home in Pompano. It was great meeting you guys again.

2013 ft_Lauderdale_John_GD_en_Zachari_Hutelin_IMG_42802013 wall_of_fame_MCS__324921162_n2013 having_diner_with_Jeff_Devido_383393548_n

Thursday 26th. I learned that Albert Bensink (Holland) was in Florida too, delivering and placing a Bensink startinggate at the Okaheele BMX track in West Palm Beach. Since Brian Esser, Greg's brother, had his birthday on this day and is living in West Palm Beach too, we decided to visit Brian ánd the Okaheele BMX track. Sorry to hear that Albert Bensink had already left West Palm Beach that Wednesday for San Diego, so we missed eachother. It was great meeting Brian again. Brian, Greg and myself went out for diner, celebrating Brian's birthday. Greg and I went back to Pompano, late that evening.

2013 Bensink_gate_being_finished__IMG_42852013 working_on_a_macine_to_trim_tires_of_RC_cars__IMG_42922013 having_diner_with_Greg_and_Brian_on_Brians_birthday__IMG_4296

Friday 27th. On this day, the Esser family and myself left Ft. Lauderdale for San Diego in the afternoon, arriving in San Diego at around 8.30 that evening. After we picked up our rental car, we went to the official host hotel for the USA BMX Hall of Fame event, the Hilton.

Saturday 28th. We got up early this morning since the golftournament was on our list to be a part of. I could not play golf myself, due to 2 brused rips after a crash a couple of weeks ago, riding my all terrain bike here in Holland. So Greg, Melanie and Alex Esser and I drove around in a golfcart to watch the US BMX Pro's play golf for a good cause. It was great fun seeing around 20 BMX stars play golf and having fun. Greg, as usual, was the "hackler". The tournament started at around 8 in the morning and the last group came in at around 13.30 hours.

The official title of the tournament was: 3rd. Annual BMX Hall of Fame Scholarship Golf Tournament, Salt Creek Golf Club, September 28th. 2013.  Seen here the trophies and some of the prizes of the raffle ticket action.

2013 the_Salt_Creek_Golf_Club__scannen00032013 golf__the_text_says_it_all_Golf_tournemant_trophies_IMG_43022013 Golf_trophies__IMG_4301

Here some "action" pictures and others of our BMX Pro's playing golf. Teams were formed and the competition was a team efford. We travelled along with the Cash Matthews team and did meet the other teams going round the golf course. 

x __2013_Eddy_King_organizer_of_this_tournament__talking_to_Greg_Esser__IMG_4313x ___2013___Sladano_Mark_Pippin_Tracer_Finn_Perry_Kramer_Dennis_Dean_Cash_Matthews_Mark_Wegener_and_Stu_Thoimsen_865592472_nx __2013_fltr_Stu_Dennis_Cash_Mark_and_Alex_Esser_IMG_4315

x __Cash_Matthews__IMG_4308x ___2013__Tracer_Andy_and_Mike_Aquilera__1838452932_nx ___2013_fltr_Rob_Fehd_and_Lee_Medlin__IMG_4309

x ___2013_Cash_Matthews_Stu_Thomsen_Dennis_Dain_and_Mark_Wegener__922073045_ox __2013_hit_a_hole_in_one_and_you_won_this_car._Stu_trying_Mark_Cash_and_Dennis_watching__IMG_4316x ___2013_flrt_Rob_Fehd_Greg_Esser_Lee_Medlin_and_Clayton_John__IMG_4312

Around 13.30 hours the golf tournament came to an end. Everybody gathered in the golf clubhouse for the presentation of awards. Team Andy Ruffel won and Greg Esser, who did buy several raffle tickets hoping he would win the Strider bike for his son Alex, did indeed win the Strider bike. A very happy Alex rode around the tables on his Strider some time later. This has been a fun day and around 1500 US dollars were collected for the scholarship.

x 2013_presentation_golf_tournament__IMG_4321x ___2013__Team_Andy_Ruffell_won_the_HoF_Golf__59579985_nx __2013_presentation_of_awards_Golf_Miranda_and_Ruffell__965676735_n

x ___2013_checking_out_the_raffle_ticket_prizes__IMG_4300x __Greg_won_the_strider__IMG_4319x _2013_Strider_for_Alex__IMG_4320

By the way, it was very special too, meeting "Racing" Jason Jensen during this golf tournament. Jason Jensen was one of thé talents and top riders in the '80 s in the 10 - 12 year class. My son Nico Does raced with Jason several times during 1979 - 1981, among other during the '79 and '80  JAG BMX Worlds in Indianapolis. It was realy great seeing him again after so many years.

2013 Jason_Jensen__left__and_son_IMG_4317 

Due to the fact that my camera refused work sometimes, several very nice picture were lost in the process, so concerning the golf tournament, this is it.  After the presentation of awards everybody went his way to prepaire for the USA BMX Hall of Fame diner and induction ceremony that would take place that evening at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center, starting at 6.30 that evening.


It seemed I did not prepaire myself very well, since I only learned that afternoon that the UCI BMX Super Cross had taken place that Saturday too. So on Sunday no BMX Supercross event. Gosh, I missed that one! Thanks to the courtesy of BMXMANIA.COM I can show you some pictures ánd the results of the last UCI BMX Super Cross of 2013.


IMG 6555017IMG 6713005IMG 6746037

IMG 6551014IMG 6780064

Here the result on this UCI BMX Wolrd Cup/SuperCross event in Chula Vista that took place on September 28th. 2013:

Saturday Final results in Elite Men class:          Saturday results in Elite Women class:
1. Sam Willoughby       -  AUS                               1. Mariana Pajon      -  Colombia
2. Tory Nyhaug      -  CAN                                      2. Alise Post      -  USA
3. Connor Fields       -  USA                                   3. Amanda Carr      -  THA


The OVERALL results of the 2013 UCI BMX World Cup/SuperCross series:

OVERALL results Elite Men:                           OVERALL results Elite Women:
1. Connor Fields       -  USA                              1. Mariana Pajon        -  COL
2. Jelle van Gorkum       -  NED                        2. Arielle Martin       -  USA
3. Liam Phillips      - GBR                                  3. Laura Smulders       -  NED


Top 22 riders in Elite Men ánd Women, Overall stadings UCI BMX World Cup 2013:

2013 overall_results_men__scannen00052013 overall_results_women_scannen0003

Again I missed this race, so it's not possible for me to make an evaluation of the event. Only thing I can say is, that again the interest of spectarors in this event was very low. Only a few hundred spectators were present. Probably due to the cost of a ticket at US $ 25,= for an adult. We are used to those prizes in Europe, but not in the USA. 

2013 _tbv_website__scannen0003

The USA BMX Hall of Fame diner and induction ceremony, Saterday evening September 28th. 2013. 
Anyway, we all were present at the Olympic Training Center at around 6.30 that evening, to take part in the Hall of Fame diner and induction ceremony. Our presentator/host was Cash Matthews. When we entered the Olympic Training Center, we had to pick up our identity cards, pictures were taken and video interviews made by Gork and conpany. Over 400 people were present and there were so many familiar faces and old friends, this was incredible. It looked more like a reunion at a certain point. We all went past the USA BMX Hall of Fame wall and also walked through the BMX Museum before entering the HoF diner and ceremony location.

2012 BMX_Museum_HoF_Chula_8008895_n

2013 Andy_Ruffell_Mark_Wegener_Greg_Esser_and_Tommy_Brackens_1333528538_n2013 Jim_Melton_Cheri_Elliott_and_Ralphs_Bicycles__891447257_n2013 Mark_Wegener_Wendy_Osborn_Mike_Miranda_Trish_Brackens_Andy_Ruffell_Greg_Esser_and_Tommy_Brackens_1901122861_n

8524 101034269917003_5454069_n

Our 1st. course of our diner was surved at around 20.15 hours, during which time the official Hall of Fame induction ceremony started. Cash Matthews introduced the HoF inductees one by one and a short video clip showed the careers of the inductees in our sport. I specialy came over to be present during the induction of my dear friend George E. Esser (r.i.p.). Brian and Greg Esser had the honour of receiving the HoF plaque of their father. I also had a surprise for the Esser family since, George E. Esser, Tadashi Inoue (Japan) and myself, were honoured by the UCI for starting the I.BMX.F. (International BMX Federation, integrated iinto the UCI in 1996) in 1981 and for organizing and promoting BMX during many years afterwards. I was allowed by the UCI to present the UCI MERIT and PIN to George's sons, Greg and Brian Esser, that evening. Cash Matthews introducing George E. Esser:

2013 Esser_table_card_scannen00042013 George_E._Esser__scannen0003 

Here my speech during the 29th. Annual Induction Ceremony at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista on September 28th. 2013.

"Good evening everybody. It is so great to see so many familiar faces and meeting so many old friends. USA BMX, thank you very much for your hospitality and also allowing me to say a few words. Normaly I speak from the heart but because there was a time limit, I did write down at least what I wanted to say in order not to miss anything.

Added on the spot: Before I go any further, I want to say the following. I just learned from Rob Fehd's speech, that his son is serving in the 101 Airborne Division. Well, I can tell you that exactly 10 days ago, we celebrated our liberation in the South of Holland, Eindhoven area, from the German occupation in 1944 by the 101 Airborne Division. A parade takes place then and veterans still alive are honored in Eindhoven. We still thank the 101 Airborne Division every year for our Freedome and thanks to your son, Rob, for his service.

2013 Rob_Fehd__1482938437_n2013 ___Airborne__101_st.__scannen0003

a _IMG_4109a __IMG_4113a __IMG_4125


O.K. now I will continue my speech:  First of all, congratulations to all Inductees of tonight and specialy to my dear friends the Esser family with the induction of George E.Esser (r.i.p.). Thanks to those who voted for my dear late friend George Esser, it's well deverved. I am so proud to call George my friend and mentor in BMX!

In fact George Esser (USA), Tadashi Inoue (Japan) and myself (Gerrit Does - Holland), should have been at the UCI CONGRES in Florence – Italy at this very moment. Why I am here now, I'll explain to you:  On July 10th, the three (3) of us received an invitation by the UCI President, Mr. Pat McQuaid to be present at the UCI CONGRES. Motivation:  “During the UCI Management Committee meeting held in Bergen – Norway on June 13th.-14th 2013, it was decided to award George E. Esser, Tadashi Inoue and Gerrit Does, the UCI MERIT for all services rendered to the UCI”.

2013 UCI_letter_on_UCI_MERIT_GERRIT_DOES___scannen0002

This UCI MERIT would have been presented to us at the end of the UCI CONGRES in Florence – Italy.  However, we already arranged early this year to be present at this USA BMX Hall of Fame ceremony in Chula Vista. I did not want to miss the induction of my dear friend, George E. Esser. So we sticked to our plan.

I explained our situation to Mr. Pat McQuaid through his secretary and he did understand our position. He even allowed me to present  the UCI MERIT, being an AWARD and UCI pin, to George's sons Greg and Brian Esser, here in Chula Vista – Ca., USA. They awards and pins were sent to my home address and I did bring them overhere now.

Sorry to say that Mr. Tadashi Inoue could not be here today, due to health problems. Mr. Inoue, celebrating his 74th birthday today, has received the UCI MERIT today in Tokyo – Japan.

Main reason/motivation to award the UCI MERIT to the three of us, is the fact that we are the only three Life (original) Founder Members of the International BMX Federation – I.BMX.F., founded in April 1981. Since 1996 the I.BMX.F. is integrated into the UCI. This “Life Founder Members of I.BMX.F” status has never been addressed during the negotiations and integration of the I.BMX.F.  into the UCI. About 2 years ago I have made a remark on this point to the UCI office and just last year (2012) I was requested by the UCI, to present the curriculum vitae of Mr. Esser, Mr. Inoue and  myself concerning our careers in BMX organizing and more specific the start of the I.BMX.F. and the development thereafter of that organization. Again, on July 10th. 2013 confirmation through a letter was sent to the three of us that we were awarded with the UCI MERIT, which we think is a great honour.

1985 GD_is_presented_a_Appreciation_Award_by_Tadashi_Inoue

We tried to have Mr. Pat McQuaid – President of the UCI,  to introduce  Mr. Esser, Inoue and Does through a video message here in Chula Vista now. However, he denied that request, mainly because he had to focus himself 100% on his possible re-election as UCI President. Today this election took place in Florence – Italy and I wonder what the final result was!

Added on during this speech: somebody from the audience confirmed Mr. Brian Cooksen has been elected as new president of the UCI.

It would have been an emotional event in Florence, since a “dirty war” has been going on in the media between Mr. Pat McQuaid (Ireland) and his only opponent Mr. Brian Cooksen (England). I can understand Mr. Pat McQuaid wasn't in the mood to address this Hall of Fame audience now.

Anyway, it is my pleasure and honour to present the UCI MERIT, being an Award and a UCI pin to my dear friend George E. Esser (r.i.p.), through his sons, Greg and Brian Esser. I will read the text on the award and then hand out the award to Brian Esser, Greg will receive the UCI pin.


2013 UCI__pin_GD__1637122013 presentation_to_Greg_Brian_750651104_n2013 HoF_Bernie_Anderson_Brian_and_Greg_Esser_Gerrit_Does_756835703_n

Last but not least!
For me personaly this is a very important statement: Preserving the History of BMX and keeping and creating tradition in the sport of BMX, through times ánd during the development of our sport into becoming an Olympic Sport, is essential to remain accepted and recoqnized as an Olympic Sport in the future. Keep that in mind please.

Respect for the USA BMX organization in doing the above through among others, this Hall of Fame activity, now for the 29th time.  I am closing now by wishing you all the very best for the future and till we meet again. THANK YOU ALL!

Gerrit Does

proud USA BMX Hall of Fame member (since 1998)
          Owner of the UCI MERIT (bmx since 2013)    This is the actual induction of George E. Esser on video.     

Here a series of pictures taken after the official part of this Hall of Fame induction ceremony. All present Hall of Fame members were asked to come to the podium, pictures were taken and stories told.

x _2013_HoF__members__957480523_nx _2013__HoF_member_gathered__665613634_nx __2013_HoF_members_togehter__1161993098_n

2013 group_pic_Gd_Mark_Mark_Pipin_Greg_Brian_Tomac__1529648069_n2013 Trace_Finn_and_Jason_Richardson__839872636_n2013 Harry_Leary_and_Andy_Ruffell__1476626672_n

2013 Elaine_Holt_owner_editor_BMX_ACtion_and_Windy_Osborn_649731849_o2013 Ron_Andy_Perry_and_Toby__safe_image2013 GREg_at_HoFIMG_4322

2013 fltr_GD_Eddy_Bob_Dennis_Andy__at_HoF__1664859199_n

Sunday 29th.  BMX race at the Chula Vista National BMX track  +   visiting San Diego habour.

On this day the Esser family and myself went out to the Chula Vista BMX track for the USA BMX Hall of Fame National event. We did met several old friends with among them Dale Holmes and Chris Jenkens. Also had a long talk with Jerry Landrum of BMX MANIA about BMX in general. One thing I loved very much was the fact that I saw Dale Holmes win his class with a strong lead, riding flat pedals, so NO CLICK pedals. Well done Dale and for me it was a nice "statement": you can do without click pedals and still win!

2013 giving_instructions__1175154212_n2013 fltr_Chris_GD_and_Dale__957027666_n

Racing was over at about 15.00 hours so we had some time to spend.  We went out to get a bite at "In and Out" fast food restaurant, together With Greg Hill and friends (among them 2 German BMX racers Henry Pawlak and Jens Klünder). Afterwards the Esser family and myself went to down town San Diego. Visited the Gaslamp Quarter, which was very nice and later on we went to the harbour were the carrier USS MIDWAY was. We decided to visit the USS MIDWAY on Monday. We left the official HoF Hotel early that morning and had to look for another hotel close to the airport. We ended up at the La Quinta Ins & Suites in San Diego historic Old Town. After a nice diner at a nice Mexican restaurant the day was over.

2013 In_and_Out_GD_Alex_1511849633_n2013 In_en_Out_restaurant_group_pic__505183898_n2013 In_and_Out_Burger_Chula_Vista_GD_Klunder_Pawlak_Mrs_Hill_Lee_Baker_Greg_and_Alex_Esser_Greg_Hill___1558970593_n

m _2013_de_Midway_geweldig_1282487958_nm __2013_Midway_statue_GD_en_Alex_691780672_n m __2013_diner_in_restaurant_SD_met_Essers_121982469_n

2013 San_Diego_Old_Town_we_stayed__1001_1736452013 La_Quinta_in_SA_Old_Town_scannen0005 

Monday 30th.  On our program today was, visiting the USS MIDWAY carrier.

We took it easy this morning, had breakfast in a restaurant in San Diego Old Town and arrived later on at about 11 o´clock at the USS MIDWAY for as it turned out to be, a day long stay at this carrier. We had to leave the MIDWAY at 17.00 hours, because they were closing down for that evening. It was a fantastic experience. With our headphones on we followed the signs. Former sailers, pilots and so on, explained about the practical dayly life on the MIDWAY, it was an impressive visit. Even little Alex enjoyed himself very much. Just to give you an impression, here some picture of out tour.

m _2013_aankomst_bij_de_Midway_1962753700_nm _2013_GD_op_de_Midway_1275838761_nm __2013_GD_en_Alex_op_de_Midway

2013 MIDWAY_0930_1429252013 midway__0930_1434492013 MIDWAY__0930_143459

2013 MIDWAY__0930_1428302013 MIDAWAY__0930_1439462013 MIDWAY__0930_144141

2013 MIDWAY__0930_1441272013 MIDWAY__0930_1441102013 MIDWAY__0930_144035

2013 MIDWAY_0930_1427122013 MIDWAY_0930_1428222013 MIDWAY__0930_153343

2013 MIDWAY__0930_1537232013 midway__0930_155237

So at around 17.00 hours we had to leave the USS MIDWAY and we went back to the hotel. Went out for diner in San Diego Old Town.

2013 Cafe_Coyote__0930_1926112013 Cafe_Coyote_0930_202944 

Tuesday October 1st.  Visiting San Diego Zoo

This would be the last day for me here in San Diego, since I would leave for Holland early the next day. Had breakfast in San Diego Old Town and after that we went to San Diego Zoo. As a former amusementpark employee (Manager Personal), I am always interested in how organizations like among other the San Diego Zoo, operate. So, this could be a very interesting day. It indeed turned out to be a great day again.

2013 brealfast_1001_100850 2013san diego_zoo_1001_145127 2013 San_Diego_ZOO_1001_112202 

Wednesday 2nd.  Left the hotel at 6.00 hours in the morning. My friends the Esser family travelled on to L.A.  Greg Esser would leave L.A. for Tokyo Japan on Thursday. Greg would take part in the World Championships RC car racing.  I arrived home safe and sound after an 18 our trip by plane and train, on Thursday October 3rd. 2013. Had a great time in the USA and I am very thankfull to have met many old friends and being present at the induction ceremony of my dear late friend George E. Esser.

2013 Gregs_ARC__car__IMG_4279 2013 George_indcuted__IMG_43242013 Hall_of_Fame__wall__IMG_4325

End of report.

October, an International BMX race took place in Euijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do - South Korea.

Here an impression of the BMX track. The track wasn't totaly according to what the riders wanted and they helped out the organizer by shaping the track a little bit. Real International co-operation!

x __2013_Euijeongbu_Gyeonggi-do_South_Korea__2122429510_nx __2013_South_Korea_284120944_nx __2013_Korea_4__394488966_n

x __2013_Korea_5____99583692_o

x __2013_Korea__1573891413_nx __2013_Korea_2__1531362915_nx __2013_Korea__6___1663120046_n

In general this South Korean BMX track was a great facility for such a "young"  BMX country: compliments.

November , the Curacao International BMX event.

2013 Curacao_Intern._BMX__68038212_n



YEAR 2014.

January. Promotion video on the UCI BMX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in the AHOY in Rotterdam/Holland 23/27th of July 2014. Check this out!

January, 2014.

It was announced by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) that a new BMX COMMITTEE was formed.  The newly appointed President of the BMX Committee is Mr. Artur Lopes from Portugal. Three (3) members of the BMX Committee were appointed by the UCI Management Committee and they are:  Roger Rinderknecht (Switzerland), Jolanda Polkamp (Holland) and Jose Luiz Vasconcellos (Brasil).  Appointed as rider representative was Sarah Walker (New Zealand).

April 4th.-5th., UCI  BMX European Championship 2014 rounds 1 & 2, at Circuit Zolder - Belgium.

2014 EK_Zolder_5-6_april__scannen0001

Report: This was the opening weekend of European BMX racing at an international level. The weather was just fine and an exiting weekend was ahead of all of us. Circuit Zolder is know for its unique road race track (cars and motorcycles). Many international events do take place here. Besides motorsports, the Circuit Zolder organization also is very active organizing bicycle events like road racers, tour events all on the actual road track as well as cycle cross and atb/mtb events. Since a couple of years, BMX has become a part of there selected sports too.

Several national BMX events took place on the BMX track "Circuit Zolder". Also smaller international events took place here in the past couple of years. This time the rounds 1 and 2 of the UCI BMX European Championship 2014 Junior and Elite (men and women) were scheduled here. This was a very important event, because this was kind of a test for the organization towards the 2015 UCI BMX World Championship that will take place on the Circuit Zolder then. The event had around 1400 entries from 27 countries present: Bel, Fra, CZE, Ned, SVK, Lat, Ger, Hun, Aut, Den, Eng, Rus, Sui, Spa, Pol, Ita, Nor, Swe, Por, Lit, Fin, Col, Bol, BLR, Slo, Ven, and Jap. 

Besides testing the actual organization, racing technicaly, housing, parking and so on, there was another very very important aspect within this event to be tested: the newly built Pro and Amature track including their 5 meter and 8 meter high starting hill and electronic gates. This would be a challenge for sure. The trackbuilding organization PROTRACKS, run by Thomas Hamon (former top BMX pro), did a great job rebuilding the complete BMX track into a world level track. Actual responsable organizers, Marc Hermans and Gil de Vis, have been very busy together with Thomas Hamon and his organization to get the track ready in time. The track was ready allright, but had not yet been tested by the riders under fierce competition level. So this weekend they would find out what was right and what had to be changed.

Circuit Zolder is a professional organization with a lot of experience, general organization wise like reception, parking, camping, vendors, catering and so on. The new built track would cause some problems and rumours around the track. On the Saturday there were many crashes and as I see it, there were 2 reasons: 1st. This was the first big international event and everybody was pushing to show were they stand. Impress the competition.  2nd. This was the ultimate test on the track desing and it showed some lips, jumps, weren´t 100%.  But again, that´s were among others this race was for, find out what was good and what had to be changed. Right now, the organization is working hard with PROTRACKS to update the track to have it ready for 100%, for the 2015 Worlds.

In general people present were happy and had a great weekend. Everybody is looking forward to the 2015 World Championship at the Circuit Zolder. Just to give you an impression here a series of pictures taken during the day, at this event. The organization has done a good job, congratulations you all. 

pictures here .....................

Results Day 1, Saturday April 4th.:
 1. BONDARENKO  Yaroslava        Russia
 2. THIBAUT  Sandie        France
 3. VAN HEES  Viviana         Nederland
 4. DOUDOUX  Mathilde         France
 5. LAJMI  Mégane         France
 6. BESNIER  Océane         France
 7. KAPITANOVA Tatiana         Russia
 8. CORLAY  Amelie         France
 1. KIMMANN  Niek         Nederland
 2. BENSINK  Niels        Nederland 
 3. SCHIPPERS  Jay        Nederland
 4. KRIGERS  Kristens        Latvia
 5. GEERLINK  Nick        Nederland
 6. GONZALEZ BERNARD Xavier        France 
 7. LABAUNE  Nicolas         France
 8. NAVRESTAD  Tore        Norway
 1. HERNANDEZ MENDOZA  Stefany        Venezuela
 2. CHRISTENSEN  Simone        Denmark
 3. KLAUS  Lieke         Nederland
 4. VANHOOF  Elke        Belgium
 5. RIMSAITE  Vilma         Lithuania
 6. CORLOBE  Pauline         France
 7. SUVOROVA  Natalia         Russia
 8. HLADIKOVA  Aneta         Czech Republic
 1. VAN GORKOM  Jelle         Nederland
 2. TREIMANIS  Edzus         Latvia
 3. CALEYRON  Quentin         France
 4. RICCARDI  Romain         Italy
 5. DUCHENE  Simon          France
 6. DOUCET  Thomas          France
 7. VAN DER BIEZEN  Raymon        Nederland
 8. GODET  Damien         France

Results Day2, Sunday April 5th: 

1. BONDARENKO Yaroslava         Russia
2. THIBAUT Sandie         France
3. VAN HEES Viviana          Nederland
4. LAJMI Mégane         France
5. DOUDOUX Mathilde          France
6. KAPITANOVA Tatiana          Russia
7. ROJAS Anna Sara          Bolivia
8. ESCOBAR Andea         Colombia

1. KIMMANN Niek         Nederland
2. KRIGERS Kristens         Latvia
3. BENSINK Niels          Nederland
4. HUBERT Quentin          France
5. GONZALEZ BERNARD Xavier         France
6. MARQUART Simon          Switzerland
7. SCHIPPERS Jay         Nederland
8. BERNHART Jakob         Germany

1. VANHOOF Elke          Belgium
2. SUVOROVA Natalia          Russia
3. CHRISTENSEN Simone         Denmark
4. CORLOBE Pauline           France
5. RIMSAITE Vilma           Lithuania
6. KLAUS Lieke          Nederland
7. ALEKSEJEVA Sandra          Latvia
8. AILLOUD Eva          France

1. CALEYRON Quentin          France
2. MIR Amidou          France
3. BUJAKI Bence          Hungary
4. TREIMANIS Edzus          Latvia
5. RICCARDI Romain          Italy
6. VAN GORKOM Jelle         Nederland
7. VAN DE WETERING Glenn        Nederland
8. DUCHENE Simon         France

For your information, the 2015 Worlds in Zolder will be the 3rd. World Championship in Belgium. Here are the facts.

In the early days, a 1st. so/called Open BMX World Championship 1984 was organized in Petit Han / Houffalize, Belgium. This was a pre FIAC event organized by Armand Blondiau.  The 2nd. worlds was the FIAC BMX World Championship in MOL / Belgium in 1988. And now the 3rd. worlds will be the 2015 UCI BMX World Championship at Circuit Zolder in Zolder, Belgium. 

April 18th.-19th. UCI BMX World Cup - SuperCross round 1, Manchester - England.

Manchester SX_Track__1246698_nx _2014_MANCHESTER___StartHill2838-1000Bx _2014_mANCHESTER_sx__IMG_2839157

Pictures courtesy of Jerry Landrum - BMX Mania

Results - BMX 2014 Men Elite UCI BMX Supercross #1 - Manchester (GBR/CDM)
Final  19 Apr 2014                                 
Liam PHILLIPS         GBR  
2  Anthony DEAN         AUS  
3  Tory NYHAUG          CAN  
4  Edzus TREIMANIS         LAT  
5  Kyle EVANS        GBR  
6  Connor FIELDS         USA  
7  Joris DAUDET         FRA  
8  Marc WILLERS          NZL 

x PodiumMen3693-800A

other resuts:
9  Corben SHARRAH         USA  
9  Jared GARCIA         USA  
11  Trent JONES          NZL  
11  Vincent PELLUARD         FRA  
13  Barry NOBLES          USA  
13  Renaud BLANC          SUI  
15  Kurt PICKARD          NZL  
15  Renato REZENDE          BRA 
17  Carlos Alberto RAMIREZ YEPES        COL  
17  Carlos Mario OQUENDO ZABALA        COL  
17  Steven CISAR        USA  
17  Tre WHYTE        GBR  
21  David HERMAN          USA  
21  Jordy VAN DER HEIJDEN         NED  
21  Niek KIMMANN          NED 
21  Niels BENSINK          NED  
25  Damien GODET          FRA  
25  James PALMER          CAN 
25  Kristens KRIGERS          LAT  
25  Martijn JASPERS          NED  
29  Daniel FRANKS          NZL  
29  Jelle VAN GORKOM         NED 
29  Quentin CALEYRON         FRA  
29  Sylvain ANDRE         FRA  
33  Axel LE NAGARD          FRA  
33  Collin HUDSON           USA  
33  Evgeny KLESHCHENKO         RUS  
33  Raymon VAN DER BIEZEN          NED  
33  Romain RICCARDI          ITA  
33  Tanner SEBESTA          USA  
33  Thomas DOUCET           FRA 
33  Yoshitaku NAGASAKO         JPN  

Results - BMX 2014 Women  Elite  UCI BMX Supercross #1 - Manchester (GBR/CDM)
Final 19 Apr 2014                
Caroline BUCHANAN         AUS  
2  Brooke CRAIN        USA  
3  Stefany HERNANDEZ        VEN  
4  Charlotte GREEN         GBR  
5  Sarah WALKER         NZL  
6  Pauline CORLOBE         FRA  
7  Laura SMULDERS         NED  
8 DNF Melinda MCLEOD         AUS 

x _WomensPodium3663-800A

Other resutls 
9  Simone CHRISTENSEN        DEN  
10  Elke VANHOOF        BEL 
11  Lauren REYNOLDS         AUS  
12  Natalia SUVOROVA         RUS  
13  Aneta HLADIKOVA         CZE  
14  Dani GEORGE        USA  
15  Felicia STANCIL        USA  
16  Nadja PRIES        GER  
17  Romana LABOUNKOVA        CZE  
18  Teagan O'KEEFFE          RSA  
19  Eva AILLOUD           FRA  
20  Andrea ESCOBAR         COL  
21  Priscila STEVAUX CARNAVAL        BRA 
22  Vilma RIMSAITE         LTU  
23  Tahlia HANSEN         NZL  
24  Camille MAIRE         FRA  
25  Abbie TAYLOR         GBR  
26  Manon VALENTINO         FRA 
27  Sandie THIBAUT         FRA  
28  Lieke KLAUS        NED  
29  Amanda CARR        THA  
30  Valerie ZEBROKOVA        GBR  
31  Mathilde DOUDOUX        FRA  
32  Haruka SEKO       JPN 
33  Dana SPRENGERS        NED  
34  Hannah SARTEN         NZL  
35  Jonna JOHNSEN         DEN  
36  Mariana DIAZ         ARG  
37  Bianca QUINALHA        BRA  
38  Thaynara MOROSINI CHAVES        BRA  
39 DNS Mélanie GRÜN         FRA  
DNS Alise POST        USA 

x _IMG_231338x _2014_SX_Manchester__95801_nx _IMG_222516 

Here a picture of the time trial winners Laura Smulders (NED) and Liam Phillips (GBR). One good thing about winning this time trail event was the very nice guitar both Eilte riders did win. Personaly I still don't like the time trial part of Super Cross events. It takes too long and it's boring to see just one rider on the track, while BMX is ment to be a competition sport with at least 3 till max 8 riders on the track. UCI, think of something new, challeging and in the spirit of BMX. Qualification can also be realized through the actual ranking!?

x _PodiumTT2416-800 

April 26-27th., UCI BMX European Championship 2014, rounds 3 and 4 at Besancon - France. 


May 10 -11th.  UCI BMX World Cup - SuperCross round 2 - 2014, Papendal - Holland.

2014 Padendal__4____IMG_49462014 Papendal_4___IMG_49472014 _Papendal_4_____IMG_4948

During this weekend, the UCI BMX SX took place at the NOC-NSF National Training Center at Papendal, Arnhem - Holland. This was the 2nd. round in 2014 and the 4th. year a SuperCross took place at the Olympic Training Center Papendal. Due to very bad weather conditions, the event only had about 5 till 600 spectators. Taking the circumstance into account, racing was good. On Sunday, Dutch National Sports chanel NOS - Sport, broadcasted life from the accomodation and also during the NOS Sport evening program, a short report was broadcasted, showing the main events and some interviews.

Riders, officials and the view present spectators present had to coop with long waits on Saturday because of the rain, the cold and the wind  .... To give you all an impression of the situation, here some more pictures.

x _2014_Papdnel_staying_dry___IMG_4945 x ___2014_Daan_GD_Stefan___not_happy__66390_nx _2014_Papendal_Bike_Event_section___IMG_4940

Finaly practise good go under way and racing started somewhere around 16.00/16.30 hours.

x _Papendal___start___Za.__16.30_IMG_4971x __2014___Papendal_practise____EliteMen3767widex _2014_Papendal__Joris_Duadet__4051-800

Pictures taken during racing, not only racing but attention for some special guys, non riders too.

x _2014__Papendal___Bisseling_l_owrking_but_off__IMG_4984x __2014__Jerry_Landrum_at_Papendal____IMG_5019x 2014__Papendal__Aussie_Team_coach_____IMG_39788

x __2014___Papendal_Bart_de_Jong___IMG_5028x __2014__Scary__guys_____IMG_431991x __2014_Donny_Robinson_USA_and_Lucas_Tamme_CZ___424_n 

Final resuts in Elite Men:
     Name                             Country  laptime
1.  Sam WILLOUGHBY        AUS       39.317
2.  Twam van GENDT       NED      39.803 +0.486
3.  Liam PHILLIPS       GBR       39.842 +0.525
4.  Antony DEAN        AUS      39.909 +0.592
5.  Barry NOBLES        USA      40.311 +0.994
6.  Yoshitaku NAGASAKO      JPN      40.453 +1.136
7.  Joris DAUDET       FRA       40.629 +1.312
8.  Connor FIELDS       USA       41.859 +2.542

x _2014_Papendal__Edzus4024smx _2014__result_Elite_men___203_n

Final results in Elite Women:
     Name                            Country   laptime
1.  Laura SMULDERS         NED        38.541
2.  Felicia STANCIL       USA       39.122 +0.581
3.  Stefany HERNANDEZ        VEN       39.618 +1.077
4.  Caroline BUCHANAN        AUS       39.621 +1.080
5.  Brooke CRAIN         USA       40.423 +1.882
6.  Manon VALENTINO         FRA        42.472 +3.931
7.  Merle  van BENTHEM Merle       NED       42.907 +4.366
8.  PAJON Mariana         COL      46.675 +8.134

x _2014___TV_crew_Papendal___IMG_405321x 2014_Papendal_Caroline_Buchanan_being_interviewed___3067_n

Note: Thanks to Jerry Landrum of for allowing me the use of some of his pictures!

May 15th. 2014. The  UNIVERSITY  of  BMX,  preservation of the BMX of History ánd honoring the Legends & Heroes of BMX racing.

Concerns: Opinion / Evaluation of the 2nd. UCI BMX SuperCross at Papendal – Arnhem, Holland, May 10-11,  season 2014.

Last weekend May 10-11th. the UCI BMX World Cup/Super Cross took place at the Dutch Olympic Training Center NOC-NSF at Papendal, Arnhem – Holland.  This was the 4th. SuperCross that took place at this venue, starting in 2011.

xx __2014__Papendal___IMG_5003xx __2014__Papendal___IMG_5004

Most of you know, that I was very unhappy with the 2011 first ever Super Cross event at Papendal - Holland. You can read all about it in my report on that event at  section History of BMX, year 2011-12. A lot was wrong then, in my opinion that is.

Ofcourse the UCI did receive my report on the 2011 event as well back then and I must say that the organizers, BMX Holland BV and the NOC-NSF as well as the UCI took good notice of what I said (and with me, many others had the same opinion!) and had changes implimented to the track this year and also racing technicaly wise some changes were made, since then (2012 and on).

Despite the terrible weather conditions this weekend, which we can't control, this 2014 event went rather well. Rain all day on Saturday slowed down racing and only at the end of the afternoon it became kind of dry in a way and racing could finaly start. Pitty that only a handfull of spectators were still in the grand stands (around 100).

The track itself was o.k. to race, only two problems were the wooden starthill ánd the starting gate itself. Both were very slippery because ot the rain. All possible was done to get the races underway and they succeeded when it became dry.

xx __2014__Papendal__WET___IMG_4951xx __2014___Papendal_Bessiling__IMG_421920

So, in comparisson with 2011, this track now is 99% o.k. Next upgrade is making the starting hill raceble when WET!  Also the starting gate platform has to be made RAIN/WET proof. Work to do here then. Compliments on the changes made to the track and I might say that probably Papendal belongs now to the top 3 best Super Cross tracks in Europe, maybe even in the world (Chula Vista, Aigle, Papendal). I also hope other organizers and the UCI will learn from this bad rainy weather and that they will take care of SuperCross starting hills being rideble at all times, in all weather conditions. I guess everybody knows what I mean? Rain can happen everywere and any time.

xx __2014_Papendal_slipery_when_wet___1533133945_n

One other very important aspect of changes that were made this year, time trials were limited till only top 16 Elite riders (M/W). To qualify for the main events on Sunday, 3 ad random scrambled moto's were run on Saturday. Instead of watching one rider at the time on the track for hours, now we saw what BMX is all about, real racing with at least 4 till 8 riders on the gate. This is so much more exiting then just time-trials ….. very good decision to change the format in what BMX is all about: competative racing!

Around this UCI BMX SX event, the organizer BMX Holland B.V. and the NOC - NSF Papendal organization also did set up a so-called BIKE EVENT, which included the Gert Jakobs tour cycling event(60, 120 and 160 km  to ride), the Dutch National Championship MTB Team Relay event as well as the Dutch National Championship MTB Eliminator event with special guest, World Champs 4 X, Anneke Beerten. Kids were able to ride a BMX track over artificial obstacles and there was the "Modular Pumptrack by BIKEPARKITECT" were kids could ride a short pumptrack. Because of the very bad weather, not many participants showed up, we are sorry to say.

xx __2014_Papendal_Bik_Event_section___IMG_4941xx __2014_modular_Pump_track_Papendal_by_BIKEPARKITECT_CZ___64370_n 

The change in time trials is an important change and will keep spectators in the grand stands for sure. They want to see racing and not 1 rider going around each time (160+ times!!). Again, only a handfull of spectators could witness this “normal” qualification system.  I believe the UCI did find a nice compromise having normal racing going on ánd the top 16 per class doing a time-trial for gate possitions, after these qualifiers. Compliments! Nothing more to say at this moment. Again, despite the bad weather, I left as a happy man. And now we are getting close to the 2014 UCI BMX Worlds in Rotterdam, another indoor Worlds. Personaly I hope the UCI will decide to go outdoor in the future and race on at least 400 meter BMX tracks or have an indoor Worlds at locations were an outdoor 400 meter track can be layed down. We'll see what happens.

Another big question is, what will happen next with SuperCross racing in Holland? I understand that the 3 year contract with GSX Inc. came to an end last year (2013) and NOC-NSF / KNWU / BMX Holland BV came to an agreement with GSX Inc., the organizer of the UCI BMX Supercross Series, for another 3 more years ( so up and till 2016). We'll see you all next year then?  Now on to the 2014 UCI  BMX Worlds in Rotterdam!

End of Opinion/Evaluation.

Note: Thanks to Jerry Landrum of BMX Mania for allowing me to uese several of his pictures.

May 17th.-18th., UCI BMX European Championships 2014, rounds 5 and 6 at Grandson - Switzerland.

May 23rd. - 26th, Trip to Valmiera - Latvia, Olympic Park Tree planting event.

Do reed the report on this trip in the "old & new(s)" section and then "new(s) and opinions". This Olympic Tree Parc has been founded by Mr. Matisons, father of former top BMX racer, Arthurs Matisons. At this Olympic Tree Parc, besides Olympic athletes from all diciplines, ofcourse BMX is included too (article and pictures will be published ending November 2014).

x __2014_Valmiera__scannen0011

May 31st. - June 1st., UCI BMX European Championship 2014, rounds 7 and 6 at Klazienaveen - Holland. 


June 13th.-14th., UCI BMX World Cup - SuperCross round 3, Berlin - Germany.

2014 Berlin_Mellowpark___79723311_o

For the 1st. time a UCI BMX World Cup/SuperX was organized at the BMX track called Mellowpark in Berlin. Previous years a RED BULL event took place here, organized in a different sett-up. Now a "normal" according to UCI BMX racing rules, event took place. The track did not have the traditional form as used in the SX series, which I personaly liked o.k. One jump I did not like, racing technicaly wise, was the "sugar-loaf hat" jumb, right after the first corner seen on the design shown.  At the actual track they changed this obstacle/jump in a kind of "normal" shape. The mid section of the track was kind of twisting and turning like, but the rest of the around 38 seconds track looked o.k.

Not so many spectators as during that RED BULL event, were many BMX Freestyle riders were present. For an important event like this, there should have ben at least 5000 spectators. They were not there for sure. O.K. and then the rain came in, well that's something everybody has to coop with. Everything went well anyway. Prove for me here again is whatever we are doing with and to BMX tracks, it does not draw thousands of spectators. We have to think of something else to make BMX racing attractive to outside BMX spectators to watch. Any ideas?

2014 UCI_BMX_SX__Berlin___20871_n

Most noticeble to me was, Maris Strombergs performing that well. Looking from the outside in, it looks like Maris has been off the track for about a year, taking it easy (NOT), a cebetacle. I think he took it easy but according to his schedule he is now getting back in chape very fast in order to qualify for the Olympics. Smart guy, going about his sport this way, he can last long and make some good money for later.

2014 UCI_BMX_SX__Berlin__PodiumAll5685crop

Final results
Elite Men                                            Elite women
1. Maris Strombergs    - LAT              1. Caroline Buchanan     - AUS
2. Twan van Gendt    - NED               2. Mariana Pajon     - COL
3. Jorius Daudet     - FRA                   3. Manon Valentino     - FRA
4. Corben Sharrah     - USA               4. Stefany Hernandez     - VEN
5. Renato Resende    - BRA               5. Laura Smulders     - NED
6. Kyle Evens     - GBR                      6. Melinda McLeod     - AUS
7. Jared Garcia     - USA                    7. Felicia Stancil     - USA
8. Alfredo Campo     - ECU                8. Simone Christensen     - DEN

Overall standings World Cup Series 2014 up and till Berlin-Germany,

10461463 661840770558874_1961062933275481737_n10447520 661840763892208_8031644043611072862_n


June 21st.-22nd.,  UCI BMX European Championship 2014, rounds 9 and 10 at Birmingham - England


July 7th., article from the official UCI website on the Reunion of BMX World Champs 2014.

NEWS,  Title:  the  UCI BMX World Championships: Reunion of Champions
Description: The list of participants for the Reunion of Champions reads like a veritable Who’s Who of BMX.  It will take place during the 2014 UCI BMX World Championships and will reunite Champions from as far back as the 1970s.

“We wanted to create an extra feature for the public during these Worlds and of course give these athletes the platform they deserve,” explains organizer Eric Kersten. The idea of a major international reunion was born during discussions between the event organizers and Gerrit Does, organizer of the World Championships in the Netherlands in 1983. Mr. Does called on his extensive contacts worldwide to bring the idea to fruition.

“This is an absolute first and unique happening,” he said. “We also hope we can attrac current riders for a unique photo opportunity,” he added.  The main day of the reunion will be Saturday July 26th., with an organised bike ride through Rotterdam for the former Champions, who will arrive at the city’s Ahoy arena in time to watch the Juniors and Elite time trials.

1979 World Champion “PK Ripper” among participants.
It will bring back strong memories for the world’s former World Champions, such as Perry Kramer, one of the first ever USA Pro's to race in Europe. Namesake for the infamous “PK Ripper” bike, Kramer was crowned BMX World Champion in Indianapolis, USA, in 1979.

“The BMX community is strong and we really try to stay connected,” says Kramer. “I see a lot (of former BMX competitors) at BMX reunions, but to try to get together racers who have earned a distinctive title such as World Champion has not been attempted before.   “It will be cool to swap some ‘World Championship’ stories with some of the other champions.”

Kramer welcomes the globalisation of BMX which sees riders from a lot of different countries on the international podium.  “When I won the Pro World Championships back in 1979, all 8 riders in the main event were Californian,” he says.  The former Champion has a hard time naming some of his greatest BMX memories, although winning his first big national race in the 1976 Winter Nationals would have to be one of them… as his travelling to the Netherlands to race in 1980 (AVRO Fietscross Trophy).

“But more of my best memories come from the off-the-track fun we had while touring the USA back in the late 70s and early 80s.”   At the end of his competitive career, Perry Kramer remained in the industry, covering a wide section of American territory as sales rep and accounts executive for Giant Bicycles.  “I actually started working in the bicycle industry when I was still racing. It was a logical step. I still really want to ride bikes all the time and I still race… but on mountain bikes and mostly for fun.”

The 2014 UCI BMX World Championships will take place at the Ahoy arena from July 23rd. to 27th. The unofficial meeting place for the former World Champions during that period will be at the nearby BMX Museum.

Photo: Perry Kramer (107), World Champion in 1979, is one of more than 40 former World Champions who will be present at the reunion in Rotterdam.

UPDATED  list of participants July 7th.
 2014, in the REUNION of WORLD CHAMPS 2014?

      I.BMX.F. World Champion in Superclass 20 ánd 24", Suzuka - Japan, 1984.
      I.BMX.F. World Champion in Superclass 24", Whistler - Canada, year 1985.
      I.BMX.F. World Champion in Superclass 20", Slough - England, year 1986.

      I.BMX.F. World Champion in 18 & over Girls class, Le Castellet - France, year 1990.

      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Taiyuan - China, year 2008.
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Pieternaritzburg - SA, year 2010.

      I.BMX.F. World Champion in Superclass 20", Le Castellet - France, year 1990.
      I.BMX.F. / FIAC World Champion in Superclass 20", Salvador - Brasil, year 1992.

MONIQUE FRANSSEN, Holland:      
      I.BMX.F. World Champion in 14 & over Girls class, Slagharen - Holland, year 1983. 

WILLY KANIS, Holland:         NOT  present (expects a baby)
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Women class, Paris - France, year 2005.
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Women class, Sao Paulo - Brasil, year 2006. 

CRAIG SCHOFIELD, England:         
      I.BMX.F. World Champion in Superclass 20", Whistler - Canada, year 1985 

      F.I.A.C. World Champion in Girls 17 & over cl., Arcada De Duero-Spain, y. 1990. 

- CORINE STAM - DORLAND, Holland:     
      I.BMX.F.- FIAC World Champion in 18 & over Girls cl., Sandness-Norway, y. 1991.
      I.BMX.F.- FIAC World Champion in 18 & over Girls cl., Schijndel-Holland, y. 1993.
      I.BMX.F.- FIAC World Champion in 18 & over Grils cl., Waterford-USA, y. 1994.
      Queen of BMX.

- DALE HOLMES, England:               
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Bournemouth - Eengland, year 1996.
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Louisville - USA, year 2001. 

- SARAH JANE NICOLLS, England:      
      I.BMX.F. World Champion in 16 & over Girls class, Slough - England, year 1986. 

      UCI  BMX World Champion in Eltie Women class, Brighton - England, year 1996.
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Women class, Cordoba - Argentina, year 2000. 

- THOMAS ALLIER, France:      
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Melbourne  - Australia, year 1998.
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Cordoba - Argentina, year 2000.
      ABA  World Champion in AA Pro class, Ontario, Cal. - USA, year 2002.

- MAGALIE POTTIER, France:              
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Women Cruiser class, Taiyuan - China, y. 2008.
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Women class, Birmingham - England, y. 2012.

- SHANAZE READ, England:                
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Women class, Victoria, BC - Canada, year 2007.
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Women class, Taiyuan - China, year 2008.
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Women class, Pietermaritzburg - SA, year 2010.

- JAMIE STAFF, England:      
      UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Cruiser class, Brighton - England, year 1996.
      ABA BMX World Champion in AA Pro class, Salt Lake City - USA, year 2000.

- JOHN E. PURSE, USA:       
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Saskatoon - Canada, year 1997.

       JAG BMX World Champion in Pro class, Indianapolis - USA, year 1979.

- JAVIER COLOMBO, Argentina:      
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Sao Paulo - Brasil, year 2006.

- CRISTIAN BECERINE, Argentina:        
       ABA  BMX World Champion in AA Pro class, Reno, NV - USA, year 2003.

- RANDY STUMPFHAUSER, USA:                 
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Cruiser class, Paulinia - Brasil, year 2002.
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Cruiser class, Perth - Australia, year 2003.
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Cruiser class, Valkenswaard - Holland, y. 2004.
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Cruiser class, Paris - France, year 2005.
       ABA BMX World Champion in Pro Cruiser class, Nazaimo - Canada, year 2004.
       ABA BMX World Champion in Pro Cruiser class, Ontario, CA - USA, year 2005.

- ROBERT de WILDE, Holland:     
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Vallet - France, year 1999.
       ABA World Champion in AA Pro class, Kettering - USA, year 2001. 

- PETER VandenABEELE, Belgium:       
       F.I.A.C. Open BMX World Champion in Special cl. 20", Charleroi - Belgium, y. 1984.

- PATRICK DE WAEL, Belgium:      
       I.BMX.F. World Champion in Superclass 24", Slough - England, year 1986.

       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Copenhagen - Denmark, year 2011.

       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Valkenswaard - Holland, year 2004.

- BAS de BEVER, Holland:    
       I.BMX.F World Champion in Superclass 24", Le Castellet - France, year 1990.
       I.BMX.F./FIAC World Champion in Supercl. 24", Sandness - Norway, y. 1991.
       I.BMX.F./FIAC World Champion in Supercl. 24", Salvador D.B. - Brasil, y. 1992.

- THOMAS HAMON, France:         
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Cruiser class, Taiyuan - China, year 2008.

       I.BMX.F. World Champion in Superclass 20", Orlando - USA, year 1987.

- IVO van der PUTTEN, Holland:       
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Cruiser class, Adelaide - Australia, year 2009.

- ANITA van de MORTEL, Holland:        
       I.BMX.F. World Champion in Girls 17 class, Orlando - USA, year 1987.
       I.BMX.F. World Champion in Girls 16 & Over class, Santiago - Chile, year 1988.

- CHRISTOPHE LEVEQUE, France:          
       The KING of BMX. Christophe owns 7 World titles (20+24") in the highest
       performances classes a any time during the development of international BMX
       from 1991 up and till 2001. Runner-up is Randy Stumpfhauser with 6 World

       I.BMX.F.-FIAC World Champion Superclass 20", Sandness - Norway, year 1991.
       I.BMX.F.-FIAC World Champion Superclass 24", Schijndel - Holland, year 1992.
       I.BMX.F.-FIAC World Champion Superclass 20", Melgar - Colombia, year 1995.
       UCI World Champion in Elite Cruiser class, Airdrie - Canada, year 1997.
       UCI World Champion in Elite Cruiser class, Melbourne - Australia, year 1998.
       UCI World Champion in Elite Cruiser class, Vallet - France, year 1999.
       UCI World Champion in Elite Cruiser class, Louisville - USA, year 2001.

- CAROLINE BUCHANAN, Australia:         
       UCI World Champion in Elite Women class, Auckland - New Zealand, year 2013.

       And .... Olympic Champion 2012.

       F.I.A.C. World champion in Expert 17 & Over cl., Jesolo - Italy, year 1985.

- JAMIE LILLY, USA:                    
       ABA  World Champion in Girls Pro Cruiser, Salt Lake City - USA, year 2000.
       ABA  World Champion in Girls Pro class, Reno-NV, USA, year 2003.

       ABA  World Champion in AA Pro Cruiser, Salt Lake City - USA, year 2000.

NOTE:  Most of the World Champions from the past 5 till 7 years will be present ánd racing at the 2014 UCI BMX World Championship in the AHOY - Rotterdam. Depending on schedules during the weekend and goals set for this Worlds by those athletes, they will decide on the spot to be part of the REUNION activities yes or no. Not sure yet to be present at the actual Reunion on July 26th. 2014 are the following riders;

and others .....
During the actual REUNION of WORLD CHAMPIONS 2014, we will respectfully remember and honour those BMX World Champs that passed away during time. They are:

- MARIO ANDRES SOTO (r.i.p.), Columbia:
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Cruiser class,   - Argentina, year 2000. 

       JAG BMX World Champion in Pro Cruiser class, Las Vegas - USA, year 1982.

- KYLE BENNETT (r.i.p.), USA:
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Paulinia - Brasil, year 2002.
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Perth - Australia, year 2003.
       UCI  BMX World Champion in Elite Men class, Victoria BC - Canada, year 2007.  

All together around 40 World Champs will be present at the UCI BMX Worlds 2014 in Rotterdam. Depending on race schedules, important for those around 11 - 12 Champs racing at this Worlds, we hope to have at least 30 Champs present during the official Reception, moment with the Press and presentation of their "Appreciation Award".    

July 12-13th., UCI BMX European Championship 2014, final rounds 11 and 12 at Roskilde - Denmark.

Final and overall results  in Junior and Elite classes:


Pos. Name RIDER            Country 
1     THIBAUT Sandie       France
2     DOUDOUX Mathilde       France
3     VAN HEES Viviana       Nederland
4     HETMANCZYK Margot       France
5     LAJMI Mégane       France
6     USOVA Tatiana       Russia
7     JUILLERAT Louanne       Switzerland
8     HOSSAY Marie       Belgium

Pos. Name RIDER            Country
1     KIMMANN Niek        Nederland
2     KRIGERS Kristens        Latvia
3     SCHIPPERS Jay        Nederland
4     MARTINS Evan        France
5     NAVRESTAD Tore        Norway
6     VAN DEN HUDDING Bram        Nederland
7     MARQUART Simon        Switzerland
8     BERNHART Jakob        Germany

Pos. Name RIDER                  Country
1     SMULDERS Laura         Nederland
2     VALENTINO Manon        France
3     CHRISTENSEN Simone        Denmark
4     POTTIER Magalie         France
5     AILLOUD Eva         France
6     HLADIKOVA Aneta Czech        Republic
7     VANHOOF Elke         Belgium
8     VAN BENTHEM Merle        Nederland

Pos. Name RIDER                     Country
1     STROMBERGS Maris         Latvia
2     MAYET Romain          France
3     JASPERS Martijn          Nederland
4     VAN GORKOM Jelle        Nederland
5     DAUDET Joris         France
6     TREIMANIS Edzus        Latvia
7     ANDRE Sylvain         France
8     VAN GENDT Twan        Nederland

July 23rd.-27th.,  2014, UCI BMX World Championships - Ahoy, Rotterdam - Holland                                image001



2014 UCI_BMX_Worlds__scannen00032014 WK_baan_Ahoy_indoor__8061_n

The evaluation of the 2014 UCI BMX World Championship in Rotterdam - Holland, July 21st. – 27th.  as I see it:  “ Looking In from the Outside “.

It's a couple of week ago now, since the 2014 UCI BMX World Championship took place at the Ahoy SportPalace in Rotterdam – Holland. I want to give you my opinion on this event under the title “Looking In from the Outside”.   Allthough I have been involved in organizing the side events, the BMX Museum, BMX Cinema and the first ever  REUNION of BMX WORLD CHAMPS 2014, I was not involved in the overall organization. I want to give my view on everything what happened during the periode of July 21st. through July 27th., in headlines.

A record breaking event it was for sure with 2860 entries overall. In Elite men 105 entries, in Elite women 40 and in the Junior men there were 87 entries with in Junior women 31 entries. So in the Championship classes we did have 263 entries and riders represented 36  countries world wide.  In the Challenge classes a total of 2597 entries were registered coming from 41 countries world wide.

The total budget for organizing this 2014 UCI BMX Worlds was around 2.2 / 2.5 million euros.

My general opinion on the overall organization, meaning PR, advertising, communication through social media/press, information for and to the riders, banners all over the City of Rotterdam from around July 19th. on, parking, camping, the indoor total accomodation, national sportschannel NOS broadcasting live on Sunday, VIP's on Sunday, realy everything / overall was the BEST I have ever seen before anywhere at a BMX Worlds I attended.  This was a unique event and the compliments have to go to the organizer BMX HOLLAND B.V. with event director Mr. Eric Kersten and all of his business partners, co-workers and KNWU officials/ Staff members and Ahoy staff.

It is very difficult to organize such a big event without anything going as planned for 100%. Here and there things will go wrong, sometimes not even noticed by riders and/or spectators. That's kind of normal in BMX event like this. It isn't easy to keep 2860 riders organized and under controle as well as around 3 till 5000 people accompaning them to this Worlds. It's impossible to score “PERFECT”, there will be “rustle” (ruis)  always.

So here my evaluation on what I saw, went wrong, could have been better or different. Not the little things, but things that matter.  I am telling this so others can benefit from this and/or improve things, so it's ment to be a POSITIVE evaluation.

WK BMX_RDAM_2014_310WK BMX_RDAM_2014_315WK BMX_RDAM_2014_311

All of the above mentioned have been executed at a very professional level. Specialists were involved/hired in all of the mentioned areas and have done a great job. The website, facebook page etc. did work as planned and in the weeks before the event, meaningfull articles in several leading newspapers in Holland were published.

Somewhere January 2014 in Rotterdan and surrounding areas, BMX promotion was made at schools and even a school competition was set up to promote these Worlds. The final event of this school competition took place in the Ahoy during the Worlds “week of action”.

For the first time ever, the Dutch National sports channel NOS, broadcasted the Championship classes main events life on National TV on Sunday. At Worlds before here in Holland, commercial TV Stations broadcasted these events (like in 1983, AVRO TV station broadcasted the I.BMX.F. Worlds in Slagharen-Holland).

Again meaningfull articles on these Worlds in several leading newspapers on the Monday after the Championships. So overall good publicity for BMX during a long periode of time.
The week before the BMX Worlds would start, the actual BMX track was built in around 3/4 days. The AHOY SportPalace had limited space to built an outdoor track, indoors. Seizes of the space available, were about the same as the indoor facility at the 2013 Worlds in Auckland – NZ (in my opinion, hall too small for a Worlds worthy BMX track).

A problem was however, the weight of the dirt that had to be brought in, on the too thin floor of the arena. Track builder Teun Stam and company (Teun being a former BMX Champ) had a great solution: according to the drawing of the track, first fill up the jumps with compact haybales and afterwards put the dirt on top. That was a great solution of the problem. It worked out just fine. Seen here a serie of pictures showing the built up of the Worlds track.

 1 __wk_bmx__hal_before___398329_n2 __wk__bmx_aanvoer_materialen__712813_n2a __wk_bmx___start__bouw_baan__06713_n

Seen here the original design of the track, let's see how they built the track

2014 WK_baan_Ahoy_indoor__8061_n

3 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_1064 __wk__bmx_start_bouw_baan_53771_n5 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014__7402714_n

6 _WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_1107 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_1118 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_112

9 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_11410 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_116

Since it was not possible to built a 400 meter track, an around 300 meter track was designed and jumbs were adjusted to the kind of short straights. Three series of jumps on the first straight was not possible, only 2 were. Building very high turns was not possible too.

My opinion is that Teun Stam and crew did built the best possible track taking into account the space available and therefore its length.  Just for your understanding, out of the past 7 World Championships, plus the Olympics (total 8), only four (4) were outdoor tracks and four times we went indoors.  To messure a track, we use the Elite men class. One round done in seconds, as “standard”, should be between 37 and around 40 seconds.

Here the laptimes by each winner in Elite Men class, in the main event during the past Worlds and 2012 Olympics :
-Beijing Olympics,  outdoor,   36,109 seconds.
-Taiyun,                  outdoor,   36,091 seconds
-Adelaide,               indoor,     28,648 seconds
-Pietermartizburg,  outdoor,   38,391 seconds
-Copenhagen,        outdoor,   33,444 seconds
-Birmingham,          indoor,     25,923 seconds
-Auckland,              indoor,     23,280 seconds
-Rotterdam,            indoor,     25,393 seconds

As you all know, the in principal around 380/400 meter outdoors tracks are covered in around 36 till 38 seconds, depending on the obstacles of that track. This should be the standard.

Opinion: Length of track.
As you all probably know and I said it several times before, any track for  a Continental Championship, World Cup/SX, World Championships or Olympic games, indoor or outdoor, should be around 380 / 400 meters and in seconds aroun 36/38 seconds depending on obstacles.

I would pledge strongly for outdoor events, specialy since new built BMX tracks are “waterproof” and accomodations around the track are professionaly layed down now a days.  If one decides to go indoor, then the accomodation should be able to have an outdoor track layed down indoors. It's that easy, so an around 380/400 mtr. track indoors should be in place then.

Tracks like in the past 3 years devaluate BMX immensly. Finishing an indoor track in about 23/25 seconds, means around 33 till 38 % less intention, stamina, power etc. then racing at a 38 second track. This SPRINT race has a lot of risks in it. Riders need to push harder, have to take extra risks to try to get out in front, causing crashes that again devaluate a Main event immense (look at the Elite men Main, after turn 2, only 2 riders finish kind of “normal”. It causes also bad crashes and career ending injuries.  That is NOT a very good promotion for BMX.

10 ___WK_BMX_ROTTERDAM___177483_o

On the other hand, it is still the same group of riders that normaly get through to the semi's and mains on both events (Sprint and Standard 400 mtr.). Too much attention on the Start only, which is very important on 23/25 seconds indoor tracks and that is NOT what BMX is all about. Insiders as you all are, know exactly what I mean. Besides that, if we want BMX sprint races, built special tracks for that purpose. If we want BMX races as they were ment to be, built 400 mtr. tracks. To explain to journalists what BMX is all about, the comparison is often made with 400 meter running. One can compare the intension of a `normal` BMX race with among others 400 mtrs. running in athletics. 

Besides that, I learned from interviews done in the USA on this 2014 World Championship that former Pro riders refer to this indoor track as `Mickey Mouse` track and-or `Tennis court` track ! Again devaluation of World Championships in BMX.

Opinion: Destroying Capital !!!
Concerning indoor tracks layed down for just this one Worlds event, I want to say the following in general about that. To built a “weekend Worlds track” now a days, organizers have to spend between 200.000 and 250.000 euros minimum to get that done.  After racing, the “weekend track” is taken down in one day, NOTHING is left. I do think this is destroying a lot of capital.

Would it not be fantastic, the built a new track or rebuilt an existing track to the present world level, according to the UCI ruling for World Championships and still have the track after the event ready for many years to come?  A clubs could benifit from that worlds, having an up to date BMX track available afterwards.  A good investment for all parties concerned.  A promotor can do just a good job then, as at an indoor facility, only the budget will be spent in a different way!

Opinion: Starting hill at this Worlds.
Normaly there are 2 starting hills at this kind of events, one max. 5 meter hill for the Challenge classes and a max. 8 meter hill for Junior and Elite classes. There is a significant difference in the steepness of  both hills mentioned.  In Rotterdam (it was NOT possible to do it otherwise, I understaand that only an Elite hill was built in such a manner that at 5 meters, the Challenge classes had their starting gate first and afterwards, that gate was taken away, the gape was closed and the 8 mtr gate was placed. Here 3 pictures to show you how it was done.

11 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_12812 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_19513 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_199

So, the Challenge classes had to start from a very steep hill, specialy impressive for the youngest age groups. They probably never practised on that kind of hill before and I KNOW, a lot of them were affraid. I strongly believe this was wrong, should never happen again at a Worlds. It took away the joy ánd changes (affraid at the gate, did holt back etc.) several riders had. Something to think about next time. The following picture shows you all the Junior / Elite starting hill and gate.

14 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_250 

Advice for UCI on Indoor Worlds.  Just and idea.

Again, I said it before, IF we want to go on with indoor Worlds racing, UCI start to consider 2 types of World Championships:

1. “Standard” Outdoor or Indoor BMX World Championships on 380/400 mtr, around 38 sec. tracks and 8 riders p.r. (in periode  July/August), Challenge and Championship classes (2000 and plus entries).
2. “Sprint” Indoor BMX Championships on 300 mtr. tracks, around 24 sec. and 6 riders p.r.  (in periode November/December) Youth Olympic Games and Olympic classes only (4 till 500 entries).
Might be interesting such a new type of World Championship Sprint indoor, in wintertime!?

Registration started on Monday afternoon with the normal; “getting into the rhythm” of things, activities, etc. Always a bit hectic at first, but then it smoothes out. No realy crazy problems here, just some small communication problems that were solved on the spot. At 16.00 hours the grandstands were openend to allow everybody to check out the track. One did find a track about the same seize as in Auckland – NZ, in 2013. Disappointing but expected by a lot of riders.

14A _WK_BMX_RDAM_42323_n

The next day, Tuesday, practise for Challenge classes nand Masters. Training continued on Wednesday for the same classes, all in groups and at last the training for the Challenge 17 and over + Masters again.

The opening ceremony took place on Wednesday at 18.15 hours. The hall was filled with around 4 – 4.500 people and except for a small misshap, it was a nice opening of the event.

15 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_14616 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_148

17 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_14918 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_145

Wednesday afternoon the 4 collectors arrived and did built up the BMX Museum. At around 17.00 hours the BMX Museum opened. From start till finish on Sunday July 27th., 14.30 hours, there have been people coming in and out constantly. During racing one could walk around easily but during intervals on the race track, it was crazy busy at the Museum, one could hardly walk.  Again here, I never did see such a well attended exhibition as this one.

20 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_12221 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_12322 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_127

23 __WK_BMX_RDAM__000824 _WK_BMX_RDAM_0009

Besides the very well restored old school BMX bikes (up and till the year 1990 models, around 65 of them) and Dutch corner (bikes made in Holland over time), our French friend Christophe BOUL had around 34 drawings made of  European and some USA BMX Heroes and Legends and they were exposed at the BMX Museum, which gave extra body to this activity.

25 __WK_BMX_MUSEUM__3106_n 26 ___WK__BMX_Museum__Ahoy_298_n27 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_136

28 __WK_BMX_MUSEUM__3636980_n29 __WK_BMX_MUSEUM_839_n30 _WK_BMX_MUSEUM__88038_n_1

Again, the Christophe BOUL drawings did give extra flavour to the OS BMX bike Museum at the AHOY during the UCI BMX Worlds in Rotterdam.

31 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_135 32 _wk_bmx___miKE_kING__WK_BMX_RD_21733 __WK_BMX_MUSEUM___493499_n

Must be said that most of the people going to the BMX Museum were old school BMX'ers with their children. Holland has around 6 till 8000 old school license holders (years 1978 – 1988) and many of them were present at these side events ánd the Worlds Championship racing.

After walking through the isles of the BMX Museum, one ended up at the BMX Cinema where a move was shown about the History of BMX. This around 15 minutes movie received a lot of appreciation and people were applauding when the movie came to an end.

34 ____WK__BMX_Cinema___56873341083_n35 ____WK_BMX_CINEMA___RDAM_2014_451

SPECTATORS during racing.
During all racing days I found it surpising that so many people stayed and watched the racing. During the Challenge competition, at all times there were around 3 till 4000 spectators in the grandstands.

On Sunday, the Championship competition, I believe there were around 5 till 6000 spectators at all times present in the grandstand. To me this was kind of exceptional too and very positif.

36 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_487

The professional Medical Staff did a great job. As always there were some accidents, but looking from the “outside in” I did not see too many “very bad” crashes.

Without some minor problems (had to do with communications, misunderstanding etc.) looking from the outside in, all looked very great. Enough officials present and very capable people on registration, computer/timing, track etc. No remarks to make here except that all was executed perfect.

The AHOY staff being used to events like this with thousands of people, did not have a hard time, I believe.

38 __WK_BMX_RDAM__20183675_o39 __WK_BMX_ROTTERDAM__914294_o37 _WK_BMX_RDAM__921436_o

Since early 2013 I have been busy finding e.mail or other contact addresses of 103 BMX World Champs. World Champions in the highest performance classes at any time during the periode 1978 – 2013.  I did find around 92 contacts of which after inviting them around 60 had the intention of coming over to Holland for the 1st. ever and unique REUNION of BMX WORLD CHAMPS 2014 during the UCI Worlds in Rotterdam.

40 ___2014__WORLD_CHAMPS___441_n

The final count of Champs taking part in this event was 42 at around 2 months before the actual event. Sorry to say that 3 weeks prior to the event 6 Champs that had to come from far, cancelled their participation, mainly due to financial problems. So we were left with around 36 Champs.

The Reunion day was Saturday July 26th. Those who registered before, were going to do a City Sightseeing Cycle Tour through Rotterdam. We went on or way with 18 bicyclists to tour the City. Guides showed us around and it was great fun. Besides the 2 stops in between, we had lunch together and during that whole periode new friendships were made or renewed. It took us from 10.30 till 15.30 to go around in the City. This has been a success.

41 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_31942 ___Sightseeing_Tour_getting_ready___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_27343 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_277

44 ___Sightseeing_Tourpart_of_group__WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_27644 __Sightseeing_Tour___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_27945 __Sightseeing_Tour__WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_283

46 __Sightseeing_Tour_intermezzo_FREESTYLE_demo_RDAM_2014_28647 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_28549 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_292

50 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_28451 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_30252 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_303

53 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_30454 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_29055 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_316

56 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_31457 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_315 

58 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_30560 _WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_307

61 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_32063 _WK_BMX_RDAM___4083916_n

After the time trials and finals on Saturday evening (Elite classes), at 20.30 hours all pre-registered Reunion of BMX World Champions would come together in the BMX Cinema for the Official Reception and Ceremony. That was the plan.

However, several of the latest and still racing World Champs did not show up. Also a couple of Old School Champs that were present at this Worlds as coaches or business wise,  promissed me to be present earlier that Saturday, did not show up. That was kind of disappointing for sure, but it also shows how “our own” think about this kind of happenings (respect?).

If we want to give BMX the status of a REAL sport, we still have to learn our spotsmen and women how to act in activities as serious as this one. It would have taken only about 30 minutes to come over and be present, get the special award made for them, be present for the group picture and then leave to relaxe and prepair for the next day or do business!

Some of them did not even “excuse” themselves  and some of them said: “sorry it does not fit in my planning/program for racing, have to focus on the racing for Sunday  etc.  As a former sportman myself, I understand, but what are we talking about ….... only about 30 till 40 minutes and the ceremony was over. Focusing for the next day??  I saw Elite men and women in the hallway of the hotel at around 23.00 playing with their Iphones, …..  concentrating? resting? The next day they had in total around 200 seconds of racing to do !  And then concentrating …... in our sport concentrating the day before will help you to be over-concentrated. Realy concentrating 1 hour before the race is essential. Again, very disappointed by the attitude of some of you old school and new World Champs.

Must say that even some people from the BMX press-magazines/websites did not bother to come and have a look. So far the interest for our history as well as our legends and heroes.  You know what I mean !

The REUNION of BMX WORLD CHAMPS 2014, AHOY - Rotterdam, Holland.

64 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_43465 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_33866 __BMX_WK_RDAM__2029344_n

67 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_33569 Aldons__WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_34370 Corine_WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_347 

However, with those World Champs present we had a great time together. A word of welcome by Gerrit Does. Special welcome to a good friend Mr. Aldons Vrublevskis, the President of the Latvian Olympic Committee. The presentation of awards was a nice one and very personal. An introduction was done, then I presented the appreciation awards and gave short stories on each of the Champs concerned. Peter VanDenAbeele did speak on behalf of the UCI (as Off Road Manager) and presented GD with a present. After closing the official part of this Reunion, we had a drink and a bite and around 22.00 hours we left the building. The 1st. ever REUNION of BMX WORLD CHAMPS came to an end.

71 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_34072 _WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_37974 _WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_396

76 _WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_39575 _WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_38277 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_403

 *  Details on which rider won when and where a world title, can be found above on this page.

73 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_35678 __2014__aHOY__41271_n

Special attention was given to 3 World Champs that passed away over time: Mario Andres Soto, Kyle Bennett and Anthony Sewell. A minute in silence. On the picture below, the Christophe BOUL (F) drawings of the World Champs mentioned.

79 _Reunion_during_Worls_Rdam___GD__989211_n

UCI Off Road Manager, Mr. Peter Van Den Abeele (a BMX World Champ himself) took the floor and did thank Gerrit Does for organizing this unique and for the 1st. time Reunion of BMX World Champs. He also thanked him for all his work he has done and still is doing for BMX. Peter presented Gerrit with the UCI Yearbook and a traditional Swiss knife, for which GD thanked Peter very much.

Last but not least, the special video was shown one more time with the title: WC BMX 2014 - THE HISTORY of BMX. In this video pictures and film on a Bicycle Cross event in 1958 in Amersfoort Holland. After the video, GD official closed this meeting and invited everybody for a drink and a bite in the voyer. So we did.

80 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_40881 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_43582 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_448

We all had a good time afterwards during the Reception of the Reunion of BMX World Champs 2014 at the Ahoy SportPalace in Rotterdam-Holland.

83 _WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_45484 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_45685 _Reunion_Natarsha_Paul__Johnathan___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_461

87 __Reunion_Girl_Power_all_Champs_WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_46688 _Reunion_Natarsha_and_GD___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_46290 __Champs_Sarah-Jane__Patrick_Natarsha_and_Perry___24892_n

89 __Craig_and_Jamie____WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_45893 _Monique__Anita_WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_45792 _Brits_together_Sarah-Jane_Jamie_and_Craiq___83744894_n

91 __Sarah_Jane_Perry_and_Natarsha___Reunion__2624989_n

 Sarah Jane Nicolls - England,  Perry Kramer - USA  and Natarsha Birk-Williams - Australia. 

One World Champ competing at this Worlds was present at the Official part of this happening, Dutch Ivo v.d. Putten.  He left right after the Official part of this evening, at around  21.15 hours.  Quess what, he was the best Dutch teammember performing at the Worlds on Sunday. So far for concentration and other conflicting stuff. Thanks for being present IVO, respect.

I still have on more disappointing  experience I want to mention. Most of the participants in the REUNION of BMX WORLD CHAMPS arrived on Friday or Saturday. On arrival at the Ahoy after the City Sightseing Cycle Tour at around 16.00 hours, we had to report at the Welcome Desk. The Champs received a wristband (free entrance) there, but partners accompanying them had to buy a ticket to get in. They even had to buy a ticket for the Sunday. In total it concerned about 7 persons, who travelled from the USA, England and France, did spent a lot of money being present at the Reunion and their partners had to PAY to come in and be present at the Official reception. That did upset me very much.

I understand that money has to come in for such a big event, but for me, this was “one bridge too far” and very inhospitable !! Just had to get this off my chest.

TICKETING / pricing of tickets.
I just want to see something about the prices of the tickets for this UCI BMX Worlds. When BMX Holland B.V. announced the pricing for the Worlds tickets in 2013, hell broke loose. A lot of complaines came in because there were week passes and weekend passes at high cost.

Some very good suggestion were made through facebook to BMX Holland B.V. and they extended the possibilities of types of tickets as shown underneath. That was a smart thing to do. Still, it was kind of expensive for a family of 4 to come the Elite main events on Sunday,  4 x  37 euro's makes a total of  148 euro's, when buying your tickets on that day.

Knowing what kind of budget (at least 2.2 million euro's) was needed to organize this event, it looks more then normal to ask this kind of ticket prizes. If one wants QUALITY, you have to pay for that and I agree with that. It's a good thing this Worlds is just a once in about 10 years event (so far anyway, 1983/ 1993 /2004/ 2014).  I believe that if this kind of ticket prizes would become a common thing at International events, we will have a problem getting people in and events financialy sound. This is absolutely an item to consider and think about.

I remember Chula Vista a couple of yours ago, the UCI World Cup / XS was run there. Even though a National event was organized at the “standard “ BMX track (2nd track) at Chula Vista, with a view thousand people present, maybe around 500 till 1000 spectators came over on the Sunday to watch the Super Cross event. Why so little spectators ? The tickets for specators were $ 25,= a person. People did not want to pay that amount of money.  Normaly they get in for free at races in the USA. That will make you start thinking, I quess?

Just to get the idea, here once again the pricing of the tickets by BMX Holland B.V. for the UCI BMX Worlds in Rotterdam 2014. Regular sale is started! Order your ticket, click on the banner below.

Available tickets:
Week Pass: Wednesday 23 July, Thursday 24 July, Friday 25 July, Saturday 26 July, Sunday 27 July   
Day Pass:    Wednesday 23 July, Thursday 24 July and Friday 25 July
Weekend Pass: Saturday 26 July, Sunday 27 July
Saturday 26 July
Sunday 27 July

Challenge riders have free access to the grandstands on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Wheelchair and Wheelchair-helper tickets available in the ticket shop.  All Challenge prize giving ceremonies will take place on Friday 25th July.  Prize giving ceremonies for Masters will take place together with Junior and Elite classes on Saturday 26th July. Free admission to watch the training on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Ticket pricing
Regular Sale 12 May till 22 July 2014
                                                            Adult* Kids <12yrs** 
 Week Pass Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun    € 75,-   € 59,-
 Day Pass Wed, 23 July                        € 19,-   € 14,- 
 Day Pass Thur, 24 July                        € 19,-   €14,-  
 Day Pass Fri, 25 July                           € 19,-   € 14,- 
 Weekend Pass Saturday & Sunday     € 49,-   € 39,-
 Saturday 26 July                                  € 24,-   € 19,-
 Sunday 27 July                                    € 35,-   € 28,-

Regular Sale during event 23 July till 27 July 2014
                                                            Adult*  Kids <12yrs** 
Week Pass Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun    € 77,-    € 61,-
Day Pass Wed, 23 July                        € 21,-    € 16,-
Day Pass Thur, 24 July                        € 21,-    €16,-
Day Pass Fri, 25 July                           € 21,-    €16,- 

Weekend Pass Saturday & Sunday     € 51,-    € 41,-
Saturday 26 July                                  € 26,-    € 21,- 
Sunday  27 July                                   € 37,-    € 30,-

**Kids * Excluding reservation costs. € 1,35 per e-ticket. Transaction cost per e-ticket booking € 1,00, for hard copy ticket booking € 3,00. Buy all your tickets in one booking that saves you cost.

REMARK GD on the above and Ticketing and Price Giving Ceremony Challenge classes. (except Cruiser classes).
The only bad thing about the above was, that riders that finished their racing on Thursday had to come back on Friday for the Prize giving Ceremony. Parents and or supporters/fans had to buy a Thursday ticket, if they wanted to be present at that Prize giving Ceremony (Between 19 and 21 euro's p.p. for adults). I heared many complains about that and a large group of riders left Rotterdam right after the prize giving ceremony.

Also that granddad and grandmom that wanted to see their grandchild being presented it's trophy, had to pay 19 or 21 euro's just for that reason. That is the backside of things. Maybe also something to think about !!

95 ____WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_126

96 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_12997 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_13098 ____WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_131

98 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_16599 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_166100 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_167

102 _WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_173101 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_168103 _WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_174

104 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_190

SUNDAY, Junior and Elite racing for World titles.
The Sunday was just great. When the doors of the AHOY opened thousands of spectators came in. Noticeble was that there were many old school (early '80 s) BMX' ers with their family or just with their kids. I knew many of them.

Also the VIP accomodation on this day was very well organized, as we are used to when BMX Holland is involved. Again, they took care of an overall fantastic organization, while “normaly” at events like this, most of the concentration is on the racing technical aspect only, of such an event.

Races were exiting and the Main events were broadcasted life by the NOS  from 15.00 hours on. The only anti-climax for me was the main event , Elite Men and this main also shows what I tried to explain above. After 2 corners only 2 riders were riding around, the rest had fallen down. That was a pitty and stays in the minds of people who watched.

Allthough I was only present form Wednesday on at these Worlds, I had 5 fantastic days at the AHOY SportsPalace in Rotterdam. Met many, many old school BMX'ers and friends there from home and abroad and was proud of my collectors at the BMX Museum / BMX Cinema, Paul de Jong, Christophe Detandt, Mike Hoogerheijde and Arjan Scheepers.

I hope and wish the UCI BMX Worlds at Zolder in Belgium will be able to compete with the Worlds in Rotterdam, they at least have the professional organization available to make it a great success too. Good luck.
Gerrit Does

More pictures:

106 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_151105 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_162

107 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_157108 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_179109 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_177

110 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_169111 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_184112 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_186

113 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_197114 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_227115 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_236

116 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_256117 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_260118 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_262

120 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_535


Time Trial: Elite Men - 26 Juli    
                                 Country   Lap-time

1 Sam Willoughby       AUS        24,757
2 Corben Sharrah       USA         24,819
3 Joris Daudet        FRA        24,924
4 Liam Phillips        GBR        25,021
5 Maris Strombergs        LAT       25,051
6 Jared Garcia       USA       25,170
7 Connor Fields       USA       25,194
8 Edzus Treimanis       LAT       25,347
9 Justin Posey       USA       25,375
10 Bodi Turner       AUS       25,473
11 Jelle Van Gorkom       NED      25,548
12 Tory Nyhaug      CAN       25,560
13 Damien Godet      FRA        25,607
14 Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala      COL      25,691
15 Quentin Caleyron      FRA        25,777
16 Ivo Van Der Putten      NED       25,904

Time Trial: Junior Men - 26 Juli 
                                 Country  Lap-time 

1 Niek Kimmann        NED        25,356
2 Collin Hudson        USA        25,434
3 Brandon Te Hiko        AUS        25,531
4 Sean Gaian        USA       25,566
5 Tore Navrestad         NOR       25,802
6 Bram Van Den Hudding        NED       25,882
7 Kristens Krigers        LAT       26,167
8 Hunter Pelham        USA       26,173


Elite Men - 27 July         
                                    Country    Lap-time
1 Sam Willoughby         AUS        25.393
2 Tory Nyhaug         CAN        27.526
3 Tre Whyte         GBR        33.461
4 Edzus Treimanis         LAT       34.537
5 David Herman         USA        34.904
6 Amidou Mir         FRA        35.848
7 Connor Fields         USA        1:01.144
8 Anthony Dean          AUS        DNF

Podium  Elite  Men

Junior Men - 27 July     
                                   Country  Lap-time
1 Niek Kimmann          NED        25.091
2 Sean Gaian        USA         25.528
3 Romain Racine          FRA         26.191
4 Tore Navrestad           NOR          26.480
5 Xavier Gonzalez Bernard         FRA        27.097
6 Jay Schippers          NED         27.278
7 Walker Finch          USA         27.542
8 Kristens Krigers          LAT         DNF

2014,  Podium Junior Men

Elite Women - 27 July       
1. Mariana Pajon          COL           
2. Alise Post          USA
3. Laura Smulders           NED
4. Simone Christensen          DEN
5. Sarah Walker           NZL
6. Dani George           USA
7. Brooke Crain            USA
8. Stefany Hernandez          VEN

2014,  Podium Elite Women

Junior Women - 27 July
1. Dominica Gonzalez         ECU
2. Shealen Reno        USA
3. Tatiana Kapitanova          RUS
4. Varoslava Bondarenko         RUS
5. Rachelle Smith         USA
6. Sandie Thibaut          FRA
7. Camilla Zampese         ITA
8. Dana Tuchscherer         CAN

2014, Podium Junior Women

Above pictures Presentation of Awards, courtesy of Jerry Landrum.

Medal count per country in Junior Men-Women and Elite men-women classes: 

pos.  Country                  Gold - Silver - Bronze    Total 
     Nederland                 3          0           1            4 
Niek Kimmann BMX Junioren Heren
Laura Smulders Time Trial Dames
Niek Kimmann Time Trial Junioren Heren
Laura Smulders BMX Dames

2      Australië                    2          1          1            4 
Sam Willoughby BMX Heren
Sam Willoughby Time Trial Heren
Caroline Buchanan Time Trial Dames
Brandon Te Hiko Time Trial Junioren Heren

      Ecuador                   1           1          0            2 
Domenica Michelle Azuero Gonzalez BMX Junioren Dames
Domenica Michelle Azuero Gonzalez Time Trial Junioren Dames

      Frankrijk                   1           0          2            3 
Sandie Thibaut Time Trial Junioren Dames
Romain Racine BMX Junioren Heren
Joris Daudet Time Trial Heren

5       Colombia                  1           0          1            2 
Mariana Pajon BMX Dames
Mariana Pajon Time Trial Dames

6       Verenigde Staten      0          5           1            6 
Alise Post BMX Dames
Shealen Reno BMX Junioren Dames
Sean Gaian BMX Junioren Heren
Corben Sharrah Time Trial Heren
Collin Hudson Time Trial Junioren Heren
Shealen Reno Time Trial Junioren Dames

       Canada                   0           1           0             1 
Tory Nyhaug BMX Heren

8        Rusland                  0            0           1             1 
Tatiana Kapitanova BMX Junioren Dames

9        Groot-Brittannië      0            0          1              1 
Tre Whyte BMX Heren

Here some pictures giving you all an impression of the Presentation of Awards on Thursday evening, World Challenge classes: 

126 ____WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_240127 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_247

 128 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_241129 ___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_248129 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_245

Here AD RANDOM placed pictures taken during the UCI BMX World Championship 2014 in the AHOY SportsPalace in Rotterdam - Holland.

123 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_142122 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_159121 _WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_144

124 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_191124 _WK__BMX_RDAM_3085121_n125 __WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_216

135 _tEAM_usa__Fisio_543261_o134 __2014_video_Cinema_WK__scannen0001136 __WH_Rdam__30321324_o

137 __Christophe_r_and_a_cOLOMBIAN__friend__5248813_n138 __WK_Rdam_Webco___8440511_n141 __VIPs___WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_473

139 _Boul_and__Mike_WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_328140 _wk_DAM__amev___1047295_n145 ___Strombergs_and_PK__WK_BMX_RDAM_2014_272

150 _boul_DRAWINGS__wk_rDAM__721381_o151 __Gerrit_and_Christophe_Boul___705171673_o152 ___Robert_en_Paul__83044591702_n

August, resumé of World titles in BMX by Dutch athletes over time, 1982 - 2014.

resume Ned__WKampioenen__scannen0015

August 6th. a surprise meeting took place between old friends .... Renny Roker meeting Gerrit Does.

Had a surprise meeting today. Last Monday Renny Roker e.mailed me, stating he was in Antwerp/Belgium for a week and wanted to meet with me. So, today 2 old friends did meet at the Lindner Hotel in Antwerp. It was great seeing and talking to you Renny. You only had to be here in Europe about 1.5 week before, then you could have seen the 2014 UCI BMX Worlds in Rotterdam, I told Renny.  A lot changed since 1979 and on, organizing World Championships. Mainly for the better, I am glad to say. So funny Gil de Vis (organizer of the UCI Worlds at Zolder-Belgium) had a meeting with you too ! Till a next time then, cheers  

Gerrit Does and  Renny Roker at the Lindner Hotels & Resorts (Lindner WTC Hotel & City Lounge Antwerp).

2014 renny roker and gd in antwerpenjpg

Reactions on facebook:
John Hoffard
I was very blessed to ride for Renny Roker in the 1982 JOX JAG BMX World Championship, so blessed I won 25 and over class. And meet so many great people. Lord bless you Renny for your passion in this sport and every thing your hands come in contact with......

Martin Kinnard
It would be great to see a rebirth of BMX popularity as it was in the 70"s. With social media, the internet, and the the youth interest of today it is difficult to even field baseball, basketball, and other sports activities, and BMX is no different. 

Martin Kinnard
Renny was responsible for giving many kids opportunities to grow through his positive direction and experiences in BMX. He always stressed the importance of education and his continued work with other projects proves his lifelong compassion for our you

Gerrit Does
Greg Hill, you are so right: age is a matter of mind and if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Renny Roker
Greg Hill is one of the smartest guys in BMX. I'll always respect him 

August 22nd. through 24th. Trip to the 20th. Veteranen Cup in Weiterstadt - Germany.

2014 Veteranen_Cup__DSC01372

On Friday August 2nd. Louis Vrijdag and Gerrit Does left Holland by motorocycle to be present at the 20th. Veteranen Cup, which event took place at the Weiterstadt BMX track in Germany. On our way to Weiterstadt we took a touristic route throught the country side. For a long distance we followed the river Rhine stream upwards, which was fantastic. Passed many familiar places. Although the weather forcast said otherwise, we had kind of good weather, no rain.  After 7 hours we arrived in Weiterstadt at our hotel,  Hotel HAMM.

2 ___2014_Weiterstadt_Hotel_Hamm__DSC014013 ___2014_Weiterstadt_GD_Ralf_Louis_and_Dieter__DSC01352

Organizer Ralf Maurtiz (2nd left) welcomes Gerrit Does, Louis Vrijdag and Dieter Schadowski, our German long time friend.


4 ___2014_T-_shirts_Veteranen_cup_1__-__8____DSC013735 ____2014_T-shirts_Veteranen_Cup_9__-__15___DSC013746 ___2014_T_shirts_Veteranen_Cup_16__-__19____DSC01375

Looking for a place to have diner in the evening, we ran into an old Dutch friend, Bram Jager, a former assistant track manager and later on headofficial (at both I.BMX.F and UCI event) most of the time working together with Eddy Posthuma (r.i.p.). He is a pensionado now too, heard about this event and planned to go there.

2014 Weiterstadt_Louis_Vrijdag_and_Bram_Jager__DSC01397

The next day we took it easy in the morning, also because racing would only start at 16.30 hours. We were at the track at around 14.00 hours. We looked around at the Old School of BMX bicycle exhibition and found some very nicely restored BMX bikes from periode 1978 till 1990. In the afternoon I was very happy to see and meet a dear friend from the early days of BMX, Hutch Worksrider in the early '80 s,  Heidi Mirisola, now living in Florida - USA. Heidi's Mom originaly came from Germany and at this time she spent time with family in Mainz - Germany, a city about a 30 minute drive from Weiterstadt. Together with friends ánd her sister, she came over to Weiterstadt to watch some races and meet all of us.  We had a great time.

13 Ralf_interview_some_pioneers__43246_n15 __2014__bike_equipment_show___DSC0136514 ___2014_Veteranen_Cup_German_SE_riders__DSC01385

Look who was here in Weiterstadt:  former Hutch workd rider HEIDI MIRISOLA (USA)

16 ____2014_Weiterstadt_Heidi_Mirisola_and_GD___DSC0135518 __2014_Weiterstadt_Germany_Heidi_Mirisola__DSC0137617 __2014__Heidi_in_middle_right_sister_Heidi_left_afriend_of_family___DSC01369

Some pictures of the Open Air Bicycle Exhibition at Weiterstadt.

21 _weieterstadt_2014___DSC0136620 ___2014__bike_show___DSC0136219 ___2014__bike_show___DSC01354

22 ____2014__bike_show_nice_Torker__DSC0136126 __Weiterstadt_2014___DSC0135827 __Wieterstadt_2014___DSC01357

23 ___2014_bike_show__DSC0135624 _____2014_bike_show_DSC0135925 ____2014_Weiterstadt__show___DSC01348

 28 _Weiterstadt___2014__DSC0134930 __GD__Heidi_Dieter_Louis__Weiterstadt__5217882_n29 _Interviews_done_by_Ralf___4619406_n

Since socializing was more important then racing, to me, not many action pictures. Here just a view to give you an impression.

33 ___2014_the_Weiterstadt_BMX_track___DSC0134334 ___2014_Overlook_BMX_track_Weiterstadt___DSC01344

35 __2014_Veteranen_Cup_racing___DSC0138736 __2014_Veteranen_Cup_racing__DSC01386

38 ___DSC0134537 ___2014_Weiterstadt_early_morning_exhibition_area___DSC01346

Also this event came to an end. On these pictures all participant saying "see you next time in Weiterstadt" for the 21st. Veteranen Cup 2015.

39 ___Veteranen_Cup___DSC0137741 __2014_Veteranen_Cup__DSC0137240 __Veteranen_Cup_2014____DSC01381 

The main event took place at around 19.00 hours and here are the final results of that race:
OLDIE CLASS: in this class bikes are used from the 80'ies and 90'ies, riders must wear uniforms from the same periode of time, no click pedals ofcourse.

1. Ralf Mauritz
2. Holger Godau
3. Nino Nagel
4. Sven Stübner
5. Jürgen Wagner
6. Michael Balint
7. Hamdi Abbas
8. Steffan Uhlschmidt

VETERAN CLASS: in this class also newschool bikes from 2000 and later are allowed to race on. Also click pedals are allowed in this class.

1. Daniel Velten
2. Torsten Hafner
3. Thorsten Cornils
4. Ralf Mangold
5. Steffen Sänger
6. Giovanni Vecchio
7. Olaf Klein
8. Mark Antony

The event had a so called "open-end". There was a afterparty with music, floodlight, beer, food, interviews and stories to tell. Everybody enjoyed themselves very much. The next day Louis Vrijdag and myself left Weiterstadt to travel back home to Waalre and Almere in Holland. Again a very interesting happening ánd celebration which we enjoyed very much. For the time being it will be kind of quit. Next important STOP will be the 2015 UCI BMX World Championship in Zolder - Belgium.

See you all next year at the 21st. Veteranen Cup in Weiterstadt, 2015.

September 6th.-7th., UCI BMX World Cup - SuperCross round 4, Santiago Del Estero, Argentina.

2014 _ArgentinaSXbanner

Final results in Elite Men class:

2014 WC-SX_Argentina__results__5788392_n

Final results in Elite Women class:

September 20th. (through October 13th. 1974) is was 40 years ago I discovered BMX in the USA.

Fourty (40) years ago, I made my first ever trip to the USA. I travelled overthere with my brother in law Frans Karsmakers and Henny Beekmans, both international moto-cross riders. As a trainer/coach in moto-cross, I travelled with Frans and Henny to the Kansas City area where both riders would compete in moto-cross events. At their sponsors shop in Kansas City (Yamaha dealer Mr. Perkins), I did see for the first time a BMX bike, a Yamaha full suspension 20 inch bicycle. It all started there and then for me. For more details, check back in the History of BMX, year 1974.

1974 my_first_picture_of_a_Yamaha_full_suspension_BMX_bike_at_a_dealer_in_Kansas 

September 26th.-27th, UCI BMX World Cup - SuperCross round 5, Chula Vista, Ca. - USA.

Published: 28 September 2014
Written by: Scott Hobro

Great Britain’s Liam Phillips has been crowned 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup champion in a dramatic finale in Chula Vista, California. The 25-year-old entered the final event leading the five-round series before a crash in the quarter-finals at the United States Olympic Training Centre threw his title chances into doubt.

But when Phillips’ main rival Anthony Dean exited in the semi-finals, the Australian also involved in a collision, the Briton was mathematically guaranteed the overall crown. Phillips, the first British male to win the world cup, ends the series on 710 points with Dean in second place on 610. "Super happy to win the 2014 @UCI_BMX_SX overall title!" Phillips tweeted.

All three Great Britain Cycling Team riders - Phillips, Tre Whyte and Kyle Evans - were drawn in the same quarter-final after progressing from the moto heats. Both Phillips and Evans were knocked out after crashes with Whyte finishing fourth to reach the semi-finals, where the 19-year-old’s race day came to an end as he finished seventh. World champion in 2013, Phillips opened the world cup season with victory at the Great Britain Cycling Team’s training base in Manchester. Third in Papendal followed before a quarter-final exit at round three in Berlin. A second place at the penultimate event in Santiago del Estero earlier in September put Phillips on the periphery of the title before the final meeting in the USA. 

Australian Caroline Buchanan won the overall women’s title. Sam Willoughby and Mariana Pajon won the men’s and women’s events respectively in Chula Vista. 

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November 14th., the 40th. anniversary of BMX racing in the USA.

On this day, November 14th. 1970, Scot Breithaupt organized the first BMX race in California.

December 4th., I received confirmation of the passing of Joan Ventura - Spain.

On December 4th. I was informed by Joan Albert Rodondo (from Spain), that a dear friend of mine ánd farther of Spanish BMX, Mr. Joan Ventura (69 y.o.), died of cancer early this morning. Joan Ventura (Spain) was one of the first men from other countries in Europe, who visited me in 1978 and 1979, to learn about "American  BMX". Others were René Nicolas (France), Albert Dekkers (Belgium), Mr. Green (England) among others.

Joan was the organizer of the 4th. I.BMX.F. European Championships in 1985 (we started in 1982 with E.C.'s, here in Holland at Beek & Donk). This event took place in Palau de Plegemans - Spain and is well remembered by most old school international BMX racers.

Thanks for all the work you did Joan, to get BMX going in Spain. You lost the fight against cancer, Rest In Peace now, old friend!

2014 R.I.P.__Joan_Ventura_-_Dec.4th___641822_n

Joan Ventura - R.I.P.