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REDOIS Xavier (France)

xavier redois 1984Special recoqnition European Hall of Fame

Xavier started racing BMX early 1979 and can be considered one of the pioneer BMX racers of France and leaded the way for a long period of time.

He never won a European and/or World title in the highest level class, however he still was a leading figure in International BMX for many years, together with Claude Vuillemot and David Kastler.

xavier redois 1987Xavier is still involved in BMX due to his profession working for a bicycle company in England.

A man who had to be nominated for the European Hall of Fame of BMX.

Inducted in 2001

Name: Xavier Redois
Address: 72 Watcombe Circus
Code: NG5 2DT
City: Nottingham
Country: UK
Born: 19-05-1966
E-mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel/Fax: +44 115 845 01 48
Married: Nathalie
Children (Age) Lucas (9), Suzanne (6), Marie (4)
Started BMX in: First BMX in March 1979, First race/win June 6th, 1982


  • After my BMX racing end up around early 90's (last world in Norway 91), I worked for Starway a French bicycle company (which I raced for few years). I was product assistant and became product manager up to 95.
  • In 1995 I did a big move for me and my family to work for a Chinese bicycle Company (CBC) in Hong Kong, as Marketing and Sales Manager for Europe.
  • Back to France end of '97 I became Marketing Director for Diamondback Europe handling all product development (all products) world wide for DB and managing all promotion and marketing in Europe for another 2 years until Derby Cycles bought Diamondback and ask me to move to UK.
  • From 99 in Raleigh Industries in UK I've been Product Director handling all product development for Raleigh and Diamondback.
  • I'm starting a new challenge this year (especially in my age with a family…) I'm going back to school to prepare a MBA (Master in Business and Administration) in Nottingham University for a year…

Main Results: (Championships 1,2,3 Spots)

French Champion (7 times): Open 16+ : 82 - Superclass 20": 86, 87, 88 - Super Cruiser 24": 85, 86, 87 Runner up (5 times): Superclass 20": 84, 85, 89 - Super Cruiser 24": 88, 90; SuperTour: Winner 85, 88
European Level:
European Champion: Never (I should have been but and if….)
Runner up (3 times): Superclass 20": 86, 88 - Cruiser 24" FIAC: 90
Third: Superclass 20" : 89 - 20" FIAC : 90 - Supercruiser 24" : 86, 88
Bercy: Superclass winner in 1985
Indoors: Tours "Trophe des As" winner 1989
World Level:
World Champion: Never (I should have been but and if….)
Runner up (4 times): Japan Amateur 20" : 84 - Japan Amateur trophy 20" : 84 - Canada Superclass 20": 85 - Brasil Superclass 20" FIAC : 89
Third: Canada Supercruiser 24" : 1985 - England Supercruiser 24" : 1986 - Chili Superclass 20" : 1988 - Spain Superclass 20" FIAC : 1990
Fourth: Orlando Superclass 20" : 1987 - Australia Supercruiser 24" : 1989 - France Pro 20" : 1990

Rememorable Events & Results:
The big thing for me was definitely the World Championship in 1984 in Japan, it was my first or second big trip, my first world (I missed Slagharen 1983!…), I was 18! It was a dream. Leading from almost ....... start to finish this race and to be honest I never believed that Phil Hoogendoorn passed me on the finish line so I'm probably World Champion…. (Joke for Dutch community and especially Phil). * Remark GD: just for your peace of mind, I got the pictures to prove it Redois!

Was a Member of the Following Teams:
Gitane from 82 to 85    -    GT from 86 to 88    -     Starway from 89 to 93

Any other Remark to be made:
I've really enjoy all my wins, I really think I've grown from my defeats. And was very proud of my picture on the last BMX Action cover - May 1989 - BMX has definitely change my life in my self-confidence, opening doors to believe and to achieve goals. I have loved this period of my live, training hard, travelling, meeting new people, of course racing, I 've loved to be stress before a final, challenging my friends Claude Vuillemot, David Kastler, Eric Minozzi…you know this feeling also of adrenaline… it was just good.

Stopped being active as a racer in: 1993 I thought I was too old?

Still Active in BMX?
Yes as a rider riding time to time with my son for fun…


Xavier Redois (1984)
Bas de Bever, spraying Xavier Redois in Dijon, France