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Nominations 2013

The 2013 nominations for the European BMX Hall of Fame by the UNIVERSITY of BMX.

D.5 European BMX Hall of Fame nominations 2013

Category AA:

Nominations will be made after the 2016 Olympic Championships in BMX in Brasil

Category A1:

The nominees from the 2013 UCI World Championships in Auckland/New Zealand are the following Champions coming from Europe:

  • Elite men: Liam Phillips (GBR)

Category A2:

2013 Supercross World Cup Series overall winners:

  • No European rider won these World Cup series.

Category A3:

The nominees from the 2013 UCI European Championships are the following Champions:

  • Elite men: Maris Strombergs (Latvia) (is already a HoF member. This title will be added)
  • Elite women: Manon Valentino (France)

Category A4:

Pioneer rider(s) nominated.

  • NO nomination(s) at this time

Category B1:

Pioneer (non racers) nomination(s):

  • Special recognition for Christine Deconclois (France) 

    Motivation: As we all know, René Nicolas from Beaune-France is thé "father" of French BMX. Mrs. Christine Deconclois is René partner since early 1982 and from that moment on, Christine has been involved in BMX up and till today. Since Christine did speak English fluenty and therefore could communicate very wel at international level, she was a great official at the finish line at the international races René and Christine were present at. Christine has been employed as secretary by the AFB from August 1984 until October 1988. Among other things she was in charge of relationships with foreign federations and for some time she was the I.BMX.F. European Committee's secretary, after Gerrit Does withdraw himself from the international officials scene.

    After the AFB integrated into the FFC, Christine changed jobs and started to work for famous French wine companies like Moillard and Joseph Drouhin. Her position was that of assistant to the export managers. However, Christine was still involved in BMX too, but now through SPORTMANIA (René and Christine created this companyin March 1989). The activities of SPORTMANIA over the years were in implementing BMX racing software, photo finish, safety gates, random voice boxes and since 1995 transponders (introduced by Gerrit Does during the first ever UCI BMX World Cup in Brighton-England). Christine can be called René Nicolas' "super - assistant" during the periode intil 2010.

    Also on racing technical affaires Chritine developed her skills. She passes several exams and became a Natioanal Commissaire with the FFC in France. Even at international level she was appointed UCI Commissaire in November 2010. In May 2011 Christine completed her practical exam in Praha and has now excepted the official position as UCI Commissaire in BMX. Since April 2011 Christine also stopped working for the wine company and became head of SPORTMANIA as well.

    This is the career of a remarcable woman in our sport, working at National and International level since she got in touch with BMX in 1982. Therefore Christine Deconclois has been nomiated to become a member of the European BMX Hall of Fame, class of 2013.

Category B2:

Organizers/promoters of European Top events:

  • Special recognition for the UCI EUROPEAN BMX CHAMPIOSHIP at Dessel - Belgium  under leadership of organizer Frank Smets and his crew of the Joël Smets BMX Circuit in Dessel

    Motivation: Since the beginning of BMX in Belgium (1979), the development of the sport has been very difficult because of several laws and several BMX organizations that were fighting together at the time for the best position. Only the past 15 years clubs, organizers and federation got a better grip on things, organizing the sport of BMX. The past 5 years the level of organizing BMX races has improved incredibely. One BMX Club has been outstanding in developing quality organization of events, the JOËL SMETS BMX CIRCUIT in Dessel - Belgium.

    Main reason for the high standard of organization of his events is, the very motivated and pioneer BMX'er in charge of the Dessel club for over 10 years now, is Frank Smets. His dream always was to organize events like the European Challenge Cup events in Slagharen - Holland, that was his goal. With the organization of the 2013 UCI BMX European Championships in Dessel, Frank Smets absolutely reached that goal and even better. In all fields this European Championship was very successful and a fantastic promotion of our sport in Belgium and Europe.

    After many years of hard work ánd working towards his goal, realizing an event like or even better then, the former European Challenge Cup events (E.C.C.'s), Frank Smets did reach that goal and is therefore nominated to become a member of the European BMX Hall of Fame, class 2013. 

Category C:

European National Teams or Manufacturer Teams winning a team World title;

  • NO nomination(s).



Update Waalre, December 2013

Induction: all nominees mentioned above, have been inducted in December 2013.