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DOES Gerrit (Holland)

Gerrit-Does-left-and-Louis-Vrijdag-rightSpecial recoqnition European Hall of Fame

As you can read from the History of BMX, Gerrit Does discovered BMX in the USA in 1974 and imported the sport in Europe, more specific Holland in the first place.

Louis Vrijdag has been instrumental getting the sport organised in Holland together with Gerrit Does in the early days.

Gerrit Does has been instrumental getting an international organisation of the the ground called the I.BMX.F. , now integrated into the UCI. Louis Vrijdag was instrumental integrating I.BMX.F. into the UCI which took about 6 years to realise all together.

Gerrit has been involved in BMX up and till 1998 (since 1974 meaning 25 years of involvement) and Louis Vrijdag up and till 1999 (since 1978 meaning 21 years of involvement) working for the KNWU (National Cycling Fed.) and the UCI (president BMX committee UCI). Both men have been crucial for National and International developments up and till the ’90s.

Gerrit-Does-and-Louis-Vrijdag-having-lunchFour still active manufacturers of BMX bikes and parts have been inducted into the European BMX Hall of Fames in the year 2003. All of them were pioneers in their fields in international European BMX. They were trend setters and instrumental in developing BMX equipment from the early days on up till now. They helped initiating the sport and its products within the European market and on.

Read detailed information on Gerrit Does in his profile.

European Challenge Cup / E.C.C. events - Slagharen , Holland

Mr. H. Bemboom (owner PP Slagharen) and Mr. G. Does (BMX organisation)

Organisation: Ponypark Slagharen with owner/director Mr. H. Bemboom taking care of all facilities and promoter/organiser Mr. Gerrit Does taking care of the sport technical part of the organisation as well as marketing, publicity, public relations (TV) and so on.

AVRO TV series 1981 t/m 1984, 3 times during the vacation season (July/August), each 50 minute programs contained, racing, information on BMX and amusement (Pop-groups).

  • 1983 I.BMX.F World Championship, first out of USA.
  • ECC events from 1984 up and till 1993 (10 x). Entries varied from around 1000 till 1800. Most events around 14 countries represented; about 60 % were riders from abroad and about 40% were Dutch. Real international competition all the time.
    During events K.o.D. competitions, trial demo's, F-1 bike racing etc. etc. co-organised by Bart and Paul de Jong.
  • European Championship 1988
  • European Club Championships 1988
  • International King of Dirt, indoor DOME Slagharen 1992 & 1993
  • 75% of the events were televised and broadcasted nation wide
  • All Free-style, K.o.D. and other demo events were co-organised with brothers Bart and Paul de Jong
  • The last event organised at Slagharen was in 1993