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2018, the USA BMX Hall of Fame nominated Renny Roker

Renny Roker one of the Industry nominees 2018.

In June 2018 the USA BMX Hall of Fame did publish the names of the nominees in their respectif categories. In the Industry section one of the nominees is Renny Roker (Jag BMX). I know most of the Industry nominees personal, also Renny Roker. One think I can say is, that because of the 1979 en 1980 Jag BMX World Championships in Indianapolis-USA, finaly the I.BMX.F. saw the light of day in 1981, which organization integrated into the UCI in 1996. UCI being a part of the I.O.C., announced that BMX Race would become an Olympic discipline at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing - China. George Esser (NBL), Tadashi Inoue (JBA) and Gerrit Does (SFN) initiated and started the I.BMX.F. with that purpose in mind..........BMX becoming an Olympic sport. The JAG BMX Worlds 1979 and 1980 organized by Renny Roker, was instrumental to realize that

Looking at the JAG BMX Worlds with many riders (2500) and only a few countries / foreign riders was a commercial event. We, George, Ted and myself wanted a world governing body set up as among others the F.I.M
meaning, National organizations organizing and running world wide BMX within an international body. The International BMX Federation - I.BMX.F. became a fact.

Because of all of the above it would be fair to have Renny Roker voted into the USA BMX Hall of Fame, that's our opinion. 

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The story continues;

After receiving the info on the nominations I contacted Renny Roker. He told me, he did not know he was a nominee for the USA BMX Hall of Fame in the Industry section, class 2018. He was very surprised and realy happy. Over the years since 1979 I have been in contact with Renny. When in Florida we even did have some meetings (also Greg Esser present) on plans Renny had for BMX. Not much happened I must say, but besides all that, Renny has become a good friend, like I have so many in the USA thanks to BMX ánd Moto-cross.

Here some reactions I received from Renny from ending June, early July:

On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 7:37 AM, Renny Roker wrote:
Was I on that list???? Thank you for your friendship and respect. Please send me a copy of the USA BMX Hall Of Fame nominees. Thank you very much.
Renny Roker

I really want to thank you for your friendship and in this case your support. I truly believe that BMX has accomplished a great deal by keeping youngsters in a sport that demands a need to focus, exercise, respect and enjoy. Equally important is to have individuals like you that care about all facets of the sport, like families, and the good health and positive present and future of all youngsters, parents and those that provide it to the public.
Renny Roker

That would be incredible if it happens, because my birthday is September 6th. I can not think of a better Birthday Gift. Gerritt thank you for all you have done in the past, including coming to the JAG BMX World Championship in Indianapolis, Indiana, the first WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF BMX. Looking forward to thanking you if I am awarded to everyone.
Renny Roker

I promoted entertainment singers and musicians for many different organizations. Now it's my turn to see how exciting it is to wait, when everyone else is voting or deciding who should be in the group, proclaimed a very special person. Thank you so much for your support.
Renny Roker

On Monday July 2nd., 2018 at 2:29 P.M. Renny Roker wrote:
Subject: Re: Hall of Fame for Renny Roker
Gerit I believe that many believe in you, just as I believe in you and the power of your support. I feel very strong about the fact that BMX has a greater place than any cycling sport in most of the world. Especially the young riders just riding and or racing or both it provides a moment of being excited about as much as daily practicing, those 2 or 3 times per week of competing which has the energy and excitement that every youngster enjoys, but becoming the leader is the greatest moment in the world.

My son was about 4 years old when he first rode a BMX Bike again and again and again. Proud of our team which seemed to win a great deal. And then there was the beginning of thousands of youth around the world to watch the JAG BMX Team flying over a track , and by the end of the day receiving a trophy. The words were not bragging of the rider, it was an open invitation to ride with a JAG BMX team member and enjoy, because our agreement was to make every young man or lady on a BMX bike feel proud about themselves.

The JAG BMX TEAM traveled all over the world from Russia to Alaska, Australia to China and many more countries. Our best riders were proud to teach or to improve, or to just be good to each other and every
youngster they encountered.

The JAG BMX Team will soon be back with riders from around the world and here in each country and of course The United States. It will be a dream come true to many youngsters, and a full feeling of pride in knowing "Today I helped to make a BMX'er faster, road save with less or no accidents, the importance of helping a youngster from your neighborhood and around the world.

The JAG BMX team has visited more than 30 countries, and a drive hitting every city possible between Los Angeles and New York, Boston and Washington D.C., Miami, then Chicago, St Louis, Kentucky, and every city from west to east or vice versa. I remember driving about 7 or more JAG members across the country hitting 90% of the U.S.A

But that was just the beginning because we hit most of the countries in the world, Africa, Japan, England, Australia, Mexico, China, and many more. Boy did the JAG BMX Team have a great time. Talk to some of
our former racers who many are married with children and kids on the JAG BMX Team. Our doors will always be open to BMX'ers around the world.

Now just a little boasting the rider I mentioned earlier was considered one of the greatest BMX'ers in the world and literally many traveled to watch this incredible young man who was a winner of all 6 or 7
Regional Championships in the same year. That rider was #1 in the world in many ways. He won the Olympic Trials and assisted from beginners to moderate, to great riders this young man was the fastest rider on
earth and the best rider. I wonder if you know his name. Oh yes and in a trial between top riders from around the world Anthony Sewell who passed away, was truly the best rider I have ever seen. He loved to help
young riders in the skills it takes to be a winner.

JAG BMX is and always will be dedicated to improving the lives of all team members, and higher grade point averages (teachers, riders) to be better focused. And that also means higher grades, and faster riders.
Thank you for all you have done to help our youngsters around the world.

Renny Roker


July 11th., we did receive the final result of the voting USA BMX Hall of Fame class of 2018

The 2018 inductees are:

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Note GD:  Another change for among others Renny Roker in 2019.