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2017, Special Docu on Dutch TV on start and grow of BMX, 1978 till now

andere tijden sport

On June 18th, a special documentary on Dutch BMX has been shown on Dutch National TV, NPO 1 at 22.15 hours. This 30 minutes docu will tell people about the introduction, start and developments in Holland over time on Bicycle Moto-Cross. BMX was introduced by Gerrit Does early 1978 in Holland and coordinated activities European wide in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden the first couple of years since 1978. Special about this docu is the fact that mainly privat never shown 8 mm films and video-tapes will be used (archiefs Gerrit Does).  First 8mm film on MX and BMX dates from 1974. Ofcourse quality wise upgraded through modern technic. A more detailed story will be published in the section Histroy of BMX 2017 - 2018. Check it out from June 19th. 2017 on. 

Here the link to the program mentioned above. Sorry to say the commetary is done in Dutch ......