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2007, Opinion: ONE comments on UCI Supercross, Beijing, China

August 20-21, 2007 UCI Supercross, Beijing, China


The first major BMX race for Asia, after the IBMXF Worlds in Japan, was the 2007 Supercross in Beijing. A great event under tough circumstances. Although tickets were sold out, still many seats were empty. Wonder why that was ?

There wasn't even anyone offering tickets on the black market and as it appeared the price was only 10 CNY, which is about 1.30 USD. Some people were under the impression that Chinese people were hired/ invited to fill the seats. Hospitality was wonderful but the security matters were a little too much. Of course it was an Olympic try out for the organisation...this was mentioned a little too much. It almost made people think it was just a test race. Yeah right !

Ok, the random gate was introduced for the first time and it was a good thing to see fair starts. Also, the quarters and semis were run 3 times. Very tough in the Beijing heat, with not too much breaks in between races.

The track was as expected. Great to watch for people who don't know BMX, cause it is spectacular to see. Although it doesn't have the back up of the old skool BMXers it appears the IOC was excited about the event. And it was a great event, with great races and a lot of drama - crashes, cramps and celebrations...

ONE/Kenda had Aneta Hladikova from Czech Republic, Gabriela Diaz from Argentina and Joyce Seesing from the Netherlands to compete in the Womens class. Arturs Matisons, Maris Strombergs from Latvia were the Men that represented the ONE/Kenda colors.

Edzus Treimanis from Latvia was flying the PIT colors. Unfortunatelly Maris crashed hard in practice as did many others, as well as former ONE rider and winner of the SX round in Madrid, Khalen Young. All other made it trhough time qualifying.

Joyce competed as the youngest rider in the Women class.Aneta made the trip to China, raced, but had been in pain for the last weeks. Aneta is in hospital as we speak recovering from her appendix surgery. Gabriela Diaz made it to the final.

In the final she was in 2nd place but in the last turn Anne-Caroline Chausson came a little to fast on the inside of Gabriela forcing her to go to the outside and Gabriela also had to let Laëtitia le Corguille pass. Gabriela took 4th place. Still a great result.

Edzus Treimanis did well, but crashed hard with Michal Prokop in the last quarter. Arturs Matisons was amazing. He kicked ass and had the random gate under control like not many others! Check out Arturs on BMX-Videos (quarter 2, semi 1 and main) and see what we mean. Unfortunately cramps messed up his main. Arturs was unable to finish, although he was certainly one of the few to be able to win the event. We hope Arturs will be back in shape for the 3rd Supercross event in Salt Lake City (USA) in September.