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Xavier Redois - England (2003)

Hi Gerrit,

You did a remarkable job it is very impressive, who else than you could have done that better? I’m sure nobody. Congratulation for this work, if you want to enrich you sites by some pictures I may be able to give you a selection…let me know if you need some. My email address is not correct in my ‘’profile page’’ it is xn.redois@.... And not xr.redois@... (xn stand for Xavier and Nathalie my wife!)
All the best and I hope that all the family Does doing very well, pass my regards to all the family members…  Could you keep me posted on the 27th of September meeting of any changes or additional information, I really wish to be able to join you over there.

Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon…I will keep an eye on your site regularly, anyway!

Xavier Redois