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Vincent Claessens - Switzerland

Dear Gerrit,

Thank you very much for the invitation to be present during the celebration of 25 years of BMX in Europe at Dessel - Belgium. Unfortunately, I would not be able to come at this event.  I am very busy at this time of the year with our company, the BMX club (we just had a party for our 20th year!)and I must keep a few hours for my wife and my 4 kids...   Anyway Gerrit, thank you very much for all you are doing for the BMX; you are doing a great job and I can tell you that I really appreciate that some people like you care so much about our sport. I really hope I could answer positively a next time as I am still riding for fun and would be ready to go for a "old timer" race.

One info that you maybe could give to the BMX friend: BMX has now a catholic priest still riding (just for fun)! His name is Cédric Claessens, my brother! He becomes priest last month and he is now holding a parish in Namur in Belgium. Is that not a prime! I will sent him the invitation.

Best regards to you and your family.

Vincent Claessens - Switzerland