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Tadashi Inoue – Japan (2006)

Tokyo/Waalre, September 2006.

Dear brother Gerrit,

How are you, Mieke and your sons doing? I wish you are all fine. Myself and Chako are doing o.k. I am still very busy every day working for my business projects. Gerrit, I was very excited to read in a Japanese newspaper today that the IOC decided to adopt BMX as an Olympic sport during the 2008 Games in Beijing in China. Did you hear or read about this too?

I am very proud of you and your good job to promote BMX as an international sport in the early days of BMX and I am also very proud of the original founders of I.BMX.F.  The fact that BMX will be in the Olympics means that the final goal has been reached for all of us. I will really appreciate your good job Gerrit! Congratulations.

Again, I am enjoying many good memories with you to promote BMX sport up till now.
All the best.

Tadashi Inoue
Honourable founder member of the I.BMX.F.