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Steve Rooke - BMX rider Magazine UK (2003)

Hi Gerrit,

Got on to your site by accident and was reading with great interest the history of BMX, I can remember some of those days and watched BMX in the UK grow from the start as I saw the early developments of Redditch BMX track the first in the UK and even met Jeff Wiles after one of his promotional presentations to tell us all about BMX in 1980. He was an inspiration and I have built a Skatepark for BMX next to the old Redditch BMX track in honour of what once was. I still live in Redditch a stones throw from the old track. If it wernt for you guys I would not have the job I have today and the life I've had over the last 20 or so years. I have attached photos of Redditch Skatepark today that lies ajacent to the old track.

All the best

Steve Rooke
Editor BMX rider Magazine UK