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Pete Loncarevich - Pistol Pete (2012)

Hey there Gerrit!

I like what you wrote about, good stuff (2011). I was looking at your past World Championships info and there might be a mistake made. I won the I.BMX.F. Worlds in France in 1990 and on your site it says Wilco Groenendaal won. Happy to see you still involved in BMX and loving it. Wish I could help Americans with there training, but the USA program sucks and there attitude is no good for the sport of BMX. If you ever come across a country other then the USA thats looking for a Coach with knowledge, keep me in mind. Hope all is well Gerrit and say "hello" to Nico for me!

Love Pistol Pete.

Response by Gerrit Does:

Good to hear from you Pete, it has been a long time since we met the last time (1992). Pete, you have been looking at the  "overview" list of the BMX Hall of Fame. It says Wilco Groenendaal was a world champion in 1990 and that is true. He was World Champion in Superclass 20 inch and you were World Champion in Pro class 20 inch., Pete!  So thats cleared now.  

You can find the exact results in section "History of BMX" and then look for "Year 1990". In this year you will find a report and results on the Paul Ricard I.BMX.F. World Championships. Further more I will keep your remark in mind, concerning doing work as a coach for a country. All the best and till we meet again!

Cheers, GD