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Paul Driessen - Holland

Dear Gerrit,

"Life is a circle".  A few weeks ago, after almost twenty years, I started riding my cruiser again. At first it felt a little weird but after a few hours I felt really comfortable. Since I never really stopped cycling race- and mountainbikes, my stamina was still all right. Unfortunately we haven't got a track in Southern Limburg anymore, I am intending to train in Soumagne (B), Near my hometown Maastricht. I was surprised that modern BMX-tracks are so technical. Why didn't we have those tracks in the "eighties"

By coincidence I discovered the BMX-track in Tegelen, and went for a membership almost at once, I only can encourage others to do the same. At the moment my factory-ASCO is still O.K. but since my Belgian shepherd dog always beats my in the sprints, I am looking for a lighter 24" bike. It's a great initiative to organize this "Old school BMX meeting " I certainly will take part next time.

Cee ya,
Paul Driessen - Holland