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Martin Savage (2002)

Subject: NZ BMX early 80's

Dear Gerrit,

I was blown away to come across your web-site today.
I was a BMX racer in New Zealand in the late 70's to mid eighties, and was delighted to see that you have some discussion of the development of BMX racing in NZ during this time period.
I was on Graeme Everetts' Lincoln BMX team with David Thomason, Philip Chapmen, and others, and raced for the years between 1979 and 1983 (or so), and so saw a significant amount of the development of the sport!
I just emailed David Thomason about your site, and he was as amazed as I.
Would it be useful to you for us to put together a history of events concerning NZ BMX that we can recall or have articles about.

Would you be interested in including such information in your history?

Best Regards
Martin Savage
Associate Professor of Physics
University of Washingto