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Kevin O'Brien - Canada

Subject: Your thoughts on 2008 Olympics and CLIP PEDALS

Hi Gerrit,

Thank you for you comments on the state of BMX and CLIP PEDALS. Your message about the 2008 Olympics and the state of BMX was excellent. I agree with just about everything you said and would like to push the BMX associations and UCI to officially consider BANNING CLIP PEDALS for 2004. I have been a well-known advocate of FLAT PEDALS since BMX began and I am 100% against the use of CLIP PEDALS. In Canada, I would be considered one of the 'Grandfathers' of BMX is suppose, although I am only 36. I have been with BMX since 1980 and now work as the CCA BMX Coordinator.

Your comments on the sport's popularity and TV coverage are bang on. Anwyay, I am keen to push further so that UCI takes the necessary steps to remove CLIP PEDALS from BMX. I am here if there is anyway I can help.


Kevin O'Brien