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John Smith (2001)

Hello Gerrit

As I read your fantastic 'History of BMX' section, I wondered if New Zealand would get a mention, and there it was!

Back in 79 I was riding BMX with a couple of friends before any tracks were built. I read Action Now, BMX Action and BMX Plus when I could find them... and dreamt of a real track to race on.

Luckily the local bike shop owner Mr Collins, thought BMX would be good for his store and the local kids, so he and a few parents designed a track on some industrial land (donated by a very generous Bruger Industries), hired a bulldozer and history was made.

We rode there everyday, raced every weekend, built jumps and had the best time of my life... I was all prepared when the Summer Nationals came around. (Also mentioned in your history).

I was riding a Super Maxy with Mark 1 tuff wheels (coaster brake too), this was an alloy lugged frame that I think came from Australia. Anyway, I was riding the 15 yr old class and having a good day, couple of firsts and a second.

I loved jumping, so between races i was going to our jumping spot to have some fun, when my name was called to be on the start gate for the final!!
I rode up there in my jeans to find one other guy up there, who's dad carried his bike up to the line.

We had a good race, and as he got tired coming into the last straight I swooped inside and sprinted to the finish line for the win. Fantastic stuff.

So when I saw this meeting mentioned it all came flooding back.

The other thing that I remember was a meeting in Auckland where Stu Thompsen, Scott Breithaupt, Jeff Kosmala, and two more guys that I can't remember, arrived from USA. This was a huge boost to NZ BMX and it was all on from there! DO you have any info on that race?

Thank you for the memories Gerrit.

John Smith (2001)

I'll be visiting your site as often as I can... keep it up for all those 'born again' BMX fans!