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John Crews

By going through a web site called Old School BMX, I ran into a name a knew from the early days of BMX, John Crews. I did sent him en email and the following reaction from John came in.

"Gerrit, thanks for your kind words. Always great to hear from an "old" timer …. There aren't many of us left. HA, HA …. I went and checked out your site, the University of BMX and it's pretty cool! BMX is truly an international language. I was a huge fan of your brother in law (GD: John is talking about Pierre Karsmakers, who was a factory MX rider for Yahama in the '70 in the USA). I still ride motocross almost every weekend…..just starting to get my kids into it….. I'm going to get them a PW Yamaha ….. Don't ride bike too much….. It's truly become a job for me. I went right out of racing and into owning retail bike shops…. I sold one a year or so ago and now can just focus on one shop and my family.  The riding that I do is mainly with my wife and kids ….. you know, just cruz'n around the block type of stuff…. My mind wants to jumps but my body wants to cruz …… I have a friend that started a web site that's pretty big in the US, its called Old School BMX My bro is Randy Schaffner … Tell him I sent ya. We don't currently have a web master and we're in the process of getting a new guy…… Will look into setting your site up as a link on our store site when the contract is signed . By the way Gerrit, did you know that the son of Renny Roker (GD: Renny Roker a movie star, acted as the promoter for the musicgroup KISS, was the owner of JAG BMX bikes and promoter of the JAG BMX World Championships in the late '70 s and early '80 s as some of you might remember) is Lenny kravitz, the musician ! Lenny is an "old skool" BMX'er from the JAG BMX days. You should try to search his fan web site and shoot him an email. This will be all for now. Talk to you later.

Keep on Rip'n