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Franck Roman - France

Bonjour Gerrit !

Nice to hear from you and nice remenbering. I did complete your interview form, but it is lost in my computer at the moment god dam machine !(will do it again!). It is a strange feeling because I have a strange relation with my racing past and the old times. In France last year, Claude Vuillemot organized a weekend where all the "old" guys did meet :I couldn't go. It was too difficult. But I'm ready to go this year...why not ? Lots of stuff to speak about I see now, the really interesting side of racing bmx, what has filled my life for so long, and made me as I am!

I've stopped racing now, 4th seasons ago. The bmx time looks so far so much things happen during my MTB down-hill time.. It is hard now here to have a "normal life / civil" life as I call it... We may have the occasion to speak about it. That would be a pleasure anyway. I remenber we had interesting talks together a long time ago!

So, whow is your life ?
Bye for now,

Franck Roman - France