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Daniel Herz (2001)

Hi Gerrit!

Here is Daniel Herz! How are you? Thanx´ for the Info letter from the University! Cool thing, cool do so many for BMX!!!!!!

I´m also still in the bikebusiness. Last year, i sell my company (ROOX bicycle components) and start in a german engineer company. We had own brands, like ROTWILD bikes (high expensive) and ADP bike parts (carbon). We make also the engineering and the tech for BMW bikes (very intersting). And since this year, we make CYCLECRAFT bikes (nothing to do with Shag S., just the same name).

I make all the sales in Austria, frontman for Cyclecraft and Teammanager for TEAM FIAT ROTWILD (15 People!). The Team is the biggest fun (it was good, that i learned alot from you!!!!), I do the complete DH worldcup (4 riders), all the material thing and organisation.

How is Nico and Pieter? I hope with your wife is also everything OK..say hello!


Daniel (2001)