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Dale Holmes (2001)

Hi Gerrit

Good to here from you again, I took a look at your site, can't wait for it to be all ready. The picture from 83 worlds looks so good, the people watching, it looks better than the last few worlds ive been to!

Anyway things over here are going very good, i got burned out towards the end off last year, but took a good long break, I'm now refocused and ready for this year, I've had a good start to the year, won last week and presently leading ABA points, but I will be doing more NBL this year, better tracks I think.

I've been working with my trainer alot, his name is Lewis Wong, he used to train Doug Henry, Carl lewis and a bunch off top roadriders, Dave Cullian introduced him to me, he a very cool guy, already my first straight power is so much faster, I'm very excited about it all.

Nirves going real good, bike sales are up and we have 3 AA pros on the team now, I'm hoping within the next few years we will be in Europe, so maybe theres some kind off job there when I'm done racing.

I remember Sinisalo, there were a great lookin set off pants, and still here alot about Bas and Corine, do you have threre email address, I would love to email them see how there doing.

Thats rad your going to do a European Hall of Fame, it would be so cool to come over and have a big reunion. Count me in for sure, well Gerrit say hi to the family from me, keep in touch,

your good friend Dale  (January 2001).

MCS, WEBCO and GT Europe x team rider, we had some good times.