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Christophe BOUL - France

Dear Gerrit,

Pleasure for me, for every French racer to ride in Holland, with beautiful country for bmx, professional and cool race, and very good racer.. Bas de Bever, Does, Groenendal, Amev Team, etc... great, great souvenirs for me, big emotions to ride on the track of Ponypark Slagharen and a wonderful week in Bungalow with Zeronine French team (Rougemont Laurent). For me, Holland is a big souvenir of the win in World championship 1993 and European Championship..then...i'm only happy.... to speak Holland country and people..thanks again.

See you soon P.S. If you want some cartoons made in BOUL to symbolise souvenirs of bmx, ask me everything, it's a honour to aid you...

Christophe BOUL Graphic Designer

Christophe BOUL - France