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Bob Hadley (August 2001)


It is very good to hear from you!

I am somewhat of an amateur history buff... this interest in accuracy comes from earlier days when I read Winston Churchill's memoirs (this was, I assure, many years ago). Churchill always made a point to refer to historical documents when recounting an event. This practice not only refreshes the memory, he said, but gives future historians and scholars a chance to review the same material with the benefit of time. Churchill knew, and as we have found out with the fall of the communism, the full truth sometimes takes years to come out -- if ever.

As I mentioned to Bart, scarce as it is, there is documentation from the earliest days of BMX (Cycle Scene West, BMX News and BMX Bi-Weekly). My collection is not complete (I made the mistake of loaning my earliest collection to someone who subsequently lost it all). Out of curiosity, now I am in the process of trying to track down the missing parts. I will keep you advised. Maybe we can get permission to post reprints on the web!

Bob Hadley (August 2001)