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Big "E" (former Powerlite USA team-manager)


Great to here from you. I am very happy working here at Transworld Motocross. I have been A fan of Motocross since I was a kid, so this is a dream job for me. There is so much crossover between the two sports it was easy to make the transition. I work in the same office as the guys producing the BMX Magazines so I am still connected to BMX in that way. What are you up to these days? Are you involved with BMX in Europe in some way shape or form? BMX needs a person with a vision in the states. There is nobody that will say "this is where BMX needs to go in the next 5 years". I am sad about that. ABA and NBL are not getting the job done

I miss my Powerlite team. Donny is off to a good start in pro racing he is going to be like Mario Soto in so many ways. I won't be going to Daytona so I wont see Pierre (KARSMAKERS), someday I would like to meet him though.

Tell Nico and Pieter I said hi when you see him!


Big "E" (former Powerlite USA team-manager)