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Andy Ruffell - Founder & CEO DanceStar USA Inc

January 2006

Dear Gerrit,

Hi Gerrit, great to hear from you! its been a while. I got your interview form and I will try and get it back to you soon, I am based in the USA 6 months of the year. ­ I'm now in the music business ­ strange but true! I have developed some of the largest music award TV shows in the world over the last few years - MOBO Awards, DanceStar The World Dance Music Awards and DanceStar USA. MOBO is transmitted in 52 countries around the world now and I am launching DanceStar in Hong Kong in December. Check out the web sites below. I am really up for the reunion event ­ let me know when and where!

I haven't been to a BMX race since June 1987! I would love to talk to you on the phone sometime soon and found out how everything is going. It brought back so many memories reading your your stuff on the website.

Hope you are well.

Very best wishes,
Andy Ruffell
Founder & CEO
DanceStar USA Inc
Suite 7712
Venetia Media Centre
7th Floor 555 NE 15th Street
Miami Fl 33132

Update April 2010.
It took some time, but during my trip with Louis Vrijdag in March/April 2010, riding Harley Davidson motorcycles from Orlando to L.A., we did spent 2 days in Las Vegas where we met with my friend Andy Ruffell. Andy moved from Miami to Las Vegas some time ago. Anuway, we did meet in bar of our hotel where another BMX'er, Chris Jenkins from Holland joined us. Wow, stories where told, BMX history passed by, we had fun and drank a beer (and more).
The effect of this kind of meetings seems to be (since about 2003 when I started to organise reunions in Holland and Belgium) that these old schoolers get very enthousiastic and afterwards they decided to go back on a BMX machine again. Chris and Andy both did buy new BMX bikes and agreed to go out training together sometime soon. Chris Jenkins even rode his first ABA race sometime September 2010. Meeting up with those guys was just great.