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Pieter Does - University of BMX advisor

2009 pieter doesAn introduction of Pieter Does:

Name: P. Does
Education: School for retail management, University of Professional Education: "Business Management"
Profession: General Manager Twin Air (an among others, moto-cross air-filters production company)
Hobbies: Staff member University of BMX, Moto-cross, golf, MTB, BMX, karting, jet-skiing.

01 Pieter Does and oldest son Mika at the BMX track June 2009 02 Mika on the BMX track August 2009

BMX Career of Pieter Does

Team WEBCO 1998 - Mentos Europe FLTR Kevin Peter Marlies Michal Mark Anthony Rob and PieterI have been racing BMX bikes for 25+ years. I started riding BMX bikes when I was 4 years old (1979). I have been a member of several BMX teams such as: SE Racing, Mongoose, MCS, Patterson Sunn and Webco. From 1991 up and till 2002 I have been a team member of the WEBCO-Mentos BMX World Team. With this team we became 3 times National Champion Factory Teams in Holland , Vice-European Champion in 1997 and 1998 and European Champion in 1999. We finished 3 rd. as a team, during the UCI BMX World Championship Trade teams in Canada in 1997.

After the 2004 UCI BMX Worlds in Valkenswaard - Holland, I finished my BMX careerat the end of that season. I had to concentrate on my career as a General Manager for the Twin Air company.

04 Team of friends on MCS bikes in 2002 FLTR Erik Eric Mark Robert Rob and PieterFrom 2002 on we formed a “team of friends” with among others Rob van den Wildenberg. MCS was the bike we raced and we did wear own designed uniforms.

05 ABA Grands 1998 Pieter Does in ActionAfter finishing my study in September 1998, I decided to go to America to compete at the highest level of BMX competition in the world at that moment. I have been in the USA from October 25th. 1998 till January 25th. 1999 and competed in the four biggest BMX races in A-pro class: The ABA Fall National (Lake Perris, California), The ABA Grand National (Tulsa, Oklahoma), The NBL Christmas Classic (Columbus, Ohio) and the ABA Silver Dollar Nationals (Reno, Nevada).

Professional career

After working for a short while before I went to the USA and when I came back from the USA early February 1999, I started to work again at TWIN AIR filters, a manufacturer of motorcycle foam airfilters and foam airfilters for other equipment using filters. I applied for the job vacancy at that company as General Manager.

The Twinair company agreed to contract me and after 1 year acting as a management trainee, I was appointed General Manager in the year 2000. This means running the factory and taking care of production and sponsorships (World Championship MX factory teams). Since 2000, there have been 2 big fires at the production plant. To help rebuilt the production unit, did cost me all my energy, but finally in July 2004 a hyper modern facility has been opened in Veghel – Holland.

06 Twin Air both at the 2008 Cologne Motorcycle show left Gerrit Does Toon Karsmakers both sitting Pieter on far right 07 FLTR Pieter Does Stefan Everts CEO Twin Air - Klaas Biermann and Leo Brans at the Twin Air booth in Cologne Germany 2006 08 A Twin Air filter shown at the Intermot in Cologne

Due to my professional career I can not find the time anymore to prepare myself for the highest level of competition. Since I like BMX so much, I keep on riding however realizing myself, I have to take a few steps down. This is another dimension of experiencing ones favorite sport, which makes your life richer. I enjoy working with my father Gerrit and my brother Nico within the University of BMX.

The year 2004, I decided to stop racing at an international level and do some National events only in 2005. July 2004, during the UCI – BMX Valkenswaard,  I celebrated my 30 th. birthday but also the fact that I have been active in BMX without an interval, for 25 years now. At the end of the 2004 season I decided to stop racing BMX.

From then on a slowly changed to riding MX machines, more specific a Honda 250 cc 4-stroke with the purpose testing the products we produce. An other hobby was found in playing golf, among others playing with my dad.

09 Pieters first official race team event at Farleigh Castle-England September 2009 10 Pieter playing golf at Gendersteyn Veldhoven 2009 11 Dad Gerrit getting ready to play the game

Resume of results in BMX

1983 World Championships
3rd place Experts 10 y.o.

1984 European Championships
2nd place Experts 11 y.o.
3rd place Openklasse 11-12 y.o.

1991 World Championships
2nd place Experts 16 y.o.
8th place Cruisers 16-17 y.o.

1992 Dutch National Championships
1st place Experts 17 y.o.
1st place Cruisers 16-17 y.o.

1992 European Championships
8th place Experts 17 y.o.

1993 Dutch National Championships
1st place Experts 18 y.o.
1st place Cruisers 18-24 y.o.

1994 ABA Grand National - USA
1st place ROC Experts 18 & over

1996 Dutch National Championships
4th place Elite men 19 & over

1996 European Championships
12th place overall Elite men 19 & over

1996 UCI World Cup - Ranking
6th place overall Elite men 19 & over

1997 Dutch National Championships
1st place Elite cruiser 19-29 y.o.
2nd place Elite men 19 & over

1997 European Championships
9th place overall Elite men 19 & over

1997 UCI World Ranking
12th place overall Elite men 19 & over

1998 Dutch National Championships
1st place Elite cruiser 19-29 y.o.
2nd place Elite men 19 & over

1998 European Championships
5th place Elite cruiser 19-29 y.o.
7th place overall Elite men 19 & over

1998 World Championships/UCI World Ranking
7th place Elite cruiser 19-29 y.o.
14th place Elite men 19 & over

1999 Dutch National Championships
3rd place Elite men 19 & over

1999 World Championships
5th place Elite men 19 & over

2000 Dutch National Championship
3rd place Elite men 19 & over

In this periode I finished within the top 8 on National level in the Elite men class.

2004 European Championships
2nd Place Elite Cruiser 19 & over

Results during stay in the USA in 1998/1999:

The ABA Fall National
3rd overall in A-Pro-final (results in three mains: 3-2-4)

The ABA Grand National
4th overall in A-Pro-final (results in three mains: 7-1-4)

The NBL Christmas Classic
2nd in A-Pro-final (one race)

The ABA Silver Dollar National
3rd overall on Saturday in A-Pro final (results in three mains: 2-2-8)
2th overall on Sunday in the A-Pro final (results in three mains: 2-3-3)

UCI Men's (World) Ranking, top 100

June 1997, 17th position
June 1998, 10th position
Jule 1999, 13th position
July 2000, 91th position (came from 22nd position that year. Main reason for drop was starting professional career in business. Less time for training etc).
July 2004, 84th position on the World Rankinglist and 22nd position on the Continental UCI Ranking

Some pictures on TWIN AIR FILTERS taken during the 2010 Intermot Show in Cologne - Germany

12 Intermot Cologne 2010 replica of front of TWIN AIR building in Veghel - Holland 13 TWIN AIR products displayed 14 Soil taken from different GP tracks 2010

Some picture from the 2009 Farleigh Castle MX of Nations event for Veterans

15 Farleigh Castle 2009 Pieter getting ready to race for Team Holland 16 Farleigh Castle 2009 the TWIN AIR Servive unit 17 Pieter Does in action at Farleigh Castle - England 2009

Some other pictures

18 Pieter Does and Erica Terpstra National Olympic Committee Holland at the World Championships in 2004 19 Pieter Does Elite Cruiser European Championships 2004 Silver Medal