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University of BMX by Gerrit Does

History of BMX (2019-2020)

History of BMX, year 2019.

April 2019,    information received from the National Encyclopedia of Latvia concerning BMX (Bicycle Moto-Cross).

Just recently we did receive the underneath information one can find in the National Encyclopedia of Latvia, concerning the start and development of BMX in Latvia. Interesting read for sure.

First ever personal contact with mr. Janis Silins from Latvia visiting Waalre-Holland to learn more about BMX from former General Secretary and co-founder of the I.BMX.F. year 1987-1988, the start of something great for Latvia.

1987 janis silins 1e x in ned 51987 janis silins 1e x in ned 111987 janis silins 1e x in ned 8 oss

1988 race in oss again checking out the event procedures and so on scannen00821988 race in oss janis and gd with amev rider gerard heuver scannen00951988 slagharen the landmark of the park at the time scannen0094

2019 national archieves latvia 1 

2019 national archieves latvia 2

2019 national archieves latvia 3

July 11-14th. the UCI BMX European Championships in Valmiera - Latvia.

2019 bmx fotografie sanda tutere latviajpg2019 european championship valmiera latvia2019 uci bmx ek valmiera letland 1




July 24-27th, the UCI BMX World Championships in Zolder - Belgium.


August 30th, article to be completed after sept 26th.

Taken from fb page "Old School Classic and racing BMX 80s" by Henry Sarria.
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