History 2003-2004

History of BMX (2003 - 2004)

Year 2003.

April 24-25. European Championships rounds 1 & 2 Winterthur (CH).

The weekend of 26-27 April the first 2 rounds of the European Championships where held in Winterthur, Switzerland. Some really spectacular races on the super fast track with a new last straight added designed by home rider Roger Rinderknecht. A 90 degree turn a step-up with a dropdown afterwards of a few meter followed by a big double jump.

***    FOTO  Rob vd Wildenberg (INQU) and European Elite Champion 2002 Florent Boutte (MBK-B52)

The top of the European Elite and Junior BMX riders was present to show their best and their new rides/sponsors in Winterthur. Some familiar faces from the past returned to the European BMX scene.

Back after a few years racing in the states riders like Leive One Nordmark who didn’t get an extension to his Powerlite sponsorship showed up riding a Free Agent, Karine Chambonneau back in GT colors and Malene Madsen. Other riders went to race in America during the winter break in Europe and got some nice results. Medhi Remili (GT) has spent some time racing with several podiums and wins in A pro, Also Henrik Baltzersen was racing A pro., he joined his big brother Jan in the Supercross Team and they even did a rider’s clinic together. It all paid off because Henrik was flying in his first year in Elite. Rodger Rinderknecht (SixSixOne) recovered well from his injury. He broke his collar bone during a training session in America. But you couldn’t tell while he was making everybody chasing him throughout the motos. Ivo Lakucs was also preparing himself in the USA. He joined the Bulldog crew for several weeks and did a few races in A Pro. Winning the NBL Elite Pro Challenge put him up in the lead for the Big A Series. Michal Prokop (Author) was the did not make it to Winterthur. He is still in the USA racing in AA Pro and making mains. Things are looking good for Michal. The word is that he will come to race rounds 3&4 in Valkenswaard (NL) in between some of the 4X World Cups he will be contending.

 Round 1.  The weather was nice on Saturday and the track was fast going downhill with wide asphalt turns providing for some spectacular racing.

Junior Women was dominated by the French riders taking up the top 5 spots.
1. Blandine Cottereau   - FRA
2. Cyrielle Convert        - FRA
3. Laëtitia Le Corguille   - FRA
4. Frédérique Griffet     - FRA
5. Laurie Peylaboud      - FRA
6. Denise Ruiz              - SUI
7. Amanda Sorensen    - DEN
8. Aniko Hodi              - HUN

In Junior Men it was European Champion 2002 Arturs Matisons from ONE Bicycles who was winning all day long from motos to the final, leading from start to finish and looking unbeatable. A lot of newcomers to the Junior category with a lot of talent promising to make it an exiting competition, such as David Gibert (ONE), Arnaud Dubois (VIPER) and Ivo van der Putten (Dutch National Team-MEYBO).

EC Round 1, Junior Men Final
1. Arturs Matisons        - LAT
2. David Gibert            - FRA
3. Arnaud Dubois         - BEL
4. Sander Bisseling       - NED
5. Martin Fabian           - SLV
6. Ivo van der Putten   - NED
7. Norris Martina          - NED
8. Thomas Hamon        - FRA

In Elite Women it was #W3 Jana Horáková (ONE) who was the fasted in the main:

EC Round 1, Elite Women Final
1. Jana Horáková           - CZE
2. Elodie Ajinca              - FRA
3. Karine Chambonneau  - FRA
4. Dagmara Poláková      - SLV
5. Tatjana Schocher       - SUI
6. Kerstin Fritscher         - GER
7. Aneta Hladíková         - CZE
8. Aurélia Don               - FRA

One of the most exciting races I've s seen uptill now was in Elite Men. It was difficult to prodict who would make it to the main. Ivo Lakucs (Bulldog) went through his motos without any problems. Home rider Roger Rinderknecht (SixSixOne) was one of the favorites as he won his motos with a big lead. Henrik Baltzersen (SuperCross) was making strong gates, some of the fasted 2 first straights I saw that day. A lot of slip-ups in the asphalt turns who got slippery after it started raining during the quarter and semi finals. European Champion 2002 Florent Boutte did not make it to the main. With the Elite men gate filled up and ready to go, it started pooring down. Latvian powerguy Ivo Lakucs who was the fasted in the first straight and kept his lead to the finish line followed by Remili (GT) and Tamme (Author-OF3).

In Elite Men, Ivo Lakucs, max points after round 1

EC Round 1, Elite Men Final
1. Ivo Lakucs                - LAT
2. Medhi Remili             - FRA
3. Lukas Tamme           - CZE
4. Leiv Ove Nordmark    - NOR
5. Roger Rinderknecht   - SUI
6. Grégory Moreira        - FRA
7. Manuel de Vecchi      - ITA
8. Henrik Baltzersen      - DEN

Round 2. Sunday the track was a bit heavier because of last night's rain, but still was in good condition thanks to the hard work of the Swiss crew.

In Junior Women same scenario as on saturday. French riders dominating the Junior Women field, but in a different order though. Serious crash of Amanda Sorensen on the first straight, who got injured on the first double.

EC Round 2,  Junior Women Final
1. Laëtitia Le Corguille  - FRA
2. Frédérique Griffet    - FRA
3. Blandine Cottereau  - FRA
4. Aniko Hodi              - FRA
5. Sasja Schneider       - DEN
6. Cyrielle Convertz      - FRA
7. Denise Ruiz             - SUI
8. Amanda Sorensen    - DK

Ivo van der Putten took the lead in the Junior Men semi final. Arthurs Matisons took the inside, but while he was passing, one of his brand new pedles came off.  Arthurs Matisons, only a broken padle could keep him out of the main.  In the other semi it was Bart Mol who took the wholeshot, he qualified for the main followed by David Gibert and Arnoud Dubois. With top favorite Matisons out of the picture, the win was for grabs. David Gibert took the lead, followed by Dubois and Martin Fabian. Dubois was coming along side on the whoops on the third straight, but Gibert was able to keep him off. Ivo van der Putten was closing in on the third spot.

***   foto   Gibert on the outside, Dubois on the inside, follewed by van der Putten

Dubois was making speed on the 4th straight and took the outside in the last turn keeping his speed. Dubois passed Gibert on the last double and took the win in this thriller final. 3rd and 4th place went to Dutch riders van der Putten and Mol who where riding strong all day.

EC Round 2, Junior Men Final
1. Arnaud Dubois         - BEL
2. David Gibert            - FRA
3. Ivo van der Putten  - NED
4. Bart Mol                 - NED
5. Maris Majors            - LAT
6. Thomas Hamon       - FRA
7. Martin Fabian          - SLV
8. Sander Bisseling      - NED

In Elite Women, Jana Horáková was determined to double this weekend. She jumped her way to the lead on the first double, follewed by was followed by Poláková and Chambonneau. On the third straight Chambonneau passed Poláková and Bollensee moved to the number 4 spot. No changes of possition and the ladies passed the finish line in this order.

EC Round 2, Elite Women Final
1. Jana Horáková           - CZE
2. Karine Chambonneau  - FRA
3. Dagmara Poláková      - SLV
4. Ellen Bollensee           - BEL
5. Tatjana Schocher       - SUI
6. Aneta Hladíková         - CZE
7. Rebecca Wichman      - NED
8. Malene Madsen          - DEN

In semi 1 of Elite Men it was veterian Labigang who took the wholeshot with Lakucs, Panka, Wissink, Normark and Boutte following. Lakucs on the inside of turn one takes over the lead. In the second turn Labigang tries to cut off Lakucs almost taking him out of the race. But Lakucs couldn't be stopped and takes the win in this main. In the second semi, it was Remili in the lead, followed by de Vecchi and Rinderknecht. Fighting for the transfer spot where Jesper Rasmussen and Arno Kanis. Rasmussen was determined to make up for not qualifing on saturday and accelerated on the third straight. On the 7 whoops he manualled a bit to far and crashed. Kanis was had to ''' and was passed by Lukas Tamme taking position 4. In the last turn Tamme slipped and leaving the last qualifing spot for Michal Privyl.

In the last main of the weekend, best gates where for Manuel de Vecchi and Ivo Lakucs, with Lakucs coming out in the lead again after the first turn. Normark came along side de Vecchi on the second straight follewed by Panka and Rinderknecht. French riders Remili and Boutte pass Rinderknecht giving the folowing result:

EC Round 2, Elite Men Final
1. Ivo Lakucs                - LAT
2. Manuel de Vecchi      - ITA
3. Leiv Ove Nordmark    - NOR
4. Lukas Panka             - CZE
5. Medhi Remili             - FRA
6. Florent Boutte          - FRA
7. Roger Rinderknecht   - CH
8. Michal Privyl              - CZE


More photos you find in the BMX2000.be gallery.

Photos Round 1
Photos Round 2


Junior Women
Pos - Plate# - Rider                                Country         Round 1  -  Round 2  -   Total
1        109       LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia      France            37 (3)          43 (1)        80
2        100       GRIFFET Frédérique          France           35 (4)          41 (2)        76
3        103       COTTEREAU Blandine       France            41 (1)          34 (3)        75
4            2       CONVERT Cyrielle            France            40 (2)          33 (6)        73
5        013       HODI Aniko                     Hungary         28 (8)          32 (4)        60
6          17       SORENSEN Amanda         Denmark         31 (7)          27 (8)        58
7        106       RUIZ Denise                    Switzerland     26 (6)          24 (7)        50
8        104       PEYLABOUD Laurie           France           28 (5)          12 (M)        40
9        101       SCHNEIDER Sasja             Denmark          9 (M)          25 (5)        34
10      105       MUHEIM Nicole                 Switzerland      8 (M)          12 (M)        20
11        45       MARTH Steffi                   Germany        12 (M)           7 (M)        19
12      012       BUTH Lisa                        Denmark          8 (M)         10 (M)        18
13      017       HAIN Simone                   Germany          7 (M)           8 (M)        15
14      016       RAMANAUSKAITE Jurgita   Lithuania          6 (M)           8 (M)        14
14      107       BANNENBERG Annet         Nederland        7 (M)           7 (M)        14

Junior Men
Pos   Plate#     Rider                              Country          Round1   -  Round2   -   Total
1        012       DUBOIS Arnaud               Belgium            44 (3)        54 (1)         98 
2        106       GIBE RT David                 France             50 (2)        48 (2)          98
3           7       MATISONS Arturs             Latvia              53 (1)        37 (1/2)       90
4        011       VAN DER PUTTEN Ivo      Nederland         41 (6)        41 (3 )         82
5        014       FABIAN Martin                 Slovakia            40 (5)        41 (7 )         81
6          43      BISSELING Sander            Nederland         43 (4)        37 (8 )         80
7          06      HAMON Thomas               France             32 (8)         40 (6 )         72
8        129      MOL Bart                         Nederland        29 (1/2)      39 (4 )         68
9          18      RUBENIS Edgars               Latvia               31 (1/2)     35 (1/2)       66
10        16      MAJORS Maris                   Latvia              25 (1/4)      39 (5 )         64
11      114       ROLFING Bjarke               Denmark           29 (1/2)      30 (1/2)      59
12      109       TROMBIK Tomasz            Czech Republic   32 (1/2)      24 (1/4)      56
13      112       QUAEGEBEUR Benoît        France             33 (1/2)      22 (1/4)       55
14      100       KARLIK Viktor                  Czech Republic  23 (1/4)      31 (1/2)       54
14      119       PAIUSCO Mauro               Italy                 32 (1/2)     22 (1/4)       54
16      117       PEYLABOUD Fabien          France              23 (1/4)     30 (1/2)       53
16      118       CARLIN Jonathan             France              22 (1/4)     31 (1/2)       53
18      015       MARTINA Norris               Nederland         39 (7 )       12                51
18      131       EKSTROM Johan              Sweden           30 (1/2)      21 (1/4)       51
20      111       OZOLINS Kristaps             Latvia              19 (1/4)      30 (1/2)       49
20      130       AGUES Jordy                   Nederland        27 (1/2)      22 (1/4)       49
22      127       VAN VEGHEL Joey            Nederland        12 (M)        29 (1/2)       41
23      125       DEVROE Florent               France             19 (1/4)     18 (1/4)       37
24      018       SAUVAGE Florian              France             18 (1/4)     18 (1/4)       36
24      128       KLEINHESSELINK Bo         Nederland        18 (1/4)     18 (1/4)       36
26      048       FURLAN Marco                 Italy                13 (M)        14               27
26      116       MAPP Christopher             England           14 (M)        13               27
28      105       SVEC Marek                     Slovakia           14 (M)        12               26
28      113       JORGENSEN Henrik           Denmark          13 (M)        13               26
28      122       GIOVANELLI Andrea          Italy                13 (M)        13              26
31      124       REBEAUD Stephane          Switzerland       11 (M)         9               20
32      121       CAMPEDELLI Damiano        Italy                10 (M)         9               19
33      132       RONNDAHL Elis                 Sweden            9 (M)          9               18

Elite Women

Pos    Plate#    Rider                               Country           Round1  -  Round2   -  Total
1            3       HORAKOVA Jana              Czech Republic    42 (1)      46 (1)        88
2            2       CHAMBONNEAU Karine      France               38 (3)      37 (2)        75
3          12       POLAKOVA Dagmara         Slovakia              37 (4)      37 (3)        74
4            7       AJINCA Elodie                  France                39 (2)      32 (1/2)    71
5            6       SCHOCHER Tatjana          Switzerland          30 (5 )     33 (5)       63
6          16       FRITSCHER Kerstin           Germany             35 (6 )     26 (1/2)     61
7          04       HLADIKOVA Aneta           Czech Republic     31 (7 )     28 (6)        59
8          17       BOLLANSEE Ellen             Belgium               24 (1/2)   33 (4)        57
9          07       FAURE Lydia                    France                27 (1/2)   26 (1/2)     53
10      101       MADSEN Malene               Denmark             24 (1/2)   26 (8)        50
10        43       RIMSAITE Vilma               Lithuania              23 (1/2)   27 (1/2)     50
12      107       DON Aurélia                     France                 25 (8 )    19 (1/2)     44
13        45       VETKOVA Jirina                Czech Republic     22 (1/2)   20 (1/2)     42
14      103       WICHMAN Rebecca           Nederland            12           29 (7)        41
15      105       LAUPSIEN Karin                Switzerland          23 (1/2)   14              37
16      108       DELESCLUSE Astrid           France                 12           24 (1/2)     36
17      106       FALLOT Malika                  France                 22 (1/2)  13              35
18      102       TELTSCHER Stephanie      Germany              13           20 (1/2)     33
19      104       VAN GEMERT Angelique    Nederland            27 (1/2)   27
20        46       TRPKOSOVA Dagmar        Czech Republic      12           14             26
21      044       PABOUCKOVA Iva            Czech Republic        9           12             21

Elite Men

Pos    Plate#     Rider                                Country           Round1  -  Round2   -  Total
1           12       LAKUCS Ivo                       Latvia               54 (1)       54 (1)       108
2         114       REMILI Medhi                     France              45 (2)       43 (5)         88
3         118       NORDMARK Leiv Ove           Norway            39 (4 )      47 (3)         86
4           48       DE VECCHI Manuel             Italy                  36 (7 )      49 (2)         85
5           15       RINDERKNECHT Roger        Switzerland        44 (5 )      38 (7)         82
6           13       TAMME Lukas                    Czech Republic   38 (3 )      36 (1/2)      74
7           11       BOUTTE Florent                France               35 (1/2)    38 (6)         73
8         013       BALTZERSEN Henrik           Denmark            41 (8 )      25 (1/4)      66
9           42       RASMUSSEN Jesper Damgard Denmark         29 (1/2)    33 (1/2)      62
10         17       PANKA Lukas                     Czech Republic   19 (1/4)    39 (4)         58
11       141       VAN DEN WILDENBERG Rob Nederland         32 (1/2)    25 (1/4)      57 

12       134       WICHMAN Joost                 Nederland         25 (1/4)     31 (1/2)     56
13       133       WISSINK Dennis                 Nederland         22 (1/4)     33 (1/2)     55
14       109       STRUPAUSIS Kaspars           Latvia               30 (1/2)     22 (1/4)     52
14       126       LABIGANG Denis                 France              25 (1/4)     27 (1/2)     52
16         47       MEIJER Jurg                       Nederland         31 (1/2)     20 (1/4)     51
17       104       MOREIRA Grégory               France              31 (6 )       18 (1/4)     49
17       117       LLOVERIA Nicolas                France              28 (1/2)    21 (1/4)     49
19         01       GUTIERREZ Pablo                France              28 (1/2)    20 (1/4)     48
20       102       FINA Gilles                          France              24 (1/4)    19 (1/4)     43
20       110       DOBY Clément                    France              31 (1/2)    12             43
20       142       KANIS Arno                        Nederland         30 (1/2)     13             43
20          8        TRICARD Jean Christophe    France              20 (1/4)     23 (1/4)     43
24       105       HNIDAK Jakub                    Czech Republic   13             27 (1/2)     40
24       115       JAHIDI Samy                      France              13             27 (1/2)     40
26         46       VAN BRUSSEL Harm            Nederland         19 (1/4)     20 (1/4)     39
27         14       FOUILLEUL Thierry              France              15             23 (1/4)     38
28       127       BAQUET Stéphane              France              18 (1/4)    18 (1/4)     36
29       101       KREBS Milan                       Slovakia             20 (1/4)    15              35
29       140       PARADIS Sébastien             France              23 (1/4)    12              35
31       107       PRIBYL Michal                     Czech Republic    5             29 (8)        34
31       131       KREBS Hervé                      Switzerland       17 (1/4)     17 (1/4)     34
33       111       TORNABENE Terence          France              17 (1/4)    16 (1/4)     33
34       122       LARSEN Kim Erik                 Norway             19 (1/4)    12              31
35       112       KANDBORG Flemming          Denmark           16 (1/4)    13              29
35       125       BATEY Kelvin                     England             17 (1/4)    12             29
35       132       DOES Pieter                       Nederland         12             17 (1/4)     29
38       123       MELAND Ken                      Norway             12            16 (1/4)     28
39       042       GAULE Carlo                       Italy                 13             14             27
40       108       PELSS Janis                        Latvia               16               9             25
41       144       DELESCLUSE Quentin          France              11             13             24
41         44       PRAJCZER Peter                 Hungary            15 (1/4)      9             24
43         18       VANAGS Janis                     Latvia               12            10             22
44       119       TORSVIK Thomas                Norway             12              8            20
44       135       FRANSSON Johan                Sweden            10            10             20
46       116       KVACEK Radim                    Czech Republic   12              7             19
47       047       SIMECEK Robert                  Czech Republic   10              8             18
47       048       RAVIZZINI Federico             Italy                  11              7             18
49       130       WIDMER Marc                     Switzerland        10              7             17
49       138       MÜLLER Oliver                    Germany              8              9             17
51       121       SKJAEVELAND Björn            Norway               8              8             16
51       124       MAPP Laurence                   England              6            10             16
51       128       MORENO CANO Alfredo        Spain                  8              8             16
54       106       LUKSAN Tomas                   Czech Republic     7              7             14
54       120       HESS Frode                        Norway               7              7             14
54       136       FRANSSON Mattias              Sweden              8               6             14
57       113       NIELSEN Thomas                Denmark              5              8             13
58       015       SEYDOUX Pascal                 Switzerland           -             10             10
59       129       SEDLAK Markus                   Austria                6               3              9
60         45       RADASICS Vilmos                Hungary              4               3              7

May 24-25. European Championships rounds 3 & 4 Valkenswaard (NL).

***   foto   TRACK OVERVIEW

Saturday May 24th, round 3 of the European Championship Series was held in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands.

Although the weather was bad, the track was in reasonably good condition and a lot of spectators showed up to see the best European racers in action. In Junior Woman, it was Laetitia Le Corguille from France who took the win, increasing her lead in the ranking for the European title. 2nd place went to another French rider Cyrielle Convert and Amanda Sorensen from Denmark.

EC Round 3, 
Junior Women Final
1. LE CORGUILLE Laetitia    - FRA
2. CONVERT Cyrielle           - FRA
3. SORENSEN Amanda       - DEN
4. HODI Aniko                  - HUN
5. COTTEREAU Blandine     - FRA
6. EDVARDSEN Ranveig      - NOR
7. BANNENBERG Annet      - NED
8. GRIFFET Frédérique       - FRA 

In the Junior Men category, everybody expected European Champion 2002 Arturs Matisons to take revenge for his crash in round 2 in Winterthur, where his peddle broke of in the semi, but he completely missed his start and had to start from 8th place. Frenchman David Gibert had the best gate, followed by current leader in Junior Men and Ivo van der Putten from the Dutch National selection. A few riders where taken out in a crash on the second straight and Matisons moved up to 4th place. Gibert was leading almost until the finish but the photo finish showed that van der Putten just passed him, with Dubois in third place.

EC Round 3, 
Junior Men Final
2. GIBERT David                - FRA
3. DUBOIS Arnoud            - BEL
4. MATISONS Arturs          - LAT
5. MAJORS Maris                - LAT
6. MAPP Christopher          - GBR
7. PEYLABOUD Fabien        - FRA 
8. MOL Bart                      - NED 

The Elite Woman final started without the current leader Jana Horakova from the Czech Republic, who crashed in the semi. It was World Champion 2002 Willy Kanis from the Dutch Selection who took the whole shot followed by Belgian Ellen Bollansée and Dagmara Polakova from Slovakia. Polakova took the inside in the first turn and came out in the lead. She was able to hold the lead to the finish line, her team mate Aneta Hladikova moved up to second place, Willy Kanis finished in third.

EC Round 3,
Elite Women Final
1. POLAKOVA Dagmara      - SVK
2. HLADIKOVA Aneta         - CZE
3. KANIS Willy                   - NED
4. AJINCA Elodie                - FRA
5. BOLLANSEE Ellen           - BEL
6. FAURE Lydia                  - FRA
7. SCHOCHER Tatjana        - SUI
8. RIMSAITE Vilma             - LTU 

Czech rider Michal Prokop came from America, where he’s racing as a pro, to compete in this Elite Men’s round. It was Vice European Champion and current leader Ivo Lakucs from Latvia who had the fasted gate, closely followed by Prokop and Medhi Remili from France. The numbers 4 and 5 Roger Rinderknecht and Leiv Ove Nordmark crashed in the second turn. Prokop was closing in on Lakucs, but Lakucs was taking the ideal line and Prokop couldn’t get passed him. In the last turn Prokop took the inside and tried to cut off Lakucs pushing him into the grass. Both riders lost their speed, but when Lakucs got back on the track he was still in the lead and held it to the finish line. Remili crashed while he was trying to pass Prokop and Joost Wichman took advantage of this moving up to second place.

EC Round 3,
Elite Men Podium
1. LAKUCS Ivo                      - LAT
2. WICHMAN Joost                - NED
3. PROKOP Michal                 - CZE
4. TAMME Lukas                   - CZE
5. TRICARD Jean Christophe   - FRA
6. NORMARK Leiv Ove           - NOR
7. RINDERKNECHT Roger       - SUI
8. REMILI Medhi                   - FRA

Sunday May 25th, Round 4 of the European series, 

the weather was much better and the track was a lot faster. In Junior Women, another French victory in the category dominated by the French girls. Vice World Champion Cyrielle Convert took the win before Frédérique Griffit and Amanda Sorensen.

EC Round 4
Junior Women Final
1. CONVERT Cyrielle            - FRA
2. GRIFFET Frédérique         - FRA
3. SORENSEN Amanda         - DEN
4. HODI Aniko                    - HUN
5. BANNENBERG Annet        - NED
6. LE CORGUILLE Laetitia     - FRA
7. COTTEREAU Blandine      - FRA
8. RUIZ Denise                   - SUI 
In Junior Men main, Martin Fabian flipped over the gate, while Arturs Matisons took the whole shot. Matisons was leading until he took the outside line in the second turn and was passed by Thomas Hamon with a sharp turn on the flat. Followed by Peylaboud and Bisseling. No position changes in the top 4 and they finished in this order. Current leader Arnoud Dubois had a bad start and finished in 6th place after Christopher Mapp.

EC Round 4
Junior Men Final
1. HAMON Thomas             - FRA
2. MATISONS Arturs           - LAT
3. PEYLABOUD Fabien         - FRA
4. BISSELING Sander           - NED
5. MAPP Christopher           - GBR
6. DUBOIS Arnoud              - BEL
7. QUAEGEBEUR Benoit       - FRA
8. FABIAN Martin                - FRA

Dagmara Polakova took the lead in Elite Woman closely followed by Willy Kanis. Jana Horakova crashed on the second straight while being in third position, leaving third position for Elodie Ajinca. Double win this weekend for Polakova.

EC Round 4
Elite Women Final
1. POLAKOVA Dagmara      - SVK
2. KANIS Willy                   - NED
3. AJINCA Elodie                - FRA
4. HLADIKOVA Aneta         - CZE
5. BOLLANSEE Ellen           - BEL
6. ROUGIE Anne                - FRA
7. FAURE Lydia                  - FRA
8. HORAKOVA Jana            - CZE 
Everybody was looking forward to the Elite Men's final. Would there be another battle between Lakucs and Prokop? Rasmussen and Lakucs took the best gate leaving no way for Prokop to get through on the first straight. In the first turn Tricard moved up next to Lakucs followed by Baltzersen and Rasmussen. Lakucs could feel Tricard breathing down his neck on the big step-up and the Danish duo closing in on the Frenchman on the third straight. Rasmussen makes a mistake on the big step-up – step-down and is now in 8th position. Rob van den Wildenberg, riding strong on his home track, moved up to the number 4 spot closely followed by Prokop. Tricard was still chasing Lakucs down the last straight and came close, but couldn’t get past and finished second.

EC Round 4
Elite Men Main
1. LAKUCS Ivo                          - LAT
2. TRICARD Jean Christophe       - FRA
3. BALTZERSEN Henrik              - DEN
5. PROKOP Michal                     - CZE
6. DOES Pieter                         - NED
7. WISSINK Dennis                   - NED
8. RASMUSSEN Jesper Damgard  - DEN 
With 4 wins out of 4 races, Ivo Lakucs gets one step closer to his first European Title. June 7th-8th, rounds 5 & 6 will be held at his home track in Valmiera, will someone be able to beat Lakucs at his home turf? Check back later for race reports and results, straight from Latvia.


More photos you find in the BMX2000.be gallery.

Photos Round 3
Photos Round 4

June 7-8. European Championships rounds 5 & 6 Valmiera - LATVIA.

EC Round 5
Junior women
1. CONCERT Cyrille               - FRA
2. SORENSEN amanda          - DEN 
3. GRIFFIT Frederik              - FRA
4. SCHNEIDER Sashe            - DEN
5. RAMANAUSKAIT Jurgitta   - LTU
EC Round 5
Junior Men
1. MATISONS Aturs             - LAT
2. MAJORS Maris                 - LAT
3. VAN DER PUTTEN Ivo      - NED
4. DUBOIS Arnaud               - BEL
5. BISSELING Sander           - NED
6. TROMBIK Thomasz          - CZE
8. RUBBENIS Edgars            - LAT
EC Round 5
Elite Women
1. Jana Horakova                - CZE
2. Dagmara Polakova           - SVK
3. Ellen Bollansee                - BEL 
4. Willy Kanis                      - NED
5. Elodie Ajinca                   - FRA
6. Tatjana Schocher            - SUI
7. Helena Aubry                  - FRA 
8. Vilma Rimsaite                 - LTU
EC Round 5
Elite Men
1. Florent Boutte                - FRA 
2. Adne Orstad                   - NOR
3. Aivars Buris                     - LAT
4. Lukas Tamme                 - CZE
5. Maneul de Vecchi            - ITA
6. Medhi Remili                   - FRA
7. Ivo Lakuks                      - LAT
8. Leiv Ove Nordmark          - NOR

EC Round 6
Junior women
1. Cyrille Convert                 - FRA
2. Amanda Sorensen           - DEN
3. Frederique Griffet            - FRA
4. Ramanauskaite Jurgitta    - LTU
5. Schneider Sasha             - DEN
EC Round 6
Junior Men
1. Arturs Matissons               - LAT
2. Arnaud Dubois                 - BEL
3. Majors Maris                     - LAT
4. Ivo Van Der Putten          - NED
5. Sander Bisseling               - NED
6. David Gibbert                  - FRA 
7. Edgars Rubbenis              - LAT 
8. Martin Fabian                   - SVK
EC Round 6
Elite Women
1. Willy Kanis                       - NED
2. Jana Horakova                 - CZE
3. Lydia Faure                     - FRA 
4. Elodie Ainca                    - FRA
5. Tatjana Schocher            - SUI
6. Dagmar Polakova             - SVK 
7. Ellen Bollansée                - BEL 
8. Helena Aubry                  - FRA 

EC Round 6 
Elite Men
1. Ivo Lakuks                      - LAT
2. Lukas Tamme                  - CZE 
3. Florent Boutte                 - FRA 
4. Leiv Ove nordmark           - NOR 
5. Manuel De Vecchi            - ITA
6. Lukas Panka                    - CZE
7. Kelvin Batey                    - GBR
8. Jean Christophe Tricard     - FRA 
***    Photos

More photos you find in the BMX2000.be gallery.

Photos Round 5
Photos Round 6

July 14th, 2003, BMX an OLYMPIC SPORT from 2008 on! olympics

July 1st 2003, I received an e-mail from my son Pieter, telling me that there was an official news release on a Dutch National radio station, stating that BMX had been adopted as an OLYMPIC SPORT. During the BEJING-CHINA OLYMIC GAMES Elite Men and Elite women will be able to compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic medals. F A N T A S T I C.

I could not believe it, till I did see it and heard it during the news on TV that same evening. I was flabbergasted, never expected that this would happen. It has been in my mind the whole week. The days after I received many e-mails from riders, but also former organizers and officials, stating they were very stoked about BMX becoming an Olympic sport and telling me, to be proud of the fact that in Holland and partly Europe it all started with me introducing, shaping and organizing BMX. To be honest……I am very proud about the fact that our sport will be an Olympic sport in 2008 and that I have been and still are part of our sport.

It was on September 10th 1984 when I did sent an application to the I.O.C in Lausanne – Switzerland in name of the I.BMX.F. This organization just existed a couple of years. Kind of naïf to think at the time, that BMX could be an Olympic sport already. Of course many, many more people have helped developing and shaping BMX as it is today. Most important of all are the athletes themselves. Look how in the Junior and Elite classes the sport has developed, its just fantastic to see what happened in 25 years here in Europe and in the world.

Hein Verbruggen, UCI President, finally he did it!
My personal opinion is that Hein Verbruggen is responsible for the fact BMX is an Olympic sport. For many years (starting when I.BMX.F. started working together with FIAC and later UCI) Hein has been telling that BMX would be an Olympic sport soon. We’r talking at least about the past 12 years. Among others, he said at the Worlds in Schijndel – Holland (1991) and again In Louisville – KY, USA (2001) which event wasn’t a good promotion to show what BMX looks all about, that BMX would be an Olympic sport soon.

After Mountain biking (cyclo-cross) becoming an Olympic Sport in 1996, Mountain biking Down Hill would become an Olympic Sport in 2000 (Sydney). This last one did not come true and my opinion was, that for sure BMX would not make it then either, also because I was following the discussions within the I.O.C. on allowing new sports coming it and change sport disciplines within the sport sections. Even early this year I did read the following articles:

Articles on the OLYMPIC GAMES 2004
Recently (Sept.2002) I did read an article in a national newspaper concerning the 2004 Olympic Games which will be held in Athens - Greece. Mr. J. Rogge, the President of the I.O.C. stated, that in his opinion the Olympic Games are growing too big and that he will try to stop the unlimited grow of the Games. Mr. Spyros Capralos, one of the board members of the Athens 2004 Organizing Committee, hopes he can keep the number of athletes up till 10.500. Several international sports organizations want to extend the programs of their specific sport. The soccer and water-polo organizations for example, want to add women’s competition to the Olympic Games. Also the hockey federation posted an equal kind of proposal and sports organizations that don’t have something as above, do have other wishes, for instance extra relay events and so on.

In an article in the same newspaper some months later it was stated that during the 114th I.O.C. congress in Mexico-City, a decision was made, that only after the 2004 Games in Athens a decision will be taken which sports to strike out. For the time being the I.O.C. withdraw a decision to strike out base-ball, soft-ball and the modern pentathlon. Just on this subject, the I.O.C. deliberated for over 4 hours. The earlier mentioned sport would have been replaced by Rugby and Golf. As long as NO sport will be taken off, No new sports will be added as well.

Within a certain sport, for example Cycling (represented by the UCI within the I.O.C.) it is possible to change disciplines. Like in 1996 Mountain biking cross country was added and another racing discipline (I believe it was road pursuit) had been taken out. The number of competitors overall within Olympic cycling stayed the same.

Thanks Hein Verbruggen!
In 2001, members of the I.O.C. were present at the UCI BMX World Championships in Louisville - Kentucky, USA. This WC was one of the less organized championships and therefore bad promotion if at all, BMX would be a potential new sport within the Olympics. As a matter of fact, Mr. Hein Verbruggen is a member of that committee. Hein, I have been very skeptic all the time, but I must admit you were right, YOU got BMX within the Olympic games.

25th anniversary of BMX in Holland and therefore Europe.
The sport of BMX could not get a better present for its 25th anniversary here in Holland and Europe, then the one we all received on June 29th., when during the IOC Executive Committee meeting held in Prague, the decision was made to include BMX in the XXIX Olympics in Beijing-China (August 8 through 24th. 2008). Finally the riders, specially in the Elite classes, get the respect and appreciation they deserve and for which I have fought for so many years, for the riders.

Still BMX has a long way to go: here my OPINION.
Where does BMX stand? Well, I want to tell you by example what our position is and I believe, that’s about the same all over the world. On July 1st., as I said, it was announced on Dutch National TV during the news program, that BMX had been included in the 2008 Olympic games. On TV some pictures of 2 riders on a BMX track were shown and an interview took place with a Dutch Elite women rider, considered a possible contender for the 2008 Olympics. The track they showed looked terrible, not very well manicured and……all over again one had to explain to outside BMX spectators what BMX was all about. In the early ’80 ‘s, when at least 4 times a year during summertime, a one hour show (BMX competition) was given on TV, about 75% of people interviewed at random in Holland at a certain time, knew what BMX was all about. Sorry to say, but right now this is about 45%. So, one cannot say BMX is very popular. Back then there were 8000 license holders, right now about 1000. Just facts and…. a lot of work to do for the national federation to popularize the sport.

Anyway, why didn’t they go to a professional track, with among others a professional starting gate to show off and make again “a first good impression”. The WC track at Valkenswaard would have been o.k. The K.N.W.U. (Royal Dutch Cycling Federation) should have picked this up on a professional marketing level, pitty they didn’t.

Also reactions came in from outside BMX people stating, BMX in the Olympics on those small children’s bicycles!! And they had an ironic smile on their faces. Maybe we have to work on our image too.

Working towards the Olympics; another 5 years of hard work to go! My opinion is that UCI and National federations have to focus on the following. Since we are an Olympic sport from 2008 on, the pressure on organizers will increase immensely. They eyes of the out-side BMX journalist (among others) will be upon us all constantly from now on. Any mishap will be criticized. Starting with the 2003 Worlds in Australia and then 2004 in Holland, BMX has to prove they are Olympic worthy, that’s my opinion talking with journalists about this all. So…….

1. Quality organizations.
Since we are “Olympic” from 2008 on, organization wise the UCI has to be very strict on criteria to be allowed to organize International events such as European Championships and World Championships. Mishaps like the Melbourne – Australia (1998) and the Louisville-Ky, USA (1991) Worlds have to be prevented.  Note: just coming back from the European Championships in Vallet – France I must say the organization wasn’t at an Olympic standard. Running Elite races on Saturday up till 21.20 hours is just plane crazy. Not good for spectators (outside BMX) and journalists.

2. Children sport image.

What I am going to suggested now, will not be appreciated by many Elite class riders, but…. still I want to express my opinion, which is based on many years of experience in this field with among others, the media/the press/general spectators. I know most of the Elite riders find the 20” class the Kings class but………………. For more then one reason, I believe that the Olympic classes should be run on at least a 24” bicycles.
a. A 24 inch bike is an adult size bike and by using 24” bikes, BMX will be excepted by the broad audience as an adult sport belonging in the Olympics.
b. Also older BMX racers will be able to compete, my guess is that riders up till 35 years will be able to compete with riders of 19 year and older in this class. So, riders can go on racing longer and have a change of becoming an Olympic competitor.
c. By extending the age limited this way, it will give BMX a more adult sport Image as well.
Think about it!

I can remember that in my UCI World Cup project manager period, the UCI (Jeroen Vrijdag) wanted to get ride of the 24“ class totally. Crazy idea! This bike could give BMX that adult image, I think.

3. Qualification system.
My personal opinion is, that it is not done in the Olympics, to work with the present BMX qualifying system, meaning the following. I always compare BMX with 400 meters running (track). In order to qualify in this running discipline during the Olympics, time is an essential criteria. Most of the time the number 1 and 2 of every heat will qualify automatically for the next round and further more the athletes setting the fastest time will qualify. During those runs, time is exposed directly on a large screen in the stadium which makes it even more exiting for spectators present and watching TV world wide.

Well, this is nothing new to BMX. This is what I tried to do within the World Cup of BMX Series (1995-1997). My ques is, that now for sure this system should be used in Beijing – China.

My advice to the UCI and National organization running National Championships and International events is:
1. Start using the AMB Timing and Registration system a.s.a.p., but for sure next season, 2004. Let riders get used to it.
2. This system will make competition tighter and information to the audience on the spot and on TV direct!
3. AMB is a Dutch company which, on a world wide scale, delivers all kind of systems for different kinds of sport, like moto-cross, formula-one, speedway, road cycling, running etc.,etc.
4. The system we used during the World Cup events, has been improved tremendously: the transponder is much smaller, can be attached to the front axle and most important the number of transponders working within the system has been increased from 64 to 1000. So, perfect for BMX in the Elite classes (maybe around 200 riders max. total).
5. Every rider can/will have his own personalized transponder, no switching during the event.
6. All of the above will give BMX a more professional and adult image as well 
7. No jury people running around along the finish-line (safes manpower as well).

Note: During the World Cup period, the UCI transferred the AMB computer program to fit their ranking system. This made the timing and registration system slower to work with.

4. Click pedals!
I do have a subject now, that will give plenty of discussion. In order to make racing safer, more spectacular and fair to everyone, GET RID OF THE CLICK PEDALS NOW! Experience have learned us in the past few years how dangerous those pedals can be. Many riders got hurt badly because of those pedals. They also holt riders back, of doing spectacular jumps which make BMX that attractive. Just normal pedals will give more riders a change of doing very well. Not everybody, even in Elite class can rider with confidence on this click pedals. Now is the time to make a decision on this subject and ban click pedals from 2004 onward.

Note: Safety is very important and BMX is very different from road cycling were click pedals are essential. In BMX (Bicycle Moto-cross) is should be possible to make very quick corrections when something seems to go wrong on the track. That’s not possible with clicks. I always make a comparison with Moto-cross: There is NO motorcycle moto-cross rider using click pedals, why ? everybody with commonsense knows why! In fact BMX isn’t any different and ...... if you want to have an advantage of pulling up you pedals to go faster, the same thing goes for just pushing down. Mainly...... safety first. Too many bad injuries because of click pedals.

Some people also say, “don’t holt back the technical development of the BMX bikes, by getting rid of the click-pedals”. Ofcourse technical development must go on, but not allowing click pedals has nothing to do with holding back technical development, this again has everything to do with safety in this specific bicycle discipline.

5. Fourty second tracks!
Always discussion on the length of tracks. I believe the 2003 Australian Worlds track in Perth looked good, much better then the previous Australian World Champion-ships. However, the fastest lap in Elite class was run in around 30 seconds. In my opinion this is about 10 second too short. Working toward a certain quality and quantity of training, any international BMX track should be around 40 (+) seconds at least for the fastest Elite men riders. The track has to be built according to this criteria which means it can be a long, easy track or a demanding, technical track with many jumps. This also means that riders have to be trained well to be able to go at full speed up till at least 40 seconds. Besides that it will give around 10 seconds more of action on the track, possibilities of overtaking etc, which makes it all more attractive for the spectators. So, the seconds should be the criteria to built a track.

6. International officials team.
Watching the 2003 European Championships in Vallet – France, it became again clear to me that BMX, as a professional organized sport MUST have an international officials team a.s.a.p. Speaking to my dear friend Rene Nicolas, we confirmed talking and suggesting about this even in the early ‘80’s. For some reason up till this day, it did not happen. Good willing amateurs are now officiating on the track, making judgments calls, not used to the stress and....when problems occur not always objective (mostly not at all).

It should not be that bad to get a group of well experienced adults (19+ years old) from different countries, to travel to all the international events in Europe. A parc-ferme coordinator, 2 starters, a chief referee and an assistant as well as about 4 till 5 track officials would be sufficient (besides the Jury coordinator of course and when working with the AMB TIS system 2 computer specialists). The track officials should be well trained by the UCI and hopefully financially supported by the UEC and the UCI.

I have seen several problems occur during the EC in Vallet, which have been handled very amateuristic indeed and did harm riders that did not do anything wrong. Chauvinism was the cause of un-right calls, pity to say! Prevent all of this to start an officials team that has the respect of the riders after a while and the riders know what to expect from the officials team members. Also the ABA system should be in place: when a judgment call is made by the Chief referee direct on the PA system immediately after the riders cross the finish line, this will make clear to everybody what is going on.

So, will there be an officials team in Europe working in 2004! Now is the time to decide, don’t wait another year.

At last.
Well my dear friends in BMX, this is what I wanted all of you to know. Again, after I learned BMX will be an Olympic sport, my brains are working like crazy thinking about what has to be done before 2008 to make our sport a real adult and professional sport, Olympic status worthy. Since 1998 I tried to take distance from the sport, not getting involved anymore, but it’s so deep in my heart that it is difficult to let go. Maybe you all push the above aside, I have said my say anyway and that feels good. Must be said that I am thinking and writing this all down with a European state of mind, although I believe all of the above can go for all the other continents as well. Anyway, this is it for now. The very best to you all!

Gerrit Does

July 21-22. European Championships rounds 7 & 8 Cheddar (UK).

EC Round 7, Junior women
1. Blandine Cottereau     - FRA
2  Cyrielle Convert          - FRA
3  Aniko Hodi                 - HUN
4. Laëtitia Le Corguille     - FRA
5. Amanda Sorensen      - DEN
6. Frédérique Griffet       - FRA
7. Denise Ruiz                - SUI
8. Ria Goodman             - GBR
EC Round 7, Junior Men
1. Arturs Matisons           - LAT
2. Arnaud Dubois            - BEL
3. Sander Bisseling          - NED
4. Thomas Hamon          - FRA
5. Jordy Agues               - NED
6. Warren Bancroft         - GBR
7. Maris Majors               - LAT
8. David Gibert               - FRA
EC Round 7, Elite Women
1. Dagmara Polakova        - SVK
2. Anne Rougie               - FRA
3. Elodie Ajinca               - FRA
4. Jana Horáková             - CZE
5. Vilma Rimsaite             - LTU
6. Kerstin Fritcher            - GER
7. Aneta Hladíková          - CZE
8. Willy Kanis                  - NED

EC Round 7, Elite Men
1. Joost Wichman            - NED
2. Pablo Gutierrez            - FRA
3. Roger Rinderknecht     - SUI
4. Kelvin Batey                - GBR
5. Alex Dick                    - GBR
6. Medhi Remili                - FRA
7. Lukas Tamme              - CZE
8. Henrik Baltzersen         - DEN
EC Round 8, Junior women
1. Laëtitia Le Corguille      - FRA
2. Cyrielle Convert           - FRA
3. Aniko Hodi                 - HUN
4. Cyrielle Convert           - FRA
5. Frédérique Griffet        - FRA
6. Amanda Sorensen       - DEN
7. Denise Ruiz                - SUI
8. Sasja Schneider          - DEN
EC Round 8, Junior Men
1. Arturs Matisons           - LAT
2. David Gibert               - FRA
3. Thomas Hamon          - FRA
4. Sander Bisseling          - NED
5. Warren Bancroft         - GBR
6. Arnaud Dubois            - BEL
7. Bart Mol                     - NED
8. Edgars Rubenis           - LAT
EC Round 8, Elite Women
1. Jana Horáková            - CZE
2. Dagmara Polakova       - SVK
3. Lydia Faure                 - FRA
4. Vilma Rimsaite             - LTU
5. Ellen Bollansée            - BEL
6. Aneta Hladíková          - CZE
7. Héléna Aubry              - FRA
8. Tatjana Schocher        - SUI
EC Round 8, Elite Men
1. Ivo Lakucs                  - LAT
2. Medhi Remili                - FRA
3. Jean Ch. Tricard          - FRA
4. Roger Rinderknecht     - SUI
5. Joost Wichman           - NED
6. Pablo Gutierrez           - FRA
7. Jesper Rasmussen       - DEN
8. Henrik Baltzersen        - DEN
***    Photos
More photos you find in the BMX2000.be gallery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photos Round 7
Photos Round 8

Overall standing after 8 round

Junior women
1. Cyrielle Convert       -  FRA, 292 points
2. Frédérique Griffet    -  FRA, 254 points
3. Amanda Sorensen   -  DEN, 241 points
4. Laetitia Le Corguille  -  FRA, 238 points
5. Blandine Cottereau  -  FRA, 220 points
6. Aniko Hodi             -  HUN, 193 points
7. Denise Ruiz            -  SUI, 131 points
8. Sasja Schneider      -  DEN, 128 points
Junior Men
1. Arturs Matisons        - LAT, 366 points
2. Arnaud Dubois         - BEL, 340 points
3. David Gibert            - FRA, 313 points
4. Sander Bisseling       - NED, 296 points
5. Maris Majors             - LAT, 266 points
6. Ivo van der Putten   - NED, 244 points
    Edgars Rubenis        - LAT, 244 points
8. Thomas Hamon        - FRA, 221 points
Elite Women
1. Dagmara Polakova    - SVK, 322 points
2. Jana Horáková         - CZE, 315 points
3. Elodie Ajinca            - FRA, 260 points
4. Ellen Bollansée         - BEL, 240 points
5. Tatjana Schocher     - SUI, 235 points
6. Aneta Hladikova       - CZE, 227 points
7. Lydia Faure              - FRA, 221 points
8. Willy Kanis               - NED, 208 points

Elite Men
1. Ivo Lakucs               - LAT, 361 points
2. Leiv Ove Nordmark   - NOR, 284 points
3. Medhi Remili            - FRA, 268 points
4. Joost Wichman        - NED, 263 points
5. Lukas Tamme          - CZE, 248 points
6. Jean Christophe Tricard - FRA, 235 points
7. Manuel de Vecchi     - ITA, 230 points
8. Jesper Damgard Rasmussen - DEN, 227 points


July 21-22. European Championships rounds 9 & 10 Vallet (F).

Seen here on this picture a "Band of French Elite hero's". France elite class riders are one of the strongest Bicycle Motocross sportsmen in Europe.


EC Round 9, results Junior Cruiser
1. Arturs Matisons               - LAT
2. David Gibert                   - FRA
3. Thomas Hamon               - FRA
4. Arnaud Dubois                - BEL
5. Norris Martina                  - NED
6. Florian Sauvage               - FRA
7. Bo Kleinhesselink             - NED
8. Sander Bisseling              - NED
EC Round 9 Junior Men Podium 

Elite Cruiser
1. Roger Rinderknecht        - SUI
2. Jean Christophe Tricard   - FRA
3. Joost Wichman              - NED
4. Kelvin Batey                  - GBR
5. Medhi Remili                  - FRA
6. Grégory Moreira             - FRA
7. Denis Labigang              - FRA
8. Dale Holmes                  - GBR
European Champion Elite Cruiser Men Podium:

Junior women
1. Cyrielle Convert             - FRA
2. Blandine Cottereau        - FRA
3. Frédérique Griffet          - FRA
4. Aniko Hodi                   - HUN
5. Anaïs Pihet                   - FRA
6. Jessica de Wan             - NED
7. Denise Ruiz                  - SUI
8. Laëtitia le Corguille        - FRA
Junior Men
1. Arturs Matisons             - LAT
2. Arnaud Dubois              - BEL
3. Thomas Hamon             - FRA
4. Sander Bisseling            - NED
5. Kevin Beauquesne         - FRA
6. David Duart                  - FRA
7. Mauro Piausco               - ITA
8. David Gibert                 - FRA

Elite Women
1. Héléna Aubry                - FRA
2. Willy Kanis                    - NED
3. Lydia Faure                   - FRA
4. Vilma Rimsaite               - LTU
5. Karine Chambonneau     - FRA
6. Aneta Hládiková            - CZE
7. Jana Horáková              - CZE
8. Tatjana Schocher          - SUI
Elite Men
1Ivo Lakucs                    - LAT
2. Medhi Remili                 - FRA
3. Henrik Baltzersen          - DEN
4. Leiv Ove Nordmark        - NOR
5. Lukas Tamme               - CZE
6. Rob v/d Wildenberg       - NED
7. Florent Boutte              - FRA
8. Dale Holmes                 - GBR

EC Round 10, results Junior women
1. Cyrielle Convert             - FRA
2. Frederique Griffet          - FRA
3. Blandine Cottereau        - FRA
4. Aniko Hodi                    - HUN
5. Amanda Sorensen          - DEN
6. Anais Pihet                    - FRA
7. Nicole Muheim               - SUI
8. Jessica de Wan              - NED

Junior Men
1. Arnaud Dubois               - BEL
2. Thomas Hamon             - FRA
3. Arturs Matison               - LAT
4. Sander Bisseling             - NED
5. Ivo van der Putten        - NED
6. David Gibert                  - FRA
7. Fabian Martin                - SVK
8. Maris Majors                  - LAT
Elite Women
1. Jana Horáková               - CZE
2. Héléna Aubry                - FRA
3. Willy Kanis                    - NED
4. Dagmar Polakova           - SVK
5. Elodie Ajinca                 - FRA
6. Ellen Bollansée              - BEL
7. Vilma Rimsaite               - LTU
8. Lydia Faure                   - FRA

Elite Men
1. Clement Doby               - FRA
2. Joost Wichman             - NED
3. Jesper Rasmussen         - DEN
4. Roger Rinderknecht       - SUI
5. Dale Holmes                 - GBR
6. Leiv Ove Nordmark        - NOR
7. Vilmos Radasics             - HUN
8. Ivo Lakucs                   - LAT


Junior Women
1st Cyrielle Convert             - FRA
2nd Blandine Cottereau       - FRA
3rd Frédérique Griffet          - FRA
4th Aniko Hodi                   - HUN
5th Anaïs Pihet                   - FRA
6th Jessica de Wan             - NED
7th Denise Ruiz                   - SUI
8th Laëtitia le Corguille         - FRA
Junior Men
1st Arturs Matisons               - LAT
2nd Arnaud Dubois               - BEL
3rd Thomas Hamon              - FRA
4th Sander Bisseling             - NED
5th Kevin Beauquesne          - FRA
6th David Duart                   - FRA
7th Mauro Piausco                - ITA
8th David Gibert                   - FRA
Elite Women
1st Héléna Aubry                  - FRA
2nd Willy Kanis                     - NED
3rd Lydia Faure                    - FRA
4th Vilma Rimsaite                - LTU
5th Karine Chambonneau       - FRA
6th Aneta Hládiková              - CZE
7th Jana Horáková                - CZE
8th Tatjana Schocher            - SUI

Elite Men
1st Ivo Lakucs                      - LAT
2nd Medhi Remili                   - FRA
3rd Henrik Baltzersen             - DEN
4th Leiv Ove Nordmark          - NOR
5th Lukas Tamme                 - CZE
6th Rob v/d Wildenberg         - NED
7th Florent Boutte                - FRA
8th Dale Holmes                   - GBR

***   Photos

European Champion
Elite Cruiser
Roger Rinderknecht (SUI)
Nice weather and a big crowd
Elite Cruiser Action

Junior Cruiser
Junior Men
Elite Men


July 1st. BMX in the 2008 Olympics/Le BMX sera introduit aux Jeux Olympiques 2008

Press Release
Communique de Presse
Date: 1 July 2003

BMX -Bicycle Moto-cross will be added to the participating sports in the 2008 Olympics on Beijing- China.

The IOC Executive Committee decided on 29th June 2003, during their meeting in Prague, to include BMX (Bicycle Motocross) in the XXIX Olympics in Beijing, to be held from 8 to 24 August 2008. IOC President Rogge was pleased to inform UCI President Verbruggen about this decision. President Rogge further stated that “we believe that this introduction will definitely enhance the Olympic program” One Elite Men (19 Years and older) and one Elite Women (19 Years and older) event will be included in the Olympic program. The UCI BMX World Ranking will determine the nations ranking and the number of athletes for each country, although the total number of BMX athletes has not yet been decided.

UCI Press Office Le BMX sera introduit aux Jeux Olympiques 2008

Le Comité Exécutif du CIO a décidé en date du 29 juin 2003, lors de son meeting de Prague, d’inclure le BMX (Bicycle Motocross) dans les sports présents aux XXIX Olympiades de Beijing, qui se tiendront du 8 au 24 août 2008. Le Président du CIO, Dr. Rogge, a fait part avec plaisir de cette décision au Président de l’UCI, M. Verbruggen. Le Président Rogge a mentionné “nous croyons que cette introduction ne pourra que rehausser le programme olympique”. Un événement Elite Homme (19 ans et plus) et un événement Elite Femme (19 ans et plus) seront inclus dans le programme olympique. Le classement par nation et le nombre d’athlètes pour chaque pays seront déterminés par le classement mondial BMX UCI en vigueur actuellement, bien que le nombre total d’athlètes BMX n’ait pas encore été décidé.

Service de Presse UCI

July 4th. BEIJING 2008 (Waalre, July 4th, 2003)

With a large ceremonial happening the Official 2008 Olympic Emblem was released in BEIJING – China this week. Present were Chairman of the Peoples Congress Mr. Wu Bangguo (middle), President of the organizing committee BOCOG, Mr. Liu Qi and the Dutch Chairman of the IOC coordination committee, Mr. Hein Verbruggen (UCI President as well!). The emblem is called “ Dancing Beijing”. Within the emblem one can find a seal and a dancer meaning the Combination between the Chinese culture and the Olympic Spirit. 2800 VIPS were present and 400 miljoen tv spectators were watching the ceremony. Mr. Rogge, IOC President, stated that during the Sydney Olympic games 4 biljard spectators watched the games on TV. In 2004 the 28th Olympic games will take place in Athens – Greece. In 2008 more spectators then ever will watch these games in China.

***    foto     2003, presentation Olympic Emblem 2008


The Burswood Dome
***    foto   The 2003 Worlds Track


Junior women
1. Samantha COOLS         (CAN) World Champion
2. Kimberly HAYASHI        (USA)
3. Cyrielle CONVERT         (FRA)
4. Blandine COTTEREAU   (FRA)
5. Emma FRANKLIN          (AUS)
6. Renee JUNGA              (AUS)
7. Krystal CRANFIELD        (AUS)
8. Laetitia LE CORGUILLE  (FRA)

Junior Men
1. Arturs MATISONS           (LAT) World Champion
2. Manuel Alejandro LOPEZ  (ARG)
3. Sander BISSELING          (NED)
4. Thomas HAMON             (FRA)
5. Augusto CASTRO           (COL)
6. David GIBERT                 (FRA)
8. Kyle WEISENBERGER       (USA)
Elite Women
1. Elodie AJINCA            (FRA) World Champion 
2. Willy KANIS               (NED)
3. STatjana SCHOCHER   (SUI)
4. Natarsha WILLIAMS    (AUS)
5. Tanya BAILEY           (AUS)
6. Alice JUNG                (USA)
7. Kate ELLIOT             (AUS)
8. Gabriela Maria DIAZ    (ARG)
Elite Men
1. Kyle BENNETT              (USA) World Champion
3. Robert DE WILDE         (NED)
4. Jason RICHARDSON       (USA)
5. Christophe LEVEQUE     (FRA)
6. Brandon MEADOWS      (USA)
7. Wade BOOTES             (AUS)
8. Thomas ALLIER            (FRA)
Junior Cruiser
1. Arturs MATISONS            (LAT) World Champion
2. Alejandro LOPEZ Manuel   (ARG)
3. Thomas HAMON              (FRA)
4. David GIBERT                  (FRA)
5. Arnaud DUBOIS               (BEL)
6. Sander BISSELING           (NED)
7. Todd WILLIAMS              (AUS)
8. Jérome LEOCADIE           (FRA)
Elite Cruiser
1. Randy STUMPFHAUSER    (USA) World Champion
2. Michal PROKOP               (CZE)
3. Luke MADILL                  (AUS)
4. Jamie GRAY                    (AUS)
5. Lukáš TAMME                 (CZE)
6. Deivlim BALTAZAR           (BRA)
8. Javier Luciano COLOMBO  (ARG)

Here some official reaction from among others the UCI and riders concerning the Australian 2003 World Championships.

UCI News Mailing
The UCI BMX World Championships was a great success with over 1600 riders from 27 countries competing on an excellent track, constructed in Burswood Dome created some exiting racing in front of the thousands of spectators present. Make sure to read the reports and result on www.uci.ch. It was stated that there has been an excellent TV production with a better TV distribution than ever before, As well as great other media coverage. All airdates (world wide) will be posted on the UCI web-site. The track was big and technical which created great racing for both elite and younger riders

A compilation of reactions from about 5 top riders from 5 different countries Short summary. The track and the location was chosen good, compared to earlier Worlds in Australia, specially since there were not many people camping. Marketing and process set up of the races were absolutely ridiculous. It’s because they learned during the Pre-worlds some things were pretty wrong, that it improved a little bit during the Worlds itself, but still organization wise it was bad. Again a lot of discussion on the big jumps, had to change the lay-out and after that it seems better. Really only suitable for Elite riders. Probably the time is near that we must have separate World Championships at different locations: one just for Elite and Junior riders and one event just for all the other classes. A remark several riders did make: Again the organization skills left a lot to be desired, hope next years Worlds in Valkenswaard – Holland, will be bigger and better.  Remark GD: Since the disaster organization of the 1992 Worlds in Schijndel – Holland, the Valkenswaard organization has to prove that Holland still is a leading organization in all fields. We will have to wait and see about that in 2004. I wish them all the luck, organizing this event.

Remarks made by GD now, that's about 4 months after the Worlds. Up till now (November 2003) I did not see ANY report in newspapers or on TV concerning the Worlds in Australia. It was said that a TV production was made and would be distributed World wide. Even with the OLYMPIC mark on our sport, up till now nothing about the BMX Worlds. I am talking European TV now, since we can get almost all important channels on our TV’s European wide.

UCI – BMX World Championship Australia 2003.
MEDAL COUNT Championship classes Elite men, women and cruiser as well as Junior men, women and cruiser.

    Country               GOLD - SILVER - BRONZE
1. USA                          2           2            -
2. Latvia                        2            -            -
3. France                       1           1           2
4. Canada                      1           -             -
5. Argentina                   -           2            -
6. Czech Republic            -           1            -
7. Holland                      -            -            2
8. Switserland                -            -            1
    Australia                    -            -            1
Total number of classes   6           6           6

MEDAL COUNT Challenge classes, Boys, Girls and Cruiser.

    Country                 GOLD - SILVER - BRONZE
1.  Australia                    16          12          14
2.  Holland                       4            5            1
3.  USA                           3            3            1
4.  Argentina                    3            -            2
5.  Canada                       2            -             1
6.  France                        1            2            5
7.  Czech Republic            1             -             -
     Germany                    1             -             -
     Chili                           1             -             -
     Bolivia                        1             -             -
11. New Zealand              -             5             5
12. Colombia                    -             2             -
13. Brasil                          -             1            1
      Zimbabwe                  -             1            1 
15. Switserland                 -             1            -
      Belgium                      -            1             -
17. Lituania                       -            -             1
      England                      -            -             1                 
Total number of classes    33          33           33

The results of the National Team Event (Championships) were:
1. Team FRANCE

The result in World Championship Manufacturer Teams were:
1. Petrobras Paulinia    - Brazil
2. GT/Hyundai            - USA

Remark GD: how come that only 2 teams are mentioned in the results? Did only 2 teams enter this competition?  Probably YES and that’s BAD for Factory teams and manufacturers. Any reason? Who will tell.


September 17 - 21st. UCI BMX Supercross 2003 - Camp Woodward -  USA.

 ***      Photos by Jerry Landrum BMXMania/UCI

Beginning in 2003, the UCI launched a new series of BMX events called the UCI BMX SUPERCROSS, which replaces the UCI BMX World Cups held from 1996 till 2000. Ideal location for this event, the Downhill track at Camp Woodward (Pennsylvania, USA).

****    foto's    The Track

The UCI BMX Supercross track at Camp Woodward
Check out the huge turn The "Road Jump" just before Finish Line.

The weather was really bad for during the week leading up to the event and people where afraid that it would be cancelled, but according to UCI BMX Supercross organizer, Johan Lindström, the Supercross would go on as planned due to its flexible schedule and dry weather forecast for the weekend. While sitting out the bad weather, the riders were having fun riding the trails and hanging out at the skate park at Camp Woodward. A bunch of the pro racers learned to do back flips that week. Saturday the weather cleared. The track building crew finished the track and by 5PM they had the track in shape for practice. Sunday the race was held from eliminations to finals. Dutchman Robert de Wilde was riding strong all day. He won his Quarter, his Semi and also the Main.

***  foto RdW  The Flying Dutchman

Results: 3 Europeans in Top 4 Spots

1. Robert de Wilde (NED)
2. Robie Miranda (USA)
3. Michal Prokop (CZE)
4. Roger Rinderknecht (SUI)
5. John Purse (USA)
6. Paul Lange (USA)
7. Tyler Brown (USA)
8. Randy Stumpfhauser (USA)

September 27th. Celebration of 25 years of BMX in Europe and report of the 1st. International Veteran Cup at Dessel – Belgium.

After months of preparations, finally September 27th was there. This was the day when about 120 Old Skoolers and over 200 pioneer supporters such as parents, friends and others, gathered on the JOËL SMETS BMX TRACK of the Dessel BMX club, BMX 2000 in Belgium.


The day started out with fantastic weather, the sun was shining bright. At around 10 o’clock Old Skool rider started to come in and registered for the Veteran Cup that would take place later that day.
Although Old Skoolers were expected from France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Holland, it became mainly an event with Belgium, German and Dutch riders from the early days.

Among others there were the following Old Skool BMX’ers: Anita v.d. Mortel (NED), a former BMX World Champ; Matthieu Tanken (NED) picked up BMX racing about 2 years ago after about 15 years of absence and became Dutch, European and World Champions in 2002; Oliver Kienzle (GER) still active and racing in Germany; Jill Vakkers (NED) a former Dutch National Champ; Kris Van de Voorde (BEL); Luc van Driessche (BEL); Peter v.d. Abeele (BEL) who was a National Champ in cyclo cross in Belgium and Olympic Games contender in Australia in this discipline, Erik Dukino (NED); Alain Deschagt (BEL) a former member of the famous Pro-Winner BMX team of Belgium; Uli Heidkamp (NED) one of the first German riders competing at international events and contender at the AVRO TV Fietscross events in Waalre Holland were David Clinton and Perry Kramer took part in as well; Paul Driessen (NED) one of the first very serious sportsman in Holland in the highest performance class at the time; picked up racing again this year due to the Old Skool of BMX activities going on; Marc Greif (BEL) who was fast and famous, specially because he used old soccer shoes without the knobs, to ride in; Danny Hartwig (NED) one of Hollands top riders in the Phil Hoogendoorn and Addie v.d. Ven periode in Holland; Chris Jacobs (BEL) how finished his career as motocross GP 500cc riders just a couple of years ago and now is back on his BMX bike again training for the 2004 Worlds in Valkenswaard; Marc van der Kort (NED) a former Dutch National Champ and now still active as Tri-athlete a former Mongoose teammember among others; Lammert Moerman (NED) a Dutch top rider and one of the first riders to compete at the famous early day JAG BMX World Championships in Indianapolis-USA; Patje Hooybergs (BEL) nick-name Supermouth was present as well; Guy Geerts (BEL) still racing and Belgium Champion (active); Cees Lengers (NED); Oliver Rapp (GER) and Robert Niesl (GER).


Also a former announcer with the nick-name “The Voice” was present and … racing in Old Skool SE outfit and on a PK Ripper, “The Voice” Peter Bijnen (NED). To mention all competitors will go too far here. Most of the names on the Pre-Entry list (mentioned on this web-site were there).


Not racing Old Skoolers were there too like Andreas Hopping (GER), Rainer Schadowski (GER), Pieter Does (NED), Heidi Kelders (NED), Frank Smets (BEL), Rob van de Wildenberg (NED), Saskia Brink (NED), Patrick and Ronald Chen (NED), Hennie Lemmens (NED), Laurens “ZONTO” Dingen (NED) as well as the famous Bart and Paul de Jong (NED) of FATBMX and Paul’s Boutique shop, Misha de Vries (NED) who is still active in ATB/MTB cross country and has a top 10 position in Dutch competition. About 50 more names but we leave it up till here.

Besides riders also some Old Skool officials were there as well as former importers/trend setters in BMX bikes/parts and such. Some of the names will probably ring a bell with you all
like: Bert Dekkers (BEL), the man who started BMX as an organized sport in Belgium in 1979, one year after BMX started in Holland; Louis Vrijdag and Mieke Does-Karsmakers were ofcourse present. Together with Gerrit Does, the three of them stared out the S.F.N., on October 19th. 1978, the first official registered BMX sports organization in Holland and Europe. Louis arrived kind of late though, on his motorcycle with his son. Bram Jager (NED) was present and active as track-manager in his black and white stripes TM shirt that he wore many times during races among others during the E.C.C. events at Slagharen. Also Ton de Win (NED) was present, the man who ran most E.C.C. events Slagharen as track-manager and was well respected by most riders. Former AMEV Team trainer Carry Graus could not miss this event also. He enjoyed himself very much. Carry is now working for professional soccer team PSV – Eindhoven.

Special guests were representative from LATVIA, Mr. Aldons Vrublevskis, president of the Latvian BMX Federation and General Secretary of the Latvian Olympic Committee, Mr. Janis Silins, Vice-president of the Latvian BMX Federation.


Albert Kooymans (NED) former manufacturer and owner of the famous ASCO bikes and ….TEAM; Jan Dejonckheere (BEL) owner and manufacturer of PRO-WINNER bikes, became the Benelux importer for GT up and till about 1996 and still produces road frames, BMX frames and other stuff; Louis Verwimp (NED) the man behind the “Golden Lion” brand, importing and distributing BMX parts in the early days and now still distributing HARO bikes. Louis came a long way too and right now his sons are taking over the business. Piet Ende (NED) an Old Skool BMX racer of older age, still involved in BMX heavily selling BMX products at events in Holland. Piet has this special side-hack for sale and if your interested contact Piet Ende at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Check it out !!!


The rest of the day. After practice at around 13.00 hours, the rest of the Old Skoolers that didn’t race and there families arrived. At 14.00 hours the official opening took place. Each and every contender in the events came down the starting hill and on the first jump, speaker Paul Vakkers (NED) a notorious Old Skooler himself!!, asked the rider to introduce himself. After 62 riders had passed, Frank Smets president of the BMX club, BMX 2000 of Dessel, held his opening statement.   

He had to excuse JOEL SMETS, the now 5 times World Champion Moto-Cross with his last title one in the 650 cc class, due to the fact his parents did have their 40th wedding anniversary! Co-organizer of this event and father of European BMX Gerrit Does mentioned how 25 years past by, what a fantastic present BMX received for its 25th anniversary by becoming an Olympic sport. Briefly he looked back on what was, but went on what will be. Last but not least Aldons Vrublevskis as President of the Latvian BMX Federation and General Secretary of the Latvian Olympic Committee offered Gerrit Does an Olympic diploma from the Latvian Olympic Committee for his work helping developing and shape Latvian BMX since 1988. Also Janis Silins did say some personal words to Gerrit and congratulated him with 25 years of BMX in Europe.


Finally, honoring our Old Skool riders, the real fundament of BMX as a sport, the racing started. It was fun to see most of the guys riding in real Old Skool uniforms. Some times a little too tight around their shoulders but a great sight anyway. It was amazing to see how well, even guys that didn’t race for 15 or 20 years, did so well. You don’t loose your technique that became clear to all. The riders were allowed to race 20 or 24 inch bikes. Erik Dukino rode his ATB/MTB even on the track (and clashed hard!). Most of the machines were Old Skool bikes as well. Those Old Skoolers that did pick up racing seriously again, did have their now-a-days BMX bikes with them. Even semi finals had to be run and finally at around 16.30 hours the mains were done. The announcers Martin van de Velde and Paul Vakkers (both old school bmx'ers) psyched up the audience like crazy. Right after each Main ( B-final as well as A-final) the presentation of awards took place. The first 3 finishers received a trophy which they showed proudly to the about 200 spectators present. Here the final results of this great day:



Results of the 1st Veteran Cup 2003.

Main event results, Riders born in 1968 and earlier:
1. Wilco Cosijnse          - Holland
2. Marc Greif                - Belgium
3. Paul Driessen            - Holland
4. Alain Deschagt          - Belgium
5. Lammert Moerman    - Holland
6. Chris Jacobs              - Belgium
7. Joeri Beukevelt         - Holland
8. Patrick Cosijnse         - Holland

B- Final
1. - 9. Alex Kiebooms        - Holland
2. – 10. Marc v.d. Kort      - Holland
3. – 11. Hans Zweverink    - Holland
4. – 12. Werner Peters      - Holland
5. – 13. Danny Hartwig      - Holland
6. – 14. Luc van Driesche   - België
7. – 15 Anita v.d. Mortel    - Holland
8. – 16 Erik Dukino            - Holland

Main event results, Riders born in 1969 and later:
1. Guy Geers              - Belgium
2. Bob van Westerop   - Holland
3. Erik Mulders            - Holland
4. Oliver Kienzle          - Germany
5. Jeroen Ludovicus    - Germany
6. Johan Janssen        - Belgium
7. Kris v.d. Voorde      - Belgium
8. Denni Ghijsbers       - Belgium

B- Final
1. -   9. Jan Gorbach        - Germany
2. – 10. Raymond Tabak  - Holland 
3. – 11. Jill Vakkers          - Holland 
4. – 12. Dave Willemsen   - Holland
5. – 13. Marc Micros         - Belgïum
6. – 14. Olivier Rapp         - Germany
7. – 15. Cees Lengers       - Holland
8. – 16. Jens Jenssens      - Germany

During the day a special Race-jersey was auctioned by Paul Vakkers. As you might know, JOEL SMETS is changing teams: KTM becomes SUZUKI in 2004. This shirt was Joel Smets’ KTM Championship shirt and was auctioned for € 100,00 to Johan v.d. Velde. The organization of this event, BMX 2000 and the University of BMX, added another 200 euros and a cheque of € 300,= was present the next day, during the Belgium National Championship final event at the same track, to an organization in Dessel helping mentally ill and handicapped people.


We want to give special recognition to father and son, Dieter and Rainer Schadowski for bringing over their BMX Museum and showing it to the people present. They also did sell Anniversary T-shirts as well as video-tapes Gerrit Does did bring along of the 1983 Worlds, the AVRO TV Fietscross-Trophy series 1981 and the Rijnhal Indoor event in the early ‘80s . By the way, as during the 2002 Reunion at Luyksgestel – Holland, Peter v.d. Wildenberg did make shots of this unique happening and soon tapes will be available through the University of BMX for you all. During the afternoon and evening an AFTER PARTY took place in which a selective group of people took part. Among them well know party animals Albert Kooymans (ASCO) and Louis Verwimp (Lion d’Or).
It was around 2.00 o’clock at night/in the morning (whatever) when everything was quick in the party tent and around the BMX track.

Conclusion of the day:
THIS HAS BEEN ANOTHER GREAT DAY FOR OLD SKOOL BMX’ERS AND FANS. See you all next time during the 2004 UCI BMX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Valkenswaard – Holland ???

Carpe Diem!

Photo Gallery (Photos by Gino Govers)DESSEL:




September 29th., presentation of a new team called MCS Team of Friends coordinated by Pieter Does.

Here some pictures of that team as we saw it in 2003 and 2004.


Waalre, October 4th 2003, open letter to the UCI.

From: Gerrit Does

To: the President of the UCI – BMX department
attn. Johan Lindstrom – BMX Coordinator
Lausanne – Switzerland

Concerns: Open letter, ABA joining the UCI!

Dear friends in BMX,

Wouldn’t it be great to read the following headlines in new-papers, magazines and on the internet: NBL & ABA CAME TO A FINAL CONCLUSION THAT WORKING TOGETHER WOULD BENIFIT THE SPORT OF BMX THE BEST! Fiction or reality, BMX couldn’t get a better next present, after the Olympic recognition of late.

Opinion: I want to give you my personal opinion and few on what should happen a.s.a.p. with the 2 leading BMX organizations in the USA in relation to the UCI. Again, I know I don’t have all ins and outs as well as all the details, still I want to say this as an outsider.

I have been in BMX for almost 30 years now. The sport has it’s roots in the USA and for many years the two leading organization in the States, dominate the BMX scene there. In comparison with Europe, the USA has a free-enterprise system which resulted in two main National BMX bodies running the sport in the USA: the non-profit NBL and the profit organization of the ABA. Don’t be mistaken, both organizations are run as businesses. Most positive point of this system is that the 2 organizations keep each other on their toes in order to deliver the highest quality of racing (organization wise) for their license holders.

In Europe there has always been a structure of sports organization were only one National organization was allowed to represent that sport in each country. The Government sponsored just that one organization, which gave others no change, but also made that one organization big. Due to lack of competition, organizations weren’t very progressive. Also International bodies excepted only one National organization per country, in order to make one strong International sport organization.

The UCI now, is using the same rule through their USA representation, they allow only one organization to become a member of the UCI. Due to the fact that in the early days I had my contacts with the NBL and after that the NBL was also part of the I.BMX.F., the NBL was the logic potential partner to join the UCI later on. Thinking about the free-enterprise system, its hard to understand for a lot of Americans, specially within the ABA, that this is possible; allowing only one organization to join the UCI ranks, while they (ABA) are just as strong as the NBL (maybe even stronger) with a potential of over 35.000 license holders and hundred of tracks all over the USA.

Honestly I must tell you that the NBL does have the first “right” to become part of the UCI, if one can say so, due to the fact that they were part of the I.BMX.F. which merged with the UCI a couple of years ago. On the other hand, the 2 most important organization in the world of BMX, the ABA and NBL, I believe should have been allowed into the UCI ranks. About 35.000 license holders within the ABA, have been denied the right of international recognition and competition. To my knowledge, never did the UCI contact the ABA directly to open communications on this point. They left it all up to the American Cycling organization and in my opinion it should have been the UCI itself to talk to the ABA.

Anyway, Mr. Clayton John tried to contact the UCI, visited Holland in 1993 during the Worlds at Schijndel, tried to just speak with members of the board but was denied any contact.  I.BMX.F/UCI representatives just ignoring the fact that Mr. Clayton was present in Schijndel and not even wanting to talk to him, could be seen as an insult at least. In my opinion, another change was left alone to make the sport of BMX stronger with among others the ABA in its ranks through some kind of working together relationship in the form of a federation.

During the years several attempts have been made in the USA to buy, take over and whatever, the ABA and or NBL. Why put all that energy in this kind of stuff and not trying, seriously trying to find consensus between the 2 largest BMX organizations in the USA and even, making the sport of BMX so very much stronger. Probably ego’s, money, politics and that kind of thing did prevented the GOOD thing to happen.

O.k. I am sure I don’t have all the ins and outs of it all, but as an idealist and BMX fanatic who wants to see BMX grow like crazy, I can’t understand why NOBODY even talks about getting ABA involved within the UCI Community anymore at this moment. Even though BMX will become an Olympic sport in 2008, we will have to fight for our place within the Olympic community which will be hard (insiders know why!). Any help should be welcome and specially that, of one of the 2 largest National organizations in the USA and probably in the world, the N.B.L. and .... the A.B.A. The ABA is equal important as the NBL within the USA, still nobody seems to care to even try to get things going. In my opinion the UCI could play a major role here in getting the A.B.A. involved, but are you, UCI, really interested and willing to try? I also believe that the UCI, specially in this kind of cases, should act actively as an intermediate and not allowing the 2 organizations to kill each other. The American situation is a unique one, with the 2 main BMX organizations. An exception should be made, thinking of the rule only one organization per country allowed to represent a country. I believe that most BMX racers worldwide would honour UCI activities to realize the goal: get A.B.A. involved in UCI as well.

The general BMX public doesn’t know what’s going on in this field and that is why I did sent this “open letter” the President of the UCI – BMX department. Hopefully this starts a discussion and even better, a real effort of getting ALL parties in the world of BMX involved to make the sport stronger. Still will be all for now. Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards, GERRIT DOES - Holland.



"Ruy Barbosa, President of the UCI BMX commission retires from BMX". Due to health problems, our dear friend Ruy Barbosa from Chili, had to retire from BMX in his function as President of the UCI BMX Commission. Newly appoint is nog Mr. Daniel Baal from France.  Mr. Ruy Barbosa was present the UCI Merit and pin.  Slowly but steadily, original BMX officials are replaced by outside / non BMX specialists".

The UCI Management Board met in Hamilton, Canada, in the heat of the 2003 Road World Cycling Championships. The following World Championships have been attributed:

MTB Marathon 2004:         BAD GOISERN (AUT)
Indoor Cycling 2005:         FREIBURG (GER)
Track-Road Junior 2005:    VIENNA (AUT)
MTB 2006:                       ROTORUA (NZL)
Road 2006:                      SALZBURG (AUT)
Indoor Cycling 2006:         CHEMNITZ (GER)

The UCI Management Board has also confirmed that as 1.1.2004, safety helmets will be mandatory in the time trial and track events. M. Daniel Baal, member of the Board has been appointed President of the BMX Commission. Mme. Laurence Leboucher (FRA) has been appointed member of the MTB Commission.

UCI Press Office / Service de Presse UCI

December 6-7. 8th International Indoor of St Etienne, France.

Open Men:
1. BOUTTE Florent
2. BONTEMPS Patrick
3. MOREIRA Grégory
4. ALLIER Thomas
5. CORDIER Christophe
6. DOBY Clément - Lille
7. FINA Gilles

Open Women
2. AUBRY Héléna
4. LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia
5. REY Adelaïde
7. ROUGIE Anne
8. AJINCA Elodie 

Elite Men
1. TRICARD Jean Christophe
2. GIBERT David
3. BOUTTE Florent
4. DOBY Clément
5. MOREIRA Grégory
6. PARADIS Sébastien
7. BOURSEAU Mickaël
8. ESCUDERO Anthony

Elite Women
2. AJINCA Elodie
3. COTTEREAU Blandine
4. LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia
6. AUBRY Héléna
8. ROUGIE Anne 


HISTORY of BMX, year 2004.

February 7th., famous starting gate replaced.

Just recently we learned that the most famous and professional starting gate in Europe, used by the Valkenswaard BMX club Lion d’Or (Worlds track), has been taken away and has been replaced by a uni starting gate. In 1986, Ponypark Slagharen had a special starting gate built on advise of Gerrit Does and made by Hans Croes of the Waalre BMX club. It concerned a gate, designed by HONDA MOTORS Japan engineers and used during the I.BMX.F. Worlds on Suzuka circuit in Japan – 1984.

Here seen a picture of this gate being installed on the starting hill of the 1984 Worlds in Japan. Three cylinders pulled down the gate. The speed could be improved or reduced depending on how fast the riders were. Never any false start or jumping the gate was possible, also because the gate was rather high for that time and even now. The gate also was pushed up by these cylinders.

During the period that this gate was used during training-camps, National events and the European Challenge Cup events at Ponypark Slagharen, it never failed. Maintenance was very easy and of low cost. At the ECC events with an average of around 1500 entries per event, the gate went up and down maybe a 1200 till 1400 times, without a problem.

In 1994 the BMX club of Valkenswaard bought this gate from Ponypark Slagharen and they have been using it again up and till 2003. The gate worked perfect there too. Only one time the compressor (air) failed, not the gate itself. Now by order of the UCI, this unique gate and system had to be replaced. A simpler gate has been installed, lighter, less solid and with only 1 cylinder that really only is used to pull the gate up. O.k. this kind of gate is easier to pay for by clubs but of less quality. Let’s see during the Worlds what this gate will bring us. Good bye to a GATE which now is a relic after 18 years !

Gate 1984 - Suzuka - Japan, Recoqnize this gate. Same as Slagharen and now Valkenswaard. Gate 1985 - Hakodate - Japan, Recoqnize this gate?Gate 1985 - Tokyo - Japan, 1986 Japan BMX, same starting gate, track Tohyo, Honda design.Gate 1986 Slagharen – Holland, The gate still at the Slagharen track (1991).Gate 2003 Valkenswaard - Holland, The ECC starting gate at the Valkenswaard track.


February 28-29. 19th Indoor of Tours, France

1350 riders (1780 registrations)

Results Saturday Supercross Women                         
1. Elodie Ajinca (F)
2. Helena Aubry (F)
3. Laeticia Le Corguille (F)
4. Anne Rougie (F)
5. Adelaide Rey (F)
6. Magalie Pottier (F)
7. Jana Horakova (CZ)
8. Cecile Lazzarotto (F)

Results Saturday Supercross Men 
1. Michal Prokop (CZ)
2. Mike Day (USA)
3. Stephane Baquet (F)
4. Jeremy Cotte (F)
5. Robbie Miranda (USA)
6. Joost Wichman (NL)
7. Florent Boutte (F)
8. Pablo Gutierrez (F) 

Results Sunday Junior & Elite Women                  
1. Le Corguille Laëticia (F)
2. Horakova Jana (CZ)
3. Aubry Héléna (F)
4. Cottereau Blandine (F)
5. Ajinca Elodie (F)
6. Faure Lydia (F)
7. Lazzarotto Cécile (F)
8. Don Aurelia (F)

Results Sunday Junior Men 
1. Bordes Adrien (F)
2. Styrczewsky Forian (F)
3. Dubois Arnaud (B)
4. Morgat Guillaume (F)
5. Grevet Nicolas (F)
6. Leocadie Jérôme (F)
7. Chaventre Mathieu (F)
8. van der Putten Ivo (NL)

Results Sunday Elite Men 
1. Prokop Michal (CZ)
2. Tricard Jean Christophe (F)
3. Boutte Florent (F)
4. Cotte Jérémy (F)
5. Doby Clément (F)
6. Gutierrez Pablo (F)
7. Day Mike (USA)
8. Baquet Stéphane (F) 

***   foto   Mike Day knocking on Prokop's back door, out of the 2nd turn.
(photo by JesperRasmussen.Com)
For videos of the races, check out the videos on


March 13-14. Gran Premio Italia BMX, Italia.

Team BMX Libertas Lipatotina is organising an invitational race for Junior and Elite riders to promote BMX as the new Olympic Sport. Riders from the following countries were present: Italy, France, Switserland, Hungary, Holland, Slowakia, Czechy, Latvia. For this race, there was a special race format: First stage was a time qualification. Best 32 timed riders proceed to the next stage. Qualification times will determine the motos and the rider's position at the gate.

The Tournement in 4 runs:

4 motos of 8 riders - the first 2 riders for moto will be qualified
4 Recovery motos of 6 riders – the first 5 riders for moto will be qualified

4 motos of 7 riders – the first 2 riders for moto will be qualified
4 Recovery motos of 5 riders – the first 2 riders for moto will be qualified

3°)run (semi final)
2 motos of 8 riders – the first 2 riders for moto will be qualified
2 Recovery motos of 5 riders – the first 2 riders for moto will be qualified

4°)run (final)
1 motos Final B of 8 riders – from 9 to 16 position
1 motos Final A of 8 riders – from 1 to 8 position

Results Saturday

Place  UCI Code              Rider                             Nationality 
1°)     CZE19810401       Michal Prokop                 Czech Republic 
2°)     LAT19790304       Ivo Lakucs                     Latvia
3°)     ITA19800810        Manuel De Vecchi           Italy
4°)     ITA19840524        Carlo Gaule                    Italy
5°)     NED19780519       Joost Wichman               Holland
6°)     NED19870113       Ewoud Stam                  Holland
7°)     NED19820302       Rob van den Wildenberg  Holland
8°)     CZE19761205       Michal Pribyl                    Czech Republic
9°)     NED19830219       Arno Kanis                     Holland
10°)   CZE19791016       Lukas Tamme                 Czech Republic
11°)   HUN19831025       Vilmos Radasics               Hungary
12°)   HUN19780526       Peter Prajczer                 Hungary
13°)   NED19860826       Ivo Van Der Putten          Holland
14°)   ITA19840220        Federico Ravizzini             Italy
15°)   LAT19870408       Uldis Balbeks                    Latvia
16°)   ITA19850615        Mauro Paiusco                 Italy
Results Sunday

Place  UCI Code              Rider                              Nationality
1°)     CZE19810401       Michal Prokop                  Czech Republic
2°)     ITA19800810       Manuel De Vecchi             Italy
3°)     LAT19790304       Ivo Lakucs                       Latvia
4°)     CZE19761205       Michal Pribyl                     Czech Republic
5°)     NED19780519       Joost Wichman                Holland
6°)     NED19820302       Rob van den Wildenberg   Holland
7°)     NED19830219       Arno Kanis                      Holland
8°)     CZE19791016        Lukas Tamme                 Czech Republic
9°)     ITA19840524        Carlo Gaule                     Italy
10°)   LAT19820209        Undis Pucitis                   Latvia
11°)   LAT19870408        Uldis Balbeks                   Latvia
12°)   NED19860826        Ivo Van Der Putten         Holland
13°)   NED19870113        Ewoud Stam                  Holland
14°)   CZE19870612        Tomas Slavic                  Czech Republic
15°)   CZE19800104        Jakub Hnidak                  Czech Republic
16°)   ITA19850615        Mauro Paiusco                 Italy

Overall Top 3:   1. Michal Prokop
                          2. Manuel De Vecci
                          3. Ivo Lakucs

April 24-25. European Championships Rounds 1 & 2 - Lempdes (France)

***   foto's   Allier back from the USA
Bas de Bever (NL)
36 and still holeshotting
Flotent Boutte (F) leading the pack on Saturday
Arnaud Dubois (B)
Doubles in Junior Men 
Willy Kanis (NL)
Doubles in Elite Women



Round 1, Junior Women:
1. LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia     France
2. COTTEREAU Blandine      France
3. COOLS Samantha           Canada
4. BUSSCHERS Natalja         Holland
5. DESPEAUX Amélie           France
6. PELURSON Mélanie          France
7. BUTH Lisa                      Denmark
8. HODI Aniko                    Hungary

Junior Men:
1. DUBOIS Arnaud              Belgium
2. STROMBERGS Maris         Latvia
3. BORDES Adrien               France
4. ZENTINS Artis                 Latvia
5. SLAVIK Tomas                Czech Republic
6. STAM Ewoud                  Holland
7. AGUES Jordy                   Holland
8. VAN DER PUTTEN            Ivo Holland

Elite Women:
1. KANIS Willy                     Holland
2. FAURE Lydia                    France
3. CONVERT Cyrielle             France
4. HORAKOVA Jana              Czech Republic
5. OLAKOVA Dagmara          Slovakia
6. HLADIKOVA Aneta           Czech Republic
7. MADSEN Malene               Denmark
8. AJINCA Elodie                  France

Elite Men:
1. BOUTTE Florent               France
2. ALLIER Thomas                France
3. PROKOP Michal                 Czech Republic
4. TRICARD Jean                  Christophe France
5. MATISONS Arturs             Latvia
6. BALTZERSEN Henrik          Denmark
7. BATEY Kelvin                   England
8. BISSELING Sander            Holland


Round 2, Junior Women:
1. LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia      France
2. COOLS Samantha            Canada
3. COTTEREAU Blandine       France
4. HENRIET Mallory              France
5. DESPEAUX Amélie            France
6. PELURSON Mélanie           France
7. LANGENHUIJSEN Lina       Holland
8. BUSSCHERS Natalja          Holland

Junior Men:
1. DUBOIS Arnaud               Belgium
2. VAN DER PUTTEN            Ivo Holland
3. BORDES Adrien                France
4. HAMON Thomas               France
5. AGUES Jordy                   Holland
6. ZENTINS Artis                  Latvia
7. STROMBERGS Maris           Latvia
8. SLAVIK Tomas                 Czech Republic

Elite Women:
1. KANIS Willy                     Holland
2. FAURE Lydia                    France
3. RIMSAITE Vilma               Lithuania
4. CONVERT Cyrielle             France
5. ROUGIE Anne                  France
6. AJINCA Elodie                  France
7. MADSEN Malene               Denmark
8. HORAKOVA Jana              Czech Republic

Elite Men:
1. ALLIER Thomas                 France
2. PROKOP Michal                 Czech Republic
3. WICHMAN Joost                Nederland
4. TAMME Lukas                   Czech Republic
5. TRICARD Jean Christophe   France
6. BALTZERSEN Henrik           Denmark
7. BISSELING Sander             Nederland
8. MATISONS Arturs              Latvia 
Rankings after 2 rounds

Elite Men

1     99 8       ALLIER Thomas                        France          
2     91 14     BOUTTE Florent                       France          
3     90 101   PROKOP Michal                         Cz. Republic   
4     85 18     BALTZERSEN Henrik                  Denmark       
5     83 01     MATISONS Arturs                     Latvia           
6     82 134   TRICARD Jean Christophe          France          
7     75 17     TAMME Lukas                          Cz Republic    
8     72 16     WICHMAN Joost                       Nederland      
9     69 03     BISSELING Sander                    Nederland     
9     69 116   RASMUSSEN Jesper Damgard      Denmark      
11   66 13     NORDMARK Leiv Ove                 Norway 
12   64 143   COTTE Jérémy                          France 
13   61 123   BATEY Kelvin                            England 
14   55 120   GUTIERREZ Pablo                      France 
15   52 117   NIELSEN Thomas                       Denmark 
16   50 128   KREBS Milan                              Slovakia 
17   48 124   KANIS Arno                              Nederland 
18   45 122   PRIBYL Michal                           Czech Republic 
19   44 144   DOBY Clément                          France 
20   42 160   VAN DEN WILDENBERG Rob        Nederland 
21   41 127   WISSINK Dennis                        Nederland 
21   41 136   DE VECCHI Manuel                     Italy 
23   38 135   BAQUET Stéphane                    France 
24   37 141   BOURSEAU Mickaël                    France 
25   36 158   MADSEN Daniel                         Denmark 
26   35 X      BROWN Tyler                            USA   
26   33 132   GAULE Carlo                             Italy 
27   33 137   PUCITIS Uldis                            Latvia 
27   33 147   LLOVERIA Nicolas                      France 
30   30 114   TERKILSEN Morten                    Denmark 
30   30 121   HNIDAK Jakub                          Czech Republic 
32   29 011   BONTEMPS Patrick                    France 

Elite Women
pos. points racenr.  name
1        86       2       KANIS Willy                     Nederland      
2        81      18      FAURE Lydia                    France          
3        72      03      CONVERT Cyrielle             France          
4        70      11      HORAKOVA Jana              Czech Republic 
5        65    101      RIMSAITE Vilma                Lithuania
6        62       1       AJINCA Elodie                  France 
7        59     12       POLAKOVA Dagmara         Slovakia 
8        58    116      MADSEN Malene               Denmark 

11      49    109      FRITSCHER Kerstin            Germany 
12      47      17      BOLLANSEE Ellen              Belgium 
13      46       3       SCHOCHER Tatjana           Switzerland 
14      41   113       CLAOUE Karine                 France  
15      38   112       LAZZAROTTO Cécile          France 
16      35   013       GRIFFET Frédérique           France  
17      32   017       RUIZ Denise                     Switzerland 
17      32   108       WICHMAN Rebecca           Nederland  
19      29   103       CHAMBONNEAU Karine      France 
20      22   016       SORENSEN Amanda          Denmark 
21      20      X       STEVENS Elisabeth            USA 
22      19   104       VAN GEMERT Angelique     Nederland  
23      18   106       JACOBS Suzanne              Nederland  
24      17   107       JANSEN Anita                   Nederland  
25      15   018       SCHNEIDER Sasja              Denmark 
26      12   105       VAN HOUTEM Sindy           Nederland 

Junior Men 
1      108     12       DUBOIS Arnaud                Belgium 
2        92   015       STROMBERGS Maris           Latvia 
3        88     04       BORDES Adrien                France  
4        86   011       ZENTINS Artis                  Latvia 
5        81      7       VAN DER PUTTEN Ivo        Nederland 
6        79      4       HAMON Thomas                France 
7        77  136        SLAVIK Tomas                  Czech Republic 
8        75    02        STAM Ewoud                   Nederland 
8        75  113        AGUES Jordy                    Nederland 
10      73  111        DELBERT Jean Mathieu       France 
11      57  134        QUAEGEBEUR Benoît         France 
12      56  135        SAMELOT Antoine             France 
13      54  133        GODET Damien                 France 
13      54  144        CHAFFOT Jérémy              France 
15      51  140        REMILI Yannis                   France 
16      50  115        BISSELING Edgar               Nederland 
17      46  114        VAN DER BIEZEN Raymon   Nederland 
18      44  105        KARTFJORD Sebastian        Norway 
19      43  012        STRAZDINS Maris               Latvia
19      43   06        CESAR Michael                   Portugal 
19      43  147        MERCIER Brice                   France 
22      41  154        PASCON Rémi                   France 
23      40  016        BALBEKS Uldis                   Latvia 
23      40  159        GALLARDO PAREDES José Carlo, Spain 
25      36  102        KRAL Ludek                      Czech Republic 
26      35  131        MULLER Sébastien             Switzerland 
27      33  142        STYRCZEWSKI Florian        France 
27      33  149        DELEPLANCQUE Quentin    France 
29      32  108        GENEST Florian                 France 
29      32  121        VERRIJT Niels                   Nederland 
29      32  143        AGUILAR Richard               France 
32      31  103        MECHURA Lukas                Czech Republic 
32      31  160        RODRIGUEZ ALONSO Alberto, Spain 

Junior Women
1        92      8        LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia        France 
2        81      4        COTTEREAU Blandine         France 
3        80      1        COOLS Samantha               Canada 
4        65  015        BUSSCHERS Natalja             Nederland 
5        63  014        PELURSON Mélanie              France 
6        61  011        DESPEAUX Amélie               France 
7        52  012        LANGENHUIJSEN Lina          Nederland
7        52  018        HENRIET Mallory                 France 
7        52  04          REY Adelaïde                     France 
7        52  102        BUTH Lisa                          Denmark 
11      49  114        PAVILLET Marion                France 
12      45  109        PEYLABOUD Laurie              France 
12      45    15        HODI Aniko                        Hungary
14      43  104        SJOLANDER Cim                  Sweden 
15      42  105        MAJCHRZAK Femke             Nederland 
16      35  103        JACOBSEN Stinna                Denmark 
16      35  106        DE WAN Jessica                  Nederland 
18      32  016        ACHSOVA Katarina              Slovakia 
19      24  108        PARTAUD Elodie                 France 
20      23  111        BOTTALA Anouk                France 
21      22  110        BONNARD Charlène             France 
22      21  112        GRIVILERS Lucie                 France 
23      20  113        PAQUIEN Déborah              France 
24      19  115        JOST Katrin                       Germany
25      14  107        DELACHET Nathalie             France

May 8-9. European Championships Rounds 3 & 4 - Esselbach (Germany).

Junior Men Action
Thomas Allier (F) leading the pack
Willy Kanis (NL)
wins 4 out of 4
UnivofBMX Member
Pieter Does (NL)
25 years in BMX
taking 2nd place
in round 3 



Round 3

Junior Women

1. Laëtitia Le Corguille       - France
2. Natalja Busshers           - Holland
3. Blandine Cottereau       - France
4. Mélanie Pelurson          - France
5. Adelaïde Rey               - France
6. Linda Langenhuijsen     - Holland
7. Amélie Despeaux         - France
8. Stinna Jacobsen          - Denmark

Junior Men

1. Adrien Bordes             - France
2. Arnaud Dubois            - Belgium
3. Micael Cesar                - Portugal
4. Ivo van der Putten      - Holland
5. Jérémy Chaffot           - France
6. Uldis Balbeks               - Latvia
7. Martijn Jaspers            - Holland
8. Yannis Remili               - France

Elite Women

1. Willy Kanis                  - Holland
2. Elodie Ajinca               - France
3. Héléna Aubry              - France
4. Jana Horáková            - Czech Republic
5. Cyrielle Convert           - France
6. Kerstin Fritscher          - Germany
7. Tatjana Tatjana          - Switzerland
8. Angelique van Gemert - Holland

Elite Men

1. Manuel de Vecchi        - Italy
2. Pieter Does                - Holland
3. Sander Bisseling          - Holland
4. Jesper Rasmussen       - Denmark
5. Milan Krebs                 - Slowakia
6. Arturs Matisons           - Latvia
7. Leiv Ove Nordmark      - Norway
8. Florent Boutte            - France
Round 4

Junior Women

1. Laëtitia Le Corguille      - France
2. Cottereau Blandine      - France
3. Adelaïde Rey               - France
4. Amélie Despeaux         - France
5. Linda Langenhuijsen     - Holland
6. Natalja Busshers           - Holland
7. Mélanie Pelurson          - Holland
8. Stinna Jacobsen          - Denmark

Junior Men

1. Arnaud Dubois            - Belgium
2. Artis Zentins               - Latvia  
3. Thomas Hamon          - France
4. Ewoud Stam              - Holland
5. Jérémy Chaffot           - France
6. Yannis Remili               - France
7. Maris Strazdins            - Lativa
8. Maris Strombergs        - Lativa

Elite Women

1. Willy Kanis                  - Holland
2. Dagmara Poláková       - Slowakia
3. Cyrielle Convert           - France
4. Anne Rouge               - France
5. Aneta Hladíková          - Czech Republic
6. Jana Horáková            - Czech Republic
7. Lydia Faure                - France
8. Kerstin Fritscher         - Germany

Elite Men

1. Thomas Alier             - France
2. Michal Prokop            - Czech Republic
3. Ivo Lakucs                 - Latvia
4. Roger Rinderknecht    - Switzerland
5. Florent Boutte           - France
6. Lukas Tamme            - Czech Republcic
7. Joost Wichman          - Holland 
8. Manuel de Vecchi       - Italy

May 23-24. European Championships Rounds 5 & 6 - Kampen (Holland)

Laëtitia Le Gorguille 6 Wins in 6 Rounds 
Maris Strombergs takes in win in Junior Men on Saturday
Willy Kanis takes win on Sunday on her home track 
Arturs Matisons #1 in Round 6


Results Round 5:

Junior Women

1. Laëtitia Le Corguille      - France
2. Blandine Cottereau      - France
3. Amélie Despeux           - France
4. Adelaide Rey               - France
5. Natalja Busschers         - Holland
6. Mélanie Pelurson          - France
7. Katarina Achsova         - Slovakia
8. Linda Langenhuijzen     - Holland

Junior Men

1. Maris Strombergs          - Latvia
2. Jordy Agues                - Holland
3. Artis Zentins                - Latvia
4. Tomas Slavik                - Czech Republic
5. Arnaud Dubois             - Belgium 
6. Jean Mathie Delebert    - France 
7. Michael Cesar               - Portugal 
8. Ivo van der Puten        - Holland 

Elite Women

1. Lydia Faure                  - France
2. Kertin Fritscher             - Germany
3. Willy Kanis                    - Holland
4. Aneta Hladikova            - Czech Republic
5. Elodie Ajinca                 - France
6. Jana Horakova              - Czech Republic
7. Anne Rougie                - France
8. Cyrielle Convert             - France

Elite Men

1. Thomas Allier                - France
2. Michal Prokop               - Czech Republic
3. Leiv Ove Nordmark        - Norway
4. Roger Rinderknecht       - Switserland
5. Pablo Gutierrez             - France
6. Rob v/d Wildenberg      - Holland
7. Lukas Tamme               - Czech Republic
8. Jean Christof Tricard      - France 

Round 6

Junior Women

1. Laëtitia Le Corguille        - France
2. Mélanie Pelurson            - France
3. Adelaïde Rey                 - France
4. Amélie Despeaux           - France
5. Bladine Cottereau          - France
6. Linda Langenhuijzen       - Holland
7. Natalja Busschers           - Holland
8. Femke Majchrzak           - Holland

Junior Men

1. Arnaud Dubois              - Belgium
2. Thomas Hamon             - France
3. Edgar Bisseling              - Holland
4. Maris Strombergs           - Latvia
5. Niels Verrijt                   - Holland
6. Ivo van der Putten        - Holland
7. Jérémy Chaffot             - France
8. Maris Strazdins              - Latvia

Elite Women

1. Willy Kanis                    - Holland
2. Anne Rougie                - France
3. Dagmara Polakova         - Slowakia
4. Cécile Lazzarotto           - France
5. Ellen Bollansee              - Belgium
6. Vilma Rimsaite               - Lithuania
7. Cyrielle Convert             - France
8. Lydia Faure                   - France

Elite Men

1. Arturs Martisons             - Latvia
2. Michal Prokop                - Czech Republic
3. Thomas Allier                 - France
4. Manuel Di Vecchie          - Italy
5. Leiv Ove Nordmark         - Norway
6. Jeremy Cotte                - France
7. Roger Rinderknecht        - Switserland
8. Hendrik Baltzersen          - Denmark 

Rankings after 6 rounds

Junior Women
pos. points racenr. name                                     country                                           
1      276         8    LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia -           France          
2      237         4    COTTEREAU Blandine -            France           
3      210      014   PELURSON Mélanie -                France            
4      195      015   BUSSCHERS Natalja -               Nederland    
5      191      011   DESPEAUX Amélie -                 France             
6      185        04   REY Adelaïde -                        France                       
7      171      012   LANGENHUIJSEN Linda -           Nederland 
8      142      102   BUTH Lisa                              Denmark 
8      142      109   PEYLABOUD Laurie                  France 
10    135      104   SJOLANDER Cim                      Sweden 
11    131      016   ACHSOVA Katarina                   Slovakia 
12    113      105   MAJCHRZAK Femke                  Nederland 
13      95      106   DE WAN Jessica                      Nederland 
14      84      103   JACOBSEN Stinna                    Denmark      
15      80         1   COOLS Samantha                     Canada           
16      52      018   HENRIET Mallory                      France             
16      52      116   BANNENBERG Annet                Nederland        
18      49      114   PAVILLET Marion                     France       
19      45        15   HODI Aniko                            Hungary          
20      44      115   JOST Katrin                            Germany  
21      42      118   ESPEDAL Heidi                        Norway        
22      24      108   PARTAUD Elodie                      France           
23      23      111   BOTTALA Anouk                     France           
24      22      110   BONNARD Charlène                  France             
24      22      119   BRETHAUER Laura                   Germany            
26      21      112   GRIVILERS Lucie                      France         
26      21      117   HAIN Simone                          Germany       
28      20      113   PAQUIEN Déborah                   France       
29      14      107   DELACHET Nathalie                  France 

Junior Men                      
1      320        12   DUBOIS Arnaud                       Belgium  
2      251      015   STROMBERGS Maris                  Latvia  
3      250        04   BORDES Adrien                       France 
4      246      011   ZENTINS Artis                         Latvia
5      240          4   HAMON Thomas                      France 
6      234          7   VAN DER PUTTEN Ivo              Nederland  
7      210      113   AGUES Jordy                           Nederland 
8      207        02   STAM Ewoud                          Nederland  
9      203      144   CHAFFOT Jérémy                     France  
10    197      111   DELBERT Jean Mathieu              France 
11    180      136   SLAVIK Tomas                         Czech Republic 
12    176      016   BALBEKS Uldis                          Latvia 
13    174      140   REMILI Yannis                          France 
14    171      115   BISSELING Edgar                      Nederland 
15    169        06   CESAR Michael                         Portugal 
16    154      012   STRAZDINS Maris                      Latvia 
17    147      121   VERRIJT Niels                           Nederland  
17    147      135   SAMELOT Antoine                    France 
19    144      114   VAN DER BIEZEN Raymon          Nederland 
20    123      105   KARTFJORD Sebastian               Norway 
21    121      131   MULLER Sébastien                    Switzerland 
21    121      134   QUAEGEBEUR Benoît                France 
23    116      117   JASPERS Martijn                       Nederland 
24    114      142   STYRCZEWSKI Florian               France 
25    101      108   GENEST Florian                        France
26      99      122   MUHLHANS Petr                      Czech Republic    
27      93      139   CARLIN Jonathan                     France 
27      93      158   GALAN CARRASCO                   Pablo Spain 
29      91      118   KLEINHESSELINK Bo                 Nederland     
30      84      106   GRONSUND Anders                   Norway 
30      84      150   JACOBS Toon                          Belgium                     
32      80      159   GALLARDO PAREDES José Carlo  Spain 

Elite Women                                                        
1      256          2   KANIS Willy                             Nederland 
2      219        18   FAURE Lydia                            France 
3      206        11   HORAKOVA Jana                      Czech Republic 
4      204        03   CONVERT Cyrielle                     France  
5      187        12   POLAKOVA Dagmara                 Slovakia 
6      179      111   ROUGIE Anne                          France 
7      175          1   AJINCA Elodie                          France
8      171      101   RIMSAITE Vilma                        Lithuania 
9      169      109   FRITSCHER Kerstin                    Germany 
10    153        17   BOLLANSEE Ellen                      Belgium 
11    141        15   HLADIKOVA Aneta                    Czech Republic     
12    138          3   SCHOCHER Tatjana                   Switzerland  
13    126        16   AUBRY Héléna                          France       
14    106      016   SORENSEN Amanda                   Denmark 
14    106      103   CHAMBONNEAU Karine               France 
16    100      112   LAZZAROTTO Cécile                  France 
17      93      104   VAN GEMERT Angelique             Nederland
18      92      116   MADSEN Malene                       Denmark 
19      80      017   RUIZ Denise                             Switzerland 
20      64      118   EDVARDSEN Ranveig                 Norway         
21      60      106   JACOBS Suzanne                      Nederland  
22      59      107   JANSEN Anita                           Nederland 
23      56      108   WICHMAN Rebecca                   Nederland       
24      49      105   VAN HOUTEM Sindy                  Nederland 
25      41      113   CLAOUE Karine                         France           
26      38      111   MARTH Steffi                           Germany       
27      35      013   RIFFET Frédérique                    France              
27      35      115   VAN WESTEROP Loes               Nederland       
29      20         X   STEVENS Elisabeth                    USA             
30      15      018   SCHNEIDER Sasja                      Denmark          

June 19-20. European Championships Rounds 7 & 8 - Sandnes (Norway).

This weekend Rounds 7 & 8 of the European Championships were held in Sandnes ( Norway ). The track was fabulous going downhill from start till finish and with huge speed jumps in it and brick turns. Even though it was raining most of the weekend, yes the euro rounds are really blessed by the weather gods this year, the track was still in top shape. The organisation was perfect, nice stands with a clear overview of the whole track, free Gatorade and national television present to report the races. The number of age groups was limited because in Norway there is a law that forbids international races for age groups younger than 14. In the morning block 1 with the Challenge Classes was run and in the afternoon the Championships Classes with the Junior and Elite categories. In Junior Women it was Laëtitia Le Corguille who doubled again giving her 8 victories in 8 races resulting in a European Title with the Maximum of points! In Junior Men we had a Latvian weekend with Maris Strombergs winning on Saturday and Artis Zentins on Sunday. With a 4 th and 3 rd place for Arnaud Dubois, he is already certain of his first European Title in Junior Men.

***  foto  Strombergs winner Round 7

In Elite Women there were 2 motos of 8 resulting in some exiting races. Jana Horakova took the win on Saturday, but crashed twice on Sunday keeping her out of the main. Victory on Sunday was for Willy Kanis giving her enough points for the European Title.

***   foto   Elite Women Action

In Elite Men Leive Ove Nordmark took his first European win ever on Saturday and he liked the taste of that one going for another win on Sunday. The Elite title is still for grabs with Allier , Prokop and Tamme taking a weekend of to compete in the 4X World Cup in Austria . 4X World Champion Michal Prokop took 4 th in that one.

***   foto  Levi Ove Normark Doubles


Round 7

Junior Women
1. LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia         France
2. COTTEREAU Blandine          France
3. BUSSCHERS Natalja             Nederland
4. PELURSON Mélanie  
6. LANGENHUIJSEN Linda        Nederland
7. BUTH Lisa                          Denmark
8. ACHSOVA Katarina              Slovakia

Junior Men
1. STROMBERGS Maris             Latvia
2. ZENTINS Artis                    Latvia
3. VAN DER PUTTEN Ivo         Nederland
4. DUBOIS Arnaud                  Belgium
5. DELBERT Jean Mathieu        France
6. REMILI Yannis                    France
7. GRONSUND Anders             Norway
8. SLAVIK Tomas                   Czech Republic

Elite Woman
1. HORAKOVA Jana                Czech Republic
2. KANIS Willy                       Nederland
3. RIMSAITE Vilma                 Lithuania
4. POLAKOVA Dagmara          Slovakia
5. CONVERT Cyrielle               France
6. ROUGIE Anne                    France
7. HLADIKOVA Aneta             Czech Republic
8. FAURE Lydia                      France

Elite Men
1. NORDMARK Leiv                 Ove Norway
2. LAKUCS Ivo                       Latvia
3. KREBS Milan                       Slovakia
4. MATISONS Arturs               Latvia
5. HESS Frode                       Norway
6. WISSINK Dennis                 Nederland
7. BOUTTE Florent                 France
8. WICHMAN Joost                 Nederland
Round 8

Junior Women
1. LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia         France
2. COTTEREAU Blandine          France
3. BUSSCHERS Natalja             Nederland
4. LANGENHUIJSEN Linda        Nederland
5. DESPEAUX Amélie              France
6. JACOBSEN Stinna               Denmark
7. SJOLANDER Cim                 Sweden
8. PELURSON Mélanie F           France

Junior Men
1. ZENTINS Artis                    Latvia
2. VAN DER PUTTEN Ivo         Nederland
3. DUBOIS Arnaud                  Belgium
4. HAMON Thomas                 France
5. REMILI Yannis                    France
6. AGUES Jordy                     Nederland
7. GRONSUND Anders             Norway
8. KARTFJORD Sebastian         Norway

Elite Woman
1. KANIS Willy                        Nederland
2. ROUGIE Anne                    France
3. AUBRY Héléna                   France
4. FRITSCHER Kerstin             Germany
5. CONVERT Cyrielle               France
6. HLADIKOVA Aneta             Czech Republic
7. LAZZAROTTO Cécile           France
8. FAURE Lydia                      France

Elite Men
1. NORDMARK Leiv Ove           Norway
2. BALTZERSEN Henrik            Denmark
3. TRICARD Jean Christophe     France
4. BOUTTE Florent                  France
5. REMILI Medhi                      France
6. WISSINK Dennis                  Nederland
7. RASMUSSEN Jesper Damgard Denmark
8. HESS Frode                        Norway

Rankings after 8 rounds

Click here to see the current ranking of the European Championships Series after 8 rounds out of 10.

July 9-11. European Championships Rounds 9 & 10 + Challenge - Klatovy (Czech Republic).

Results Round 9

Junior Women

1. LE CORGUILLE Laétitia      - France
2. REY Adelaide                   - France
3. DESPEAUX Amelie            - France
4. BUSSCHERS Natalja          - Holland
5. HENRIET Mallory              - France
6. Lisa Buth                        - Denmark
7. ACHSOVA Katarina           - Slovakia
8. HODI Aniko                     - Hungary

Junior Men

1. DUBOIS Arnaud               - Belgium
2. CHAFFOT Jeremy             - France
3. SAMELOT Antoine           - France
4. STAM Ewoud                  - Holland
5. AGUES Jordy                   - Holland
6. VAN DER BIEZEN Raymon - Holland
7. STROMBERGS Maris          - Latvia
8. ZENTINS Artis                 - Latvia

Elite Woman

1. HORAKOVA Jana             - Czech Republic
2. HLADIKOVA Aneta          - Czech Republic
3. RIMSAITE Vilma              - Lithuania
4. BOLLANSEE Ellen            - Belgium
5. CONVERT Cyrielle            - France
6. POLAKOVA Dagmara       - Slovakia
7. FRITSCHER Kerstin          - Germany
8. ROUGIE Anne                 - France

Elite Men

1. LAKUCS Ivo                    - Latvia
2. PROKOP Michal               - Czech Republic
3. TRICARD Jean Christophe - France
4. ALLIER Thomas               - France
5. GUTIERREZ Pablo            - France
6. KREBS Milan                    - Slovakia
7. BALTZERSEN Henrik         - Denmark
8. MATISONS Arturs            - Latvia

Round 10

Junior Women

1. LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia      - France
2. COTTEREAU Blandine       - France
3. REY Adelaïde                   - France
4. HENRIET Mallory              - France
5. DESPEAUX Amélie            - France
6. BUSSCHERS Natalja          - Holland
7. BUTH Lisa                       - Denmark
4. PELURSON Mélanie           - France
8. LANGENHUIJSEN Linda      - Holland

Junior Men

1. ZENTINS Artis                  - Latvia
2. STROMBERGS Maris           - Latvia
3. VAN DER PUTTEN Ivo       - Holland
4. MUHLHANS Petr               - Czech Republic
5. DUBOIS Arnaud                - Belgium
6. CHAFFOT Jérémy              - France
7. HAMON Thomas               - France
8. SAMELOT Antoine            - France

Elite Woman

1. HORAKOVA Jana Czech     - Republic
2. POLAKOVA Dagmara         - Slovakia
3. CONVERT Cyrielle             - France
4. HLADIKOVA Aneta           - Czech Republic
5. FRITSCHER Kerstin           - Germany
6. ROUGIE Anne                  - France
7. RIMSAITE Vilma                - Lithuania
8. FAURE Lydia                     - France

Elite Men

1. PROKOP Michal                 - Czech Republic
2. ALLIER Thomas                - France
3. TAMME Lukas                   - Czech Republic
4. LAKUCS Ivo                     - Latvia
5. DOBY Clément                 - France
6. KREBS Milan                     - Slovakia
7. BALTZERSEN Henrik          - Denmark
8. MATISONS Arturs             - Latvia

Final Rankings (Best 8 Out of 10)

Junior Women

1. LE CORGUILLE Laëtitia       - France
2. COTTEREAU Blandine        - France
3. BUSSCHERS Natalja           - Holland
4. PELURSON Mélanie            - France
5. DESPEAUX Amélie             - France
6. REY Adelaïde                    - France
7. LANGENHUIJSEN Linda       - Holland
8. BUTH Lisa                         - Denmark
9. ACHSOVA Katarina             - Slovakia
10. SJOLANDER Cim              - Sweden
11. MAJCHRZAK Femke          - Holland
12. JACOBSEN Stinna            - Denmark

Elite Woman

1. KANIS Willy                      - Holland
2. HORAKOVA Jana               - Czech Republic
3. FAURE Lydia                     - France
4. CONVERT Cyrielle              - France
5. POLAKOVA Dagmara          - Slovakia
6. ROUGIE Anne                   - France
7. HLADIKOVA Aneta            - Czech Republic
8. RIMSAITE Vilma                - Lithuania
9. FRITSCHER Kerstin            - Germany
10. AJINCA Elodie                 - France
11. BOLLANSEE Ellen             - Belgium
12. SCHOCHER Tatjana          - Switzerland

Junior Men

1. DUBOIS Arnaud                - Belgium
2. ZENTINS Artis                  - Latvia
3. STROMBERGS Maris           - Latvia
4. VAN DER PUTTEN Ivo       - Holland
5. HAMON Thomas               - France
6. STAM Ewoud                   - Holland
7. BORDES Adrien                 - France
8. AGUES Jordy                    - Holland
9. CHAFFOT Jérémy              - France
10. SLAVIK Tomas                - Czech Republic
11. CESAR Michael                - Portugal
12. REMILI Yannis                 - France

Elite Men

1. ALLIER Thomas                - France
2. PROKOP Michal                 - Czech Republic
3. NORDMARK Leiv Ove         - Norway
4. BOUTTE Florent               - France
5. BALTZERSEN Henrik          - Denmark
6. MATISONS Arturs             - Latvia
7. TAMME Lukas                   - Czech Republic
8. LAKUCS Ivo                      - Latvia
9. TRICARD Jean Christophe   - France
10. KREBS Milan                    - Slovakia
11. GUTIERREZ Pablo            - France
12. DE VECCHI Manuel           - Italy

Junior Cruiser

1. HAMON Thomas                - France
2. CESAR Michael                   - Portugal
3. STAM Ewoud                    - Holland
4. CHAFFOT Jérémy               - France  
5. QUAEGEBEUR Benoît          - France
6. VERRIJT Niels                    - Holland
7. DUBOIS Arnaud                 - Belgium
8. STROMBERGS Maris            - Latvia
Elite Cruiser

1. PROKOP Michal                  - Czech Republic
2. DOES Pieter                      - Holland
3. DOBY Clément                   - France
4. GUTIERREZ Pablo               - France
5. LAKUCS Ivo                       - Latvia
6. TAMME Lukas                    - Czech Republic
7. ORSTAD Aadne                 - Norway
8. BOUTTE Florent                - France

July 23-25. Pre-Worlds - Valkenswaard (Holland).

Results in Elite Men:

1. Cristian Becerine
2. Luc Maddil
3. John Purse
4. Manuel Lopez
5. Sander Bisseling
6. Pieter Does
7. Arno Kanis
8. Donny Robinson

Elite Women

1. Gabrielle Diaz
2. Aneta Hladikova
3. Dagmara Polakova

Junior Men

1. Michael Fenwick
2. Ivo van der Putten
3. Uldis Balbecks
4. Bart Mol

Junior Women

1. Samantha Cools


July 23-25th  the UCI  BMX World Championships 2004 - Valkenswaard (Holland) took place.

2004 wk_vwrd__scannen00202004 _wk_vwrd__scannen00242004 _wk_vlwrd___scannen0032

At the UCI  BMX World Championships 2004 in Valkenswaard – Holland, 35 countries were represented with in total 2429 entries of which 545 entries from the host country, Holland (The Netherlands). Seen here on these 2 pictures, the official opening and all participating riders on the grandstands along the first straight. This was the 9th UCI BMX World Championship and the 23rd World Championship since the official start by the I.BMX.F. in Dayton-Ohio, year 1982.

2004 WK_Opening_Vuurspuggers2004 _the_crowd_at_WC_Vwrd_25-7-04_0162004 WK_VWRD__all_riders_opening__Tribune_met_Ned_WK_

The participating countries were:
Argentina                  Japan
Aruba                       Latvia
Australia                    Lithuania
Austria                      Mexico
Belgium                     Norway
Bolivia                       New Zealand
Brazil                         Portugal
Canada                      Republic of South Africa
Chile                         Russia
Columbia                   Switzerland
Czech Republic           Slovakia
Denmark                   Sweden
Ecuador                    United States of America
Spain                        Venezuela
Great Britain              Zimbabwe
Germany                   France
Hungary                    Netherlandss (host country)
Italy                         (35 countries)


This year's host for the UCI World Championships is BMX Club "Lion d'Or"  from Valkenswaard (Holland). The track and accommodation were outstanding, a big crowd, spectacular animations made it a great event and with over 2300 entries, this is the biggest worlds ever. Very special was the fact that Mrs. Erica Terpstra, Chairman of the NOC - NSF,  the Dutch National Olympic Committee, was present at these Worlds.

2004 Pieter_Does_and_Erica_Terpstra_Chairman_of_the_NOC_of_Holland_the_2004_Worlds2004 Pieter_left_uit__wc_pd32004 WK_Pieter_en_ERica_NOC___wc_pd2

On Wednesday the Worlds week starts with practice per country and in the evening the best ranked riders of the World battled in the Elite Pro Shootout race. 32 top Elite men and 16 top Elite and Junior Women could test the Worlds Track and earn a little cash on the way.

Pro Shootout Results

Elite Men
1. Warwick Stevenson    - Australia
2. Jason Richardson        - USA
3. Robert de Wilde         - Holland
4. Kamakazi Kamakazi      - Australia
5. Florent Boutte           - France
6. Thomas Allier             - France
7. Lukas Tamme            - Czech Republic
8. Randy Stumpfhauser   - USA

Elite & Junior Women
1. Laetitia Le Corguille     - France
2. Jana Horakova            - Czech Republic
3. Elodie Anjinca             - France
4. Kim Hayashi                - USA

Thursday continued with gate practice. Interesting fact, the actual starting gate was bought by Lion d'Or from the E.C.C. Slagharen organizer, PONYPARK Slagharen in 1994, were this gate functioned from 1986 on. So this was an 18 year old gate, a copy from the 1984 Honda made starting gate at the Japan I.BMX.F. Worlds in Suzuka. In the evening the Official Openings Ceremony with the introduction of all riders to the public took place on this day.

2004 WK_vWRD__010

On Friday Racing action started with the Cruiser Challenge and Championships. Junior Title went to Augusto Castro and Randy Stumpfhauser won his 3rd consecutive Elite Men's Cruiser Title.

2004 WK_VWRD_Jason_Richardson_USA__020Fotos WK_Randy_Stumpfhauser__2004 WK_VWRD_Cruiser_cl._Pieter___017

Saturday racing started early in the morning at 7AM with all left over Challenge Classes. This way Sunday was completely reserved for Elite and Junior Classes. Present as VIP's were among others Eddy Posthuma (NED), Louis Vrijdag (NED) and actif as PR man at this Worlds was Gerrit Does (NED). Peer VandenAbeele (BEL)  a former pioneer BMX'er and now working for the UCI was present as well.

WK BMX_VALKENSWAARD_Juli_2004_0072004 Grandfathers_of_BMX_Tedesco_USA_l_Does_NED_rPeter van_den_Abeele_and_family 

Click here for an overview of the Challenge Results.

In the Challenge classes for the first time ever, a Japanese BMX rider did win not only one, but two (2) Challenge titles. His name Masahiro Sampei did win the Boys 14 class as well as the Cruiser 13-14 year old class. Well done Japan! Here the medal count in the 32 Challenge classes.

Medal count in the Challenge classes:

   Country                         GOLD   SILVER  BRONZE
1. Holland                             9           5          10
2. France                              4           3            8
3. USA                                 3           6            2
4. Switzerland                       1           1            1
5. Great Brittan                     3           -             1
6. Australia                            2           4            1
7. Canada                             2           2            -
8. Japan                               2           -             -
9. Latvia                               1           3            2
10. Colombia                         1           3            1
11. Argentina                        1           -             1
12. Brasil                               1            -            -
13. Czech Republic                 -            2            1
14. New Zealand                    -            1            1
14. Aruba                              -            1            1
16. Belgium                           -            1            -
17. Chile                               -             -            1
17. Zimbabwe                        -            -            1
Total number of classes:    32         32          32


Factory Team Competition:
1. CRUPY - World Champion 
2. STAAT Bicycles 
3. Hyundai / GT Bicycles 

National Team Competition:
1. HOLLAND - World Champion 
2. USA 

2004 WK_paddock_VWRD__0082004 WK_VWRD_the_crowd_with_some_familiar_faces__0232004 WK_VWRD__Press_Jerry_Landrum__022

Worlds Championships Results:

Junior Women
1. Kimberly Hayashi      - USA 
2. Leatitia le Corguille   - France 
3. Samantha Cools       - Canada 
4. Emma Franklin         - Australia 
5. Natalja Busschers     - Holland 
6. Nicole Callisto          - Australia 
7. Renee Junga           - Australia 
8. Krystal Cranfield       - Australia 

Junior Men
1. Michael Fenwick       - Australia
2. Thomas Hamon        - France
3. Ivo van der Putten   - Holland
4. Arnaud Dubois         - Belgium
5. Joel Burke               - New Zealand
6. Billy Jollife                - Australia
7. Brian Birkham           - Australia
8. Paul Lange              - USA
Elite Woman
1. Gabriela Diaz            - Argentina
2. Cyrielle Convert        - France
3. Alice Jung               - USA
4. Anne Rougie           - France
5. Jana Horokova         - Cezch Republic
6. Dagmar Polakova      - Slowak Republic
7. Willy Kanis               - Holland
8. Lydia Faure              - France

Elite Men
1. Warwick Stevenson  - Australia
2. Cristian Becerine       - Argentina
3. Bubba Harris            - USA
4. Nathan Berkheimer   - USA
5. Kyle Bennett           - USA
6. Jason Richardson      - USA
7. Ivo Lakucs               - Latvia
8. Robert de Wilde       - Holland 
Junior Cruiser
1. Augusto Castro        - Columbia
2. Jérémy Chaffot        - France
3. Aaron Lepp             - Canada
4. Emilio Falla               - Ecuador
5. Billy Jolliffe               - Australia
6. Leigh Darrell            - Australia
7. Michael Fenwick       - Australia
8. Lukas Mechura         - Czech Republic

Elite Cruiser
1. Randy Stumpfhauser - USA
2. Jason Richardson      - USA
3. Christian Becerine     - Argentina
4. John Purse              - USA
5. Florent Boutte         - France
6. Roger Rinderknecht  - Switzerland
7. Donny Robertson     - USA
8. Ivo Lakucs               - Latvia

Medal count in the Championship classes , Elite women / men, Junior women / men, Elite cruiser and Junior cruiser. In total 6 classes.

Pos. country                GOLD  SILVER  BRONZE
1.    USA                         2         1         2
2.    Australia                    2         -          -
3.    Argentina                  1         1         1
4.    Colombia                   1         -          -
5.    France                       -         4         -
6.    Canada                      -         -          2
7.    Holland                      -         -          1 
 Total number of classes     6        6         6

2004 WK__Pieter_at_the_2004_Worlds_in_orange_colours2004 Action_at_Valkenswaard_Mike_Day_Pieter_Doesx _2004_Zonto_in_action_op_de_Worlds

2004 WK_VWRD_good_working_1st_aid_group__0242004 WK___First_Aid_Baselmans_WC___0312004 WK_VWRD_Jason_R_leading_Pieter_D___034

2004 WK_Vwrd__0112004 WK_VWRD__0872004 WK_VWRD_Ladies_racing___089

Qualifying for the Olympic Games of 2008?  Read article in OPINION Column first.

Here the official UCI standings in the Nations Ranking during the time of the 2004 Worlds,

Overall NATIONS Ranking Men
1.  USA

One till sixteen will be allowed to sent 2 riders to the Olympics. So, 16 countries represented with in total 32 Elite men riders.


Overall NATIONS Ranking Women
1.  USA

One till sixteen will be allowed to sent 1 rider per country to the Olympics in 2008. So, in total 16 countries represented with 16 riders


Just recently I learned a decision has been made already on the selection criteria for the 2008 Olympics. Hopefully the riders will learn soon what these criteria are. Riders do check the UCI website for more information.

At the end of the day the official Presentation of Awards and the Press conference took place. Here some pictures just to give you an impression of this meeting.

x _2004_press_conf_WC__25-7-04_0542004 WK_VWRD_Alice_Yung_and_Gabriela_Diaz__0562004 WK_VWRD__Stevenson_and_Becerine__055

x _2004_Podium_and_sponsor_board__WC_25-7-04_0532004 WK__Erica_and__25-7-04_0512004 WK_VWRD_press-conference__057

Last but not least the following news. PIETER DOES one of the pioneer BMX´ers in Holland and Europe ended his carreer after this World Championship, a very long carreer. At the time Pieter was the longest still racing, without any interuption Elite Men rider. He started at 5 years old in 1979 adn ended his career here in 2004, so 25 years of BMX racing. As Manager of TWIN AIR FILTERS in Veghel / Holland, he had to concentrate 100% to do this great job well. Pieter has been a great promotor for BMX, won many titles and is now going to concentrate on his family and work. All the best!

2004 WK_Vwaard_Pieter_in_actie2004 WK_Pieter_en_ERica_NOC___wc_pd2 

Augustus,  BMX Freestyle to be adopted in UCI and Olympic Games?

During the many conversations I did have with all kind of people, I learned from a very reliable source that the UCI has taken the initiative to try to get BMX Freestyle/trickriding into their ranks as an official sport. There was even talk that this bicycle discipline would becoming an Olympic sport as BMX racing will be in 2008.

It seems by adopting BMX racing and now probably BMX Freestyle and its different disciplines, although not for 100% X-streme sports, UCI is focussing on youth.
Marketing wise, getting the attention for these kind of cycling disciplines of young people, will result in most cases in a life long interest in these and other cycling disciplines, which is good for UCI in general and the National Cycling Federations worldwide more specific.

Since there is no world governing body at the moment running BMX Freestyle, talks (by UCI) will be with people like Matt Hofman and others.
The word is that earlier BMX Freestylers wanted to be independent, but since the Olympic have been mentioned, more and more Freestylers are interested in joining the UCI ranks, through their National Cycling Federations.
Lets wait and see how things will develop in this field. I know among others one guy that will be really proud if all of this happens: BOB HARO, father of BMX Freestyle in general.

Augustus, Supercross of BMX Woodward at it's end!

After a couple of years running the UCI – Supercross of BMX events at Woodward – USA , talk is that this year will be the last of these events. The real Supercross of BMX has been at the European Challenge Cup events at Slagharen – Holland . I named this event the Supercross of BMX. UCI started the Woodward event in order to replace the World Cup series, but in fact the results were even worse. It did not work.

The Woodward event was considered by many an X-treme sport instead of really BMX racing. I always did find this event non-realistic: o.k. TV was present, however personally I did never once see this event on TV in Holland . I know there is a list of stations who broadcasted the event (40 +), but the impact seems to be nil! Young people watching this event would probably realize themselves, that this was not a realistic sport for them to be a part of: too dangerous!.

Anyway, the approx. $ 90,000. this Woodward adventure costs, could have been spent better on starting up the WORLD CUP formula again. There are several ways to realize a good series of World Cup events, specially since BMX became an Olympic sport, more sponsors might be interested and even better, more National Federations might be willing to sent (paying their expenses) 2 or 3 riders to World Cup events to compete in.
I sure hope UCI will consider starting up the World Cup series again in 2005 at least in 2006.

August 1. ABA World Championships 2004 - Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada).


AA Pro
1. Bubba Harris
2. Donny Robinson
3. Clint Lambert
4. Dale Holmes
5. John Purse
6. Kenth Fallen
7. Michael Hughes
8. Randy Stumpfhauser 
Girl Pro
1. Kim Hayashi
2. Arielle Martin
3. Samantha Cools
4. Natarsha Williams
5. Jamie Lilly
6. Amanda Hughes
7. Kayla Gaddis
8. Jessica Cisar 
Pro Cruiser
1. Randy Stumpfhauser
2. Donny Robinson
3. Tyler Brown
4. Eric Meyer
5. John Purse
6. Dale Holmes
7. Kenth Fallen
8. Trevor Fay 
A Pro
1. Andre Ellison
2. Eric Meyer
3. Aaron Johnson
4. Jason Rogers
5. Dusty Armstrong
6. Brandon Hopkins
7. Ken Cools
8. Wade Wilson 
1. Jason Carnes
2. Todd Parry
3. Eric Rupe
4. Barry Nilson
5. Craig Sainsbury
6. Ryan Birkatvia

General Secretary of the Latvian Olympic Committee visited Gerrit Does in Holland.

During the week before the Opening of the Olympic Games, Mr. Aldons Vrublevskis visited me at my work in Slagharen. I was very surprised to get a call, informing me of Aldons' present at the Reception of Attractiepark Slagharen (former name “Ponypark Slagharen”). On his way to the Olympic Games in Athens, Aldons had to travel by plane through Holland.

Besides General Secretary of the Latvian Olympic Committee, Aldons is also President of the Latvain BMX Federation, as most of you probably know.

Aldons specially visited me and another friend living in the city of Beilen (about 40 km from Slagharen), to hand me over a book about the Olympic History of Latvia, a booklet on the 2004 Latvian Olympic Team and a Olympic team pin.

Book Olympic History LV

I was very pleased and happy with his visit and gifts.. Going through the book on the Olympic History of Latvia, I found a picture of the first visit of Latvian BMX riders to, at the time, Ponypark Slagharen – Holland were they for the first time ever took part in an international BMX event, the famous European Challenge Cup (E.C.C.)

In this group among others, the still racing Janis Vanags (World Challenge winner 19 & over 2004, Valkenswaard Holland) and Gundars Osis (retired), both Latvians pioneer BMX riders and Gundars also was a member of the famous GT Europe Team.

Also in this book on the Olympic History of Latvia, a profile of basketball hero and Olympic team member at the time for the USSR squad, Mrs. Uljana Semjonova.

When I visited Latvia in 1994, I did meet with Mrs. Semjonova at the Olympic Committee office in RIGA, were she was working at the time. I was very imprested by her presents and appearance.

1994 GD meets former Pro lady basket player Uljana Semjonova in RIGA

New books on BMX, issued

Some time last year (2003), I was asked by an American company to help them with info an BMX. Serving the net, they had found the www.univofbmx.com site and wanted to use some of the historical info on that site. Finally it came through, that CAPSTONE PRESS found their own way in the USA, by contacting Old Skool USA hero's who could tell this company more about the USA history then I could.

Anyway, just this month CAPSTONE PRESS issued a series of hard cover books on BMX history in short, BMX racing, free-style/trick riding and so on, which are fun to read and very good promotion material for youngsters that don't know anything about the sport of BMX yet.

These 4 books 32 pages books have he following titles:

  • BMX History
  • BMX Design and Equipment
  • BMX Greats
  • BMX Events

Books Capstone

Anybody interested in these books visit the Capstone Press website at: www.capstone-press.com

August 2004,  BMX Freestyle to be adopted in UCI and Olympic Games?

During the many conversations I did have with all kind of people, I learned from a very reliable source that the UCI has taken the initiative to try to get BMX Freestyle/trickriding into their ranks as an official sport. There was even talk that this bicycle discipline would becoming an Olympic sport as BMX racing will be in 2008.

It seems by adopting BMX racing and now probably BMX Freestyle and its different disciplines, although not for 100% X-streme sports, UCI is focussing on youth. Marketing wise, getting the attention for these kind of cycling disciplines of young people, will result in most cases in a life long interest in these and other cycling disciplines, which is good for UCI in general and the National Cycling Federations worldwide more specific.

Since there is no world governing body at the moment running BMX Freestyle, talks (by UCI) will be with people like Matt Hofman and others. The word is that earlier BMX Freestylers wanted to be independent, but since the Olympic have been mentioned, more and more Freestylers are interested in joining the UCI ranks, through their National Cycling Federations. Lets wait and see how things will develop in this field. I know among others one guy that will be really proud if all of this happens: BOB HARO, father of BMX Freestyle in general.

August 2004, Supercross of BMX Woodward at his end!

After a couple of years running the UCI – Supercross of BMX events at Woodward – USA , talk is that this year will be the last of these events. The real Supercross of BMX has been at the European Challenge Cup events at Slagharen – Holland . I named this event the Supercross of BMX. UCI started the Woodward event in order to replace the World Cup series, but in fact the results were even worse. It did not work.

The Woodward event was considered by many an X-treme sport instead of really BMX racing. I always did find this event non-realistic: o.k. TV was present, however personally I did never once see this event on TV in Holland . I know there is a list of stations who broadcasted the event (40 +), but the impact seems to be nil! Young people watching this event would probably realize themselves, that this was not a realistic sport for them to be a part of: too dangerous!.

Anyway, the approx. $ 90,000. this Woodward adventure costs, could have been spent better on starting up the WORLD CUP formula again. There are several ways to realize a good series of World Cup events, specially since BMX became an Olympic sport, more sponsors might be interested and even better, more National Federations might be willing to sent (paying their expenses) 2 or 3 riders to World Cup events to compete in. I sure hope UCI will consider starting up the World Cup series again in 2005 at least in 2006.

August 2004, Lance Armstrong and his US POSTAL team

With great respect I have been following the Tour de France and specially Lance Armstrong. His team did win € 578.842,= during the event. Oeps! A long way to go for BMX!

Lance Armstrong posing with some BMX riders who were staying in the same hotel after the BMX Worlds 2004

Lance Armstrong posing with some BMX riders who were staying in the same hotel
after the BMX Worlds 2004

December 11-12th., 9th Indoor St Etienne Loire, France.

2004 UCI BMX Supecross Series

Semifinal 1                                
1. Mike Day                      (USA) 
2. Robert de Wilde            (NED)
3. Steve Veltman              (USA)
4. Jonathan Suarez            (VEN) 
5. Roger Rinderknecht       (SUI)
6. Alex Dick                      (GBR) 
7. Thomas Allier                (FRA)
8. Ronnie Miranda              (USA)

Semifinal 2 
1. Michal Prokop                (CZE) 
2. Randy Stumpfhauser      (USA)
3. John Purse                   (USA)
4. Derek Bletcher              (USA)
5. Cristian Becerine            (ITA)
6. Justin Loffredo
7. Jarrett Kolich
8. Travis Turesson

1. Derek Betcher             (USA)
2. Mike Day                     (USA)
3. Michal Prokop              (CZE)
4. Randy Stumpfhauser     (USA)
5. Robert de Wilde           (NED)
6. John Purse                  (USA)
7. Jonathan Suarez           (VEN)
8. Steve Veltman             (USA)

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