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Spectacular developments in BMX from 1995 till 2016 ?
2015, visiting the Dutch "BMX MUSEUM" October 2015.
2002, Corine Dorland lost her Dutch National Championship ATB/MTB.
Gerrit Does retired from I.BMX.F.
2015, US Pro's racing in Holland, say THANKS
2014, Report: PIERRE KARSMAKERS inducted into the AMA HALL of FAME
2014: EVALUATION on the UCI BMX Worlds Rotterdam-NED
2014, UCI interview with Gerrit Does
2014, May 24th., Tree planting ceremony at the Olympic Tree Park, Valmiera
2013, Bicycle SPRINT - CROSS, what's that?
2013, opinion on Outdoor and Indoor World Championships
2012, BMX Magazines world wide
2011, the Pierre "PEPE" Karsmakers story
2008, Opinion: The Olympics and BMX
2008, American announcer and good friend Linda Dorsey died of cancer
2008, Maris Strombergs awarded the title “Best Latvian Athlete of the year 2008”
2008, Gerrit Does obtained the "ORDER OF KNIGHTHOOD by ORANGE-NASSAU"
2008, The JOHN HUTELIN story
2008, Pierre Karsmakers of PK Racing
2007, Opinion: ONE comments on UCI Supercross, Beijing, China
2007, The 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games to be helt in 2010 will have BMX and Mountainbiking as a dicipline for 14 – 18 year old athletes
2007, Old Skool Exhibition
2007, Rudi van Houts (ex BMX'er) - Holland wins 2007 Tour de France mountainbike
2007, Bob Wright alias Pa Ecko, passed away
2007, Tech equipment helps riders
2007, ABA Announces Multi-Year Agreement With Disney's Wide World of Sports®
2007, JAG BMX returns!
2006, US Bicycling Hall of Fame induction of DAVID CLINTON
2006, Tarek Rasouli
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