History of BMX (1984)

General developments in 1984. Developments and contacts January 1984 within I.BMX.F. Affiliations in progress:

Swedish BMX Association, New-Zealand BMX Association. Contacts made in 1983 up and till early 1984 with: Saudi - Arabia, Puerto-Rico, Malaysia, South - Africa (at the time problem with "Apartheid"), Cyprus, Argentina, Brazil and Greece.

In Switzerland the F.BMX.S of Mr. Franz Hattan did have about 250 riders of which 100 did have an official competition license. About 12 selected riders took part in the European Championships in Birmingham - England the same year. Besides the BMX clubs "Speed Power Malters" and the "Bicross Club Echichens", early this year the "Geneva BMX Club" was founded.

In France the organization started with 176 BMX clubs and 2669 license holders (excl. regional licenses ). Scheduled 180 BMX event for 1984. In their Factory Team competition 12 teams represented.

In Germany B.D.R.'s (Bund Deitscher Radfahrer) issued their official Rule Book as shown here.

1984 BDR_BMX_rulebook_scannen00301984 advert._in_BDR_rule_book_Hajos_scannen0031

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History of BMX (1985)

General developments in 1985.

An application letter was sent to the IOC(International Olympic Committee) in Switzerland September 1984. Here an article in BMX Plus on that and an update on the present situation within I.BMX.F. by General Secretary Gerrit Does.


In Holland, the board of the Royal Dutch Cycling Federation (K.N.W.U.) had appointed a new BMX Committee. Its members were: Mr. B. Leurs (chairman) - Mr. L. Vrijdag (secretary) - Mr. R. Bloemendaal, Mr. G. Rooijakkers and Mr. F. Verspaandonk as members.

Furthermore Holland did have eight (8) districts at the time and each district did have a coordinator called “AFL”. The were: Mr. A. Steenbergen (district I) - Mr. H. Nunes Vas (district II) - ter Mr. R. van Beek (district III) - Mr. H. Van Wiltenburg (district IV) - Mr. H. Schuiling (district V) - Mr. B. de Weijer (district VI) - Mr. Th. Slaats (district VII) and Mr. F. van Leeuwen (district VIII).

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History of BMX (1986 - 1987)

Year 1986.

1986 - January. It was in this year that another bicycle sport called Bicycle-trial or Trialsin, was officially enclosed in the U.C.I.

For the first time a World-Championship would be organized later on this year. Main-man concerning Trialsin development was Mr. Pedro PI, a former motorcycle-trial rider and champion. Germany and Spain were the countries were the concentration of riders was. Also France, Switzerland and Italy were involved.

January. I received a report concerning the International Bicicross Congress held January 13th at Long Beach California.

Very disappointing was the fact that without democratic decision making the I.BMX.F. decided to cancel the scheduled World Championship1986 to be held in Venezuela and they allocated this event now to England!!! Motivation was poor (Mr. Hoar stated as a reason for moving the Worlds that Venezuela did not have either the personal or human resources to organize the Worlds). Mr. Matheus repeatedly refuted this, however without any result. The decision was made and nothing good be done now. Politics seemed to be the real reason to change the location. I wasn't happy with this procedure at all, but couldn't do anything not being involved in the I.BMX.F. anymore. Venezuela deserved better!

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History of BMX (1988 - 1989)

Year 1988.

1988 - General developments:

Belgium: In 1987 and 1988 a working together relationship was established between the Belgium leading BMX organization, B.C.B. (Belgium Cyclo Federation) and Belgium FIAC/UCI affiliated organization K.B.W.B. (Royal Belgium Cycling Federation). However this cooperation never came really true this time. Both federations went their own way during 1988.

In Belgium the other existing BMX organizations. B.L.F. and V.B.F. seized to exist. The BMX organization active in the French speaking part of Belgium called F.BMX.B. also disappeared from the BMX scene.

Trialsin has developed more the past 2 years. Two World Championships have been organized and besides Spain and Germany, also France, Italy and Switzerland were very active now. Trialsin was developing in Canada and in the USA Trialsin is promoted heavily at this very moment. Ot PI, the Overall 1987 World Champion Trialsin, is going to the USA for 3 months later on this year to perform and run schools/trialsin clinics together with National U.S.A. Champion Kevin Norton. The III UCI Trialsin World Championship will be a four round series in 1988: Round 1 in Spain on July 17th, Round 2 in France on July 24th, Round 4 in Germany on July 31st. and Round 4 in Belgium on August 7th.

Just to know how such an event was organized, I did go to the one in Belgium at Bilstain, which was very interesting. I also did meet for the first time with GT sponsored Hans Jorg REY (at the time Swiss Trialsin Champion). Riders present from the following countries: Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Tjech-republic, USA, Andorra, Italy, Germany, overall around 170 participants.

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History of BMX (1990 - 1991)

Year 1990.

1990 - Developments in the sport of BMX.

Up and till 1989 I have been kind of well informed about what was going in within I.BMX.F. even though I did not hold an official position in that organization anymore. However since I.BMX.F. got involved with F.I.A.C. / UCI more and more, information and communication became rare and you will find from here on less inside information and more info about racing activities within Europe.
More and more I was forced in a kind of opposition situation by the development in our sport, specially in Europe. Political aspects came into our sportsorganizations which I didn't like at all.

January 13th - 14th., the I.BMX.F. Board of Directors meeting took place in Huntington Beach - USA.

Among other things it was decided that in 1990 there would be an OPEN European Championship in Superclass 20 and 24 inch. This did mean that also Superclass riders from outside Europe were allowed to compete, which was good for competition and promotion of BMX.

I.BMX.F / FIAC. The board discussed the proposal, made by the "Commission of equal representatives I.BMX.F. / FIAC" in London on September 16th/17th, 1989.
In a nutshell, the outcome of this discussion was that:

The I.BMX.F. agrees with a unified World Championship a.s.a.p. A unified World Championship in 1991 is not considered to be realistic since both UCI/FIAC and I.BMX.F. already have allocated their respective World Championships in that year. The I.BMX.F. agrees with an exchange of riders at I.BMX.F. and FIAC races worldwide in 1990, except for those races that will be run for a Continental or World Championship.

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History of BMX (1992 - 1993)

Year 1992.

January '92,  the ABA USA celebrates its 15th anniversary.

This year marks the 15 Year Anniversary of ABA BMX Racing (USA). 1977 - 1992. Within the past 15 years, BMX has seen many changes in the USA, many riders come and go, and many BMX legends be made. You can find all about the LEGENDS of BMX in the ABA Hall of Fame, check it out!


January '92, GT Bicycles USA through Richard Long, contracted Gerrit Does and asked him to become their 1992/96 GT EURO BMX Team, teammanager.

The following riders were contacted by GD and contracted ending 1991, early 1992. The 1992 GT EURO Team had the following riders on their roster

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History of BMX (1994 - 1995)

Year 1994.

January 1994, The I.BMX.F. - Florida, USA

issued an update Rulebook, since they were working together now with the UCI in Switzerland - Europe. Also a special page with the names of the original founders of which three of them have been awarded a LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP. George E.Esser, Tadashi Inoue and Gerrit Does were the men who took the first initiatif to form an international BMX federation composed of representatives from world wide national BMX organisations.


The I.BMX.F logo changed. The original logo from 1981 was designed by George Esser's son, Brian Esser (als a former BMX racer). The rider in that logo was Pro BMX'er Greg Esser. For copy-right reasons, since I.BMX.F. was working together wiht the UCI now, a new "rider"in this log was designed and placed. That's the history of the I.BMX.F. logo. 

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History of BMX (1996 - 1997)

Year 1996.

In Belgium a new chairman was elected, Mr. Marcel Bollansee. Marcel had a hard time getting BMX going. However, after 7 slow years in this sport, 1997 would become the year things would change in favor. Around 100 license holders were registered at the time.

January 23rd. I received a letter (for my information) from the UCI concerning the ABA's claim of October 4th. 1995) with regards to the BMX World Cup Series (ABA claim to proprietary rights in “BMX”).

The enclosures concern correspondence between the UCI attorney, Mr. Philippe Verbiest and the American attorneys office, Gipple & Hal. Furthermore, an analysis of and report on the matter by Gipple & Hale attorneys, and besides the reply by the UCI to ABA. As one will learn from the enclosed documents, it is very unlikely that ABA will undertake legal action against UCI with regards to using the title “UCI BMX World Cup Series”. End of story.

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History of BMX (1998)

1998 - January 24/25th. On this date the UCI BMX Commission meeting took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The following decisions were made by this committee:

Team competition at future World and Continental BMX Championships.
There will be a new format of team competition, that is team results will not be deduced from individual results any more, but there will be a separate team competition. Trade teams will have the opportunity to expose their sponsor’s jersey during team competition. The BMX Technical Group will work out a new team concept. Should be presented to the BMX Committee by April 1st 1998. The new concept will be on the agenda of the 1998 BMX Convention and is to be implemented at the 1999 BMX Worlds in France.

New concept for World BMX Rankings.
In 1998 there will be World Rankings for prize money (total CHF 30.000) to be awarded after the main finals on Sunday, July 26, 1998, at the BMX Worlds in Melbourne. On January 1, 1998, all riders will start with zero points.

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History of BMX (1999 - 2000)

Year 1999.

Me telling you all about the History of BMX as I know it, ends about here. Since one year I did withdraw from BMX being active as organiser, promotor, team-manager and so on. Want to take it easy a bit, after being involved in BMX since around 1974, its time to take a rest.  From the year 2000 I will update my site from time to time, with stories and additional information, but mostly I will add pictures to the stories, hundreds of them in due time. I hope that all written down up till now, will give you a personal view of what was. From here on, I will write about events that I did go to or received reports from. I will also give my personal opinion on developments and such, as the occur. 

January 29th - 31st., The NBL - USA clebrates its 25th anniversary: 1974 - 1999.


During the Annual Competition Congress, held January 29th through 31st 1999, the NBL - USA celebrated its 25th anniversary: 1974 - 1999. Original founder of the NBL, my dear friend George E. Esser, was inducted into the newly formed “NBL Hall of Fame”. The Congress took place at the Trump World's Fair Casino at Trump Plaza, Mississippi and the Boardwalk Atlantic City, New Jersey. Some years later his son Greg Esser was inducted as well.

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